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Dateline: Events/Week of March 21, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

A year after launching is bid for the Democratic presidential nomination - Paul E. Tsongas, the ex-senator from Massachusetts, calls a halt to his once-promising campaign because he is out of money. The surprise announcement establishes Arkansas Gov Bill Clinton as the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee. Clinton’s only remaining rival is former California Gov Edmund G. Brown Jr., who is not seen as a strong candidate. Experts say that Tsongas was clearly Clinton’s last hurdle.

Iraq, yielding to the warnings of the United Nations, agrees to begin destroying its Scud missile factories under the eyes of inspectors in the next few days.

A USAir Commuter jet attempting to take off from La Guardia Airport in a heavy snowstorm, cartwheels down the runway and bursts into flames. At least 27 are dead and dozens more injured. The pilot, sensing trouble as the plane accelerated down the runway, tried to abort the takeoff.

Defense Secretary Dick Cheney announces plans to reduce the nation’s military reserve and National Guard forces by 234,000 in the next five years in cutbacks that will affect hundreds of units in all 50 states.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is sentenced to six years in prison for the rape of a teen-age beauty contestant. Said the judge - “something needs to be done about the attitude you displayed here.” Tyson is also denied bail pending his appeal. He showed no emotion at the sentencing. Tyson is also sentenced to a four year probation period after his release from prison and fined $10,000 for each of the three counts: one count of rape and two counts of criminal deviate conduct.

At the Rodney King trial in Simi Valley (Calif) - Sgt Stacey C. Koon, one of the four Los Angeles policemen charged in the Rodney King beating, testifies that King tried several times to attack officers trying to subdue him, leaving them no choice but to beat and kick him repeatedly... Also, a police department expert says that use of force alternatives such as the chokehold, which Los Angeles police offers are forbidden to use except when lives are threatened, would have been more effective in the arrest of Rodney King, then police batons. He said that all 56 baton blows to King were appropriate, because the officers had no other use-of-force options at their disposal.  


Technology news – March 21, 1992

IBM debuts its long-awaited notebook PC this week. The PS/2 N51, which weighs 6.2 pounds and is based on Intel’s 386SX 16 megahertz chip, will list for $2,250, but is expected to be marked down by dealers for around $1,700. The new IBM notebook is expected to include 2 megs of memory and a 40-magabyte hard drive, 9 1/2 inch backlit screen with reversal type, and full-sized alphanumeric keys.

Supermarket Food Prices –March 20, 1992

Chiquita Bananas - 3lbs for $1.00 ... Boneless Beef Chuck Roast - $1.89lb ... Fresh Pork Butt Roast- .99lb


Bestselling books – March 21, 1992

The Pelican Brief - John Grisham

The Road To Omaha - Robert Ludlum

Rising Sun - Michael Crichton

Vox - Nicholson Baker

Fugitive Nights - Joseph Wambaugh

The Elk Queen of Shannara - Terry Brooks

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast -

Trial By Fire - Harold Coyle

Star Trek: Probe - Margaret Wander

Revolution From Within - Gloria Steinem

A Return To Love - Marianne Williamson

Awaken The Giant - Anthony Robbins

Double Cross: The Explosive, Inside Story Of The Mobster Who Controlled American - Sam and Chuck Giancana

How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time And Have Her Beg For More - Naura Hayden

More Wealth Without Risk - Charles Givens


Top movie video rentals – March 21, 1992

Thelma & Louise

Boyz N the Hood

The Rocketeer

Point Break

The Doctor

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

Dead Again

Hot Shots

Double Impact

Barton Fink


Passing - actor and director John Ireland (77). Appeared in more than 200 movies and was nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in “All the King’s Men” ... of leukemia.



