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Dateline: Events/Week of March 24, 1991 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Saddam Hussein shakes up his Cabinet – ousting his foreign minister and names a Shiite Muslim as prime minister. President Bush says that Hussein is still calling the shots.

The Soviet government bans all political demonstrations in Moscow until mid-April. The reason – to prevent Yeltsin supporters from holding mass rallies.

Thousands of Boris Yeltsin supporters, defying a ban by the Kremlin rally in the center of Moscow demanding Mikhail Gorbachev’s ouster.

Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev has stripped Moscow’s liberal city government of control of the capital’s police force as radicals declare that they would proceed with a protest rally despite a new ban on demonstrations.

Gulf commander H. Norman Schwarzkopf says he wanted to annihilate Iraq’s armies as Hannibal once crushed the Romans, but President Bush pulled him up short. In an interview with David Frost, Schwarzkopf also said Baghdad’s cease-fire negotiators “suckered me” into letting Iraq keep flying the helicopters it is now using against Shiite and Kurdish rebels.

The Bush Administration sharply denied assertions by Gen Schwarzkopf that he had recommended continuing the allied attack until Saddam Hussein’s forces were annihilated. The decision to stop firing before the Iraqi forces were destroyed “was coordinated with and concurred in by the commander in the field, Gen. Schwarzkopf.”

American troops are witnessing first-hand the uprising and repression against Saddam Hussein – and watch as buildings are bombed. President Bush said it appears increasingly unlikely that Hussein can maintain his hold on power much longer.

President Bush has written to Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev urging a renewal effort to break a deadlock in nuclear arms negotiations.

The White House says that the U.S. will not intervene in Iraq’s civil war, rejecting the Kurds’ plea for help.

Gen H. Norman Schwarzkopf says he apologizes to President Bush for suggesting that he halted the Persian Gulf War prematurely and that it was a bad choice of words.

Violent crime rose slightly last year, but Americans experience a drop in total crime of almost 3%. 

Passing – former Republican National Chairman Lee Atwater. He was 40.

Passing – Actor Aldo Ray has died of throat cancer at 54.


Technology news – March 24, 1991

IBM is trying for the third time to enter the laptop market and this week – unveils the PS/2 L40SX laptop. It’ll sell for $6,000.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Hollywood/Movie news – March 24, 1991

63rd Annual Academy Awards held this week –

Best picture – “Dances with Wolves”

Best director – Kevin Costner – “Dances With Wolves”

Best actor – Jeremy Irons – “Reversal of Fortune”

Best actress – Kathy Bates – “Misery”

Best supporting actor – Joe Pesci – “Goodfellas”

Best supporting actress – Whoopi Goldberg – “Ghost"


Music news – March 24, 1991

HBO presents “Welcome Home Heroes” – a special Whitney Houston concert for the men and women of Operation Desert Storm. Simulcast on Westwood One Radio.

Passing – David Guard – Founding member of the pop/folk group “The Kingston Trio.” He was 56 and died from lymphoma.

The Black Crowes are dropped as the opening act for ZZ Top for criticizing the tour affiliation with the corporate sponsor, Miller Beer. Actually, the criticism came from lead singer Chris Robinson. 


Some Top Music Albums – March 24, 1991

Wilson Phillips – Wilson Phillips

The Soul Cages – Sting

Gonna Make You Sweat – C+C Music Factory

Shake Your Money Maker – Black Crowes


Television news – March 24, 1991

A recent photo spread in “People” magazine shows the “Today” show’s Deborah Norville breast-feeding her new baby, causing much criticism.

ABC renews Rick Dees’ “Into the Night” – encouraged by a ratings uptick.

Post Academy Awards Barbara Walters special – Whoopi Goldberg, Jeremy Irons and Sophia Loren. On ABC-TV.


Sunday night television listings/TV guide – week of March 24, 1991

CBS – 60 Minutes, Evening Shade, Movie

NBC – Bloopers & Practical Jokes, Expose, Real Life with Jane Pauley, Movie

ABC – Movie (Ten Commandments)

PBS – Masterpiece Theater

A&E Carline’s Comedy Hour

MTV ½ Hour Comedy, Just Say Julie, Top 20 Video Countdown

Fox – In Living Color, Get a Life, Married With Children 

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