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Dateline: Events/Week of June 22, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The Supreme Court strikes down a St. Paul ordinance that punishes those who burn crosses, display swastikas or otherwise express religious and racial hatred. They ruled the ordinance infringes on free speech.

The Supreme Court rules that public school officials  many not include prayers or invoke toe name of god during a grade school or high school ceremony.

Russia declares that it would use its military might to protect the lives of Russians living in troubled nations of the former Soviet Union.

South Africa - Nelson Mandela announces that the African National Congress is suspending all direct talks with the white government because he can no longer explain to his supporters “why we continue to talk to the regime that is murdering our people.”

John Gotti, leader of the nation’s most powerful Mafia family – is sentenced to life in prison without parole. Supporters left the courtroom and overturned a federal marshal’s car.

The Supreme Court affirms the right to abortion, reaffirming the basic principles laid down in Roe vs. Wade, but will allow restrictions by states related to health and other matters. 

The Supreme Court tells Mississippi that they have not done nearly enough to dismantle their formerly segregated system of higher learning; that they have an “affirmative duty to dismantle their prior dual university system. In 1980, nearly 99% of the state’s white college students were enrolled at one of five historically white campuses. Nearly 71% of the state’s black students were enrolled at one of the three historically black campuses. The court said that because those enrollment patterns are “traceable” to policies set by the state, the state has a duty to remedy this form of continuing segregation.

Two large earthquakes jar Southern California. The first shaker struck at almost five in the morning just north of Yucca Valley, CA in the high desert area of Southern California. The quake measured a magnitude 7.4. The second quake, hit about 3 hours later - a 6.5 quake near Big Bear, CA - not too far from the first quake. So far - one death and 350 injuries are reported. Most of the damage was confined to the less populated areas near the quakes.  

In a Washington Post-ABC News poll - Arkansas Gov Bill Clinton leads rivals President Bush and Ross Perot in the Presidential polls. Among those most likely to vote - Clinton led Perot - 33% to 30% with Bush favored by 29% of those voters. It’s the first time Clinton has lead in a Post-ABC News survey and the first time Bush has finished third.  

President Bush condemns the entertainment industry for what he labels its “sick” practice of producing films, television programs and music that glorify cop killing. “It is wrong for any company - I don’t care how noble the name of the company,  to issue records that approve of killing a law enforcement officer.”     

President Bush’s daughter, Dorothy LeBlond weds Bobby Koch at a low-key ceremony at Camp David. Not even Dan Quayle and James Baker III were on the guest list. It’s her second marriage and his first. Koch is a former top aide to House Majority Leader Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo).

 Presidential candidate Ross Perot appears on a live broadcast of “National Town Meeting” on ABC television. Under recent weeks - he’s come under increasing criticism that he has a penchant for investigating people he perceives to be his enemies. He was asked about that from someone in the studio audience: “The facts are I do not investigate people’s private lives.” “I’ve used investigators three or four times - all when it involved people accused of theft. Personal lives of people are their own business.” Perot called those characterizations “dirty tricks” on the part of the GOP. 

Rodney King (27) - whose videotaped beating lead to an international outrage, is arrested at his Los Angeles apartment after his wife said he had injured her during an argument and she feared for her life. He was released four hours later after his wife, Crystal, Lynette Waters, declined to file a complaint against him and investigators found insufficient reason to press charges. 


Some best-selling books –June 22, 1992


The Pelican Brief - John Grisham

 Waiting To Exhale - Terry McMillan

Scruples II - Judith Krantz

Star Wars: Dark Force Rising - Timothy Zahn

Sahara - Clive Cussler

The Silent Passage - Gail Sheehy

Chief: My Life in the LAPD - Daryl Gates

Truman - David McCullough

Diana In Private - Lady Campbell

Sam Walton: Made in America - Sam Walton

Perot: An Unauthorized Biography - Todd Mason


Sports news – June 22, 1992

Desiree Washington – the woman Mike Tyson is convicted of raping, filed a civil lawsuit against him because of what her attorney said was the boxer’s glib attitude and lack of remorse. 

Eric Andolsek – lineman for the Detroit Lions is killed when a truck ran off the road and struck him as he worked in for front yard of his home in Southern Louisiana. The driver apparently fell asleep.


Technology news – June 22, 1992

Dell Computer unveils a new series of low-cost PC’s. Called “Dimension” they’re priced 5 to 15% less than comparable machines from rival Compaq. The basic model in the Dimension line sells for $1,259 and has a 386sx microprocessor, 2 megs of memory, an 80 meg hard disk drive, mouse, color monitor and comes with Microsoft’s Windows software. 


Music news – June 22, 1992

Singer Billy Joel received his diploma from Hicksville High on Long Island. He never graduated because he was lacking in English and gym exams. 

The National Sheriffs’ Assn urges its members and the public to boycott all time Warner Inc products in response to the company’s distribution of the “Cop Killer” song by Ice-T.

Three members of rapper M.C. Hammer’s tour crew were wounded in a drive-by shooting at a park in Albuquerque – at Roosevelt Park.

Some Bad Rap Music

Time Warner is accused of a 2nd inflammatory rap album. The company is already under the gun from police groups all over the country for rap-metal artist Ice-T’s “Cop Killer” song. Officials at the New York State Sheriffs’ Association say the proposed album cover of San Francisco rapper Paris depicts a man with an automatic weapon about to ambush President Bush. The group also says that the upcoming album contains a song about shooting the President and another called “Coffee, Doughnuts and Death” which they maintain glorifies the killing of police officers.

Rock group ZZ Top signs a five-album deal with RCA for $30 million. Sources say that the group is guaranteed a $5 million advance per album - up $2 million from their previous advance fee - plus 20% royalty rate on every record they sell  up from the 18% deal they had with Warner Brothers Records. 


Pop hit music singles(top-40) – June 22, 1992

 I’ll Be There - Mariah Carey

Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot

Acky Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus

If You Asked Me To - Celine Dion

Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover - Sophie B. Hawkins

Tennessee - Arrested Development

Wishing On A Star - The Cover Girls

The Best Things In Life Are Free - Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson

Hold On My Heart - Genesis


Top pop music albums – June 22, 1992

Some Gave All - Billy Ray Cyrus

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

MTV Unplugged EP - Mariah Carey

The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion - The Black Crowes

Greatest Hits - ZZ Top

Mack Daddy - Sir Mix-A-Lot

Ropin’ The Wind - Garth Brooks

Ten - Pearl Jam

Adrenalize - Def Leppard

Totally Krossed Out - Kris Kross

Shadows And Light - Wilson Phillips

Angel Dust - Faith No More


Entertainment/movie news – June 22, 1992

Opening week – “Batman Returns” grosses 46.8 million – better than the original Batman in 1989. that did about $42 million. 

Ron Reagan (son of the former president) signs to host and co-produce six one-hour documentaries for E! Entertainment Television. The project “See How They Run,” explores how the 1992 presidential campaign is exploiting entertainment. It is his second major project for the cable network.

Actor Rob Morrow - who plays the New York Doctor on “Northern Exposure” is slapped with a breach of contract suit by Universal Television for refusing to show up when the series resumed shooting last week. Morrow is holding out and is demanding double the $30 thousand per episode he currently receives - even though he signed a standard seven-year contract with built-in salary increases when the sleeper series premiered two years ago.

Woman’s Day Magazine announces the reader’s choice for Murphy Brown’s baby. It’s Avery - after Murphy’s late mother. Other choices include Buster Brown, Dan Quayle Brown, Charlie Brown, Elvis Brown and Johnny Carson Brown. The magazine received 2,500 calls from a special 900 number. Proceeds will go to Pediatric AIDS Foundation and the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation. Murphy Brown is played by Candice Bergen. 

Interview Magazine says it will place July’s issue in a plastic wrapper in order to head off expected controversy. The issue contains a nude cover photo of actress Drew Barrymore (17). The cover shows her lying stretched out on a lawn next to her fully clothed boyfriend, actor James Walters.


Television news – June 22, 1992

Pat Summerall returns to work. He’s  announcing the Westchester Golf Classic on CBS. He had been in alcohol abuse treatment at the Betty Ford Center.

This week’s “The Simpson’s” finds Bart writing on a blackboard – “potato, not potatoe” – poking fun at the Dan Quayle gaff last week.

Crossing over - Cristina Saralegui – who conducts a popular talkshow over Spanish Univision TV – debuts the same kind of show – but an English version.

On CNBC’s “McLaoughlin” this week – Tuesday – Oliver North. Thursday – Rush Limbaugh. CNBC – Information that Hits Home.


Thursday Night Television listings/TV guide – week of June 22, 1992

CBS - Top Cops, Special-Moment of Truth, Street Stories, Bodies of Evidence

NBC - A Different World, The Cosby Show, Cheers, Wings, L.A. Law

ABC - Movie - The Sting II

 Fox - The Simpsons, Michael Jackson: The Dangerous Tour, Beverly Hills - 90210

PBS - Childhood, Mystery!, Great Performances

A & E - Brute Force, An Evening at the Improv, Nature’s Kingdom, World at War


Syndicated - Dennis Miller Show guests John Densmore, comedians Roger Rittenhouse and David Spade.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – June 22, 1992

Daytime Emmy Awards - 15.3

60 Minutes - 15.0

Home Improvement - 14.8

Roseanne - 14.8

Movie - Sins of the Mother - 14.7

Murder, She Wrote - 14.2

Primetime Live - 13.6

Raven - 13.3

Murphy Brown - 13.2

Movie - The Empire Strikes Back - 12.8

Full House - 12.7

 20/20 - 12.7

Cheers - 12.4

Rescue 911 - 12.3

Movie - Love, Lies and Murder - 11.9

Coach - 11.9

Unsolved Mysteries - 11.6

Northern Exposure - 11.5

Fresh Prince of Bel Air - 11.3

48 Hours Special - 11.0

Red Heat - 11.0

Major Dad - 11.0

FBI: Untold Stories - 10.7

Seinfeld - 10.5

Bodies of Evidence - 10.4

American Detective - 10.4

Blossom - 10.2

Grapevine - 10.2



Top movies - June 22, 1992

Batman Returns - Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken

Unlawful Entry - Kurt Russell, Ray Liotta, Madeleine Stowe

Sister Act - Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, Harvey Keitel

Housesitter - Steve Martin, Goldie Hawn

Patriot Games - Harrison Ford


Lethal Weapon 3 - Mel Gibson, Danny Glover

 Far and Away - Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman

Encino Man - Sean Astin, Pauly Shore

A League Of Their Own - Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna

Boomerang - Eddie Murphy

Poison Ivy - Drew Barrymore

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