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Dateline: Events/Week of August 8, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The United Nations Security Council – appalled at detention camps and so-called ethnic cleansing – approves a resolution authorizing the use of “all measures necessary” to ensure the supply of humanitarian relief to Sarajevo. The U.N. says some 28,000 Bosnians face expulsion by Serbian forces. Earlier, Bosnia Serbs – responding to accusations that they are running brutal prison camps in northern Bosnia-Herzegovina – agreed to allow Red Cross inspection of 12 of the camps.

Eliminating barriers - The United States, Canada and Mexico unveil a North American Free Trade Agreement – to create the world’s largest common market.

Shake-up - President Bush names Secretary of State James A. Baker III as his chief of staff.

President Bush’s first campaign television commercials almost broke the law and had to be pulled. The ads, slated to run until the Republican convention (in Houston), had to be pulled because they opened with the presidential seal – which federal law prohibits because it suggests sponsorship or approval.

President Bush contends that the election of Bill Clinton would lead to the type of economic problems that marked Jimmy Carter’s administration.

President Bush announces a historic common market - a free trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada. The pact should eliminate most barriers to the flow of goods and services. Bush had pushed for the agreement before the Republican National Convention next week.

President Bush demands that Serbian military forces end their “vile policy of ethnic cleansing deliberately murdering innocent civilians.” U.S military forces will not be used in the Balkans except for the delivery of food and medicine.

Federal prosecutors file civil rights charges against the same four Los Angeles police officers that were tried in California state court earlier in the year in the beating of Rodney King, but were acquitted on all charges but one. Charged with stomping, kicking and beating Rodney King are officers Timothy Wind, Laurence Powell and Theodore Briseno and Sgt Stacey Koon.


Technology news – August 8, 1992

A federal judge in San Francisco, throws out a suit brought by Apple, that Microsoft had illegally copied the “look and feel” of the Macintosh computer.


Sports news – August 8, 1992

Carl Lewis wins his eighth gold medal as the U.S. wins the 400-meter relay. 

Jennifer Capriati wins a gold medal in tennis after defeating Steffi Graf.

Magic Johnson says he wants to return to the LA Lakers but can’t until a doctor approves. He retired when he learned he was HIV positive.

The U.S. dream team ends its gold medal quest in Barcelona - beating Croatia 117-85. Coach Chuck Daly “You will see another team of professionals, but I don’t think you’ll see another team like this.”

Oscar De La Hoya wins the only U.S. boxing gold medal of the 1992 games in Barcelona - getting a 7-2 decision over Marco Rudolph of Germany in the 132 pound weight class...

Other gold medal winners at the summer Olympics this week - Carl Lewis - for his 28’ 5 1/2” long jump ... Kevin Young - wins the 400-meter hurdles - breaking Edwin Moses’ world record - hitting 46.78 second ... Gwen Torrence finishes the 200 meter run in 21.81 seconds. 

The Summer Olympic games end in Barcelona. 

Owner Robert Lurie of the San Francisco Giants, frustrated that area voters did not approve financing of a new stadium, says he has agreed to sell the team to a Tampa Bay syndicate that will move it to the Suncoast Dome in St. Petersburg, Fla. The mayor of San Francisco said though – the deal is not done and vowed to present competing offers.


Music news – August 8, 1992

In Montreal – fans go on a rampage after a sold-out concert by Guns N’ Roses and Metallica was cut short. 12 people were arrested.


Television news – August 8, 1992

HBO will debut “The Larry Sanders Show” starring Garry Shandling on August 15. “It’s the funniest half-hour comedy series that boldly goes where no one has gone before. Behind the scenes of a talk show. Watch for it every Saturday night.” It’s described as a parody of talk shows.

MTV’s mini-telethon to get young viewers to vote in “Choose or Lose Telethon: Vote Loud!”

Jay Leno returns to the “Tonight” show after a two-week Olympic hiatus – and he seemed fed-up at the potshots Arsenio Hall has been taking at him and his show. 


Top TV Shows/Ratings – August 8, 1992

Summer Olympics - Thurs (22.3), Tues (20.5), Mon (19.7), Wed (18.9), Sat (18.3), Sun (18.1), Fri (16.9)/ Roseanne (13.9), Conspiracy of Silence-part2 (12.2), Home Improvement (12.2), 60 Minutes (11.6), Coach (11.1), Murder She Wrote (10.40, Full House (10.10, Home Improvement#2 (10.1), “It” - (10.0), To Be The Best (9.3), Northern Exposure (9.3), Happy Days Reunion (9.1), 48 Hours 8.8, Beverly Hills 90210 (8.8). 


Top movies - August 8, 1992


Death Becomes Her

Raising Cain

3 Ninjas

A League of Their Own

Mo’ Money

Honey, I Blew Up the Kids

Whispers in the dark

Sister Act

Buffy the Vampire Killer

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