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1992 Review


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Year 1992 – Entertainment/Celebrity/Hollywood Info/Trends/Trivia/TV

"Black Or White" - Michael Jackson

jazzy jeff fresh prince concert rap january 1992 music history timelineJanuary --  First arena-sized rap concert is giving this week at Madison Square Garden. On the bill – Kid ‘n’ Play, Public Enemy, D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, the Geto Boys, Queen Latifah and Naughty by Nature....  NBC’s “Today” celebrates 40 years in a prime time special.  Join Bryant, Katie, Willard and former hosts Barbara Walters, Hugh Downs, Tom Brokaw and Jane Pauley...  MTV’s The Real World ” - Borrowed from the real-life PBS series “An American Family” in which six people share their lives. In an ad for this show, producers say they are looking for humans to share their lives with several million people…Tracey Gold (22) leaves ABC’s “Growing Pains” indefinitely to be treated for anorexia nervosa... Jay Leno picks Edd Hall, who most recently did voiceovers on “Married… With Children” as the #2 man on the new “Tonight Show.” It all starts May 25.  Radio - Beautiful music/elevator music stations are dying – as only about 400 radio station across the country now have it. Thousands once programmed the format… American Music Awards – C+C Music Factory won big. In the pop category – they got favorite group, favorite new artist. “Gonna Make You Sweat” was named favorite dance single…Pepsi announces Michael Jackson’s upcoming international concert tour that it will sponsor. And, look for new Pepsi-Jackson ad campaigns. Pepsi introduced their new ad campaign, “Gotta have it” during the Super Bowl. It’s Jackson’s third sponsorship round with Pepsi... Fox TV, MTV and BET premiere Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time.” Video. 

"I Love Your Smile" - Shanice

Ted turner announces cartoon channel february 1992 tv history timeline mrpopcultureFebruary -  Sammons Communications has dropped MTV in several of its cable cities – including Vineland NJ.  Paula Abdul, Phill Collins and Rod Stewart are appearing in TV ads urging viewers to complain. John Cougar Mellencamp did a free concert in Johnson City as part of the campaign... New Kids On the Block decide to make an impromptu appearance on the Arsenio Hall show, on their way to an Australian tour. Why? Because they want to counter the charges made by their former musical director that they lip-sync in concert and contribute less than 30% of their singing on their records. Gregory McPherson contends that the group’s singing has been masked on record by voice-overs created by Maurice Starr – their manager... Look for Michael Jackson to begin his world tour in June and it will take him to Eastern Europe. Jackson says the tour will help raise funds for his foundation... Barbra Streisand is interviewed on CNN”s “Larry King” this week... New Kids on the Block sue their former music director Gregory McPherson for defamation of character for his lip-syncing allegations... Billy Crystal will host the Academy Awards telecast for the third year... The “Today” show is up in the ratings – and is now beating Good Morning America – for the first time since December 1989...  Sally Jessy Raphael, in seclusion after the death of her daughter, will resume taping her talkshow on February 17... Tracey Gold is returning to“Growing Pains” after recuperating from anorexia nervosa… Ted Turner announces a cartoon cable channel beginning October 1. Tentatively named “Cartoon Channel”… MTV featured an hour-long special featuring “Wayne’s World” stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as veejays spinning rock videos and hosting their “public access” show from the basement of their fictitious home. It ran all weekend and may have helped propel the movie to #1 this weekend. “Wayne’s World” is a popular Saturday Night Live skit... Ted Turner announces a cartoon cable channel beginning October 1. Tentatively named “Cartoon Channel” is will air cartoons from Turner’s Hanna-Barbera library... CBS says it is getting NBC’s “In The Heat of the Night” next season. The network says it will present the show as six two-hour movies. Vince Neil is out as lead singer of Motley Crue… Michael Jackson cuts short his five-nation African tour after police attacked fans in Gabon, Tanzania and the Ivory Coast. Also, reports say Jackson kept touching his nose throughout his performances. Paula Abdul gets hit with another suit – this time by studio singer Yvetter Marine who claims she sang lead vocals with Abdul on several of her hitsPassing - actor Dick York - best known as the first Darrin Stephens in “Bewitched” on television…

34th Grammy Awards - Some Winners:

Record of the year: “Unforgettable” - Natalie Cole

Album of the year - “Unforgettable” - Natalie Cole

Song of the year - “Unforgettable” - written by Irving Gordon

New Artist:  Marc Cohn

Pop Vocal - Female - Bonnie Raitt

Pop Vocal - Male - Michael Bolton

Best Rock Song - “Soul Cages” - Sting

Best Pop Vocal - duo or group - R.E.M 

Best Country Song - "Love Can Build A Bridge" - The Judds

sandy dennis passing march 1992 facts movie trivia timelineMarch - Passing – Actress Sandy Dennis (54). She died of cancer...

Goodby Sandy Dennis

rod stewart arrested australia 1992 music facts timeline mrpopculture imageMore March - Greg McPherson – former producer for “New Kids on the Block” is sued by the group for libel, because he charged that they lip-sync their songs... Vince Neil says he was fired from Motley Crue because he didn’t like the direction Nikki Sixx was taking an their new album... NBC says “Night Court” is canceled after 9 seasons... Tammy Faye Bakker was granted a divorce from her husband, former television evangelist Jim Bakker, who is serving an 18-year prison sentence for fraud and conspiracy in his PTL ministry. The Bakkers married in 1961...NBC renews two sophomore comedies – ‘Seinfeld” and “Blossom”... Appearing on Fox-TV’s “Roc” this week - Rapper Tone-Loc. He joins star Charles S. Dutton in a story that finds them opposing drug dealers who move into their neighborhood. “They gave me the script and they liked the way I portrayed the character, so they wrote me in at the end too. Where I wasn’t supposed to be. They gave me more than I was supposed to do. They were all excited about it and asked me if I was interested in coming back. I said sure”...  Stone Phillips makes his anchoring debut for NBC this week, subbing for vacationing Bryant Gumbel on “Today.” Stone will co-anchor NBC’s new magazine series “Dateline NBC” with Jane Pauley beginning March 31... Rod Stewart is ordered to appear in an Australian court to answer a charge of assaulting a newspaper photographer…  NBC says it will drop the last of its Saturday morning cartoons on Sept. 12 and instead – go for an older “tween” audience They’re hot and they are 20 years apart. Regis Philbin (58) and Kathie Lee Gifford (38) host “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee” in syndication…

"Save The Best For Last" - Vanessa Williams

sam kinosin 1992 news death history trivia comedy mrpopculture photoApril - It’s announced that comedian Chevy Chase will host a late-evening talk show. It’ll mark a return to television for Chase. It’ll start in the fall of 1993... Susan Dey is leaving “L.A. Law” next season to star in a CBS sitcom “Love is Hell"... St. Louis County authorities say they want to arrest Axel Rose of Guns N’ Roses so he can face assault and causing property damage charges at a GNR concert last July... Paula Abdul “Under My Spell” tour... Bryan Adams “Waking Up the World!” tour... Women’s Day Magazine has set up a phone line for Murphy Brown’s baby. Do you have a suggestion? It will cost $1.50 and proceeds to the March of Dimes. Call 900-89-MURPHY... Madonna signs an estimated $60 million multimedia pact with Time-Warner. The 7 to 11 year agreement also includes funding for her company covering music publishing, film, television, books and merchandising...  Trends in music - Industrial Rock, lead by Nine Inch Nails. Lou Reed is considered the grandfather of the genre. Some use to call it death disco or just noise. Many new ears were turned-on to it at the Lollapalooza shows last year and now it’s a hot rock category... Another new album is set to go Nine Inch Nails. Other Industrial bands with major label deals - Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and the Revolting Cocks...  Royal Albert Hall - George Harrison gives his first British concert in 23 years… Passing - comedian Benny Hill (67)…

In the desert with his new bride - comedian Sam Kinison is killed after his car was hit –head-on by a teenager in a truck...


More April - The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra sues Michael Jackson over his use of their Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on his “Dangerous” album. The snippet is heard at the beginning of “Will You Be There”... Catch MTV’s Karen Duffy – also known as “Duffy” each night on the channel...  In Omaha - Obscenity charges are filed against Musicland and Trans World Music Corp - two retailers - for selling albums by Miami rap group 2 Live Crew to minors. Under Nebraska law, it is a first-degree misdemeanor to sell obscene material to minors. Each count carries up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine upon conviction. Big trend – Karaoke. It’s just exploded over the past few years with over 10,000 clubs and bars now featuring the sing-along technology…

"Jump" - Kris Kross

May - Marry – Singer Paula Abdul and actor Emilia Estevez… Trend – Or is it a scam? MRI body scans. MRI imaging centers. Body scans. Do you really need one?... In May - Bruce Springsteen makes his first live television appearance – with a stint on  rick rubin def jam may 1992 music trivia timeline“Saturday Night Live” … He’s the hottest – Rick Rubin and his Def American record label. Everyone wants to know what/who Rubin is signing next!... Barbra Streisand lands a $40 million deal with Sony – for music and movies... Michael Jackson is interviewed in the latest edition of Ebony Magazine....Guns N’ Roses and Metallica will begin to tour together beginning July 17 at Washington’s RFK stadium. It’s a 22 concert date.... Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams raise over $5 million in pledges as hosts of “Comic Relief V” - broadcast on Saturday evening on HBO. Broadcast from Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles - a special emergency relief donation of $230 thousand was given to the city to help rebuild after the riots... As Johnny Carson prepares to ride off into the sunset  - Joan Rivers pays tribute to the “Tonight Show” on her syndicated show, but she’s been frozen-out by Carson. Rivers tearfully told a studio audience in New York that she had been denied clips of “The Tonight Show” on the eve of his departure…

Johnny Carson bids farewell on his “Tonight” show


dr dre may 1992 arrested music rap history timelineMore May - Getting hotter – videgaming - Sega’s new Genesis game product line – taking some market away from leader Nintendo… New Orleans police list Andre Young (27), known as Dr. Dre as a suspect involved in an attack on officers who were trying to break up a fight. It all began after the rap group N.W. A. and some fans were denied entrance to the Sheraton Hotel because they did not have entry passes… Jay Leno debuts as host of the Tonight Show. Billy Crystal was Leno’s first guest… Fox TV will go to seven nights beginning next season, adding Tuesday and Wednesday nights… After a decade of rapid growth, the video rental industry slipped for the first time in 1991, largely because of the recession, lackluster releases and the Persian Gulf War’s effects on TV viewing.... 

"Under The Bridge" - Rot Hot Chilli Peppers

ice t rap music 1992 trivia news mrpopculture photoJune - Denver songwriter Crystal Cartier sues Michael Jackson over his “dangerous” album saying she wrote the title song in the winter of 1985 and produced and record it in Oct. 1990. She seeks $40 million... Guns ‘N Roses conducts its first cable-TV pay-per-view concert – this one from Paris, France. Joining the boys – Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith....  Michael Jackson losing his touch? So far, his “Dangerous” album – released in November – has sold 3.45 million and is he no longer #1 at retail... William Figueroa is getting his minutes of fame. He was the 12-year-old who supposedly spelled “Potato” wrong last Monday, when Vice President Dan Quayle told him to add an e at the end. He’s on the “Late Night With David Letterman Show” this week... Don’t miss “Breakfast With Bill Clinton” – on ABC’s “Good Morning America” this Tuesday. He’ll be interviewed by a panel moderated by Charles Gibson.  Producers say similar invitations have been extended to Ross Perot and President Bush...  “Swatch Automatic - The first self-winding Swatch.”... Singer Billy Joel received his diploma from Hicksville High on Long Island. He never graduated because he was lacking in English and gym exams... The National Sheriffs’ Assn urges its members and the public to boycott all time Warner Inc products in response to the company’s distribution of the “Cop Killer” song by Ice-T... Three members of rapper M.C. Hammer’s tour crew were wounded in a drive-by shooting at a park in Albuquerque – at Roosevelt Park...Opening week – “Batman Returns” grosses 46.8 million – better than the original Batman in 1989. that did about $42 million... Pat Summerall returns to work. He’s  announcing the Westchester Golf Classic on CBS. He had been in alcohol abuse treatment at the Betty Ford Center... This week’s “The Simpson’s” finds Bart writing on a blackboard – “potato, not potatoe” – poking fun at the Dan Quayle gaff last week... 

