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Dateline: Events/Week of June 15, 1991 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The Population Registration – a legal foundation of apartheid – is repealed by the white-controlled Parliament – ending four decades of cradle-to-grave racial labeling in South Africa.

Boris N. Yeltsin arrives in Washington – and this time – is given a VIP treatment – unlike his 1989 visit when he was considered an underling to Mikhail Gorbachev.

Billionaire cocaine lord Pablo Escobar – the subject of a seven-year manhunt – surrenders to Colombian authorities in exchange for a promise of leniency for drug related crimes and a guarantee against extradition to the United States.

The Supreme Court gives communities broad powers to ban nude dancing, ruling that the public’s “moral disapproval” of nudity outweighs the first Amendment’s protection of free expression.

Berlin reclaims its glory as the capital of Germany after Parliament voted to abandon Bonn and “complete the unification” process.

The federal government estimates that the cost of treating AIDS patients will nearly double between 1991 and 1994 – from $5.8 billion to $10.4 billion.

Boris N. Yeltsin – the Russian Federation’s newly elected president says he sees no way to save the Soviet Union’s Communist system and that he will press ahead with radical reforms to bring the country a broad democracy and market economy.

U.S. officials launch an emergency evacuation of about 20,000 military dependents from bases facing massive clean up after the 36-hour eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines. They’re coming back to the States.

Kuwait’s martial-law court sentenced eight people to death – six of them in absentia – for collaborating with Iraqi occupation forces.


Sports news – June 15, 1991

Golfer Payne Stewart wins his second major title at the U.S Open.

Otis Nixon of the Montreal Expos sets a National league record with six stolen bases.


Technology news – June 15, 1991

Apple lays off 900 people and is cutting costs in an effort to gain market share with a new line of low-priced Macintosh computers.

 “State of the Company” memo from Bill Gates He says – “Our nightmare – IBM attacking us in systems software, Novell defeating us in networking and more agile, customer-oriented applications competitors getting their Windows act together is a reality.” Analysts said the memo was, the first public indication that Gates is seriously worried about Apple’s suit. If the judge in the case hinders Microsoft’s development of Windows, “then IBM has an open field for OS/2 and OS/2 is an operating system developed for IBM and compatible computers” – so said an observer.


Entertainment news – June 15, 1991

Passing – Jean Arthur – comedy film star of the 1930’s and 1940’s. She was 90.

Roseanne Barr settles her suit with the National Enquirer – who had published love letters from Barr to her then-fiancé – Tom Arnold.


Music news – June 15, 1991

Top music albums – June 15, 1991

Spellbound – Paula Abdul

Niggga4life – N.W.A.

Slave to the Grind – Skid Row

No Fences – Garth Brooks

Gonna Make You Sweat – C+C Music Factory


Don’t miss the divinyls “I Touch Myself” world tour.


Television news – June 15, 1991

He’s moving to CBS - Bill Cosby will produce and star in a remake of Groucho Marx’ “You Bet Your Life” on CBS-TV in 1992. It’s a surprise to most as his sitcom will air just one more year – and on NBC of course.

CNN does a series of reports on the famine threatening 30 million Africans.

MCA acquires the rights to Bullwinkle cartoon characters including Rocket J. Squirrel – from the heir’s of creator Jay Ward. 


Friday night television listings/TV guide – week of June 15, 1991

CBS – Verdict, the Detectives, Movie

NBC – Hunter, Midnight Caller, Johnny Carson

ABC – Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, Going Places, 20/20, Nightline, In Concert ‘91

Fox – America’s Most Wanted, Alien Nation

PBS – Wall St. Week, Washington Week

MTV – Week in Rock


On Johnny Carson – Jay Leno hosts with rock band Surface.


Top movies – June 15, 1991

Robin Hood

City Slickers


Jungle Fever

Don’t Tell Mom

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