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Dateline: Events/Week of January 15, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

 More than two-dozen European nations formally recognize Croatia and Slovenia a move that prompts celebrations in the breakaway republics. Thus, the 73-year-old Yugoslav federation is no more.

The president of El Salvador and 10 leftist guerrilla leaders shake hands and sign a treaty ending their 12-year civil war.

IBM reports a loss of $2.8 billion – the first in the 80-year history of the computer maker. Many say it’s the cost of shedding tens of thousands of employees while providing for their health care as sales are slowed by the lingering recession.

Israel - Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s governing coalition loses its majority and Israel’s leader promptly begins pressing for midyear elections and for foreign-aid support from the Bush Administration.

New Hampshire debate – Five Democratic presidential candidates go at it in a televised debate. Front-runner Bill Clinton was needled by his rivals and challenged by the moderator about rumors of womanizing.

In the rain - thousands march in Phoenix to hail Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and press for a paid state holiday in his honor.

Robert Gallucci, the No. 2 man on the U.N special commission charged with destroying Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, says Iraq has acknowledged that it built a large uranium-enrichment system suitable for producing nuclear bombs. Experts have said Iraq might have been able to produce a bomb within a year if allied bombing had not damaged or destroyed much of its equipment during the war.


Business news – January 15, 1992

Inflation hits a 5-year low in 1991 to 3.1%.

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. is named publisher of the New York Times. He follows his father, uncle, grandfather and great grandfather.


Sports news – January 15, 1992

Australian open - After a dramatic five-set, nearly five-hour victory and 124-degree surface temperatures, John McEnroe uses intravenous fluids to recover from possible dehydration.

Michael Jordan scores 35 points as the Bulls down the Cavaliers 100-85.

Earvin Magic Johnson, the newest member of the National Commission on AIDS, tells the press, “We’re all in this. It’s not just Magic Johnson. It’s everybody. Until everybody recognized that, we’re not going to win this battle. I’m not the only soldier here… Magic Johnson cannot do this alone.” Johnson retired from professional basketball last fall, after his disclosure that he was infected with the virus.


Technology news – January 15, 1992

The big buzz at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show – DCC or digital compact cassette player. Price is $700 plus about $8 per tape. The big selling point and unlike DAT (digital audio tape) is that machines can play either DCC or regular cassettes. 


Entertainment news – January 15, 1992

Violence flares in several states after theaters showed the movie “Juice” – a film about inner-city youths. Gunfire erupted in a Boston theater showing the film after a theatergoer was robbed. 

Mr. Blackwell publishes his 32nd annual list of worst dressed women. Of Julia Roberts, he said she’s a “tacky Tinkerbell from fashion neverland.” He described Wynonna Judd as “Hulk Hogan in sequins.” Others on the list in order – Delta Burke, Tyne Daly, Jodie Foster, Carly Simon, Faye Dunaway, Kathy Bates, Jane Seymour and Dame Edna Everage.


Winners Golden Globe’s this week…

Best movie drama – “Bugsy.’

Best movie comedy or musical – “Beauty and the Beast.’

Best actor drama – Nick Nolte – “Prince of Tides.”

Best actress drama – Jodie Foster – “Silence of the Lambs.’

Best actor comedy – Robin Williams – “Fisher King.”

Best actress comedy – Bette Midler – “For the Boys.

Best drama TV – “Northern Exposure.”

Best comedy – “Brooklyn Bridge.”

 Best actor drama – Scott Bakula – “Quantum Leap.”

Best actress drama – Angela Lansbury – “Murder, She Wrote.”

Best actor comedy – Burt Reynolds – “Evening Shade.”

Best actress comedy – Candice Bergen- “Murphy Brown.”


Top TV Shows/Ratings – January 15, 1992

60 Minutes – 26.0

NFC Championship: Postgame – 25.1

Roseanne – 22.4

Murder, She Wrote – 20.1

Murphy Brown – 19.6

Coach – 18.8

Home Improvement – 18.8

Designing Women – 18.2

Full House – 18.0

 Movie-Tremors – 17.1

Major dad – 16.9

Cheers – 16.7

Northern Exposure – 16.5

Rescue 911 – 16.3

Movie-Batting For Baby – 16.2

L.A. Law – 16.1

“Movie-Survive The Savage Sea – 15.6

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – 15.5

Evening Shade – 15.5

American’s Funniest People – 15.3

Unsolved Mysteries – 15.2

20/20 – 15.2

Cosby Show – 15.0

Wings – 14.9

Law & Order – 14.8

In the Heat of the Night – 14.7

Empty Nest – 14.4


Television news – January 15, 1992

MTV announces new shows:

“Like We Care: - Magazine show for twentysomethings.

“MTV Sports” – Profiles of professional athletes, sports news and “rock and jock” events with musicians and athletes.

“Lip Service” – a new lip-syncing contest series.

‘The Real World” – Borrowed from the real-life PBS series “An American Family” in which six people share their lives. ( Note: the beginning of reality TV). In an ad for this show, producers say they are looking for humans to share their lives with several million people. No freaks or actors. The six young people chosen – three men, three women, will share a 3,000 square-foot loft. In exchange for paying the rent, MTV will videotape their daily lives, edited into a weekly program. Doesn’t have a start date.

NBC is taking a financial heat for a disputed “Quantum Leap” episode about gays and gay bashing. The episode found protagonist Sam Beckett surfacing at a naval college in 1964 and assuming the identity of a cadet faced with saving the life of a friend beaten by student vigilantes because of his homosexuality. NBC says it lost about $500,000 on its advertising billing.

Tracey Gold (22) leaves ABC’s “Growing Pains” indefinitely to be treated for anorexia nervosa.

Jay Leno picks Edd Hall, who most recently did voiceovers on “Married… With Children” as the #2 man on the new “Tonight Show.” It all starts May 25.


Music news – January 15, 1992

Singer David St. Hubbins of Spinal Tap, believes his band is a major influence to the sounds coming out of Seattle and bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and others.

Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa finally pick a name for their new daughter. Jessica Rae was born December 30.


Top albums  – January 15, 1992

Dangerous – Michael Jackson

Ropin’ The Wind – Garth Brooks

Nevermind – Nirvana

Time, Love and Tenderness – Michael Bolton

Beauty and the Beast – Soundtrack

Too Legit To Quit – MC Hammer


Top movies – January 15, 1992

Hand That Rocks The Cradle




Father of the Bride

Prince of Tides

Grand Canyon


Beauty and the Beast



The Last Boy Scout

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

The Addams Family

Cape Fear

My Girl


Curly Sue

Fried Green Tomatoes

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