At the first annual MTV Movie Awards – “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” got best movie…

More June - Bruce Springsteen conducts his first extended performance in 4 years – a live radio concert heard on some 200 stations via a Hollywood sound stage… Law enforcement in Austin, Texas calls for a boycott of Warner Bros. Records and Time Warner for releasing rapper Ice-T’s “Cop ice t cop killer march 1992 rap history music timelineKiller”… In New York – Rapper Ice-T defends his “Cop Killer” recording, saying the song is intended to condemn racism and police brutality… Cristina Saralegui – who conducts a popular talkshow over Spanish Univision TV – debuts the same kind of show – but an English version… Interview Magazine says it will place July’s issue in a plastic wrapper in order to head off expected controversy. The issue contains a nude cover photo of actress Drew Barrymore (17)… Rock group ZZ Top signs a five-album deal with RCA for $30 million… The talkshow featuring Phil Donahue and Russia’s Vladimir Pozner leaves syndication and will move to CNBC this fallOprah Winfrey will host “Scared Silent: Exposing and Ending Child Abuse” to be broadcast by CBS, NBC and PBS in September… Marry - Bobby Brown (23) to Whitney Houston (28)… Guns ‘N Roses lead Axl Rose surrenders to authorities in Missouri and he’s booked on charges stemming from a riot at a concert near St. Louis… It’s revealed that Olivia Newton-John (43) has breast cancer, but reports say she caught it early and doctors expect a full recovery… Guns ‘N Roses conducts its first cable-TV pay-per-view concert – this one from Paris, France. Joining the boys – Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith… 

"Baby Got Back" - Sir Mix-A-Lot

howard stern 1992 news mrpopculture historyJuly  - Oliver North, former National Security Council aide calls on governors in all 50 states to bring criminal proceedings against Time Warner Inc. for distribution Ice-T’s “Cop Killer”...  Appearing on the “Tonight” show – Howard Stern said he has signed a deal for his first moviePassing – Mary Wells – the first lady of “Motown” is dead at 49 of cancerTime Warner agrees to stop distributing the controversial “Cop Killer” song by rapper Ice-TBruce Springsteen opens his first tour in four years… MTV Unplugged update. The second “Unplugged” album - this one with Mariah Carey is doing quite well on the charts. The first was from Paul McCartney last year…. Time Warner agreed to stop distributing the controversial “Cop Killer” song by  rapper Ice-T. Earlier this week – Ice-T appeared on Arsenio Hall’s Fox TV show to return some of the criticism he’s been getting on the song…Guns N’ Roses leader Axl Rose is arrested after arriving at JFK from Paris. He’s wanted by St. Louis authorities to face misdemeanor charges after a concert there a year ago... Neil Young writes in Guitar Player magazine – that he hates a CD reissue of an album he did back in 1969… “’Everyone Knows This is Nowhere” is now available on CD, but it’s not as good as the original, which came out in 1969… I would like to hear guitars again, with the warmth, the highs, the lows, the air, the electricity, the vibrancy of something that’s real.. It’s an insult to the brain and heart and feelings to have to listen to this and think it’s music.” 

Some top pop music albums – July 8, 1992

MTV Unplugged – Mariah Carey


Some Gave All – Billy Ray Cyrus

Totally Krossed Out – Kris Kross

Ten – Pearl Jam

Ropin’ the Wind – Garth Brooks

No Fences – Garth Brooks

"This Used To Be My Playground"  - Madonna 

michael jackson august wembley stadium concert 1992 facts trivia timelineAugust - Michael Jackson calls off a concert at Wembley Stadium in London – where 72,000 fans were waiting – after he was diagnosed with the flu... Disgraced lip-syncers Rob and Fab have finished a real album – but Taj Records has held up the project... Actor Ray Sharkey is charged with drug possession in Canada, but that has cost him his role in the CBS series “The Hat Squad”...HBO will debut “The Larry Sanders Show” starring Garry Shandling on August 15. “It’s the funniest half-hour comedy series that boldly goes where no one has gone before. Behind the scenes of a talk show. Watch for it every Saturday night.” It’s described as a parody of talk shows... MTV’s mini-telethon to get young viewers to vote in “Choose or Lose Telethon: Vote Loud!”... Ice-T “Cop Killer” backlash as at least one record company – MCA – re-evaluates their commitment to the marketing of violent and sexually explicit rap music. At least one rap record has been pulled.... Madonna is co-starring in the movie “Body of Evidence” and the other star is William Dafoe. It’s described as an erotic thriller and will have an NC-17 rating...Playing at the Meadowlands – Guns N’ Roses, then a few days later – Bruce Springsteen. Wow... Passing - Jeff Porcaro (38) - the drummer for “Toto,” dies after a heart attack…

elvis riaa award august 1992 music history timelineElvis Presley is crowned “the most certified recording artist of all time” at ceremonies at Graceland in Memphis. RCA records and the RIAA presented 110 gold and platinum-certified records to the Presley estate… Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love become parents of a daughter…  Bitter custody battle with Mia Farrow – Woody Allen says he feels as if he’s “at the center of a cosmic explosion” and demands a full retraction of her child abuse claim… En Vogue “Funky Divas” world tour 1992… Garth Brooks’ new album “The Chase” is coming out on Sept. 22 and it’ll sell for $16.98 – a $1.00 more than usual… Michael Jackson is signed to perform in the Super Bowl XXVII halftime show… Rush Limbaugh’s TV show debuts in syndication…

"End Of The Road" - Boyz II Men (Theme From Boomerang)

dana carvey september 1992 trivia timeline mrpopcultureSeptember -  The London Sunday Times reports that a collection of “lost” songs by the Beatles is set to be released for the first time after lying locked up in recording studio vaults for more than 25 years. The paper says that both Apple and EMI are cooperating in the release of the recordings as part of a wider Beatles anthology, despite tangled legal dealings over rights to material. A source close to Apple said “They will be issued with the full cooperation of the Beatles.. MTV 1992 Video Awards – Seen performing – Axl Rose and Elton John on “November Rain.” Also performing – En Vogue, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam. Dana Carvey hosted. Winners included Van Halen whose “Right Now” won for best video of the year. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” got best alternative video and new artist. Best male video – “Tears in Heaven” – Eric Clapton. Best female video went to Annie Lennox for “Why”...

Sample - MTV Video Music Awards - W/Red Hot Chilli Peppers

At the 44th annual Emmy Awards held this week:

Best comedy - Murphy Brown

Best drama - Northern Exposure

Lead actor - comedy - Craig T. Nelson - Coach

Lead actress - comedy - Candice Bergen  - Murphy Brown

 Supporting actor - comedy - Michael Jeter - Evening Shade

Supporting actress - comedy - Laurie Metcalf - Roseanne

Lead actor - drama - Christopher Lloyd - Avonlea (Disney Channel)

Lead actress - drama - Dana Delany - China Beach

Supporting actor - drama - - Richard Dysart - L.A. Law

Supporting actress - drama - Valerie Mahaffey - Northern Exposure

kelsey grammer september 1992 marries facts history timelineMore September - Bruce Springsteen is confirmed to appear on “MTV Unplugged” broadcast in NovemberKelsey Grammer (37) of “Cheers” marries Leigh-Anne Csuhany (22)… “The Ben Stiller Show” - Saturday night on Fox-TV…  Passing – Eddie Kendricks – one of the  famed singers of the Motown group – The  Temptations(52)… Frank Sinatra at Radio City Music Hall… Executive producer Helen Kushnick is fired from the “Tonight” show Kushnick had managed Jay Leno and was named to the position when Leno took over for Johnny Carson in May – now she’s out. She was known for pressuring guests to be on the show and many are breathing a siegh of relief... John Kricfalusi is fired as producer and director of his creation – “Ren & Stimpy.” He had repeated run-ins with network executives over the raunchy content of the series and he failed to make delivery deadlines. Nickelodeon had scaled back its order for the second season – from 26 o 13 because of Kricfalusi’s meticulous production techniques. But only 2 ½ fresh episodes have aired since the new Aug. 15 season....

"Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" - Patty Smyth

sinead oconnor 1992 music history trivia mrpopculture imageOctober Passing – Eddie Kendricks – one of the famed singers of the Motown group – The Temptations. Kendricks went on to a successful solo career during the early 1970’s. He was 52... Rap singer Ice-T goes back on his word to promoters and sings his controversial “Cop Killers” at a concert in San Diego. As his finale, he pulled out a letter from the head of the San Diego Police Officers Assn, which protested his participation in the concert. He read it out loud, crumpled then stuffed it in his pants – then sang the song...  Big Bob Dylan pay-per-view event this week from Madison Square Garden. Those appearing – Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, Sinead O’Connor, Tom Petty, Neil Young O’Jays and others... Michael Jackson duets with Eddie Murphy on Murphy’s new album on a song... The Supreme Court refuses to reinstate lawsuits that accuse rocker Ozzy Osbourne of inciting the suicides of two Georgia teens – through his music... The Ramones release their 16th album – “Mondo Bizarro."... Ice-T says he’s pulling no punches in his next rap album – “Home Invasion.” His Cop Killer controversy still lingers... The BBC says they’re editing Madonna’s latest video – “Erotica” down to about 3 minutes from its 7 minutes... HBO broadcasts a Michael Jackson concert… Singer Sinead O’Connor is booed off the stage,  repercussions after she tore up a photo of the Pope  during an appearance on “Saturday Night Live” on October 3rd… Pay Per View - as VH1 broadcast is first PPV concert ...Lead singer Vince Neil files a $5 million to be reinstated in Motley Crue. He said he was fired and did not quite. John Corabi is the new lead and the band is heading to Vancouver soon to record a new album... The alternative band Television is back after 14 years... Although discredited - Mill Vanilli perform their latest single on the syndicated “Arsenio Hall Show”  ... Howard Stern announces that he’ll be doing a TV show for the E! Channel… Radio station KLSX in Los Angeles is fined over $1 million for indecent broadcasts on the stations’ airing of “The Howard Stern Show” from New York... Concert promoter Bill Graham dies when a helicopter carrying him and two associates crashed into an electrical utility tower near Vallejo, California...

"How Do You Talk To An Angel" - The Heights

November - In last week’s “Time Magazine” – singer Sinead O’Connor criticized Bob Dylan for not sticking up for her after she was booed off stage at his October Madison Square Garden tribute concert. She said Dylan told her after the concert – “That I should keep on doing what I’m doing.” But it’s no good saying that to me. Why doesn’t he say it to them (the audience)? She said she knew that ripping up a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live was bound to offend, put people need a shock to listen... ABC presents a five-part mini-series “The Jacksons – An American Dream.” It stars Angela Bassett and Lawrence-Hilton ll cool j 1992 movie toys facts history timeline rap musicJacobs...Rapper LL Cool J has a role in the Robin Williams movie “Toys”... Axl Rose of “Guns ‘N Roses” is found guilty of property damage and assault during an aborted concert last year in St. Louis. He is given two years probation and ordered to pay $50,000... Little Steven reunited the E Street Band to back-up Darlene Love on “All Alone at Christmas” for the Home Alone 2” soundtrack...  Passing – Chuck Connors the pro baseball player who became an actor. He was 71. He is best remembered as Lucas McCain in “The Rifleman”... Passng - actor Jack Kelly – Known for his role in the 1950’s “Maverick.” He was 65... Phil Hartman – who imitates Bill Clinton on “Saturday Night Live” – writes a letter to the President-elect asking not to be offended.  He’s been on the show for seven seasons, has written and sold eight screenplays and has appeared in minor roles in big movies such as “Fletch Lives” and “The Three Amigos”... Don’t miss MTV’s “120 Minutes presents: the Alternative year in Rock.” Host Dave Kendall traces its roots back to the 1960’s, through the 1970’s punk and new wave – and through to the current explosion in Seattle...New show “Seinfeld” on NBC-TV - is in 32 nd place this week in the ratings - for a 12.0 share… In Los Angeles, Howard Stern holds a mock funeral for local rivals Mark & Brian…  Passing – Roy Acuff – Nashville music giant. He was 89…N.W.A’s first home video is released. It’s an hour long and features uncensored and extended versions of videos, concert performances interviews and footage at private parties...  After 50 years of fighting crime, Superman finally dies in his latest comic book adventure...

"I Will Always Love You" - Whitney Houston

michael eisner cashes disney stock in December DecemberWalt Disney Co. Chairman Michael D. Eisner cashes in $197.5 million in stock options probably to dash upcoming tax hikes... Radio - Larry King is shifting his night radio Mutual Broadcasting network show to afternoons. His late-night successor is fill-in man Jim Bohannon... Prince will be featured on “ABC In Concert” on December 18 and 19. It’s a rare TV treat... Kennedy Montgomery is MTV’s newest VJ. She used to be a DJ at KROQ Los Angeles... Billboard Awards – George Harrison received an honorary Century Award. Genesis opened the show with “I Can’t Dance.” Also performing – Travis Tritt, Kris Kross, Boyz II Men, and Richard Marx. Also seen – Christie Brinkley, Shanon Doherty, Jodeci and Cypress Hill...The Supreme Court lets stand a ruling that “As Nasty as They Wanna Be” by 2 Live Crew was not obscene. Earlier, a Florida sheriff who took the group to court, but did not prove it was obscene... Johnny Carson receives the Medal of Freedom from President Bush...  Don’t miss “MTV The Year In Rock” with Kurt Loder and Tabitha Soren. Two trends in 1992 were the popular acceptance of alternative rock and the increasing number of AIDS benefits. Who could forget Ice Cube’s proclamation that he was glad of the LA “uprising.” And much more...   Audrey Hepburn returns to her home in Switzerland in a private jet - courtesy of Gregory Peck. She had been in Los Angeles to have a cancerous tumor and part of her colon removed...U2’s Zoo TV tour took in $63.8 million for 67 shows – making it the biggest in 1992 concert earnings… CBS makes a formal proposal for David Letterman to host a latenight talk on the network. The pact calls for $14 million per year and the show would compete with NBC’s “Tonight”… Eric Clapton’s “Unplugged ” album is his biggest selling ever - now approaching 7 million… Passing - Bobbie LaKind (47) - Percussionist for The Doobie  Brothers, after a long battle with cancer…

Billboard’s Top Pop Artists For 1992 –

Garth Brooks

Mariah Carey

Guns N’ Roses

Boyz II Men

Michael Bolton

Michael Jackson


En Vogue

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Color Me Badd


Kris Kross




Bonnie Raitt

Bryan Adams

Amy Grant


Billy Ray Cyrus

Sir Mix-A-Lot


Vanessa Williams

Def Leppard


Pearl Jam

Prince and the N.P.G.

