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Dateline: Events/Week of January 22, 1992 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Russia - President Yeltsin –in an effort to  boost competition – lifts most restrictions on retail and wholesale trade.

The White House is looking to boost/support Boris Yeltsin – that if they don’t, his successor may be more hostile toward the U.S. 

President Bush makes a decision to halt production of H-bombs – the last nuclear bomb the U.S. still has in production.

President Bush presents to Congress, his $1.5 trillion budget that calls for cuts in taxes and cuts in defense.

Spur the economy - State of the Union address – President Bush declared “hard times will not stand” and proposes to adjust tax withholding to give earners more money.

Trying to stabilize the economy  – The Russian government wins legislative approval for a budget that eliminates the chronic deficit by slashing defense spending.

Richard Arrington – the first black mayor of Birmingham, is sent to prison for contempt of court. The contempt citation stems from his refusal to obey a federal grand jury subpoena for his appointment records, which are being sought as part of an investigation on city kickbacks. 

R.H. Macy – the retail giant – files for chapter 11 BK protection. No store closures have been announced.

Gennifer Flowers – who claims to have had a long-term affair with Bill Clinton, was paid by tabloid, the Star for her story and this week, played segments of a tape of her talking to Bill Clinton. Flowers, just lost her state-worker job in Arkansas because she was late for work. During the conference, Ms. Flowers  said that Clinton was “absolutely lying” when he denied her charges on “60 Minutes” this week. The story has put the tabloid in the spotlight – as they broke it. Bill Clinton says the Star story is false. “It didn’t happen,” said Clinton during a campaign swing in New Hampshire.

On “60 Minutes” this week – Bill Clinton, with his wife, Hillary – said that rumors about sexual infidelity on his part should be irrelevant to his campaign and he will not deny having committed adultery.

The NYC Human Rights Commission files a complaint against organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, charging them with discrimination for barring a lesbian and gay group from the event last year.

A record one-day total as 1,072 Haitian refugees were picked up at sea by the Coast Guard. A temporary tent city has been set-up at Guantanamo Bay. 

AT&T and Global Telecom have a new 900 number in the U.S. where callers can hear daily messages from Pope John Paul II – The cost is $1.95 per minute. Vatican could raise over $2 million per week. The number is 900-740 POPE. 


Sports news – January 22, 1992

The Washington Redskins defeat the Buffalo Bills 37-24 in Super Bowl XXVI at the Minneapolis Metrodome. Buffalo lost last year’s Super Bowl to the New York Giants – 20-19.

Cecil Fielder agreed to the largest single-season contract in baseball history – settling with the Detroit Tigers for $4.5 million.  


Entertainment/Movie news – January 22, 1992

Passing – Actor Jose Ferrer. He was 80.


Radio news – January 22, 1992

Beautiful music/elevator music stations are dying – as only about 400 radio station across the country now have it. KDUO in San Bernardino (ca.) is dropping the format this week.

Howard Cosell says he is retiring from ABC radio at the end of this month.  He’s been doing a daily sportscast and a weekly half-hour interview program for ABC radio. Cosell quit TV in 1985. He recently had a cancerous tumor removed from his chest.


Music news – January 22, 1992

Pepsi announces Michael Jackson’s upcoming international concert tour that it will sponsor. And, look for new Pepsi-Jackson ad campaigns. Pepsi introduced their new ad campaign, “Gotta have it” during the Super Bowl. It’s Jackson’s third sponsorship round with Pepsi.

Fox TV, MTV and BET premiere Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time.” Video.

Passing – Bluesman Willie Dixon. He was 76.

Garth Brooks cancels out of the “American Music Awards” last minute to be with his wife, who is in a “threatened” miscarriage.”

American Music Awards – C+C Music Factory won big. In the pop category – they got favorite group, favorite new artist. “Gonna Make You Sweat” was named favorite dance single. Michael Bolton got favorite male pop artist for “Tim, Love and tenderness.” Garth Brooks – favorite country artist . Paula Abdul – favorite female pop artist. Luther Vandross’ “Power of Love” was named favorite in the soul-rhythm category. Prince got favorite soul-rhythm artist. Mariah Carey was voted favorite female soul-rhythm artist and Reba McEntire was named favorite female country artist.  


Television news – January 22, 1992

This Friday, Barbara Walters interviews Soviet president Boris N. Yeltsin on ABC’s “20/20.”

Ed Hall will be Jay Leno’s announcer on the new “Tonight” show beginning May 25 – when Leno takes over.

Comedy Central did a show lampooning President Bush’s “State of the Union” address. The telecast was anchored by Bob Costas with live commentary by Richard Belzer, Will Durst and Al Franken. 

Magic Johnson will be interviewed by Linda Ellerbee on a Nickelodeon kid’s TV special about AIDS. The program will air in March.


Top music  albums – January 22, 1992

Picket Fences – Garth Brooks

Ropin’ The Wind – Garth Brooks

Too Legit to Quit – Hammer

Dangerous – Michael Jackson

Nevermind – Nirvana


Top movies – January 22, 1992

Father of the Bride

Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Fried Green Tomatoes


Grand Canyon

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