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Dateline: Events/Week of September 22, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

South Africa – Zulu Chief Mangoguthu Gatsha Buthelezi, throws the peace process into turmoil by pulling his party out of constitutional negotiations. He apparently was riled by agreements reached by rival Nelson Mandela and president Frederick W. de Klerk.

The Navy says it plans to punish three admirals for failing to aggressively investigate the alleged sexual assaults of 26 women, some at the 1991 Tailhook convention in Las Vegas.

Magic Johnson resigns from the National Commission on AIDS, complaining that the Bush Administration has “utterly ignored” the panels’ works and saying the epidemic “cannot be fought with lip service and photo opportunities.”

The Kentucky Supreme Court strikes down the state’s anti-sodomy law, ruling that it violates the constitutional rights of homosexuals.

President Bush warns of “misery on Main Street” if Bill Clinton wins the White House – and unveils a tax-reduction plan for small businesses.

Russian Foreign Minister Andrew V. Kozyrev said his economically pressed nation is selling submarines to Iran because it wants to improve its relationship with Tehran and it needs the money.

Florida – A judge rules in favor of a 12-year-old boy who set a legal precedent by going to court to divorce his parents. The boy is now being adopted by his foster parents.

Amy Fisher (18) pleads guilty to a reduced charge of assault for shooting the wife of her alleged lover in the so called Long Island “Lolita” case.


Fascinating Facts – Snapple/Coca-Cola – September 22, 1992

Snapple beverage drink says its sales are up 800%.

Coca-Cola unveils plans to launch a new flavored sparkling water and expand distribution of its sports drink – PowerAde. Name of the new water is Nordic Mist.


Some bestselling books – September 22, 1992

Waiting to Exhale – Terry McMillan

The Pelican Brief – John Grisham

Gerald’s Game – Stephen King

Where Is Joe Merchant? – Jimmy Buffet

The Secret History – Donna Tartt

Every Living Thing – James Herriot

The Silent Passage – Gail Sheehy

The Way Things Ought To Me – Rush Limbaugh

Truman – David McCullough


Top pop music albums – September 22, 1992

Ten – Pearl Jam

Beyond the Season –Garth Brooks

Diva – Annie Lennox

Unplugged – Eric Clapton

Jon Secada- Jon Secada

3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of... – Arrested Development

Singles – Soundtrack

Some Gave All – Billy Ray Cyrus

Blood Suger Sex Magik – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Bobby – Bobby Brown

What’s the 411? – Mary J. Blige

Totally Krossed Out – Kris Kross

Boomerang – Soundtrack

Funky Divas – En Vogue



Sports news – September 22, 1992

Can he play again? - Magic Johnson has shown improvement since his AIDS treatment and his return to basketball is in question. Could he infect others? He’s been using AZT, he changed his diet, didn’t play in the NBA last season and decreased his travel. He’s set to rejoin the Los Angeles Lakers despite his HIV. He’s said he would play 50 to 60 of the 82 regular-season games. 

Montreal Expo catcher Gary Carter says he is retiring at the end of the season.


Music news – September 22, 1992

Vogue Magazine features Madonna on the cover for October.

Frank Zappa who is suffering from prostate cancer, cancels concerts in Berlin and Vienna and is returning to the U.S. for treatment.

Billy Joel files a $90 million fraud and breach of contract suit against industry attorney Alan J. Grubman, who he claims, defrauded him in conjunction with Joel’s former manager Frank Weber.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – September 22, 1992

Roseanne – 24.7

Delta (Tues.) – 20.5

60 Minutes – 18.6

Home Improvement – 18.6

Murphy Brown – 18.0

Murder, She Wrote – 17.3

Murphy Brown 31 – 16.7

Coach (Wed.) – 16.5

PrimeTime Live – 15.9

Miss America Pageant – 15.6

Movie-Terror on Track 9 – 15.4

Unsolved Mysteries – 15.2

Hearts Afire – 14.8

Rescue 911 – 14.7

Full House – 14.6

Family Matters (Tues.) – 14.5

48 Hours – 14.4


Television news – September 22, 1992

Kelsey Grammer (37) of “Cheers” marries Leigh-Anne Csuhany (22). It’s his second marriage.

New series on ABC-TV “Laurie Hill.” “She loves being a doctor. She loves being a mom. But what she’d really love is a little sleep.”

On “Saturday Night Live” – Nicolas Cage hosts with musical guest Bobby Brown.”

Don’t miss “The Ben Stiller Show” – Saturday night on Fox.

New CBS-TV Show “The Hat Squad.”

Executive producer Helen Kushnick is fired from the “Tonight” show Kushnick had managed Jay Leno and was named to the position when Leno took over for Johnny Carson in May – now she’s out. She was known for pressuring guests to be on the show and many are breathing a siegh of relief.

John Kricfalusi is fired as producer and director of his creation – “Ren & Stimpy.” He had repeated run-ins with network executives over the raunchy content of the series and he failed to make delivery deadlines. Nickelodeon had scaled back its order for the second season – from 26 o 13 because of Kricfalusi’s meticulous production techniques. But only 2 ½ fresh episodes have aired since the new Aug. 15 season.


Top movies – September 22, 1992

The Last of the Mohicans


Captain Ron

Mr. Saturday Night


School Ties


Innocent Blood

Husbands and Wives

Honeymoon In Vegas

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