Eric Clapton

Arrested Development

Richard Marx

Mr. Big

Elton John

Top New Pop Artists For 1992 –

Kris Kross



Billy Ray Cyrus


Pearl Jam

Arrested Development

Jon Secada

Cece Peniston

P.M Dawn 

The Year 1992 In News Headlines And Information

January 1 - All over Russia - Prices shoot up as President Boris N. Yeltsin lifts the state control on prices that kept Soviet goods artificially cheap for decades…Good news in El Salvador as a cease-fire accord is approved between the government and rebels, ending 12 years of war... Japan trade mission  - President Bush resumes trade talks – this after his ailment. But the trade talks are not quit up to par and he fails to win the commitment he sought for access to Japanese markets... 

jeffrey dahmer 1992 history facts trivia mrpopcultureJanuary 8Jeffrey L. Dahmer pleaded guilty but insane in the slayings of 15 young men and boys… A new videotape shows President Bush’s dinner fall in Tokyo – as he reeled, vomited and passed out and toppled from his chair. Related, CNN averted a false report that Bush had died during the event…A new videotape shows President Bush’s dinner fall in Tokyo – as he reeled, vomited and passed out and toppled from his chair. Related, CNN averted a false report that Bush had died during the event. The caller of the hoax, was tracked down, questioned and hospitalized at a private mental facility in Idaho for observation... President Bush’s ailment is believed to be a stomach virus... Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton airs his first campaign TV commercial. It was in New Hampshire . In it, he offers to send voters a copy of a plan he has been touting to revive the national economy... The nation’s unemployment rate climbed to a five-year high of 7.1%... Chrysler Corp takes the wraps off a new line of mid-size cars aimed at competing with Japanese autos. The cars, which carried the cod-name LH during development, will be followed in a year by a new Chrysler New Yorker, a larger car based on the same design as the others... A Georgia election panel rebuffed former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke’s bid to run in the state’s presidential primary, leaving conservative commentator Patrick J. Buchanan as President Bush’s only GOP rival in the contest.

ABC News w/Peter Jennings - January 10, 1992

January 15 – More than two-dozen European nations formally recognize Croatia and Slovenia a move that prompts celebrations in the breakaway republics. Thus, the 73-year- old Yugoslav federation is no more… President Bush makes a decision to halt production of H-bombs – the last nuclear bomb the U.S. still has in production… At Camp David – President Bush meets with Boris Yeltsin – and they proclaim a new era in which the two nations will join as allies to seek enduring peace that rests on jack kevorkian arrested january 1992 timeline facts historycommon values… Jack Kevorkian is arrested on murder charges in the deaths of two chronically ill women who used his suicide machines… Not persuaded by Russia - Ukraine, Moldova and Azerbaijan are breaking away from the Commonwealth of Independent States, leaving an 11-state bloc…

January 22 - Russia - President Yeltsin –in an effort to  boost competition – lifts most restrictions on retail and wholesale trade... The White House is looking to boost/support Boris Yeltsin – that if they don’t, his successor may be more hostile toward the U.S... President Bush makes a decision to halt production of H-bombs – the last nuclear bomb the U.S. still has in production... President Bush presents to Congress, his $1.5 trillion budget that calls for cuts in taxes and cuts in defense... Spur the economy - State of the Union address – President Bush declared “hard times will not stand” and proposes to adjust tax withholding to give earners more money... Trying to stabilize the economy  – The Russian government wins legislative approval for a budget that eliminates the chronic deficit by slashing defense spending... Richard Arrington – the first black mayor of Birmingham, is sent to prison for contempt of court. The contempt citation stems from his refusal to obey a federal grand jury subpoena for his appointment records, which are being sought as part of an investigation on city kickbacks... R.H. Macy – the retail giant – files for chapter 11 BK protection. No store closures have been announced...  Gennifer Flowers – who claims to have had a long-term affair with Bill Clinton, was paid by tabloid, the Star for her story and this week, played segments of a tape of her talking to Bill Clinton. Flowers, just lost her state-worker job in Arkansas because she was late for work. During the conference, Ms. Flowers  said that Clinton was “absolutely lying” when he denied her charges on “60 Minutes” this week. The story has put the tabloid in the spotlight – as they broke it. Bill Clinton says the Star story is false. “It didn’t happen,” said Clinton during a campaign swing in New Hampshire...

1992 State Of The Union - President Bush

february 1992 yelstin bush meeting february 1992 timeline factsFebruary 1 - Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin calls for creation of a global antimissile defense system to give countries the security to slash or eliminate their arsenals or nuclear weapons... Security Council summit – Chiefs of state now say it is time to abandon the tradition of non-interference in nations’ affairs and move to protect human rights everywhere... At Camp David – President Bush meets with Boris Yeltsin – and they proclaim a new era in which the two nations will join as allies to seek enduring peace that rests on common values... Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa says Americans may have lost their drive “to live by the sweat of their brow.” This – just a few weeks after a Japanese politician called U.S. workers lazy – that they put in three good work days a week... A federal advisory panel recommends approval of a condom designed form women – to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS...  Michigan - Jack Kevorkian is arrested on murder charges in the deaths of two chronically ill women who used his suicide machines... A military transport plane crashes into a parking lot near Evansville, Ind. – killing 5 on the plane and 11 on the ground.

NBC Nightly News w/Tom Brokaw - February 7

February 8 -Russia - Tens of thousands call for Boris Yeltsin to resign amid the tripling of food prices... The Bush Administration authorizes the CIA to take covert action to weaken or topple Saddam Hussein’s rein in Iraq... Ford Motor Co. said it lost $2.3 billion mike tyson guilty february 1992 timeline boxing factsin 1991 – the worst year of its history...  Mike Tyson is found guilty on charges that he raped a beauty pageant contestant in his hotel room... Atty. Gen. William Barr announces a major expansion of the Immigration and Naturalization Service that includes hiring 300 agents to help patrol the U.S-Mexican border...France concludes a landmark treaty with Russia as Russia will get more than $1 billion worth of state credits and barter deals as well as a promise of French help in the destruction of the ex-Soviet nuclear arsenal... 

February 15 - Not persuaded by Russia - Ukraine, Moldova and Azerbaijan are breaking away from the Commonwealth of Independent States, leaving an 11-state bloc...  Jeffrey L. Dahmer is sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms in prison for killing 15 young men and boys he lured to his home... Sheik Abbas Moussawi, leader of the militant pro-Iranian Hezbolah organization is killed when his motorcade was attacked by Israeli helicopter gunships... New Hampshire primary – President Bush wins but by a closer margin than expected, at 58-40% over Buchanan... A federal advisory panel recommends significant restrictions on silicon gel breast implants for cosmetic reasons. They advice restriction of cosmetic use, while allowing for reconstructive surgery.

February 22 -  Sen. Bob Kerrey scores a strong victory in South Dakota’s Democratic primary with George Bush running unopposed on the Republican side. Democratic runners-up: - Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin second and Arkansas Gov Bill Clinton third... 36,000 attend the closing ceremonies at the XVI Winter Olympic games in Albertville, France... White supremacist Tom Metzger, originally sentenced to six months in jail is granted an early release to be with his critically ill wife who has lung cancer. Metzger was sentenced for his part in a 1983 cross burning... Daihatsu announces that it will end production and export of passenger cars for the U.S market later this year. Daihatsu American Inc will continue operating as a parts distributor and will provide service and support services... T Navy says it will stop recruiting Filipino nationals at the end of the year. Tens of thousands of Filipinos have served in the Navy since the end of the Spanish-American War, when the Philippines became a U.S. colony... An FDA advisory panel rejects an outright ban on silicone gel breast implants, recommending significant restrictions jenny jones breast implants february 1992 facts tv history timelineand urged that the devices be allowed for reconstructive surgery...  TV talkshow host Jenny Jones (45) goes public on her problems with breast implants - dedicating a show on the subject. Jones, who suffered for 11 years said:  “I want something good to come out of this and if it’s to be the spokesperson against breast implants, then I will. My intent is to stop woman from ever having them”... 

March 1 - Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and Paul Tsongas win the primary in Colorado. George Bush wins in Georgia, Maryland and Colorado... King Fahd of Saudi Arabia announces new steps toward democratic reform and one would be to give citizens a written bill of rights... Algeria bans the Islamic Salvation Front – the first Muslim fundamentalist political party ever legalized in the Arab world... Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for leading Israel to peace with Egypt, suffered a heart attack and was unconscious and partially paralyzed in a Tel Aviv hospital... Washington State Sen. Brock Adams drops his re-election campaign after the publication of allegations by 8 women of improprieties...  President Bush takes his seat in a Baptist pew at a Georgia church in Savannah – then moved on to a campaign rally. He was invited by his friend – the Rev. Charles Stanley... Bobbie Knievel – son of Evel, suffered minor injuries when he crashed in an attempt to hurdle 25 pickup trucks on his motorcycle at a car dealership promotion... Unemployment hits 7.3%... Macy’s says it will close 60 stores.

bill clinton s carolina primary march 1992 win facts history timelineMarch 8 - Primary - Both Bill Clinton and George Bush win in S. Carolina... More Primaries - Arkansas Gov Bill Clinton sweeps the southern states on Super Tuesday with victories in Florida, Texas and nine other states... (The Check Kiting Affair) - Political scandal - Check overdrafts by Congressmen is a big issue and so far – eighty incumbents who admitted making personal overdrafts on the now defunct House bank... Update - The House votes to authorize disclosure of the banking records of 355 current and former members of Congress who wrote band checks at the House bank during a recent 39-month period... Former President Richard Nixon has criticized President Bush and Secretary of State James Baker III for their policy toward Russia’s democratic revolution, saying one of the century’s historic opportunities is being missed – that Russia must not miss in transforming itself into a free-market democracy... The House scandal spreads to the Senate after Rep Barbara Boxer (D-Ca.) admitted writing 87 bad checks... The FDA warned the use of pregnant women of ACE inhibitors can cause fetal deformities or death... Hundreds of workers at Kennedy Space Center cheered as NASA’s new shuttle, the Endeavour, emerged form the hangar and moved a step closer to its first liftoff... The Surgeon General wants R.J. Reynolds to dumb its “Old Joe” camel cartoon ads because they appeal to the younger set... Ukrainian president Leonid Kravchuk said he has stopped sending tactical weapons from his republic to mechachem begin passes march 1992 facts history timelineRussia for dismantling... Passing – Menachem Begin who led Israel to its first forma. Peace with an Arab state. He was 78.

March 15 - Clash of the Democrats – In Chicago – Jerry Brown attacks Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and his wife for conflicts in interest in a televised debate. Clinton called Brown an unprincipled politician... Primaries – Bill Clinton takes Michigan and Illinois as does George Bush on the Republican side...Spectators lob smoke bombs and beer cans at two dozen Irish American gay activists as they marched draped in green and armed with a court order in a Boston St. Patrick’s day parade... South Africa – White South Africans endorse President Federik W. de Kierk’s steps to end white privilege and negotiate the country’s future with black leaders... Buenos Aires - So far – 21 are dead in the bombing of the Israeli Embassy – of which a terrorist group claimed responsibility...U.S. officials believe that Iran is engaged in a determined, long-term effort to develop nuclear weapons and it’s getting the help of Chinese technology...Willie Holyfield (35) The older brother of heavy-weight boxing champ Evander Holyfield is shot to death in a family dispute. His brother-in-law has been charged with murder... Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) announces plans to marry Washington lawyer Victoria Reggie – a divorce mother of two and a family friend... 

March 22 - A year after launching is bid for the Democratic presidential nomination - Paul E. Tsongas, the ex-senator from Massachusetts, calls a halt to his once-promising campaign because he is out of money. The surprise announcement bill clinton march 1992 facts history timelineestablishes Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton as the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee. Clinton’s only remaining rival is former California Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr., who is not seen as a strong candidate. Experts say that Tsongas was clearly Clinton’s last hurdle... Iraq, yielding to the warnings of the United Nations, agrees to begin destroying its Scud missile factories under the eyes of inspectors in the next few days... A USAir Commuter jet attempting to take off from La Guardia Airport in a heavy snowstorm, cartwheels down the runway and bursts into flames. At least 27 are dead and dozens more injured. The pilot, sensing trouble as the plane accelerated down the runway, tried to abort the takeoff... Defense Secretary Dick Cheney announces plans to reduce the nation’s military reserve and National Guard forces by 234,000 in the next five years in cutbacks that will affect hundreds of units in all 50 states...  Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is sentenced to six years in prison for the rape of a teen-age beauty contestant. Said the judge - “something needs to be done about the attitude you displayed here.” Tyson is also denied bail pending his appeal. He showed no emotion at the sentencing. Tyson is also sentenced to a four year probation period after his release from prison and fined $10,000 for each of the three counts: one count of rape and two counts of criminal deviate conduct... At the Rodney King trial in Simi Valley (Calif) - Sgt Stacey C. Koon, one of the four Los Angeles policemen charged in the Rodney King beating, testifies that King tried several times to attack officers trying to subdue him, leaving them no choice but to beat and kick him repeatedly... Also, a police department expert says that use of force alternatives such as the chokehold, which Los Angeles police offers are forbidden to use except when lives are threatened, would have been more effective in the arrest of Rodney King, then police batons. He said that all 56 baton blows to King were appropriate, because the officers had no other use-of-force options at their disposal...

