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Dateline: Events/Week of September 8, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Hurricane Iniki – Death toll rises to four and about 8,000 are homeless in Lihue, Hawaii. Damage is expected to top $1 billion. 
Richard M. Nixon has some words for President Bush – that his campaign is in trouble. Don’t bother with California and stop hanging around fanatics such as the Revs. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell  they’re ruining the Republican Party.   
President Bush asks Congress to approve $7.6 billion in disaster assistance in the wake of Hurricane Andrew. 
Give ‘em Hell Harry -  Just politics – President Bush condemned Bill Clinton as unworthy of Democratic predecessor Harry Truman, while Clinton said Bush “has spent four years fighting against everything Harry Truman fought for.”
Campaign trail – Bill Clinton unveils his plan for welfare reform. In his campaign – he says he is a different kind of democrat with a different kind of agenda with a different kind of strategy. 
A teenager opened fire in an Amarillo high school hallway as other students were returning from a pep rally. Six were wounded. 
Mayor David Dinkins of NY called for calm after a grand jury cleared a police officer of wrongdoing in the July killing of a suspected drug seller that sparked violence in a largely Latino section of the city. The officer is white, and the victim was a Dominican immigrant. 
Congressional Democrats approve and send to the White House – a family medical leave bill that President Bush threatens to veto. 
Three New York businessmen pleaded guilty to charges of laundering more than $82 million in food stamps, in the largest food stamp fraud case since the program was established in 1964. 

Technology news – September 8, 1992

Game makers are now banking on using CD’s for better graphics and video effects. The newest is the Sega CD, Turbo technologies CD. Nintendo is doing the same. 
The 800 toll-free business is now a $7-billion-a-year industry. 800 numbers were created 25 years ago to mask a shortage of operators to handle collect calls. Some 600,000 businesses use 1.3 million 800 numbers. Another 100,000 individuals now use 800 numbers.  
IBM unveils 21 personal computer models aimed at home and small business users, a significant expansion into the low-price market that spells new trouble for “clone” computer makers. 

Sports news – September 8, 1992 

Al Unser Jr. wins the Pioneer 200 Indy-car race at Lexington, Ohio. 
Landmark antitrust trial in Minneapolis – A jury finds the NFL operating illegally. Looks like a big payout to players. 

Top movie video rentals – September 8, 1992

Wayne’s World
Fried Green Tomatoes
White Men Can’t Jump
Price of Tides
Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Entertainment news – September 8, 1992

Bill Cosby tops Forbes’ list as highest paid entertainer – an estimated $98 million for 1991 and 1992. Oprah Winfrey is second with $88 million. Kevin Costner – third with about $71 in coin. New Kids on the Block - #4 with $62 million. 
Passing – Actor Anthony Perkins had died from AIDS. He was 60. 
Rodney King seeks a court order to prevent filmmaker Spike Lee from using his beating tape in his movie “Malcolm X.”
Michael Jackson is signed to perform in the Super Bowl XXVII halftime show. 
Don’t miss the Desi Entertainment Awards – Gerardo, Tito Puente, Texas Tornados and others. 

Top pop music albums – September 8, 1992

Unplugged – Eric Clapton
Some Gave All – Billy Ray Cyrus
Beyond the Season -  Garth Brooks 
Ten – Pearl Jam
Temple of the Dog  - Temple of the Dog
Totally Krossed Out – Kriss Kross
Funky Divas – En Vogue
Boomerang – soundtrack
Bobby – Bobby Brown
What’s the 411? – Mary J. Blige

Music news – September 8, 1992

Touring – Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Oratorio. 
The Black Crowes “High As the Moon” tour.  
MTV 1992 Video Awards – Seen performing – Axl Rose and Elton John on “November Rain.” Also performing – En Vogue, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam. Dana Carvey hosted. Winners included Van Halen whose “Right Now” won for best video of the year. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” got best alternative video and new artist. Best male video – “Tears in Heaven” – Eric Clapton. Best female video went to Annie Lennox for “Why.”
Donny Osmond is performing to sold-out audiences in Toronto in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” 

Television news – September 8, 1992

NBC on Saturday morning debuts its first cartoon-less lineup – the first time in many, many years. Look for “Saved By The Bell” and “California Dreams.” 
Fox-TV will bow a later-night comedy –  On Sundays at least with  “Flying Blind”  and Woops! Later this month. The fun begins at 10pm.  
Letter-turner Vanna White says she is expecting her first child, solving the mystery – Is Vanna pregnant?
Rush Limbaugh’s TV show debuts in syndication. 
ABC says it has another late-night show idea – this one – part talk show and part home shopping. It’ll be hosted by Robin Leach and be called “Nightcap.”
The Barbara Walters special – another one this week as Barbara interviews Tom Cruise and David Letterman. 
“Today” is beating “Good  Morning America” by a hair and has been doing so for the past few months. 
Mary Tyler Moore trips to her knees after being introduced by Jay Leno as a guest on the Tonight show. Poor Mary. 
MDA - Jerry Lewis raises just over $45 million at his annual Labor Day telethon. 

Tuesday night television listings/TV guide – September 8, 1992 

CBS – Back to School ’92, Rescue 911
NBC – Quantum Leap, Reasonable Doubts, dateline NBC, Jay Leno
ABC – Full House, Family Matters, Roseanne, Coach, Going to Extremes, Nightline
PBS – Behind the Scenes

Top movies – September 8, 1992 

Honeymoon in Vegas
Single White Female
A League of Their Own
Sister Act
3 Ninjas
Pet Sematary 2
Rapid Fire
Enchanted April
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