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Dateline: Events/Week of May 1, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Los Angeles riots –

Second day - Thousands of looters take to the Los Angeles streets, setting fire to and ransacking stores and business as the National Guard takes to the streets. So far, 25 have died and 572 have been injured. Some 1,000 fires have been reported and the fire department can’t get to them all.

President Bush, voiced frustration at the Rodney King verdicts – but denounced the Los Angeles riots as “purely criminal” and called for a re-establishment of law and order.

President Bush orders 4,500 military troops and 1,000 riot-trained federal law officers to Los Angeles. The death toll now stands at 40 and police are struggling to get an upper hand.

Mayor Tom Bradley announces he is lifting the dusk-to-dawn curfew and declared that the looting, arson and violence now appears to be under control.

Rodney King said he was outraged by the not guilty verdicts given to the four Los Angeles officers charged in the attack, and remains confident the truth will come out. He also called for an end to the riots and looting. 

Re-build LA task force - Peter Ueberroth agrees to take charge of Los Angeles’ efforts to rebuild. Later - he said that hundreds of companies were trying to contact him to help. Lets see.

President Bush and Bill Clinton win presidential primaries in Indiana, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia.

President Bush sends a team of federal officials to Los Angeles to assess the area’s needs and announces loans and grants for rebuilding. Meantime, the city begins to return to normal as schools open and the freeways once again – are busy.

President Bush arrives in riot-scarred Los Angeles and called for a period of healing. Earlier – he said the federal government intends to seek out and prosecute the murderers, arsonists and looters involved in the LA riots.

Mike Tyson pleads guilty to a charge of threatening prison staff workers and not guilty to a second. He is serving a six-year sentence for rape at the Indiana Youth Center in Plainfield.


Technology news – May 1, 1992

Nintendo of America wins after a jury rules that the company had not attempted to monopolize the game market and that its controversial licensing policies had not damaged rival Atari.

Big trend – Karaoke. It’s just exploded over the past few years with over 10,000 clubs and bars now featuring the sing-along technology. That’s compared to about 1,000 five years ago.


Sports news – May 1, 1992

Andre Agassi wins his first tournament title of the year at the AT&T Challenge at Roswell, Ga.

The Oakland A’s Rickey Henderson gets his 1,000 stolen base. 


Entertainment news – May 1, 1992

Passing – Marlene Dietrich – at 90.


Music news – May 1, 1992

Marry – David Bowie to model Iman.

Marry – Singer Paula Abdul and actor Emilia Estevez.

Academy Of Country Music Awards – Garth Brooks talked about quitting as he and his wife prepare to be parents.


Television news – May 1, 1992

Kate Jackson (43) tells People Magazine she’s cancer free and ready to come back. She was diagnosed with cancer in her left breast back in 1987, while starring in the TV series  “Scarecrow and Mrs. King.”

ABC is adding a pay-per-view option on certain college football games. The plan enables fans and alumni to watch their favorite teams, regardless of where they live.

Is he kidding? Donald Trump says he’d like to host a variety show on CBS Sunday nights – the same time as the old Ed Sullivan show.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – May 1, 1992

Cosby Show – 25.0

Roseanne – 21.6

Cheers – 19.8

60 Minutes – 19.1

Murphy Brown – 19.0

Home Improvement – 18.7

Coach – 18.0

Movie-Stay the Night part 2 - 17.9

Designing Women – 16.9

Movie-deliver Them Form Evil: Alta View – 16.6

Murder, She Wrote – 16.5

Movie – Body Snatcher – 16.3

PrimeTime Live – 16.0

Academy of Country Music Awards – 15.6

20/20 – 15.5

Northern exposure – 15.4

Full House  -15.3

Wings – 15.2

Major Dad – 14.9

Unsolved Mysteries – 14.4


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