April 1 - The United States and its allies unveil a $24 billion plan to bolster Russia’s struggling economy, stabilize its currency gotti convicted april 1992 facts history timelineand provide support for the long transition to the market system...  Facing life sentence - John Gotti – the nation’s best-known organized crime boss is convicted of all 13 counts at his murder and racketeering trial... The first large contingent of U.N. peacekeeping troops arrives in Croatia... Construction of a giant Yangtze River dam wins approval from China’s rubber-stamp Parliament. The project is said to be the world’s largest electricity producer. As many as a million people would have to be re-located... Abortion rally in Washington as close to 500,000 abortion rights demonstrators make a show of force... Las Vegas - Armed robbers set off smoke bombs, grab a moneybag from an armored car guard and escape with an estimated $1 million in cash and checks from the casino at the Stardust hotel...  Passing – Sam Walton – self-made multi-billionaire who parlayed an Arkansas five-and-dime into the Wal-Mart. He was 74.

April 8 - Primary - Bill Clinton wins in New York... In Miami – depose Panamanian dictator Manual A. Noriega is convicted of eight of 10 drug and racketeering charges – two years after he was arrested and brought to the U.S. for trial... An IRA car bomb goes off in London’s financial district, killing two and injuring eighty people... Charles Keating Jr. is sentenced to the maximum 10 years in prison for defrauding thousands of investors in his S&L case... Crisis in Russia - The Russian Cabinet submits its resignation to President Yeltsin – then leaves Parliament. Economic reforms are being blamed. Before they quite, they voted to limit Yeltsin’s tenure as the country’s prime minister... Libya - Yaser Arafat walks away from a plane crash in the desert that killed three of his crew members. The PLO leader had only scratches... South Africa – the marriage of Nelson and Winnie Mandela – ends in separation after four years... Time Magazine rolls out its new design –new look. Look for a “center well” that contains longer pieces of an analytical or investigative nature.

April 15 - California invokes the death penalty for the first time in 25 years this week as convicted murderer Robert Alton Harris dies in San Quentin’s gas chamber. Just 52 hours before he was scheduled to die, he won a reprieve as a federal judge found there was a “serious question” whether death in the gas chamber constituted cruel and unusual punishment. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the reprieve and he was put to death... A twin-engine plane loaded with skydivers in Perris, Calif slams nose-first into a grassy field, killing 16. Survivors were toward the rear of the plane and were cushioned from death by the bodies of their companions. Perris, located about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, is a skydiving hub along with nearby Lake Elsinore and attracts jumpers from around the world. On board was a 4-member skydiving team from Holland... Underground gas explosions rip Guadalajara, Mexico, killing at least 162. The explosions, which began in the morning and continued into the night, tore through more than 20 blocks, ripping autos and building rooftops... At the New York International Auto Show - Saturn unveils its first station wagon. Minivans and other people haulers seem to dominate the show.

tom bradley april 1992 facts history timeline los angelesApril 22 - Thousands of Muslim guerrillas take control of Kabul Afghanistan and came with little bloodshed... Primary – In Pennsylvania – Bill Clinton and George Bush win... A 6.9 earthquake rocks California’s north coast... On “Face the Nation” - Undeclared White House contender Ross Perot said that, as President, he would remain an independent rather than join the Republicans or Democrats or form a third political party...

Four Los Angeles police officers are acquitted in the beating of Rodney King. As a result, racially-charged violence breaks out in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, mayor Tom Bradley warned citizens to stay off streets and he may call in the National Guard if violence continues. The verdicts were met with outrage by many citizens – black and white... Rioting mobs ignite fires, loot stores and assault motorists in Los Angeles. So far, just over 150 blazes have been reported... The U.S. economy grew at an annul rate of 2% during the first three months of 1992... Russia and most of its former republics are admitted into the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank... 

KABC-TV Riot Coverage Los Angeles

May 1 - Los Angeles riots –

Second day - Thousands of looters take to the Los Angeles streets, setting fire to and ransacking stores and business as the National Guard takes to the streets. So far, 25 have died and 572 have been injured. Some 1,000 fires have been reported and the fire department can’t get to them all.

rodney king la riots may 1992 trivia facts history timelinePresident Bush, voiced frustration at the Rodney King verdicts – but denounced the Los Angeles riots as “purely criminal” and called for a re-establishment of law and order.

President Bush orders 4,500 military troops and 1,000 riot-trained federal law officers to Los Angeles. The death toll now stands at 40 and police are struggling to get an upper hand.

Mayor Tom Bradley announces he is lifting the dusk-to-dawn curfew and declared that the looting, arson and violence now appears to be under control.

Rodney King said he was outraged by the not guilty verdicts given to the four Los Angeles officers charged in the attack, and remains confident the truth will come out. He also called for an end to the riots and looting. 

Re-build LA task force - Peter Ueberroth agrees to take charge of Los Angeles’ efforts to rebuild. Later - he said that hundreds of companies were trying to contact him to help. Lets see. 

More May 1 - President Bush and Bill Clinton win presidential primaries in Indiana, North president bush la riots may 1992 facts history timelineCarolina, and the District of Columbia... President Bush sends a team of federal officials to Los Angeles to assess the area’s needs and announces loans and grants for rebuilding. Meantime, the city begins to return to normal as schools open and the freeways once again – are busy... President Bush arrives in riot-scarred Los Angeles and called for a period of healing. Earlier – he said the federal government intends to seek out and prosecute the murderers, arsonists and looters involved in the LA riots... Mike Tyson pleads guilty to a charge of threatening prison staff workers and not guilty to a second. He is serving a six-year sentence for rape at the Indiana Youth Center in Plainfield... Nintendo of America wins after a jury rules that the company had not attempted to monopolize the game market and that its controversial licensing policies had not damaged rival Atari.

May 8 - Former FBI director William Webster is appointed to look into the response of the Los Angeles police department into the riots. The department has been heavily criticized...  Truck driver Reginald Denny, whose brutal beating by rioters was the beginning of the LA riots, says he has no idea of what happened. Denny was yanked from his truck by rioters and nearly beaten to death, is well enough to talk... Three men are arrested who were responsible for the beating of Reginald Denny. A fourth man surrendered... The U.S. Army and U.S. Marines withdraw from riot-torn Los Angeles, but National Guard units will remain in ross perot may 1992 facts history timelineplace... Ross Perot files twice the number of petition signatures required to gain a position on the Texas presidential ballot. Texas law requires an independent candidate to file 54,275 qualified names to be considered for the presidential ballot... The Dow rises to a new high – 3,397.58... Now at bookstores – Patty Davis – “The Way I See It” an autobiography. 

May 15 - Thousands of marchers gather near the White House to demand billions of federal dollars to avert a repeat of the Los Angeles riots. The call from mayors of many of the nation’s biggest cities, was for the Bush Administration to cut its spending on defense and foreign aid and begin reinvesting in the cities. New York City Mayor David Dinkins told the crowd: “The flames that rose in Los Angeles have died, but dust from the city’s ashes remains on each of us. We all know that there, but for the grace of God, goes our city... Governor Pete Wilson of California orders the immediate withdrawal of the remaining California National Guard stationed in riot-plagued Los Angeles. The governor said he issued the order after he was assured by local law enforcing agencies that “there are adequate resources to protect the public”... The Endeavour shuttle crew makes history as they rescue a stranded communications satellite by reaching out and grabbing it with their hands. “Real easy, guys, real easy, cautioned Endeavour commander Daniel Brandestein as he flew the shuttle within arm’s length of the 17-foot-tall Intelsat 6 satellite...  Vice President Dan Quayle blames the Los Angeles riots on a breakdown of American family values and accuses the series “Murphy Brown” of contributing to moral decay by making a heroine of a character who bore a baby out of wedlock in a recent episode. “Marriage is probably the best anti-poverty program there is”... Gas prices soar across the country at $1.12 a gallon - the most since December... Olympia & York developments Ltd - the world’s largest real estate company files for protection under Canadian bankruptcy laws. The filing is one of the largest bankruptcy actions in history and could ripple through world financial and real estate markets...MCA Inc becomes the first entertainment company to extend health insurance coverage to “committed, same-sex partners of its employees.” 

NBC Nightly News w/Tom Brokaw - May 22, 1992

george bush may 1992 facts history timelineMay 22 - Touring Los Angeles, President Bush said in a speech that the lawlessness… must be punished... The U.N. Security Council imposes an oil embargo and a host of other sanctions on Serbian-led Yugoslavia for its aggression against Bosnia-Herzegovina. It’s a first for the U.N... Speaking at Annapolis, President Bush told Naval Academy grads that new threats to world peace are emerging and “we must guard against those who would turn the noble impulse of nationalism to negative ends"... Brutal beatings - Religious sect leader Yahweh ben Yahweh is convicted in Miami of conspiracy to commit murder...  Ross Perot – an undeclared candidate – wins a spot on the Arkansas ballot – Bill Clinton country. “We will take the state for Perot” said a backer... President Bush ordered U.S. vessels to return directly to Haiti any fleeing refugees encountered from now on in the seas of the Caribbean island nation... The House approved legislation that overturns a federal ban on tissue research, but the vote fell short to override a certain presidential veto... President Bush marked Memorial Day by vowing to retain the nation’s military-might despite post Cold-war cuts in defense spending... 

June 1 - President Bush makes another pitch for a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution – saying that “a spending ross perot june 1992 facts history timelineriptide has us drowning in debt, dragging us further out to sea”... Ross Perot tells supporters that his undeclared presidential candidacy has changed the political landscape. Perot offers a combination of tax cuts and loans for small business and tougher trade policy to create more jobs at home... The House gives approval to a $270.5 billion defense authorization bill for fiscal 1993 that would cut President Bush’s proposed military budget by $10.5 billion... Two women – Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinsten are elected to the Senate in California... The Dow hits 3,400 for the first time...Unemployment climbs to 7.5% - a 8 year high... Democrat Bill Clinton buys 30 minutes of prime time Friday night on NBC-TV. It’ll be the first of what his campaign says, of “America Speaks” town hall meetings... A coroner rules that the death of a woman who inhaled carbon monoxide last month with the help of Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a homicide... In a response to former Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s criticisms of the Russian leadership, President Boris Yeltsin accused him of triggering tensions and threatened to take steps to prevent such attacks in the future.

June 8 - President Bush accused congressional Democrats of launching a “political inquest” and a witch-hunt with their investigation of the Administration’s assistance to Iraq before the Persian Gulf War... President Bush is driven from a stage in Panama City after gunshots and tear gas were fired by local authorities He was to give a speech in praise of the revival of democracy in Panama. Earlier, a U.S. soldier was killed in violence sparked by anti-American demonstrations demanding that Bush cancel his visit to the country... Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro – President Bush refused to apologize in reference to America’s environmental record and said sometimes leadership sometimes requires a nation to stand alone... Harsh - Vice President Dan Quayle attacked Ross Perot as a “temperamental tycoon who has contempt for the Constitution”... Three weeks ago, Quayle started a firestorm when he said that the moral values, exemplified by TV character Murphy Brown’s unwed motherhood, were an underlying cause of the LA riots. This week – Quayle said he was proud of the criticism that his initial comments generated....Strained- Bill Clinton condemned as an example of black racism comments made by rapper Sister Sister Souljah for her fueling racial tensions between white and black Americans...  

June 15 - President Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin agree to sweeping arms control agreement – the most sweeping since the beginning of the atomic age, both vowing will never make war on each other... Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin declares that he and his people have destroyed the “idol of communism” and are determined to build a new Russia... dan quayle june 1992 facts history timelineCzechoslovakia and Slovak leaders agree to split Czechoslovakia into two nations, ending their 74-year federation... Despite Perot’s huge rally crowds, Vice President Dan Quayle declares that the upstart campaign of Ross Perot has already begun to “fizzle.” At the same forum, Quayle delivered a condemnation of rap singer Ice-T’s recording “Cop Killer,” saying the company continues “making money off a record that is suggesting it’s OK to kill cops and that is wrong. Where is the corporate responsibility here? I’m not going to tell them what to do but I know that… that is wrong”...  New York Mayor David Dinkins says the that Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton made a mistake in using the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s rainbow Coalition as a forum to take issue with rap singer Sister Souljah. Clinton’s criticism of the rap singer continues to create political waves. At issue were the singer’s published comments that, “If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people”... President Bush breaks ground on what he called a long overdue memorial for America’s Korean War veterans. “For what you did for stopping totalitarianism, the entire free world still salutes you.” Congress authorized the memorial in 1986 and it’s taking as long as the Korean War itself, which lasted 37 months – ending July 27, 1953... Yale University researchers have developed a vaccine for Lyme disease, the disabling infection that strikes at least 9,000 Americans each year. The disease is named after the town of Old Lyme, CT where it was first recognized in 1975. The number of cases of Lyme disease reported annually has more than tripled since 1985... Mona Van Duyn, a poet from St. Louis who has won most the nation’s top literary awards, is named by the Library of Congress as the nation’s first female poet laureate. She says she will emphasize the position’s older and more prosaic title, “consultant in poetry” at the Library of Congress. “I think people are very confused about what a poet laureate is” making clear she has no intention of following in the British tradition of that title by producing poetic paeans to the nation’s leaders and achievements... 

