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Dateline: Events/Week of October 22, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Bush says that Ross Perot offers some nutty ideas and comes from the fringe and that votes for him are wasted.  Perot is starting to make noise in the polls.

Ross Perot accuses President Bush’s campaign of plotting to fake a photograph and to smear his youngest daughter by conspiring to disrupt her wedding. He also says they hired an ex-CIA employee to wiretap his computerized stock trading program and ruin him.

Bill Clinton’s lead has narrowed 44% to 34% for Bush – but Ross Perot is up to 19%.

William Kristol – Dan Quayle’s chief of staff says Bill Clinton’s alleged relationship with singer Gennifer Flowers and his dishonesty – disqualify him for the presidency.

The largest mass demonstration in a long time ties up central London as an estimated 150,000 people turned out in support of threatened British miners.

A new Bush Administration study reports thousands of atrocities in the ethnic conflict over the ruins of Yugoslavia – and allegations that a Serbian internment camp doctor slit the throats of young, healthy prisoners and removed their organs for transplant.

Love it – President Bush warns about Bill Clinton’s call for change. “Five times he spit out the word as if speaking a curse (in a single day). Listen to the siren song of the Democratic presidential ticket and change… is all you’re going to have left in your pocket, believe me.”

Lawrence Adler of Potomac, Md. – a 19-year-old who admitted paying a friend $200 to take his college entrance examination is sentenced to six months in jail.

In the latest polls - Governor Clinton leads with 43% with 32% for President Bush. Independent Ross Perot is at 19%.

Campaigning in Wisconsin - President Bush says the United States cannot elect a leader “completely without experience, completely untested, a leader about whom we know very, very little.” Bush responded to Clinton’s recent barbs about his knowledge of the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages deal - “being attacked on character by Gov. Clinton is like being called ugly by a frog. Don’t worry about it.”

In Tampa, - Ross Perot tells supporters a vote for Bush is a wasted one ... “All those wonderful people that are lifelong Republicans, make sure they don’t waste their vote between now and Tuesday.”

Also in Tampa - Governor Clinton positions himself as an outsider in the closing days of the presidential election. “I think there is a tired old Republican party that’s run out of energy, ideas, direction and compassion and they ought to be run out of town. I believe there is a strong new Democratic Party that has attracted the support of Democrats, Republicans, independents, former Perot supporters from coast-to-coast because we offer a new direction for America.”.... “One More Week!”


Business news – October 22, 1992

A federal bankruptcy judge approves the sale of “The New York Daily News” to real estate developer and publisher Mortimer. B. Zuckerman. It was the only offer still on the table. It not approved, the 73-year-old paper would surely have folded.

For the first time in its 41 years - Nissan Motor Co. posts a loss - $178 million in the first half of its fiscal year.


Sports news – October 22, 1992

Beating Atlanta - The Toronto Blue Jays take the World Series  - becoming the first Canadian team ever to capture a World Series championship.

Earvin (Magic) Johnson retires (again) from the Lakers and basketball. “It has become obvious that the various controversies surrounding my return are taking away from both basketball as a sport and the larger issue of living with HIV, for me and the many people affected.” ... The Colorado Rockies hire Don Baylor as manager  - one of the two National League expansion teams. 


Radio news – October 22, 1992

Radio station KLSX in Los Angeles is fined over $1 million for indecent broadcasts on the stations’ airing of “The Howard Stern Show” from New York. It’s the largest indecent fine ever for a radio station.


Entertainment news – October 22, 1992

Whoopi Goldberg is signed to do “Sister Act II” for a whopping $7 million.

Brandon Tartikoff says that he will relinquish his post as chairman of Paramount Pictures after just 15 months. Tarkikoff says he wants to spend more time with his family and particularly his daughter, who was injured in an auto accident several years ago - and continues to recover. It was also reported that he was at loggerheads with Stanley Jaffe, the head of Paramount’s parent company.


Music news – October 22, 1992

Lead singer Vince Neil files a $5 million to be reinstated in Motley Crue. He said he was fired and did not quite. John Corabi is the new lead and the band is heading to Vancouver soon to record a new album.

The alternative band Television is back after 14 years.

Although discredited - Mill Vanilli perform their latest single on the syndicated “Arsenio Hall Show.” 


Radio news – October 22, 1992

Rush Limbaugh told his listeners he was pulling back support for President Bush and going for Bill Clinton  - then said it was a joke.


Television news – October 22, 1992

On Saturday Night Live – Christopher Walken with musical guest Arrested Development.


Top TV shows/ratings – October 22, 1992

Roseanne (24.1), 60 Minutes (23.0), Coach (20.0), Murphy Brown (18.8), Home Improvement (18.4), SNL’s Presidential Bash (18.4), Pretty Woman (18.2), Murder She Wrote (17.8), 20/20 (16.9), Full House (16.3), Cheers ((15.8), Unsolved Mysteries (15.8), Monday Night Football (15.6), Hearts Afire (15.4), Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper (15.3), Evening Shade (15.1), Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (15.0), Blossom (14.9), Movie-Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick (14.9), The Simpsons (14.7)


Thursday Night Television listings/TV guide – week of October 22, 1992

 CBS - Top Cops, Street Stories, Knots Landing ... NBC - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. A Different World, Wings, LA Law ... ABC - Movie, PrimeTime Live ... FOX - The Simpsons, Martin, The Heights

ABC Movie - “Matlock: The Vacation” (1992).

A Different World - Monty phones Montel Williams for marriage advice.


Top pop music albums – October 22, 1992  

The Chase – Garth Brooks

Androgynous - Prince

Unplugged – Eric Clapton

Automatic for the People – R.E.M.

Jump Around – House of Pain

I’d Die Without You – PM Dawn

People Everyday – Arrested development

What About Your Friends – TLC

Timeless (The Classics) – Michael Bolton

Ten – Pearl Jam

Erotica – Madonna

Sometimes Love – Patty Smyth

Rhythm is a Dancer – Snap

If I Ever Fall in Love – Shai

Us – Peter Gabriel

Lot About Livin’ – Alan Jackson


Top movies – October 22, 1992

 “Under Siege” - Steven Seagal, Tommy Lee Jones

“The Last Of The Mohicans” - Daniel Day-Lewis

“Candyman” - Virginia Madison, Tony Todd

“The Mighty Ducks” - Emilio Estevez

“Consenting Adults” - Kevin Kline, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

“Dr Giggles”

“Pure Country” - George Straight, Leslie Ann Warren

 “Night and The City” - Robert DiNiro, Jessica Lange

“A River Runs Through It” - Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt

“Mr. Baseball”

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