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Dateline: Events/Week of April 1, 1991 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Iraq accepts U.N. conditions for a permanent cease-fire, which could set the stage for U.S. withdrawal soon.

Peacekeeping process begins - After eight months, the United Nations Security Council votes a formal ending to the Persian Gulf War.

 Ex-Senator John Tower of Texas, his daughter Marian and astronaut Manley (Sonny) Carter are among 23 who perish after their commuter plane crashes in Georgia. 

Also killed, Senator John Heinz (R-Pa.) and six others when his small plane collides with a helicopter.

The city of Los Angeles temporarily relieves police chief Daryl Gates of his duties until completion their Rodney King aftermath investigation.

Passing – British novelist Graham Greene (86).


Entertainment /Celebrity news – April 1, 1991

Jane Fonda’s Workout – the famous Beverly Hills aerobics studio that launched her incredible video fitness business, is closing. Business dropped-off after competition from nearby health clubs began. Fonda says she will concentrate on her core video, book and audiotape business.


Television news – April 1, 1991

This week in prime time – “Saturday Night Live Goes Commercial.” The one-hour show features one of the things the show does best – commercial parodies. Hosted by Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson.

Not enough room on cable systems for both - The battle of the comedy cable channels is over, as rivals Viacom and HBO agree on one channel – CTV: “The Comedy Network.” Both have been battling it out with their respective channels – HBO’s Comedy Channel, which launched in November 1989 and Viacom’s “Ha!” channel, which has only been around a year (April 1, 1990). Both channels lost more than $50 million each. The new CTV schedule will draw from both, plus some original programming. 

One of its offerings is “Mystery Science Theater 3000” – which goofs on old, seedy sci-fi movies and such. The premise involves a lab tech that is marooned in space as apart of an experiment to determine the effects of low-budget films. 

NBC announces that interim co-host Katie Couric will be Deborah Norville’s permanent replacement as co-anchor of the “Today” show. Apparently, the ratings have risen since Couric took over then Norville went on maternity leave in February. Couric (34) who has been co-anchoring “Today” since February 22 joined NBC News as deputy Pentagon correspondent in July, 1989 after 3 years at WRC-TV Washington.

After 13 years, CBS cancels “Dallas.” CBS will air a final two-hour episode May 3.

Don’t miss “MTV Unplugged” on Wednesday of this week as it features an hour of Paul McCartney.

Radio talk host Larry King will begin his new CNN talkshow on April 29. Look for him nightly. Like radio, Larry will cover everything from topical to celebrity guests.

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