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Dateline: Events/Week of July 22, 1993 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Supreme Court nominee Ruth Bader Ginsburg condemned discrimination against homosexuals as deplorable and against the traditions of the United States. 

Gold surges past $400 an ounce amid turmoil in European currency markets.

President Clinton says the Republicans threaten the government’s business and labels them obstructionists.

President Clinton wants to close loopholes and speed up processing for those wanting asylum.

The California State Bar authorizes former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock to return to law practice after a seven-year suspension resulting from the criminal case that drove him from office in 1985. 

Floodwaters tear the bottom of a levee along the northern Mississippi River – and the resulting flood drowned four boys and two young adults exploring a cave south of the city. One boy survived. 

An FBI SWAT tem raids a seaside motel near Wildwood, NJ and arrests another suspect in the alleged plot to blow up the United Nations and three other NYC landmarks.

The FDA, citing more than 500 examples of fraudulent claims about vitamins and other dietary supplements - says Americans are being subjected to unproven and dangerous health claims.

For the second Saturday in a row, the space shuttle Discovery stayed stuck on the launch pad, this time grounded by a fault n a rocket booster 19 seconds before its scheduled liftoff.

Passing – Gen. Matthew B. Ridgeway – hero of two wars – WWII and Korea. He was 98.


Business/Economy news – July 22, 1993

New Rules for 900 toll phone numbers -  The Federal Trade Commission adopts new rules for companies with toll/900 numbers. They need to disclose the costs of the calls and give a caller a chance to hang up before being charged.

Merck & Co. agreed to pay $6 billion for Medco Containment services Inc – a marketer of drugs. 


Sports news – July 22, 1993

NASCAR - Dale Earnhardt wins the Fram Filters 500-kilmeter race at Talledega superspeedway in Alabama.

Mo Vaughn hits a grand slam as the Red Sox beat Oakland 8-1 – their 10th consecutive win!


Technology news – July 22, 1993

Get an IBM PC DOS 6.1 Competitive upgrade. Just $119.95. Also an OS/2 2.1. for $39.95.


Music news – July 22, 1993

Jess Tobias is the newest guitarist with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Look for “The Jackson Family Honors” – a annual musical event, featuring performances by the Jackson Family.

He’s now acting as Tupac Shakur plays “Lucky” in “Poetic Justice.”

The Fine Young Cannibals will be releasing their fist album in more than five years.

On “MTV Unplugged” – spoken words with Barry Yourgrau in an “MTV Unplugged” spoken-word special.

Mick Jagger turns 50.


Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – week of July 22, 1993  

CBS – Family Dog, In The Heat of the Night, 48 Hours,

NBC – Unsolved Mysteries, The Brokaw Report, La & Order, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – The Wonder Years, Street Match, Home Improvement, Delta, Sirens, Nightline

Fox – Martin

PBS – National Geographic

MTV – Totally Different Pauly, Prime with Karen Duff, Hate Rock, Unplugged, Beavis & Butt-Head


Television news – July 22, 1993

PBS and Brandon Tartikoff plan a comedy for… PBS. It’s called “Under New  Management.”


Top movies – July 22, 1993

Poetic Justice

In the Line of Fire

The Firm

Free Willy

Jurassic Park


Sleepless in Seattle

Hocus Pocus

Another Steakout

Rookie of the Year

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