June 22 - The Supreme Court strikes down a St. Paul ordinance that punishes those who burn crosses, display swastikas or otherwise express religious and racial hatred. They ruled the ordinance infringes on free speech... The Supreme Court rules that public school officials  many not include prayers or invoke toe name of god during a grade school or high school ceremony... Russia declares that it would use its military might to protect the lives of Russians living in troubled nations of the former Soviet Union... South Africa - Nelson Mandela announces that the African National Congress is suspending all direct talks with the white government because he can no longer explain to his supporters “why we continue to talk to the regime that is murdering our people”...  John Gotti, leader of the nation’s most powerful Mafia family – is sentenced to life in prison without parole. Supporters left the courtroom and overturned a federal marshal’s car... Desiree Washington – the woman Mike Tyson is convicted of raping filed a civil lawsuit against him because of what her attorney said was the boxer’s glib attitude and lack of remorse... The Supreme Court affirms the right to abortion, reaffirming the basic principles laid down in Roe vs. Wade, but will allow restrictions by states related to health and other matters...  The Supreme Court tells Mississippi that they have not done nearly enough to dismantle their formerly segregated system of higher learning; that they have an “affirmative duty to dismantle their prior dual university system. In 1980, nearly 99% of the state’s white college students were enrolled at one of five historically white campuses. Nearly 71% of the state’s black students were enrolled at one of the three historically black campuses. The court said that because those enrollment patterns are “traceable” to policies set by the state, the state has a duty to remedy this form of continuing segregation... Two large earthquakes jar Southern California. The first shaker struck at almost five in the morning just north of Yucca Valley, CA in the high desert area of Southern California. The quake measured a magnitude 7.4. The second quake, hit about 3 hours later - a 6.5 quake near Big Bear, CA - not too far from the first quake. So far - one death and 350 injuries are reported. Most of the damage was confined to the less populated areas near the quakes...  In a Washington Post-ABC News poll - Arkansas Gov Bill Clinton leads rivals President Bush and Ross Perot in the Presidential polls. Among those most likely to vote - Clinton led Perot - 33% to 30% with Bush favored by 29% of those voters. It’s the first time Clinton has lead in a Post-ABC News survey and the first time Bush has finished third.... President Bush condemns the entertainment industry for what he labels its “sick” practice of producing films, television programs and music that glorify cop killing. “It is wrong for any company - I don’t care how noble the name of the company,  to issue records that approve of killing a law enforcement officer”... President Bush’s daughter, Dorothy LeBlond weds Bobby Koch at a low-key ceremony at Camp David. Not even Dan Quayle and James Baker III were on the guest list. It’s her second marriage and his first. Koch is a former top aide to House Majority Leader Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo)... Presidential candidate Ross Perot appears on a live broadcast of “National Town Meeting” on ABC television. Under recent weeks - he’s come under increasing criticism that he has a penchant for investigating people he perceives to be his enemies. He was asked about that from someone in the studio audience: “The facts are I do not investigate people’s private lives.” “I’ve used investigators three or four times - all when it involved people accused of theft. Personal lives of people are their own business.” Perot called those characterizations “dirty tricks” on the part of the GOP. 

July 1 - The world’s seven largest economic powers gather in Munich in the G-7 summit. Attending – President Bush, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and others. Not much was done the first day... Mayor David Dinkins calls for calm after residents protesting a fatal police shooting in their neighborhood, set fires, tossed bottles from rooftops and fired at police... Vaclav Havel is voted out of his Czechoslovak presidency. He was the leader of the country’s 1989 democratic revolution... In Little Rock- Vice President Dan Quayle called Bill Clinton’s economic plan a “pipe dream” that failed to adequately address the root of the nation’s economic problems... President Bush reiterated this week – his belief that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned... Bad news as unemployment hits 7.8%... Another S&L failure as the Feds seize Homefed Bank – the nation’s eighth-largest thrift...  Sen, ted kennedy new wife reggie july 1992 facts history timelineEdward Kennedy weds Washington lawyer Victoria Anne Reggie in a small civil ceremony attended by 30 close friends... Sidney J. Reso, the Exxon executive who died in captivity after being kidnapped from his New Jersey home – was buried in his hometown... Willie Williams is sworn-in as Los Angeles police chief.

July 8 - Manuel Noriega – former Panamanian strongman is sentenced to 40 years in prison for his conviction on eight counts of racketeering, conspiracy and cocaine smuggling.  He is unlikely to win parole in what is likely to be a life sentence (he’s 58)...  Before the convention – Democrats say Bill Clinton has named Tennessee Sen. Albert Gore Jr. as his running mate...  Bill Clinton arrives in New York with good news. He picked up the long-anticipated – but long delayed endorsement of the Rev. Jesse Jackson with whom he had bickered with most of the campaign... A federal jury found Pan Am World Airways guilty of willful negligence in permitting a bomb to be smuggled aboard the jumbo jetliner that blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. The airline is now defunct... Democratic convention in NY – Democrats call on a national renewal and contend that 12 years of Republican rule have left the nation economically weak and socially divided... Ross Perot says he will lay low during the Democratic Convention in NY. He is planning no public appearances so that he could finalize several policy papers and deal with organizational problems. Earlier in the week, the undeclared presidential candidate – under pressure to clarify his anti-gay statements, declared that if he were elected, he would not tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation anywhere in the government... Jesse Jackson in a speech to World Jewish Congress meeting termed Zionism a liberation movement and called on Jews and blacks to recreate their old coalition...

ABC News w/Peter Jennings - July 10, 1992

July 15 - Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton gets an endorsement from Jesse Jackson and says his Rainbow Coalition will mobilize behind the Clinton ticket... Convention In New York, Gov Bill Clinton is nominated for President as the “new voice for a new America”...  Edward J. Rollings resigns as a top residential campaign adviser to independent Ross Perot, saying that his advice ross perot quits presidential race july 1992 facts history timelinewas being ignored by Texas independent... Clinton-Bush - Ross Perot quits the Presidential race, citing the Democrats new vigor. He didn’t want a three-way race thrown to the House... After the announcement – Edward Rollings says Perot dropped out of the race because he abhorred the intense press scrutiny, was unwilling to spend the money required to win and lacked the temperament either to run a successful race or to govern... President Bush races ahead of President Bush in voter support – 52% to 32% says one survey. 

July 22 - United Nations – Iraq agrees to allow another inspection team into their Agriculture Ministry... President Bush renews a demand for Congress to approve fresh funding for the savings and loan bailout...  Vice President Dan Quayle told a crowd in Chicago that the sky is not falling on economy and puts to rest any speculation that he will not be back on the ticket. He will be... An Appeals court rules that the Bush Administration acted illegally when it ordered U.S. ships to intercept Haitian refugees fleeing from their homeland and return them without a hearing... Al Gore, seizing on the latest government reports, chastises the Bush administration for their handling of the economy. The report showed growth slowed down by half in the second quarter... Campaigning - Bill Clinton demanded that President Bush explain why he pursued strategies in the Persian Gulf War that left Saddam Hussein still in power. 

August 1 - The Supreme Court reinstates the Bush Administration policy of picking up Haitian refugees on the high seas and returning them to their troubled homeland... The Bush Administration says it will send 2,400 troops to Kuwait in the face of new stirrings by Saddam Hussein... Washington acknowledges that there are death camps in Bosnia where non-Serb civilians are tortured and killed... Police Commissioner Lee Brown – who has been locking horns with mayor David Dinkins over the appointment by the mayor of an independent panel to investigate alleged corruption in the nation’s largest police department... Dismissing assertions by President Bush, Bill Clinton said that he has displayed “clear and consistent” support for a strong defense...   

august 1992 historic free trade agreement facts timelineAugust 8 - President Bush announces a historic common market - a free trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada. The pact should eliminate most barriers to the flow of goods and services. Bush had pushed for the agreement before the Republican National Convention next week... President Bush demands that Serbian military forces end their “vile policy of ethnic cleansing deliberately murdering innocent civilians.” U.S military forces will not be used in the Balkans except for the delivery of food and medicine... Federal prosecutors file civil rights charges against the same four Los Angeles police officers that were tried in California state court earlier in the year in the beating of Rodney King, but were acquitted on all charges but one. Charged with stomping, kicking and beating Rodney King are officers Timothy Wind, Laurence Powell and Theodore Briseno and Sgt Stacey Koon...

August 15 - The United Nations Security Council – appalled at detention camps and so-called ethnic cleansing – approves a resolution authorizing the use of “all measures necessary” to ensure the supply of humanitarian relief to Sarajevo. The U.N. says some 28,000 Bosnians face expulsion by Serbian forces. Earlier, Bosnia Serbs – responding to accusations that they are running brutal prison camps in northern Bosnia-Herzegovina – agreed to allow Red Cross inspection of 12 of the camps... Eliminating barriers - The United States, Canada and Mexico unveil a North American Free Trade Agreement – to create the world’s largest common market... Shake-up - President Bush names Secretary of State James A. Baker III as his chief of staff... President Bush’s first campaign television commercials almost broke the law and had to be pulled. The ads, slated to run until the Republican convention (in Houston), had to be pulled because they opened with the presidential seal – which federal law prohibits because it suggests sponsorship or approval... President Bush contends that the election of Bill Clinton would lead to the type of economic problems that marked Jimmy Carter’s administration... At the Republican convention in Houston – Delegates re-nominate President Bush and Vice President Quayle. In his acceptance speech, President Bush vows to seek an across-the-board tax cut from Congress if he is re-elected. Ronald Reagan attended and made a speech to delegates...Passing – John J. Sirca – federal judge who played a big part of the Watergate scandal. He was 88...

August 22 - Speaking in Cleveland – Bill Clinton accused President Bush of being “personally untrustworthy” and a “fear monger” attempting to distort the truth from his economic record... Hurricane Andrew ravages S. Florida and 10 are dead. Winds wiped up to 164mph! Over a million fled the hurricane’s path – unprecedented... Hurricane Andrew begins to fizzle, but not after battering parts of Louisiana. So far – 20 are dead in its wake... The West calls on all sides in Bosnia to surrender their weapons and resume talks on the future of the area... Breaking Baghdad’s control - President Bush announces that allied warplanes will assert a no-fly zone over the skies of southern Iraq... In a television ad – Bill Clinton vows to create 8 million new jobs in the next four years... Hurricane Andrew - President Bush dispatches 5,000 additional troops into Florida and makes $300 million available in relief efforts... Typhoon Omar hit Guam with 150mph winds, leveling houses and knocking out power. No deaths were reported... President Bush blasted Bill Clinton’s plan to collect more taxes from foreign investors – saying he’s putting U.S. jobs at risk – calling him an opportunist and protectionist.  

Hurriane Andrew "Today" Show 

September 1 - 7000 federal troops, 20 mobile field kitchens and dozens of truck convoys loaded with food, water, medicine and building materials set up shop in Southern Florida after the wake of Hurricane Andrew. Dade Country officials hike the estimate of the number of homeless throughout the area to 250,000. So far the death toll is 28. More than 1000 people register to stay at two facilities run by the Marine Corps in Homestead and nearby Florida City. More are on the way...

More Hurricane Andrew Coverage - CBS News 

More September 1 - Not good news for the Bush Administration as the Census Bureau says that median household income fell 3.5% in 1991 after adjustments for inflation, leaving the average family worse off in 1991 than it was when President Bush took office in 1989...  al gore september 1992 facts trivia timelineTennessee Senator Al Gore - the Democratic vice presidential nominee attacks the Bush Administration’s failure to articulate a clear vision for America’s space program. The Clinton-Gore Administration “would restore the funding equilibrium” between NASA and the Pentagon’s space program which Gore says has been tilted too heavily toward defense initiatives under Republican leadership. Gore also said that he and Clinton support the building of the controversial Space Station Freedom and “a vigorous Strategic defense Initiative that is focused on near-term threats, including short range ballistic missile attacks against our troops and allies and the threat of a limited or accidental attack against America”...  Bill Clinton launches his first television ads of the 1992 general election campaign. George Stephanopoulos, the campaign’s communications director says “this ad puts out a positive message about Bill Clinton, about Bill Clinton’s campaign, about his record in Arkansas and about his plans for the United States.” The ads talk about how Clinton added millions of new jobs in the state under is tenure as Governor. Says the ad: “Arkansas now leads the nation in job growth. Incomes are rising a twice the national rate. Seventeen thousand people moved from welfare to work. That’s progress, and that’s what we need now. Change. Real solutions.”   