Top TV Shows/Ratings – March 21, 1992

60 Minutes - 23.4

Roseanne - 21.4

Murphy Brown - 21.2

Home Improvement - 19.4

Coach - 18.5

Unsolved Mysteries - 18.4

Designing Women - 18.0

Northern Exposure - 18.0

Full House - 17.8

Major Dad - 17.6

Double Edge - 17.1

Murder, She Wrote - 17.1

NCAA Basketball Tournament - 16.8

20/20 - 16.6

Cheers - 16.0

Evening Shade - 15.7                                                    

Family Matters - 15.3

L.A. Law - 15.2

Empty Nest - 15.0

Step By Step 14.9

Married ... With Children - 14.7

Seinfeld - 14.6

America’s Funniest People - 14.5

 Wings - 14.0

America’s Funniest Home Videos - 13.9

48 Hours - 13.8

Doogie Howser, MD - 13.5

The Cosby Show - 13.5

Fresh Prince of Bel Air - 13.4

Different World - 13.2


Television news – March 21, 1992

Passing - actress Nancy Walker (69) - best known as the waitress who hawked “Bounty - the quicker-picker upper.” She was also the wisecracking mom of Rhoda Morgenstern on “Mary Tyler Moore” and its spin-off “Rhoda.” ... of lung cancer. Born Anna Myrtle Swoyer May. There will be no memorial service. The Neptune Society will scatter her ashes at sea.

NBC renews the hit comedy “Cheers” for an 11th season, but at a lower fee. Last season, NBC paid $2.5 million per episode, the series slipped from first to fourth place and the network lost money. This time, NBC will pay 18% less per episode.

Appearing on Fox-TV’s “Roc” this week - Rapper Tone-Loc. He joins star Charles S. Dutton in a story that finds them opposing drug dealers who move into their neighborhood. “They gave me the script and they liked the way I portrayed the character, so they wrote me in at the end too. Where I wasn’t supposed to be. They gave me more than I was supposed to do. They were all excited about it and asked me if I was interested in coming back. I said sure.”

Stone Phillips makes his anchoring debut for NBC this week, subbing for vacationing Bryant Gumbel on “Today.” Stone will co-anchor NBC’s new magazine series “Dateline NBC” with Jane Pauley beginning March 31. 


Monday Night Television listings/TV guide – March 21, 1992

CBS - Evening Shade, Major Dad, Murphy Brown, Designing Women, Northern Exposure

NBC - Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Blossom, Cheers, Seinfeld, Night Court

ABC - FBI: Untold Stores, American Detective, Movie

Fox - No schedule

PBS - Travels, Street Smarts

HBO - The Adventures of TinTin, Move-Internal Affairs, Movie-Miller’s Crossing

Nick At Nite - Looney Tunes, Mork & Mindy, Get Smart, Dick Van Dyke, Dragnet, Alfred Hitchcock, Green Acres


All this week on CNBC ... Verdicts on trial - all this week on The Real Story. Guilty or not? You help us decide if the outcome of real court cases came out right. Here’s the CNBC evening lineup - The Real Story, Real Life, Steals and Deals, The Dick Cavett Show, Real Personal... CNBC - “Information That Hits Home.”    


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – March 21, 1992

Save The Best For Last - Vanessa Williams

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me - George Michael/Elton John

Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

Remember The Time - Michael Jackson

Masterpiece - Altantic Starr

Make It Happen - Mariah Carey

Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Down Eyes) - Mint Condition

I Can’t Dance - Genesis

Good For Me - Any Grant

Justified & Ancient - The KLF (Feat Tammy Wynette)

Beauty and the Beast - Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson

Jump - Kris Kross

Missing You Now - Michael Bolton Feat Kenny G.

To Be With You - Mr. Big

If You Go Away - New Kids On The Block

Uhh Ahh - Boyz II Men


Top Music Albums – March 21, 1992

Ropin’ The Wind - Garth Brooks

Wayne’s World - soundtrack

Nevermind - Nirvana

Dangerous - Michael Jackson

Luck of the Draw - Bonnie Raitt

Time, Love and Tenderness - Michael Bolton

Unforgettable - Natalie Cole

No Fences - Garth Brooks

Metallica - Metallica

Achtung Baby - U2

Cooleyhighharmony- Boyz II Men

C.M.B. - Color Me Bad

We Can’t Dance - Genesis


Top Country Hit Music Singles – March 21, 1992

Dallas - Alan Jackson

Straight Tequila Night - John Anderson


Top movies – March 21, 1992

Basic Instinct - Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone

Wayne’s World - Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Rob Lowe

My Cousin Vinny - Joe Pesci

Lawnmower Man - Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan

Fried Green Tomatoes - Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary-Louise Parker, Mary Stuart Masterson

American Me - Edward James Olmos

Beauty and the Beast

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot -

Hand That Rocks The Cradle -

Article 99 - Ray Liota, Kiefer Sutherland

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