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Dateline: Events/Week of October 19, 1994 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News 

President Clinton approves a deal to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Approved by U.S. negotiators in Geneva, Clinton said the agreement, “will make the United States, the Korean peninsula and the world safer.” The accord, gives North Korea a series of economic and political benefits in exchange for promises to freeze and eventually dismantle its current nuclear facilities, which the CIA believes have been used to make the material for one to two nuclear weapons. North Korea will dismantle two large nuclear reactors now under construction. About 8,000 radioactive fuel rods now sitting outside the Youngbyon reactor will be sealed.

In Tel Aviv – a bomb planted by Islamic militants opposed to the Arab-Israeli peace process – goes off – and kills 22 people.

After the bombing of a Tel Aviv bus, the Israeli Cabinet orders the West Bank and Gaza Strip sealed indefinitely.

President Clinton signs a direction enforcing a law that calls for the expulsions of students who bring guns/firearms to class. His trip will include Syria.

President Clinton demands his Administration receive more credit for its economic record – especially for cutting the deficit.

President Clinton begins a four-day diplomatic mission to the Middle East and the first stop is Cairo – and a visit to the tomb of Anwar Sadat.


Technology news – October 19, 1994

The FCC gives local telephone companies permission to build networks to compete with cable television.


Sports news – October 19, 1994

Manager Joe Torre survived a front-office shake-up with the St. Louis Cardinals – and he’ll stay another season.

Two NBA players – David Wood of the Warriors and Howard Elsley of the Timberwolves – sue the NBA – alleging the league’s salary cap was artificially reduced this season by $2.75 million per team.

Johnny Oates – former Baltimore oriole manager is hired to manage the Texas rangers.


Entertainment news – October 19, 1994

Passing – Actor Raul Julia (54) after a stroke.

Passing – Burt Lancaster (80).

Kevin Costner and his wife of 16 years – Cindy – are divorcing after 16 years of marriage.


Music news – October 19, 1994

The bodies of three young men are found in a storage facility near Vancouver. They killed themselves in despair over the suicide of Kurt Cobain – lead for Nirvana. The cause – carbon monoxide poisoning from a car.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – October 19, 1994

Grace Under Fire – 20.5

Home Improvement – 20.4

ER – 19.4

Monday Night Football – 18.7

60 Minutes – 18.4

Roseanne – 17.7

Murder, She Wrote – 17.4

Seinfeld – 17.2

Ellen – 16.3

NYPD Blue – 16.1

Murphy Brown – 15.8

Movie-Ghost – 15.3

Frasier – 14.9

Dave’s World – 14.8

Movie-Family Album part 1 – 14.5

Mad About You – 14.0

Love & War – 13.9

Law & Order- 13.6

Northern Exposure – 13.5

Madman of the People – 13.0

The Nanny – 12.9

Friends – 12.9

Me and the Guys – 12.8


Television news – October 19, 1994

Comedy Central goes to theme nights. Mondays – British comedies. Tuesday – Saturday Night Live. Wednesday – movies. Thursdays – comedians. Fridays – Mystery Science  Theater. 

Deborah Norville will replace Bill O’Reilly as anchor of “Inside Edition” in May.

Former President George Bush opens the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” and took a few pokes at Dana Carvey’s impersonations of him during his time in office. Carvey, who left the show in April, was guest host. 

The new season of Saturday Night Live – some say – its getting hammered. Over a critical review of the show, Newsweek put this headline: “Dear Saturday Night Live, It’s Over Please Die.”

The fourth annual MTV Rock ‘n’ Jock B-B-ball Jam is on this week. NBA players include Reggie Miller, Rick Mahorn, Shawn Kemp and Chris Webber. Look for celebrities Dean Cain, Queen Latifah, Boyz II Men, Joey Lawrence, David Charvet, mark Curry.

Hot – “The Might Morphin Power Rangers” – tops all ratings lists for kids TV.

David Letterman will broadcast from London sometime next month.

Tom Cruise appears on Oprah Winfrey’s show this week. Of course, he’s promoting “Interview With the Vampire.”

Roseanne Arnold is now engaged to her bodyguard – Ben Thomas.  She’s a little peeved about a TV movie about to be aired on NBC – “Roseanne and Tom:: A Hollywood Marriage” set to air next week. Roseanne is going on talk shows, saying she’d like to air live commentary during the airing (that’s funny!). 


Top movies – October 19, 1994

Pulp Fiction

The Specialist

Love Affair

Little Giants

The River Wild

The Puppet Masters

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Forrest Gump

Only You

The Shawshank Redemption

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