September 8 - Hurricane Iniki – Death toll rises to four and about 8,000 are homeless in Lihue, Hawaii. Damage is expected to top $1 billion... Richard M. Nixon has some words for President Bush – that his campaign is in trouble. Don’t bother with California and stop hanging around fanatics such as the Revs. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell – they’re ruining the Republican Party... President Bush asks Congress to approve $7.6 billion in disaster assistance in the wake of Hurricane Andrew... Give ‘em Hell Harry -  Just politics – President Bush condemned Bill Clinton as unworthy of Democratic predecessor Harry Truman, while Clinton said Bush “has spent four years fighting against everything Harry Truman fought for”... Campaign trail – Bill Clinton unveils his plan for welfare reform. In his campaign – he says he is a different kind of democrat with a different kind of agenda with a different kind of strategy... A teenager opened fire in an Amarillo high school hallway as other students were returning from a pep rally. Six were wounded...  Mayor David Dinkins of NY called for calm after a grand jury cleared a police officer of wrongdoing in the July killing of a suspected drug seller that sparked violence in a largely Latino section of the city. The officer is white, and the victim was a Dominican immigrant... Congressional Democrats approve and send to the White House – a family medical leave bill that President Bush threatens to veto... Three New York businessmen pleaded guilty to charges of laundering more than $82 million in food stamps, in the largest food stamp fraud case since the program was established in 1964...

September 15 - Germany helps the U.S. dollar abroad by cutting back interest rates this week. The move sends the Dow up over 70 points...  Ross Perot threatens to re-enter the Presidential race to force President Bush and Gov. Bill Clinton to address the runaway federal budget... In France – voters approve ratification of the Maasricht Treaty on European economic and political union... Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton now faces new questions about the extent of his efforts to avoid the Vietnam draft. He disputes a new report that he sought special treatment as he tried to avoid the draft by calling on the office of dan quayle september 1992 facts history timelinethen Sen. William Fulbright, an Arkansas Democrat... On “Meet the Press” this week, Vice President Dan Quayle acknowledges that joining the National Guard in 1969 sharply reduced his chances of being drafted away to Vietnam. 

September 22 - South Africa – Zulu Chief Mangoguthu Gatsha Buthelezi, throws the peace process into turmoil by pulling his party out of constitutional negotiations. He apparently was riled by agreements reached by rival Nelson Mandela and president Frederick W. de Klerk... The Navy says it plans to punish three admirals for failing to aggressively investigate the alleged sexual assaults of 26 women, some at the 1991 Tailhook convention in Las Vegas...  Magic Johnson resigns from the National Commission on AIDS, complaining that the Bush Administration has “utterly ignored” the panels’ works and saying the epidemic “cannot be fought with lip service and photo opportunities”... The Kentucky Supreme Court strikes down the state’s anti-sodomy law, ruling that it violates the constitutional rights of homosexuals... President Bush warns of “misery on Main Street” if Bill Clinton wins the White House – and unveils a tax-reduction plan for small businesses... Russian Foreign Minister Andrew V. Kozyrev said his economically pressed nation is selling submarines to Iran because it wants to improve its relationship with Tehran and it needs the money... Florida – A judge rules in favor of a 12-year-old boy who set a legal precedent by going to court to divorce his parents. The boy is now being adopted by his foster parents...  Amy Fisher (18) pleads guilty to a reduced charge of assault for shooting the wife of her alleged lover in the so called Long Island “Lolita” case... Snapple salessales are up 800%.... Coca-Cola unveils plans to launch a new flavored sparkling water and expand distribution of its sports drink – PowerAde. Name of the new water is Nordic Mist. 

October 1 - Responding to the will of the people” -  Ross Perot says he’s getting back into the Presidential race. Perot says he’s a candidate because the two major candidates have failed to face up to the country’s current economic and political problems... Bill Clinton believes Perot’s decision could hurt his chances by splitting any anti-Bush votes... President Bush and Bill Clinton agree to debate each other three times beginning October 11. Perot may be included... Campaigning – Bill Clinton says he will endorse the North American Free Trade Agreement, but says he will call for environmental safeguards and job retraining...  Terry Anderson, the journalist held hostage for nearly seven years by Muslim extremists says that he is resigning from the Associated Press. He told a meeting of newspaper executives that he’s tired of being a reporter. Anderson was freed last Dec. 4 after being held captive in Lebanon... Freak highway accident in Buffalo as sheet metal rolls weighing 3 ½ tons fall off a flatbed truck, crushing three cars and killing all four people inside... Hundreds are dead after an Israeli cargo plane slams into a high-rise apartment complex in Amsterdam. 

First Debate - Perot/Clinton/Bush - October 11, 1992

October 8 - Congress approves – what’s described as a far-reaching energy bill that emphasizes nuclear power and alternative fuels... Debate in St Louis – President Bush goes after Clinton on his anti-war activities. Both Bill Clinton and Ross Perot go after Bush’s economic record... Campaign ’92 – A President Bush commercial takes a pot shot at Bill Clinton’s draft record – that he offers differing accounts of his experience with the draft in 1968 and 1969... Debate in Atlanta – Day Quayle and Al Gore go at it. They clashed over the economy and the character of the running mates...

NBC News - Dan Quayle/Al Gore/Stockdale Debate

More October 15 - A Russian coast guard ship fires warning shots across the bow of a Greenpeace ship and it attempted to investigate the environmental threat posed by a nuclear dumpsite in the Arctic Circle... Scrambling – Aides to President Bush says if he is re-elected – he’ll dismiss his economic policy team. Bush is behind in the polls... Vice President Day Quayle questions Bill Clinton’s integrity over statements on anti-war protests and the draft. “But he first says he didn’t take part in an anti-Vietnam protest. Now we find that he organized one. He doesn’t tell the truth, that’s the focus”... Serbian aircraft reportedly bombed two northern Bosnian cities in defiance of a U.N. ban on military flights over the former Yugoslav republic. Serbian leaders denied the report... The U.N. Security Council bars military flights over Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Serbian forces have the only warplanes... Kuwait agrees to purchase 236 advanced tanks from the U.S. in a deal lobbied by President Bush... A 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocks Cairo – killing 370 and injuring thousands... Russia has begun removing weapons and ammunition from Georgia, where the government is trying to seize the material for its battle with Abkhazian separatists...  

October 15 - Using numerous charts and a long pointer, Ross Perot told viewers on his NBC-TV infomercial that the deficit must be eliminated to restore the country to economic health. He spelled-out a plan to cut spending, raise levies on gasoline, tobacco and other income to eliminate the deficit...  President Bush, Governor Bill Clinton and Ross Perot take-on debate #3 on national television. President Bush and Arkansas Gov Bill Clinton Clashed repeatedly on economic issues in the final debate. Ross Perot charged President Bush’s foreign policy built-up regimes of Hussein in Iraq and Noriega in Panama.  Some remarks... From President Bush: “Mr. and Mrs. American, when you hear Gov Clinton say, “we are going to tax only the rich,” watch your wallet, because his figures don’t add up.”...  From Bill Clinton - “I can’t believe he is accusing me of getting on both sides. He said trickle-down economics was ‘voodoo economics’ and now he’s its biggest practitioner.” ... From Ross Perot - “I put my wallet on the table for you and your children”... Diplomatic war - The Soviet Union retaliates for Washington’s expulsion of 55 Soviet diplomats by expelling another five diplomats and withdrawing all 260 Soviet employees from the U.S. embassy in mikhail gorbachev news october 1992 facts history timelineMoscow and consulate in Leningrad. Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev broadcasting on Soviet television said, “We aren’t going to allow 55 of our diplomats to be eliminated just like that. They (U.S. officials) have taken action in recent days which to the normal human mind appear simply wild after such an important meeting on the level of the highest leadership of the two countries. Every time when there seems to be a little bit of light, there is a provocation which is aimed at trying to cut off any real kind a conclusion.”

October 22 - President Bush says that Ross Perot offers some nutty ideas and comes from the fringe and that votes for him are wasted.  Perot is starting to make noise in the polls...  Ross Perot accuses President Bush’s campaign of plotting to fake a photograph and to smear his youngest daughter by conspiring to disrupt her wedding. He also says they hired an ex-CIA employee to wiretap his computerized stock trading program and ruin him... Bill Clinton’s lead has narrowed 44% to 34% for Bush – but Ross Perot is up to 19%... William Kristol – Dan Quayle’s chief of staff says Bill Clinton’s alleged relationship with singer Gennifer Flowers and his dishonesty – disqualify him for the presidency... The largest mass demonstration in a long time ties up central London as an estimated 150,000 people turned out in support of threatened British miners... A new Bush Administration study reports thousands of atrocities in the ethnic conflict over the ruins of Yugoslavia – and allegations that a Serbian internment camp doctor slit the throats of young, healthy prisoners and removed their organs for transplant... Love it – President Bush warns about Bill Clinton’s call for change. “Five times he spit out the word as if speaking a curse (in a single day). Listen to the siren song of the Democratic presidential ticket and change… is all you’re going to have left in your pocket, believe me”... Lawrence Adler of Potomac, Md. – a 19-year-old who admitted paying a friend $200 to take his college entrance examination is sentenced to six months in jail... In the latest polls - Governor Clinton leads with 43% with 32% for President Bush. Independent Ross Perot is at 19%...  Campaigning in Wisconsin - President Bush says the United States cannot elect a leader “completely without experience, completely untested, a leader about whom we know very, very little.” Bush responded to Clinton’s recent barbs about his knowledge of the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages deal - “being attacked on character by Gov. Clinton is like being called ugly by a frog. Don’t worry about it”... In Tampa, - Ross Perot tells supporters a vote for Bush is a wasted one ... “All those wonderful people that are lifelong Republicans, make sure they don’t waste their vote between now and Tuesday”...Also in Tampa - Governor Clinton positions himself as an outsider in the closing days of the presidential election. “I think there is a tired old Republican party that’s run out of energy, ideas, direction and compassion and they ought to be run out of town. I believe there is a strong new Democratic Party that has attracted the support of Democrats, Republicans, independents, former Perot supporters from coast-to-coast because we offer a new direction for America.”.... “One More Week!”... In the latest polls - Governor Clinton leads with 43% with 32% for President Bush. Independent Ross Perot is at 19%.

ABC News - November 2, 1992 w/Peter Jennings

November 1 - In Kansas City (MO) – Ross Perot says President Bush is bound to lose, so the American people should not waste their votes on him... Ross Perot unloads on Bill Clinton, saying he is unqualified “through background and experience” to lead the nation. Up until now, Perot was known to bash President Bush... Bill Clinton rolls through 9 states in a 30-hour marathon campaign run... In Houston, President Bush pleas for the support of Americans whose Election Day decisions he said would “cast a shadow forward” in the nation’s history...  Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and Al Gore will be the next President and Vice President. Clinton won 43% and carried 29 states...


warren christopher named cabinet clinton november 1992 facts history timelinePresident-elect Bill Clinton names lawyer Warren Christopher and Vernon E. Jordan to take charge of his transition into the White House... Newspapers say President-elect Clinton seeks to send a message that he is moving quickly on the nation’s economic concerns and will seek a bipartisan approach to foreign policy...The Bush Administration announces plans to impose punitive tariffs on French, German and Italian white wines – a move that could price them out of the U.S. market. The tariffs could raise the price of a $10 bottle of imported white wine to $30. This comes after a long-simmering dispute between the U.S. and the EC over European subsidies for growers of soybeans and other oil-bearing crops... Nightclub singer Gennifer Flowers is making the publicity rounds. She’s got a photo spread in the December issue of Playboy. Of course, she claims to have had a longstanding affair with Bill Clinton...  

November 8 - Veterans Day - President Bush joins a midnight name reading at the Vietnam wall. “I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all veterans for their service to this country”... Transition - President-elect Bill Clinton speaks by telephone with President Bush to schedule a meeting for next week. He also plans to talk to congressional leaders and hold a press conference... President-elect Clinton says he would seek a business investment tax credit and substantially accelerate public works projects to stimulate job growth... Police investigating a string of rock-throwing and sniper attacks along the 20-mile beltway around Jacksonville – arrest a third teenager in the wounding of a motorist... All is quiet in Sarajevo for now after a truce deadline. 

bill clinton elect november 1992 facts history timelineNovemer 15 - Sets ethics code - President-elect Clinton indicates his intention to preside over an Administration that does not trade public service for private gain. “I want to send a signal that we are going to change politics as usual” ... Military and gays – President-elect Bill Clinton makes it clear that he would not be dissuaded from his plan to end the prohibition. At the same time, he reaffirmed his intention to consult further with military leaders before lifting the ban and is vague about whether he would begin that process before his January inauguration... President-elect Bill Clinton spends around two hours in a private Oval Office meeting with President Bush, discussing major foreign policy problems... Trade war halted as American and European Community negotiators announce they have settled their longstanding disputes over agricultural trade...  Windsor Castle – home of Britain’s Royal Family for more than eight centuries suffers major damage in a stubborn blaze. Prince Andrew was in his Windsor Castle apartment when the fire began around 11:30am in the private chapel of the complex... Richard M. Nixon wins a rare legal victory when a federal appeals court rules he is entitled to compensation for his Watergate tapes and other White House documents seized by act of Congress after his 1974 resignation...  Getting attention – The Iceman – a virtually intact man who lived some 5,300 years ago. The man was discovered last year – on September 19 by Helmut and Erika Simon while hiking in the Alps, near the 10,500-foot-high ride that defines the Austrian-Italian border.   

