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Dateline: Events/Week of May 1, 1993 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Clinton decides to commit U.S. military forces to try to end the civil war in Bosnia.

Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic bows to threats of Western military strikes and signs an international peace plan. 

President Clinton calls the Bosnian Serb assembly’s rejection of a peace plan a disappointment and demands that the international community agree to “act quickly and decisively” against the Serbs.

Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin assures Secretary of state Warren Christopher that Russia would commit its troops to a NATO-led force to police the Bosnian peace plan, should it be approved.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and 24 others were arrested after noisy protesters blocked the lobby of the National labor relations board for about an hour in Washington.

Former Prime Minister Pierre Beregovoy, deeply stung by allegations if impropriety over an interest-free loan he took from a businessman friend, commits suicide. He was 67.

Passing – Wine baron Julio Gallo – dies after his jeep plunged off a remote hilltop road in the (Ca) San Joaquin County.


Sports news – May 1, 1993

The San Francisco Giants win six-in-a-row – as Barry Bonds hit a run-scoring single in the 11th inning – beating Montreal 4-3.

Al Unser Jr. got a big break after Davey Allison ranout of gas in the final turn of seventh International race of Champions even at Talledega, Ala.


Technology news – May 1, 1993

Paul G. Allen – a co-founder of Microsoft – said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that he may seek control of America Online – a fast-growing computer dial-up service in which he already owns a 25% stake.


Television news – May 1, 1993

CBS is talking to Garry Shandling about doing a show following David Letterman.

On Dave Letterman’s NBC show – is “Conan O’Brien – the man who will succeed him on that show. O’Brien was working as a writer-producer on “The Simpsons” when he was chosen for the NBC job and had been a sketch writer on “Saturday Night Live” for five years.

Top TV Shows/Ratings – May 1, 1993

Movie-Fried Green Tomatoes – 23.8

Cheers – 20.8

Seinfeld – 20.1

60 Minutes – 19.7

Home Improvement – 18.7

Murder, She Wrote – 17.7

Roseanne – 17.0

Coach – 15.0

20/20 – 14.6

Movie-Moment of Truth – 14.2

PrimeTime Live – 14.1

48 Hours – 13.3

 Fresh Prince of Bel Air – 13.2

Total Recall – 13.1

Movie-Blind Spot – 13.1

Full House – 13.1

Matlock – 13.1

Rescue 911 – 13.1

Wings – 13.1

Murphy Brown – 12.9

Unsolved Mysteries – 12.9

Delta – 12.7

L.A. Law – 12.4

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper – 12.3

Good Advice – 12.2

The Simpsons – 12.2

Step by Step – 11.9


Top movies – May 1, 1993

Indecent Proposal


Indian Summer

Benny & Joon

The sandlot

Who’s the Man

Three of Hearts

The Dark Half

Splitting Heirs

Cop and a Half

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