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Dateline: Events/Week of July 8, 1994 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Military authorities in Haiti order the expulsion within 48 hours of all human rights observers of the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

O.J. Simpson will stand trial for the murders of his ex-wife and her friend – so says a judge who says there was ample evidence.

Jeff Gillooly – ex-husband of skater Tanya Harding – is sentenced to two years in prison for the attack on rival skater Nancy Kerrigan. Shawn Eckardt – Harding’s bodyguard got 18 months in prison.

 Kim II Sung – the communist dictator who ruled North Korea for over four decades dies. He was 82.

Kim Jong II – the son of the late North Korean dictator Kim II Sung moves toward an official takeover of the Stalinist nation. He is said to be an enigma who would watch public executions with ‘frenzied joy.” He is almost suspected of masterminding international bombings and kidnappings. Meanwhile – S. Korea puts its military on alert – immediately after hearing of the death of North Korean leader Kim II Sung.


Business/Media news – July 8, 1994

R.H. Macy & Co. and Federated department Stores reach a merger agreement.

CBS abandons its plan to merge with QVC after Comcast said it would offer $2.2 billion. 


Sports news – July 8, 1994

All Star game - A double by Moises Alou of the Montreal Expos gives the American League an 8-7 victory in the 10th inning. 


Entertainment news – July 8, 1994

Hugh Grant – who rose to stardom in the surprise hit “Four Weddings and a Funeral” will make his major film debut in “Nine Months" for Fox.

Passing – Actor Cameron Mitchell. He was 75. 


Music news – July 8, 1994

From background singer for her brother – now Betsy Smittle – Garth Brooks’ half-sister wants to go at it solo.

Lollapalooza ’94 kicks off in Las Vegas in 100-degree heat. The stars seemed to be the Smashing Pumpkins.

A Harris poll says that Oprah Winfrey is favorite talk show host – for the third straight year. She’s followed by David Letterman, Regis Philbin/Kathy Lee Gifford, followed by Phil Donahue, Jay Leno and Ted Koppel.


Top hard rock albums tracks – July 8, 1994

Smash – Offspring

Purple – Stone Temple Pilots

The Crow – soundtrack

Ill Communication – Beastie Boys

Superunknown – Soundgarden

Siamese Dream – Smashing Pumpkins

Walk On- Boston

Get a Grip - Aerosmith

Dookie – Green Day


Television news – July 8, 1994

Janeane Gorofalo – who is seen on HBO’s “Larry Sanders Show” will join the cast of “Saturday Night Live” in September.

Passing -  Dick Sargent (64) – played the second Darin on “Bewitched.”

MTV’s ‘The Jon Stewart Show” will go to syndication beginning in September. Paramount is replacing it with Arsenio Hall’s show.


Top movies – July 8, 1994

Forrest Gump

The Lion King


Blown Away

The Shadow

I Love Trouble


Baby’s Day Out

Wyatt Earp

The Flintstones

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