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Dateline: Events/Week of April 1, 1993 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The U.N Security Council approves a resolution to enforce a no-fly zone over Bosnia. Serbian or any other military planes violating the U.N. band on flying over Bosnia-Herzegovina will be shot down.

In Vancouver – President Clinton offers a $1 billion aid package as he meets with Russian president Boris Yeltsin. 

President Clinton says he will stand by Boris Yeltsin in hi struggle for reform. Yeltsin declared victory at the U.S.-Russian summit.

President Clinton says that as long as European nations reject tough measures – there is noting that can be done to prevent a Serbian conquest of all Bosnia-Herzegovina and that the U.S. will not go at it alone.

Meanwhile – Muslim authorities refuse to allow evacuation of frightened women and children from the Serbian-besieged town of Srebrenica.

Rodney King trial – an appellate court judge clears the way and will let jurors see the infamous beating tape – the so-called Briseno tape.  

President Clinton inaugurates the 1993 baseball season at Camden yards stadium in Baltimore – and throws the first pitch – an outside one.

The nation’s unemployment rate remains at 7%.


Sports news – April 1, 1993

Kevin Greene is leaving the Rams for the Steelers for a three year $5.25 million contract. 


Technology news – April 1, 1993

Intel, Microsoft and General Instruments agree to cooperate in developing a computerized TV converter that will process digital signals.


Radio news – April 1, 1993

KQLZ-FM Los Angeles – which debuted as “Pirate Radio” in 1989 is quietly leaving the hard rock format behind and this week – goes softer adult contemporary. The station is now known as “Easy 100.3.”

Down in San Diego – An April fool’s hoax perpetuated by radio KGB-FM (101.5) ties up traffic for hours because they announced the landing of the space shuttle Discovery at a small airport. Morning man Dave Rickards created the hoax.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – April 1, 1993

Actor Brandon Lee is killed in a filming accident in North Carolina – apparently by a .44 caliber bullet. The gun had two spent casings – one from a blank round – the other was supposed to be a dummy bullet – put there to look like real bullets for close-ups. The accident occurred on Soundstage 4 of Carolco Studios  where the action from “The Crow” was entering its last week of production.

Passing – Pinky Lee – early network kid’s show host. He was 85.

Brandon Lee is buried next to his father – Bruce Lee in Seattle. 


Music  news – April 1, 1993

Eric Wright (Easy-E) now confirms he believes in the innocence of one of the four Rodney King (beating) officers. Wright use to think the opposite – once advocating violence against police officers.

Criminal charges are dropped against Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark) after he agreed to pay a sum to settle a civil suit. He was accused by a young man of being kicked and assaulted.


Top pop music hit singles(top-40) – April 1, 1993

Informer – Snow

Freak Me – Silk

Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang – Dr. Dre

It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube

I’m So Into You – SWV

Ordinary World – Duran, Duran

Ditty – Paperboy

A Whole New World – Bryson/Belle

I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

Down with the King – Run-D.M.C.


Top music albums – April 1, 1993

The Bodyguard – soundtrack

Songs of Faith and Devotion – Depeche Mode

Breathless – Kenny G

Unplugged – Eric Clapton

12 Inches of Snow – Snow

Ten Summoner’s Tales – Sting

Lose Control – Silk

Doverdale/Page – Doverdale/page

Pocket ful of Krytonite – Spin Doctors


Top Rap Music Albums – April 1, 1993 

Home Invasion – Ice-T

3 Years 6 Months – Arrested development

The Chronic – Dr. Dre

19 Naughty Ill – Naughy by Nature

Reachin’ – Digable Palents

The Predator – ice Cube

Bliss Album? – P.M. Dawn

Til death Do Us Part – Geto Boys

Hard Or Smooth – Wreckx-N-Effect


Television news – April 1, 1993

General Hospital celebrates 30 years and its 7,676th episode.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – April 1, 1993

Academy Awards (ABC) – 31.2

Home Improvement – 21.9

Barbara Walters – 19.2

Coach – 19.2

Cheers – 17.8

Seinfeld – 17.8

Roseanne – 17.6

David Copperfield – 17.5

Murder, She Wrote – 17.0

60 Minutes – 17.0

Basketball – Kentucky vs. Michigan – 16.0

PrimeTime Live- 15.6

Rescue 911 – 15.3

20/20 – 14.9

The Simpsons – 14.9

Movie - Diana: Her True story – 14.5

Movie-The Ten Comandments – 13.6

Full House – 13.5

48 Hours – 13.4

Bodies of Evidence – 13.3

Matlock – 13.1


Top movies – April 1, 1993

Cop and a Half

Adventures of Huck Finn

The Crush

Ninja Turtles 3

Born Yesterday

Point of No Return

The Crying Game


Jack the Bear

Groundhog Day

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