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In The News

Mikhail S. Gorbachev, preparing for an economic meeting with the West in London, says he has embraced open markets and other painful reforms for his country’s crippled economy.

The Bush Administration announces the withdrawal of the last 1,500 U.S. troops in Iraq. The Administration warns Iraq of its willingness to use anew border strike force if the government resumes attacks on Kurds or engages in other aggressive behavior.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein reveals that Iraq has the equipment needed to enrich uranium so it can be used in a nuclear bomb.

Embattled police chief Daryl Gates resigns from the Los Angeles police department.


Fascinating Facts – July 8, 1991

A poll conducted by Total Research, asked people to rate 190 familiar brand names based on their perceptions of the quality of the products behind the names. Disneyland/Disneyworld was #1, followed by Kodak, Mercedes-Benz, Cable News Network, Hallmark, Fisher-Price, United Parcel Service, Rolex, Levi’s and IBM.

The L’eggs plastic egg will soon disappear. The company says it will remove the plastic containers from the market next year and use cardboard packaging.


Sports news – July 8, 1991

Baseball All-Star game – Cal Ripkin Jr. got 12 hits as the AL beat the NL 4-2.


Entertainment news – July 8, 1991

Violence surrounds the opening for the movie “Boyz N the Hood.” Eleven were injured at several Southern California theaters and there was trouble in Chicago and elsewhere.

Looks like “Terminator 2” is getting Hollywood out of the box office doldrums. Its premiere week  - it did $52.3 million in business.


Music news – July 8, 1991

Bronx rapper Tim Dog has it out for N.W.A. His new song “ Compton” features tirades against N.W.A., their girlfriends and other West Coast rappers.

Hanson – “After The Rain” tour. 

Guns N’ Roses trouble as the group, according to leader Axl Rose, that the band was kept from another concert in St. Louis because of prior violence. Meanwhile, Rose has been sued by a man who claims he was assaulted during a riot in St. Louis.


Television news – July 8, 1991

 A new talkshow – by an unknown – Montel Williams – is getting a 13-week tryout in Los Angeles. If the ratings are good, it’ll get syndicated.


Monday night television listings/TV guide – July 8, 1991

CBS – Major Dad, The Family Man, Murphy Brown, Designing Women, Northern Exposure, Sweating Bullets (late night)

NBC – Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sunday in Paris, Noble House, Tonight Show, David Letterman, Bob Costas

ABC – MacGyver, Movie, Nightline, Into the Night

PBS – Adventure, Moyers

MTV – Day in Rock, Most Wanted, Half-Hour Comedy, Club MTV, Totally Pauly


Into the Night – W/Rick Dees – Chris Isaak & Silvertone, Shirley Hemphill, John Kreng, Drew Cary.

Bob Costas – Interview with Hank Aaron.



Top movies – July 8, 1991

Terminator 2

Naked Gun 2 ½

Robin Hood

City Slickers

Problem Child

Regarding Henry

Thelma & Louise

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