November 22- China has purchased high-tech military equipment from Russia and the West is concerned... Tornadoes kill 24 as bad weather is unleashed between Texas and Georgia... The U.S. says that Serbian repression of the Muslim majority in the province of Kosovo is likely to touch off a broad Balkans war – a broad war that would include the U.S. and allies. Meanwhile – a U.N relief convoy trying to reach a stranded Muslim town abandoned a bid to find an alternative rout after being blocked by angry Bosnian Serbs for a third day... In Oregon – Alberto Gonzalas – an HIV-infected man, has been convicted of attempted murder for having unprotected sex despite knowing his condition. It’s the first verdict of its kind... The Bush Administration says it is gravely concerned about efforts by Somali warlords to block food distribution to the famine-plagued Somalia. It may send 30,000 troops to guard food... A Boeing 737 passenger jet on a domestic flight from Canton crashes near Guilin, killing all 141 on board – China’s worst air disaster so far...  Sen. Bob Packwood (R-Ore.) – a leading advocate of women’s rights during his 24 years in the senate, issued an apology but refused to discuss allegations that 10 women, most of them former staff members, were victimized by his unwelcome sexual advances over the years... Venezuela - Rebels try to overthrow President Carlos Andres Perez for the second time this year. 50 are dead... With a 21-gun salute – Americans say goodbye to Subic Bay (Philippines) – long its largest overseas military base... The play “The Mousetrap’ celebrates its 40th birthday in London. 

December 1 - President Bush said he was dispatching thousands of American troops to Somalia to save thousands from starvation... A food-relief convoy makes it through Mogadishu to deliver food to an isolated part of the city... After dodging impeachment, President Boris N. Yeltsin appeals to Russian lawmakers to stop their political brawling and give his government the power to carry on with its economic reforms... IRA at it again - At least 64 people are injured when two explosions rock Manchester, England... An Air Force B1 bomber crashes into a hillside in western Texas with 4 dead. It’s also the 4th B1 bomber crash... Warner Books is rushing 100,000 copies of the photo-documentary “Clinton: Portrait of Victory” to bookstores before Christmas... The Commerce Department says that 12 countries, mostly European, are unfairly subsidizing steel imported into the U.S. and orders duties as high as 90% on their foreign products. The countries are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil Sweden, South Korea and New Zealand...

December 8 - Serbian rebels seal off the last land route of the Sarajevo and fired on U.N. peacekeepers that appealed to an end to their siege... President-elect Clinton chooses Donna Shalala in charge of the department of Health and Human Services. Carol Browner will head the environmental Protection Agency. Robert B. Reich is named as secretary of labor and Laura D’Andrea Tyson will head the Council of Economic Advisers... President-elect Clinton names his childhood friend – Thomas McLarty as White House chief of staff and names Democratic Party Chairman Ronald Brown as secretary of commerce... Holy war – over 200 are dead and hundreds injured in religious riots across India... A judge declared Manuel A. Noriega to be a prisoner of war and said the ousted Panamanian leader can be sent to a civilian prison only if he receives full protection under the Geneva Convention... Soviet President Boris N. Yeltsin declared political war on his conservative parliament and now appeals to the Russian people to launch a nation-wide referendum in support of his radical economic reforms... U.S. troops move into Somalia’s central region – taking over a deserted airstrip. U.S. Marines reopened the Mogadishu airport to its first ricky ray hiv december 1992 facts history timelinerelief flight in several weeks... Passing – Ricky Ray (15) – the eldest of three hemophiliac brothers barred from school because they were infected with HIV by contaminated blood. He died after a month-long, media documented struggle... Princess Anne – Queen Elizabeth II’s only divorced daughter – remarries. He’s Cmdr. Timothy Laurence – a British navy officer...Television cameras will not be allowed at a court hearing in the child custody battle between filmmaker Woody Allen and his former lover, actress Mia Farrow. Allen (57) adopted tow of Farrow’s 11 children – Dylan (7) and Moses (14). They have one biological son, satchel 94). Allen is seeking custody of the three. The legal fight began after Farrow learned in January that Allen, her lover for the previous 12 years, was romantically involved with her adopted daughter, Soon Yi Previn (who is 21).

December 15 - A U.S. convoy of troops and other gear reach Baidoa in the heart of southern Somalia’s famine bringing peace, hope and food... Israel says it is deporting some 400 Palestinians to Lebanon because they are supporters of militant Islamic groups responsible for attacks on its forces in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip... President-elect Bill Clinton asks Americans everywhere to celebrate democracy with him by ringing “bells of hope” on January 17 – the first day of inaugural festivities. Any bell will do – even cowbells... President Bush and British Prime Minister John Major announce that they will seek U.N. authority to send air patrols over Bosnia-Herzegovina to stop Serbian military aircraft from flying in the area... Isuzu Motors announces that it will soon stop manufacturing passenger cars – the first Japanese company in more than two decades to leave the passenger car market. The company was famous for its Joe Isuzu ads during the mid-1980’s, but woody allen hearing december 1992 facts history timelineapparently, they didn’t sell cars... New York hearing - Woody Allen, making a surprise appearance in court, wins the right to view a videotape of his adopted 7-year-old daughter, Dylan, during which she allegedly claims that he molested her. Lawyers for Allen contend that Mia Farrow, Allen’s estranged long-time companion, had fired Dylan’s therapist after the psychologist told Farrow she had severe doubts about the entire incident of purported sexual abuse. Ms. Farrow’s lawyers say the therapist was discharged because Allen was paying her fees and part of her plane fare to return from a European vacation to resume treating the child after the allegations were made.  

ABC News w/Peter Jennings - December 16, 1992

caspar weinberger pardon bush december 1992 facts history timelineDecember 22 - President Bush grants a pardon to former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger - eliminating any pending criminal prosecution in the six-year Iran-Contra case. Five other former government officials also received pardons... In the first action in the area since the Persian Gulf War - the United States shoots down an Iraqi fighter plane after two such aircraft flew 20 miles into the “no-fly zone” over southern Iraq. Baghdad Radio called it “a criminal act of aggression” and threatened to respond “in the appropriate manner”... President-elect Clinton chooses some names for his cabinet: Warren Christopher (67) as Secretary of State, Les Aspin (54) as Secretary of Defense, Anthony Lake (52) as National Security Adviser; Madeleine Albright (55) as U.N. Ambassador, Bruce Babbitt as Secretary of the Interior and Federico Pena - transportation secretary...  Clinton names Zoe Baird as the nations’ first female attorney general... The U.S. led operation Restore Hope has its first causality in Somalia. A car carrying four Americans hit a land mine near Bardera killing one and injuring three... Lee Iacocca (68) retires as the chairman of Chrysler Corp - a position he held for 14 years... Albert Gore Sr. - father of the Vice-President elect turns 85 this week. Gore served as a Tennessee senator from 1953 to 1971 and lead the crusade to create the interstate highway system. He celebrated quietly with his family - including his son and daughter-in-law...  Singer Harry Connick Jr. is released from jail after trying to board a TWA plane with an unlicensed, unloaded pistol in a flight to New Orleans from Kennedy airport. He said the gun was a Christmas gift. 

Year 1992  In Technology News And Information

JanuaryApple debuts a new program to run videos – “Quicktime” and hopes to establish it as an industry standard for multimedia computing... Nintendo announces a price cut on its new game system and said it would introduce an advanced compact disc accessory next year.,, IBM reports a loss of $2.8 billion - the first in the 80-year history of the computer maker. Many say it’s the cost of shedding tens of thousands of employees while providing for their health care as sales are slowed by the lingering recession… The big buzz at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show - DCC or digital compact cassette player. Price is $700 plus about $8 per tape. The big selling point and unlike DAT (digital audio tape) is that machines can play either DCC or regular cassettes…

FebruaryIntel says it will work with Japanese electronics giant Sharp Corp. in the development of an increasingly popular information storage device known as flash memory...

1992 cable tv channels facts history tech timelineMarch - Apple Computer says it has ambitious plans for enhancing the Mac’s basic software with new communications, graphics, and customization capabilities... Intel files a patent infringement suit against Chris & Technologies which now has a microprocessor that mimics the functions of Intel’s 386 chip.  This just after an arbitrator ruled that AMD would continue selling a clone version of the 386 chip, because Intel had a technology sharing deal. Chips says it is using its own technology. ..The FCC votes to let financially successful broadcast owners buy more radio stations – now allowing one company to own 30 AM and 30 FM stations nationwide instead of 12 and 12... IBM debuts its long-awaited notebook PC this week. The PS/2 N51, which weighs 6.2 pounds and is based on Intel’s 386SX 16 megahertz chip, will list for $2,250, but is expected to be marked down by dealers for around $1,700. The new IBM notebook is expected to include 2 megs of memory and a 40-magabyte hard drive, 9 1/2 inch backlit screen with reversal type, and full-sized alphanumeric keys... Microsoft comes out with an upgraded version of Windows 3.0 - Windows 3.1. Here's Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates:

April Sony says it is set to launch its recordable mini-CD this fall. The 2.5-inch discs will record/play up to 74 minutes of music with instant random access to any cut. Unlike portable CD players, Sony says the MD’s other main asset is that they won’t skip. Prices for the recorders may start around $600-$800 and blank CD’s - $12.00 each...

May - Apple Computer unveils a language tool to help developers – which will let machines use everything from Japanese to Italian. It’s called World Script and will become available when Apple upgrades its Macintosh System 7 operating system this fall... Target stores has Super Nintendo for $149.00. Dazzling 3-D graphics, spectacular color, digital stereo sound, high-tech controllers. Includes the game  Super Mario World. Also at Target – rival Sega Genesis – For $129.00. 16-bit color graphics, built-in digital sound and stereo music synthesizer.. Comes with control pad and Sonic the Hedgehog came cartridge... 

June - Passing  - MCI found William McGowan – of a heart attack. He was 64... Advanced Micro Devices suffers a setback with rival Intel after a federal court jury ruled that AMD did not have the right to use special chip software for its 486 clone... Compaq Computer rolls out a line of low-cost personal computers. The new line includes the Prolinea set, starting at $900 and the Contura line of notebook PC’s, priced from $1699 to $2,400... Dell Computer unveils a new series of low-cost PC’s. Called “Dimension” they’re priced 5 to 15% less than comparable machines from rival Compaq. The basic model in the Dimension line sells for $1,259 and has a 386sx microprocessor, 2 megs of memory, an 80 meg hard disk drive, mouse, color monitor and comes with Microsoft’s Windows software.

July -  IBM announces an alliance with Siemens of Germany and Toshiba Corp of Japan to develop memory chips that hold 256 megabits of information 64 times more data than that of the highest capacity chips now on the market...

sony mini-disc player 1992 technology history facts mrpopcultureAugust - The FCC votes to expand the radio station ownership rules from 12 AM and 12 FM stations to 18 AM and 18 FM stations - increasing to 20 on each band in two years… Sony Data Discman – “The Sony data Discman electronic book player delivers a library of information. Now with audio. Just open the cover, pop in a 3” electronic book – and the Data Discman and growing library of audio book CD’s will open up new world’s of reading and listening pleasure for the entire family. Just $499.00”…

September - Game makers are now banking on using CD’s for better graphics and video effects. The newest is the Sega CD, Turbo technologies CD. Nintendo is doing the same... Wow – the 800 toll-free business is now a $7-billion-a-year industry. 800 numbers were created 25 years ago to mask a shortage of operators to handle collect calls. Some 600,000 businesses use 1.3 million 800 numbers. Another 100,000 individuals now use 800 numbers. ..IBM unveils 21 personal computer models aimed at home and small business users, a significant expansion into the low-price market that spells new trouble for “clone” computer makers...  Sony introduces the first-ever CD-ROM player The PIX-100, which will sell for around $1000, plays standard PC-compatible CD-Rom discs as well as CD-ROM discs developed using the XA or “extended architecture” platform. And it plays standard audio CD’s... 

October - The FCC opens the door to satellite digital radio – in which radio would be transmitted to a receiver from satellite... Nintendo and Sony have agreed to work together to develop common technology that could dominate the next generation of video games...New – Excel 4.0 - now for IBM and Apple machines... IBM posts a colossal $2.8 Billion third-quarter loss, blaming the dismal earnings report on huge, previously announced job cuts, weak economics in the U.S and Japan and the recent currency turmoil in Europe. IBM stock plunged to its lowest level since 1982 at $72.875...  

NovemberNew video programs – Microsoft and Apple introduce new video products designed to let you see moving video and sound on your PC. Apple’s Quicktime for Windows and Microsoft’s Video for Windows. You can now play brief, low quality videos in a small window on the screen...  Software pirate hotline? You bet. If you know someone using pirated software call the (800) hotline. The Software Publishers Assn says too many companies “soft-lift” – by a program and make copies for as many computers as they have. President Bush recently signed a bill which elevates commercial software piracy from a misdemeanor to a felony... Sony launches its MiniDisc, with three hardware units and close to 90 software titles. The first MD title will be Mariah Carey’s “MTV Unplugged” – expected to retail at $15.95. There’s a $750.00 record/playback unit and a $550 playback unit available... 

December - Tele-Communications Inc (TCI) says it will deploy digital technology capable of some 500 TV channels. It’s the first time a cable TV company has said they are going digital...  At the store - Quicken 2.0 for Windows - “The World’s #1 bestselling finance software - $19.48...  IBM Introduces IBM Direct. “Buying a high-performance PS/ValuePoint system from IBM is as easy as picking up the phone. It’s the quick, direct way to order a new ThinkPad, other portables and IBM personal printers too. Simply call us 9am to 5pm any business day. Most orders will be shipped within 48 hours, subject to availability.” IBM PS/ValuePoint configurations come with three choices - 386SLC/25mhz, 486DX/33mhz or 486SX/25mhz. “So select your IBM PS/ValuePoint configuration. Pick up the phone. And place your order directly. It’s just that easy. Phone IBM right now 1 800 426-2968.”

