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Dateline: Events/Week of March 15, 1991 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Peace agreement - At a meeting in Bermuda, President Bush and British Prime Minister John Major agree that Iraq must yield to the supervised destruction of its chemical weapons and pledge some portion of its future oil revenues to pay for the destruction of Kuwait.

A Blackhawk helicopter crashes in Iraq, killing six servicemen, bringing the total U.S. military toll to 324 since the Bush Administration first sent forces to the Persian Gulf after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait on August 2.

A U.S. Air Force fighter shoots down one of two Iraqi warplanes spotted flying near Sadam Hussein’s hometown of Riyadh.

 The Securities and Exchange Commission bans former Drexel Burham Lambert junk bond chief Michael Milken from the securities industry for life.

After touring Kuwait’s flaming oil fields, several U.S. senators urged that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein be put on trial for crimes against the environment.

New York mayor David N. Dinkins is booed when me marched with members of an Irish gay group rather than at the head of the nation’s oldest and largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Heard in the crowd – “One-term mayor!” and other chants. 


Sports news – March 15, 1991

In Las Vegas - Mike Tyson defeats battered Razor Ruddock in the seventh round. A fight ensued after the bout was halted.


Technology  news – Mach 15, 1991

Apple finally relinquishes and says it will share some of its key technologies and seek closer relationships with other computer industry players.

MCI unveils its newest promotion “Friends and Family.” It offers customers discounts on calls to as many as a dozen most frequently called friends and relatives.


Television news – March 15, 1991

A Gallup Poll says that viewers prefer to watch veteran Johnny Carson over Jay Leno by almost 2 to 1.

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen are the parents of a baby boy. Wolfgang Van Halen is the couple’s first child. Bertinelli suffered a miscarriage in 1986 and has been trying for 10 years.

American Movie Classics cable channel airs a two-hour retrospective called “The Republic Pictures Story” – a look at the “B” movie champ during the 40’s and 50’s.


Movie news- March 15, 1991

Opening this week – “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II” at a cost of $20 million  twice that for the first Ninja Turtle movie


Top TV Shows/Ratings – March 15, 1991

Cheers – 20.1

Roseanne – 19.6

20/20 – 18.4

America’s Favorite Home Videos – 18.2

Different World – 18.1

Family Matters – 17.8

60 Minutes – 17.6

Cosby Show – 16.9

Full House – 16.7

L.A. Law – 16.7

Coach – 16.7

Murder, She Wrote – 16.5

NCAA Basketball – 16.3

Wings – 15.9

Unsolved Mysteries – 15.6

Movie - Indian Jones & The Temple Of Doom – 15.6

Movie – Lethal Weapon – 15.5

Davis Rules – 15.5

People’s Choice Awards – 15.3

Perfect strangers – 15.3

Who’s The Boss? – 15.2

Baby Talk – 15.0

Major Dad – 14.9

Growing Pains – 14.8

Doogie Howser, M.D. – 14.0


Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – week of March 15, 1991

CBS – 48 Hours, Jake and the Fatman, WIOU, America Tonight

 NBC – Unsolved Mysteries, Night Court, Dear John, Quantum Leap, Tonight Show

ABC – Wonder Years, Growing Pains, Doogie Howser, Anything But Love, Equal Justice, