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Dateline: Events/Week of June 15, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin agree to sweeping arms control agreement – the most sweeping since the beginning of the atomic age, both vowing will never make war on each other. 

Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin declares that he and his people have destroyed the “idol of communism” and are determined to build a new Russia.

Czechoslovakia and Slovak leaders agree to split Czechoslovakia into two nations, ending their 74-year federation.

Despite Perot’s huge rally crowds, Vice President Dan Quayle declares that the upstart campaign of Ross Perot has already begun to “fizzle.” At the same forum, Quayle delivered a condemnation of rap singer Ice-T’s recording “Cop Killer,” saying the company continues “making money off a record that is suggesting it’s OK to kill cops and that is wrong. Where is the corporate responsibility here? I’m not going to tell them what to do but I know that… that is wrong.”

New York Mayor David Dinkins says the that Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton made a mistake in using the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s rainbow Coalition as a forum to take issue with rap singer Sister Souljah. Clinton’s criticism of the rap singer continues to create political waves. At issue were the singer’s published comments that, “If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people.”

President Bush breaks ground on what he called a long overdue memorial for America’s Korean War veterans. “For what you did for stopping totalitarianism, the entire free world still salutes you.” Congress authorized the memorial in 1986 and it’s taking as long as the Korean War itself, which lasted 37 months – ending July 27, 1953.

Mona Van Duyn, a poet from St. Louis who has won most the nation’s top literary awards, is named by the Library of Congress as the nation’s first female poet laureate. She says she will emphasize the position’s older and more prosaic title, “consultant in poetry” at the Library of Congress. “I think people are very confused about what a poet laureate is” making clear she has no intention of following in the British tradition of that title by producing poetic paeans to the nation’s leaders and achievements. 


Medical/Health news – Lyme Disease Vaccine – June 15, 1992

Yale University researchers have developed a vaccine for Lyme disease, the disabling infection that strikes at least 9,000 Americans each year. The disease is named after the town of Old Lyme, CT where it was first recognized in 1975. The number of cases of Lyme disease reported annually has more than tripled since 1985.


Technology news – June 15, 1992

Advanced Micro Devices suffers a setback with rival Intel after a federal court jury ruled that AMD did not have the right to use special chip software for its 486 clone.

Compaq Computer rolls out a line of low-cost personal computers. The new line includes the Prolinea set, starting at $900 and the Contura line of notebook PC’s, priced from $1699 to $2,400.

Dan Quayle Potato Gaffe – June 15, 1992

William Figueroa is getting his minutes of fame. He was the 12-year-old who supposedly spelled “Potato” wrong last Monday, when Vice President Dan Quayle told him to add an e at the end. He’s on the “Late Night With David Letterman Show” this week. 


Sports news – June 15, 1992

Step To Productions, a firm headed by boxing promoter Don King’s son (Eric) says they have lined up to rock and rollers to box with rappers in a boxing card set for October. The event is a sort of sequel to last month’s “Hip Hop & Bop” boxing event in Manhattan. According to King, Axl Rose turned down his inquiry, but he’s gotten verbal commitments from David Lee Roth, Ted Nugent and Billy Idol.


Television news – June 15, 1992

Don’t miss “Breakfast With Bill Clinton” – on ABC’s “Good Morning America” this Tuesday. He’ll be interviewed by a panel moderated by Charles Gibson.  Producers say similar invitations have been extended to Ross Perot and President Bush.

Bill Clinton also appears on the “MTV Presidential Forum” this week.

President Bush does a live, 30-mintue interview on CNN.

“The Hollywood Game” with host Bob Goen debuts on CBS.

More deregulation as the FCC votes to allow ABC, CBS and NBC to own cable-TV systems, lifting a 22-year ban.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – June 15, 1992

Roseanne – 17.2

NBA Finals: Postgame Show (Sun.) – 16.6

NBA Finals: Game 4 Chicago at Portland – 16.0

Movie-Shattered Dreams – 15.2

Coach – 15.1

Home Improvement – 15.0

NBC Finals: Game 6 Portland at Chicago – 14.7

NBC Finals: Game 5 Chicago at Portland – 13.9

60 Minutes – 13.5

Cheers – 13.4

Wings – 12.5

Full House – 12.5

20/20 – 12.4

Jack’s Place – 12.2

Murphy Brown – 12.1

Murder, She Wrote – 12.0

Northern Exposure – 11.8

PrimeTime Live – 11.6

Unsolved Mysteries – 11.6

Designing Women – 11.4

48 Hours – 11.3

Dateline – 10.7

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – 10.6

Lonesome Dove, Part 4 – 10.5

Rescue 911 – 10.3

Seinfeld (Sun.) – 10.2


Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – June 15, 1992

CBS – Davis Rules, The Bat, The Cat and the Penguin, Watergate: The Secret Story, Dangerous Curves

NBC – Unsolved Mysteries, Seinfeld, Night Court, Quantum Leap, Tonight Show

ABC – Wonder Years, Growing Pains, Scruples, Nightline

Fox - Movie

PBS – Mark Russell, Wildflowers with Helen Hayes

A&E – Evening at the Improv, Combat at Sea, First Flights, Adventure, In Search Of…


On Bat, Cat and Penguin – Behind the scenes look at “Batman Returns.”

On Unsolved Mysteries – Woman is sought after kidnapping her son.

On the Tonight Show – Tracy Chapman, Robert Altman, Gabrielle Carteris, Kathy Buckley


Music news – June 15, 1992

In New York – Rapper Ice-T defends his “Cop Killer” recording, saying the song is intended to condemn racism and police brutality. “The enemies of that album are racist people, parents who teach racism to their kids an brutal police.” “We give the police the power of God.” That’s almost like holy. This is beyond my imagination. I don’t understand how we allow them to have this power. They’re nothing but public servants, like a fireman or a mailman.” The single is on his “Body Count” album.

Meantime, sales of Ice-T’s “Body Count” album keep surging, especially in places that have called for the album’s ban. In Houston where the Combined Law Enforcement Assn. of Texas initiated a boycott call, sales leaped some 370%.

Passing – Peter Allen – Australian singer, dancer, songwriter who was discovered by Judy Garland and married her daughter, Liza Minelli. He was 48. Of an AIDS-related illness. 


Radio news – June 15, 1992

G. Gordon Liddy (61) returns to the Watergate building, exactly 20 years after the botched burglary that he masterminded. Liddy was there to do his syndicated radio show. “They welcomed me with open arms and said, “We’ll give you a key. Please don’t break any locks.” Through his trials and more than four years in prison, Liddy stuck to his code of loyalty and silence. He was convicted of organizing the burglary and wiretapping the DNC headquarters at the Watergate complex and later, refusing to testify about it. 


Top  music albums  – June 15, 1992

Totally Krossed Out – Kris Kross

MTV Unplugged EP – Mariah Carey

Some Gave All – Billy Ray Cyrus

Ten – Pearl Jam

Southern Harmony/Companion – Black Crowes

Mack Daddy – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Adrenalize – Def Leppard

Shadows and Light – Wilson Phillips

Blood Sugar Sex Magik – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Ropin’ The Wind – Garth Brooks


Top movies – June 15, 1992

Patriot Games

Sister Act


Lethal Weapon 3

Far and Away

Encino Man


Class Act

Basic Instinct

Wayne’s World

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