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Dateline: Events/Week of September 1, 1991 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Vanishing Soviet Union – Azerbaijan is now the 8th Republic to declare independence from Moscow.

President Mikhail Gorbachev says that it would be “immoral” for him to quit his post and announces that he and leaders of most of Soviet republics have designed a new political structure and will introduce it during a meeting of Parliament.

A new era - Moscow announces that if formally recognizes Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, ending a half-century of control.


Technology news – September 1, 1991

Sun Microsystems announces what it will make the Sun software operating system available for high-end personal computers. Most PC’s use the DOS operation platform/system, but DOS cannot handle many more complex tasks that are possible with newer PC’s. The SunSoft program, dubbed Solaris, is a version of AT&T’s UNIX operating system.

Microsoft says it is setting up a basic research center to study what might be the software of the future. Physicist Nathan Myhrvoid, the executive in charge of the center says he wants a group of people who ‘are able to focus on those things that your really don’t know how to solve today, but you know that you would like to solve.”


Entertainment /Celebrity/Hollywood/Movie news – September 1, 1991

Miramax Pictures re-names the comedy movie “The Pope Must Die” to “The Pope Must Diet.” The Big Three networks and some major newspapers refused to sell ad time and space due to the film’s controversial original name.

Passing – Famed film director Frank Capra, who retired from movies in 1961. He was 94.

Passing – Actor-turned-author Tom Tryon. He was 65.

Woody Allen – who was associated with troubled Orion, will make his next movie with TriStar Pictures.

Pee Wee returns - Pee-wee Herman’s appears on the MTV Video Music Awards and it seems, everyone’s talking about it. You gotta love the guy, who asked the audience: “Heard any good jokes lately?” Most thought Paul Reubens would never don his Pee-Wee persona after his arrest last July of indecent exposure.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – September 1, 1991

Roseanne – 15.3

Designing Women – 15.0

Murphy Brown – 14.8

Cheers – 14.5

Coach – 13.7

Who’s the Boss? – 13.7

Full House – 13.4

Northern exposure – 12.5

In The Heat of the Night – 12.2

60 Minutes – 12.2

A Different World – 12.1

Unsolved Mysteries – 12.1

The Cosby Show – 12.0

Major Dad – 12.9

Movie-Killing In A Small Town – 11.8

Empty Nest – 11.6

Davis Rules – 11.6

Wonder Years – 11.5

Matlock – 11.3

Wings – 11.3


Television news – September 1, 1991

Don’t miss Barbara Walters’ interview with Katharine Hepburn on 20/20 this week. She talks about her relationship with Spencer Tracy, saying he was the only man she ever loved.

For the first time NBC announced that Jay Leno would be succeeding Johnny Carson on the tonight show, David Letterman appears as a guest on the Tonight show. Carson asked him, “Just how pissed off are you?” With that, Letterman answered: “Let me give you some advice. You keep using language like that, you’ll find yourself out of a job.” He then thanked Carson and the network for his break with “Late Night.”


 Music news – September 1, 1991

On the “Today” show, La Toya Jackson says that her father physically abused many of her siblings, including Michael. She’s got a new biography out and appears in the November issue of Playboy where she posed for the cover and a nude pictorial (under the cover).

Passing – Dottie West (58) – one of the top ladies of country music. She died of complications suffered in an auto accident a few days ago. She was the first woman to win a country music Grammy for 1964’s “Here Comes My Baby.” Her car had broken down and a retired businessman named George Thackston (81) gave her a lift. He was traveling 55mph when he pulled off an exit rated at 25mph and veered off the road. She told him she was frantic to get to work and had to get there by 8pm. He’s going to be OK. 

Ike Turner is released from prison in San Louis Obispo (CA) after serving more than two years of a four-year drunk driving and parole violation sentence.

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