Year 1992 In Sports News And Other Fascinating Facts

January - The Yankees trade second baseman Steve Sax to the Chicago White Sox for right hander Melido Perez...  Tom Seaver and Rollie Fingers are voted into the baseball Hall of Fame... Earvin Magic Johnson, the newest member of the National Commission on AIDS, tells the press, “We’re all in this. It’s not just Magic Johnson. It’s everybody. Until everybody recognized that, we’re not going to win this battle. I’m not the only soldier here… Magic Johnson cannot do this alone.” Johnson retired from professional basketball last fall, after his disclosure that he was infected with the virus... Michael Jordan scores 35 points as the Bulls down the Cavaliers 100-85...  

The Washington Redskins defeat the Buffalo Bills 37-24 in Super Bowl XXVI at the Minneapolis Metrodome. Buffalo lost last year’s Super Bowl to the New York Giants – 20-19...


.On “60 Minutes” this week – Bill Clinton, with his wife, Hillary – said that rumors about sexual infidelity on his part should be irrelevant to his campaign and he will not deny having committed adultery... Howard Cosell says he is retiring from ABC radio at the end of this month.  He’s been doing a daily sportscast and a weekly half-hour interview program for ABC radio. Cosell quit TV in 1985. He recently had a cancerous tumor removed from his chest...

February – Barry Bonds signs a one-year $4.7 million contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates...  Olympics -   America defeats France in hockey 4-1... Bonnie Blair receives her second gold medal – this one for the 1,000-meter race...  Martina Navratilova becomes tennis’ all-time singles titles leader. She beat Jana Novotna of Czechoslovakia in the final of the Virginia Slims of Chicago.  More Olympics - Speed skater Jacqueline Boerner wins the gold medal at 1,500 meters at the Winter games at Albertville... Bryan Murray  - coach of the Norris Division-leading Detroit Red Wings is suspended for five games by the NHL for failing to control a player... Mark Everett broke the oldest indoor world track record at the Millrose games, the 600-yeard mark set by martin McGrady 22 years ago. 

March - Dennis Rodman set a Detroit Piston record with 34 rebounds in a 110-107 victory over the Indiana Pacers... Pascual Perez won’t be pitching for the Yankees this year. He’s suspended for a year without pay for violating the commissioner’s drug policy... Darryl  Strawberry has a new autobiography coming out and in it, accuses the NY Mets of being insensitive toward blacks and other tales... 

martina navratilova 1992 news sports facts trivia mrpopculture imageMore March - Martina Navratilova becomes tennis’ all-time singles titles leader. She beat Jana Novotna of Czechoslovakia in the final of the Virginia Slims of Chicago… Dennis Rodman set a Detroit Piston record with 34 rebounds in a 110-107 victory over the Indiana Pacers… Passing – Actress Sandy Dennis (54)… Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is sentenced to six years in prison for the rape of a teen- age beauty contestant… Passing - actor and director John Ireland (77)... Passing - actress Nancy Walker (69) …

April -  For the first time in its history – players strike the National Hockey League. All 564 players staged the walkout.... Tennis great Arthur Ashe reveals he has AIDS and has had it since 1988. He said he got the virus during one his two heart bypass operations before 1985 when testing began to screen blood for the disease.... Sears announces that it will accept Visa and MasterCard for catalogue orders - the first time... Brett Hull becomes the second player in NHL history to score 70 or more goals in three consecutive seasons. Scoring for the St Louis Blues, they beat the Minnesota North Stars 5-3. The other player to reach that milestone - Wayne Gretzky...  CBS gives sportscaster Pat Summerall an indefinite period off to take care “a personal medical problem” and will be welcomed back when he is ready to come back says a spokesman. Summerall (60) had been battling alcoholism until it almost killed him after a bleeding ulcer in 1990. He says he hasn’t been drinking since the ordeal.... Joe Namath (48) – the Hall of Fame quarterback – has both his knees surgically replaced. The operation was necessitated by advanced arthritis, compounded by football injuries. 


lyle alzado 1992 sports trivia facts death mrpopculture imageMay - Andre Agassi wins his first tournament title of the year at the AT&T Challenge at Roswell, Ga... The Oakland A’s Rickey Henderson gets his 1,000 stolen base... Passing – Marlene Dietrich – at 90... John McEnroe makes his debut as an NBC analyst when the network begins its coverage of the French Open this weekend... Tennis great Arthur Ashe, six weeks after disclosing he has AIDS calls for new guidelines in dealing with the privacy of seriously ill people... Dale Earnhardt wins the Coca Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway... Passing - actor Robert Reed (59)…

Passing - TV Bandleader Lawrence Welk (89)… Passing - NFL defensive-end turned actor Lyle Alzado (43) of brain cancer… Monica Seles wins her third consecutive French Open title - this time defeating Stephi Graph… Passing - Robert Reed dies of cancer at 59... Passing – Peter Allen – Australian singer, dancer, songwriter(48)…  Passing – Eric Sevareid – former commentator for CBS. He was 79… 


Top TV Shows/Ratings – May 1, 1992

Cosby Show – 25.0

Roseanne – 21.6

Cheers – 19.8

60 Minutes – 19.1

Murphy Brown – 19.0

Home Improvement – 18.7

Coach – 18.0

Movie-Stay the Night part 2 - 17.9

Designing Women – 16.9

Movie-deliver Them Form Evil: Alta View – 16.6

Murder, She Wrote – 16.5

Movie – Body Snatcher – 16.3

PrimeTime Live – 16.0

Academy of Country Music Awards – 15.6

20/20 – 15.5

Northern Exposure – 15.4

Full House  -15.3

Wings – 15.2

Major Dad – 14.9

Unsolved Mysteries – 14.4

June - Monica Seles wins her third consecutive French Open title – this time defeating Stephi Grag... John Ziegler announces his resignation as NHL President... Passing – Peter Allen – Australian singer, dancer, songwriter who was discovered by Judy Garland and married her daughter, Liza Minelli. He was 48. Of an AIDS-related illness. .. Eric Andolsek – lineman for the Detroit Lions is killed when a truck ran off the road and struck him as he worked in for front yard of his home in Southern Louisiana. The driver apparently fell asleep... NBA Champs - Chicago Bulls over the Portland Trailblazers!

July - Andre Agasi wins Wimbledon and gets his first Grand Slam...  All Star game, it’s the American League 13 to 6 over the National League. Ken Griffey Jr. gets the game MVP...Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent announces that George Steinbrenner could resume active control over the NY Yankees beginning March 1, 1993... Don’t miss the Dream Team basketball with the likes of Michael Jordan on NBC’s Summer Olympics coverage from Barcelona, where Bob Costas is the main anchor... Alfred Oglesby of the Miami Dolphins admitted that he had made up a story about being kidnapped so he could escape punishment for breaking curfew and missing practice... 

August Olympic boxing – Oscar de La Hoya beat Bulgaria’s Dimitrov Tontchev… The U.S. dream team ends its gold medal quest in Barcelona - beating Croatia 117- 85. Coach Chuck Daly “You will see another team of professionals, but I larry byrd 1992 sports news history facts trivia mrpopculture photodon’t think you’ll see another team like this”… Sports - Larry Bird (35) of the Boston Celtics announces his retirement … Carl Lewis wins his eight gold medals as the U.S. wins the 400-meter relay... Jennifer Capriati wins a gold medal in tennis after defeating Steffi Graf... Magic Johnson says he wants to return to the LA Lakers but can’t until a doctor approves. He retired when he learned he was HIV positive...The Summer Olympic games end in Barcelona... Players instigating fights will be ejected from NHL games under new rules... 

September - Accepting her Emmy for “Murphy Brown,” show creator Diane English takes a shot at the Republicans, notably Vice President Dan Quayle “I would like to thank our sponsors for hanging in there when it was getting really dangerous. I would also like to thank in particular all the single parents out there who, either by choice or by necessity, are raising their kids alone. Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not a family.” David Beckwith, Quayle’s press secretary said, “It appears we’ve got their attention”... Al Unser Jr. wins the Pioneer 200 Indy-car race at Lexington, Ohio... Landmark antitrust trial in Minneapolis – A jury finds the NFL operating illegally. Looks like a big payout to players...  Bill Cosby tops Forbes’ list as highest paid entertainer – an estimated $98 million for 1991 and 1992. Oprah Winfrey is second with $88 million. Kevin Costner – third with about $71 in coin. New Kids on the Block - #4 with $62 million...  Passing – Actor Anthony Perkins had died from AIDS. He was 60... Can he play again? - Magic Johnson has shown improvement since his AIDS treatment and his return to basketball is in question. Could he infect others? He’s been using AZT, he changed his diet, didn’t play in the NBA last season and decreased his travel. He’s set to rejoin the Los Angeles Lakers despite his HIV. He’s said he would play 50 to 60 of the 82 regular-season games... Montreal Expo catcher Gary Carter says he is retiring at the end of the season... 

October - Singer Madonna has some words to say about Irish singer Sinead O’Connor for ripping up a picture of the Pope John Paul II on “Saturday Night Live.” Said Madonna - I think there is a better way to present her ideas rather than ripping up an image that means a lot to other people. While I may agree with her theory, I cannot agree with her approach”... Now at bookstores - Madonna’s new book - “Sex.” You can get a copy for $49.95...   Kansas City Royals star George Brett gets career hit # 3000 – the 18th major league player to do so...  Two days after their flag was displayed upside-down at Game 2 of the World Series, thousands of Canadians loudly responded before Game three in Toronto. It appeared the flap had ended. Toronto beat the Atlantic Braves 3-2 to gain a 2-1 advantage...  Former New York Yankee Joe Pepitone is sentenced to six months in jail on two misdemeanor drug charges. Said a judge - “Once a first-rate baseball player, Mr. Pepitone now stands before this court as a second-rate drug operator”... Beating Atlanta - The Toronto Blue Jays take the World Series  - becoming the first Canadian team ever to capture a World Series championship... Earvin (Magic) Johnson retires (again) from the Lakers and basketball. “It has become obvious that the various controversies surrounding my return are taking away from both basketball as a sport and the larger issue of living with HIV, for me and the many people affected.” ... The Colorado Rockies hire Don Baylor as manager  - one of the two National League expansion teams.  

john elway football facts november 1992 trivia timeline triviaNovember - The biggest - Elton John and Bernie Taupin sign a music publishing deal with Warner/Chappell music for an estimated $39 million over 12 years. It gives the publishing firm the right to administer all the team’s post 1974 material plus songs from John’s next four albums. This tops U2’s deal of $20 million and Madonna’s $10 million... Heavyweight battle – Riddick Bowe defeats Evander Holyfield in a unanimous decision... Steve Howe’s lifetime baseball suspension – is lifted. He can play if anybody wants him. He was suspended because of yet another incident with drugs or alcohol... John Elway’s Denver Broncos beat the New York Jets 27-17. “John really did a good job of calling plays and mixing them up,” said coach Dan reeves. “The important thing is, he’s calling plays he’s comfortable with, calling plays he has confidence in”... Michael Jordan’s buzzer-beating basket from seven feet behind the three-point line gives the Chicago Bulls a 98-96 overtime victory over the Detroit Pistons in Chicago... Ennis Eckersley of the Oakland Athletics becomes the first reliever since Guillemer Hemandez to win the American League Cy Young Award... Newsweek magazine reports that the woman who has sued Magic Johnson, claiming he have her the AIDS virus – says she phone him, sent him a letter and confronted him with news that she had the disease weeks before he tested positive on a life-insurance physical. She is accusing Johnson of infecting her. She’s a longtime acquaintance... Oscar de la Hoya debuts as a professional boxer, stopping Lamar Williams. The fight was stopped after 1 minute 42 seconds as de la Hoya kept knocking him down.

December -  49ers Jerry Rice catches his 101st touchdown – to become the league’s all-time leader... The San Francisco Giants reach a tentative deal with free agent left fielder Barry Bonds – a six-year contract for $43 million – the riches in baseball history... John Smiley becomes the first premier free agent to sign this off-season, agreeing to an $18.4 million four-year contract with the Cincinnati Reds...  The New York Yankees sign free agent Jimmy Key to a four-year $17 million deal... Walt Disney Co. wins approval to establish an NHL team in Anaheim, CA, home of Disneyland...  Dominique Wilkins of the Atlanta Hawks sets an NBA free-throw record – 23 and scored 42 points in a game against the Chicago Bulls, where Michael Jordan scored 32 points. The Hawks won – 123-114... Ciincinnati Red owner Marge Schott apologized for insensitive racial remarks she has made... Carl Barger, president of the Florida Marlins, collapses and dies while attending a meeting of major league baseball owners in Kentucky... Radio news – WABC morning man and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa confessed to the New York Post that he staged his own kidnapping and several other heroic stunts more than 10 years ago, to help launch his then-fledgling subway watchdog group... Passing – Famed game show producer Mark Goodson – one-half the team of Goodson and Bill Todman. He was 77...


"The Bodyguard" Starring Kevin Costner And Whitney Houston  Was A Top 1992 Movie


"End Of The Road" By Boyz II Men Was A Top 1992 Hit Music Single


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