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Dateline: Events/Week of October 1, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

 “Responding to the will of the people” -  Ross Perot says he’s getting back into the Presidential race. Perot says he’s a candidate because the two major candidates have failed to face up to the country’s current economic and political problems.

Bill Clinton believes Perot’s decision could hurt his chances by splitting any anti-Bush votes.

President Bush and Bill Clinton agree to debate each other three times beginning October 11. Perot may be included.

Campaigning – Bill Clinton says he will endorse the North American Free Trade Agreement, but says he will call for environmental safeguards and job retraining.

Terry Anderson, the journalist held hostage for nearly seven years by Muslim extremists says that he is resigning from the Associated Press. He told a meeting of newspaper executives that he’s tired of being a reporter. Anderson was freed last Dec. 4 after being held captive in Lebanon. 

Freak highway accident in Buffalo as sheet metal rolls weighing 3 ½ tons fall off a flatbed truck, crushing three cars and killing all four people inside.

Hundreds are dead after an Israeli cargo plane slams into a high-rise apartment complex in Amsterdam.


Business news – October 1, 1992

Forbes richest list –

William Henry Gates II - $6.3 billion

John Werner Kluge - $5.5 billion

Helen Walton- $5.1 billion

S. Robson Walton - $5.1 billion

Jim C. Walton - $5.1 billion

John T. Walton - $5.1 billion

Alice L. Walton - $5.1 billion

Warren Edward Buffett - $4.4 billion

Samuel L. Newhouse Jr. - $3.5 billion

Donald E. Newhouse - $3.5 billion

Sumner Murray Redstone - $3.25 billion

Ronald Owen Perelman - $2.9 billion

Ted Arlson - $2.85 billion

Paul Gardner Allen - $2.8 billion


Sports news – October 1, 1992

 Kansas City Royals star George Brett gets career hit # 3000 – the 18th major league player to do so. 


Entertainment news – October 1, 1992

 Passing – Eddie Kendricks – one of the famed singers of the Motown group – The Temptations. Kendricks went on to a successful solo career during the early 1970’s. He was 52.


Television news – October 1, 1992

Katie Couric interviews Anita Hill on the “Today” show.

Joan Rivers’ Gossip! Gossip! Gossip! Debuts on the USA cable network.


Friday night television listings/TV guide – October 1, 1992

CBS – The Golden Palace, Major Dad, Designing Women, Bob, Picket Fences

NBC – Final Appeal, What Happened? The Round table, I’ll Fly Away, Tonight Show

ABC – Family Matters, Step by Step, Dinosaurs, Camp Wilder, 20/20, Nightline

Fox – America’s Most Wanted, Sightings, Likely Suspects

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week, The Issue Is Race

MTV – This Week In Rock, Lip Service, Weekend Blast Off


On Step By Step – Frank gets into a Velcro suit to enter a contest.

On Picket Fences – A stranger comes into town with an elephant, claims he saved it from abuse.

On the  Tonight Show – Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf and Lindsey Buckingham.


Music news – October 1, 1992

Rap singer Ice-T goes back on his word to promoters and sings his controversial “Cop Killers” at a concert in San Diego. As his finale, he pulled out a letter from the head of the San Diego Police Officers Assn, which protested his participation in the concert. He read it out loud, crumpled then stuffed it in his pants – then sang the song. 


Top TV Shows/Ratings – October 1, 1992

Roseanne – 23.2

Murphy Brown – 21.5

Country Music Assn. Awards – 20.8

60 Minutes – 20.0

Coach – 19.3

 Murder, She Wrote – 18.4

Northern Exposure – 18.3

Love & War – 17.3

Home Improvement – 17.3

Hearts Afire – 17.2

Cheers – 17.0

Pro Football – 17.0

Evening Shade – 16.3

Movie-Danger of Love – 15.9

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper – 15.6

Full House – 15.5

Fresh of Bel Air – 15.0

Unsolved Mysteries – 15.0

Movie-Child of rage – 14.7

Rescue 911 – 14.6


Top movies  – October 1, 1992

The Last of the Mohicans

The Mighty Ducks

Mr. Baseball


Mr. Saturday Night


Captain Ron


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