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Dateline: Events/Week of May 24, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Touring Los Angeles, President Bush said in a speech that the lawlessness… must be punished.

The U.N. Security Council imposes an oil embargo and a host of other sanctions on Serbian-led Yugoslavia for its aggression against Bosnia-Herzegovina. It’s a first for the U.N.

Speaking at Annapolis, President Bush told Naval Academy grads that new threats to world peace are emerging and “we must guard against those who would turn the noble impulse of nationalism to negative ends."

Brutal beatings - Religious sect leader Yahweh ben Yahweh is convicted in Miami of conspiracy to commit murder.

Ross Perot – an undeclared candidate – wins a spot on the Arkansas ballot – Bill Clinton country. “We will take the state for Perot” said a backer.

President Bush ordered U.S. vessels to return directly to Haiti any fleeing refugees encountered from now on in the seas of the Caribbean island nation.

The House approved legislation that overturns a federal ban on tissue research, but the vote fell short to override a certain presidential veto.  

Oil prices rose $1 a barrel after an OPEC cutback. 

President Bush marked Memorial Day by vowing to retain the nation’s military-might despite post Cold-war cuts in defense spending.


Technology news – May 24, 1992

Apple unveils a hand-held personal digital assistant – a hand-held pen-operated computer that functions like an intelligent note pad.

Seen more and more – smart cards – cards imbedded with chips to store information about purchases and more. 

Getting hotter – Sega’s new Genesis game product line – taking some market away from leader Nintendo.


Sports news – May 24, 1992

John McEnroe makes his debut as an NBC analyst when the network begins its coverage of the French Open this weekend.

Tennis great Arthur Ashe, six weeks after disclosing he has AIDS calls for new guidelines in dealing with the privacy of seriously ill people.

Dale Earnhardt wins the Coca Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


Entertainment news – May 24, 1992

Gets Married - Actress Anjelica Huston to sculptor Robert Graham.


Music news – May 24, 1992

New Orleans police list Andre Young (27), known as Dr. Dre as a suspect involved in an attack on officers who were trying to break up a fight. It all began after the rap group N.W. A. and some fans were denied entrance to the Sheraton Hotel because they did not have entry passes. A 15-year-old boy was stabbed and four policeman were slightly injured.

After a decade of rapid growth, the video rental industry slipped for the first time in 1991, largely because of the recession, lackluster releases and the Persian Gulf War’s effects on TV viewing.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – May 24, 1992

Murphy Brown – 23.0

Evening Shade #2 – 17.9

Northern exposure – 16.2

Roseanne – 16.0

L.A. Law – 15.5

Home Improvement – 15.4

Movie-Bird on a Wire – 15.1

60 Minutes – 15.1

Coach – 15.0

Movie-Cruel Doubt part 2- 14.8

Major Dad – 14.7

Evening Shade – 13.8

Unsolved Mysteries – 13.4

Oprah: Behind the Scenes – 13.1

… Seinfeld is #29 with a 10.4


Television news – May 24, 1992

Jay Leno debuts as host of the Tonight Show. Billy Crystal was Leno’s first guest. Also on the program – correspondent Robert Krulwich.

He’s back. Robert Blake makes his first TV appearance in several years. On the Maury Povich show, Blake said years of emotional and physical abuse by his parents finally caught with him and caused him to quit acting.

New on MTV – “Real World.’ Seven young adults live in a loft in New York’s SoHo district and live rent free for three months. Conflict and sexual tension are the name of the game.

 Radio’s Dr. Dean Edell gets a syndicated TV show with “Dr Dean” and it begins June 15.

Fox TV will go to seven nights beginning next season, adding Tuesday and Wednesday nights and 11 new prime-time series.

Passing – 1950’s gameshow producer Dan Enright, who was caught-up in the era’s quiz show scandals. He was 74.


Top movies – May 24, 1992

Lethal Weapon 3

Alien 3

Far and Away

Encino Man

Basic Instinct

Beauty and the Beast


The Player

White men Can’t Jump

Wayne’s World

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