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Dateline: Events/Week of February 1, 1994 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

A group called the Business Roundtable – a group of top business leaders, endorse a rival health plan to President Clinton’s health reform and his could be in trouble.

President Clinton orders an end to the 19-year trade embargo against Vietnam. The President says he made the movie as means of resolving remaining questions about the fate of missing U.S. soldiers. 

The Federal Reserve Board hikes interest rates ¼% to 3.25%.

A large caliber shell slams into an open-air marketplace in Sarajevo, killing over 60 people and injuring more than 200. It’s the worst attack in the Bosnian capital since the civil war began. President Clinton says U.S. retaliation has not been ruled-out and warns that it stands ready to support NATO air strikes in the Bosnia-Herzegovina civil war.

Thirty-one years later - Byron de La Beckwith is convicted of murdering civil rights leader Medgar Evers in Jackson, MS.


Technology news – February 1, 1994

The FCC approves rules for narrow band PCS (personnel communications service) a technology it says will “contribute to the development of the national information infrastructure.”

America Online (AOL) – with some 600,000 customers and growing, says that its computers are so overloaded that it must limit the number of customer during peak evening hours. It says it will take between 60 and 90 days to resolve the overload. 


Some best-selling books – February 1, 1994

The Bridges of Madison County – Robert James Weller

Disclosure – Michael Crichton

Bad Love – Jonathan Kellerman

Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend – Robert James Waller

Smilla’s Sense of Snow – Peter Hoeg

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind – Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Book of Virtues – William J. Bennett

Stop The Insanity! – Susan Powter

Embraced By The light – Betty J. Eadie


Entertainment/Movie news – February 1, 1994

Passing – Actor Joseph Cotton, one of Orson Welles’ original Mercury players. He was 88.


Television news – February 1, 1994

On Frasier this week, a reunion with his ex-wife from his “Cheers” days, played by Bebe Neuwirth.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – February 1, 1994

NBC - SuperBowl XXVIII (Dallas beats the Buffalo Bills) – 45.5

SuperBowl Postgame – 27.8

Home Improvement – 24.9

Seinfeld – 20.7

Grace Under Fire – 20.0

Frasier – 18.4

Home Improvement #2 – 17.9

Murphy Brown – 17.8

 Wings – 17.3

PrimeTime Live – 17.1

Roseanne – 16.7

Northern Exposure – 16.2

Love & War – 16.0

Full House – 16.0

Mad About You – 15.6

The Critic – 15.5

Dave’s World – 15.3

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman – 15.1

20/20 – 14.7

48 Hours – 14.3

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – 14.2

The Good Life – 14.2

Evening shade – 13.9

Matlock – 13.9

Movie-To My Daughter With Love – 13.9

Burke’s Law – 13.6

Family Matters – 13.6


Tuesday night television listings/TV guide – week of February 1, 1994

CBS – Rescue 911, Movie. Late Show

NBC – The Good Life, The Good Life, John Larroquette, John Larroquette, Dateline NBC, Tonight Show

ABC – Full House, Phenom, Roseanne, Coach, NYPD Blue, Nightline

Fox – Monty, Roc, Front Page

PBS – Nova, Frontline

A&E – In Search Of…, Biography, Inspector Morse


On the  Late Show With David Letterman – Julie Kavner and Tom Brokaw

On the Tonight Show – Dallas quarterback Troy Aikman, Brett Butler, Tears for Fears


Top movies  – February 1, 1994

Mrs. Doubtfire


Grumpy Old Men



Iron Will

Schindler’s List

The Pelican Brief



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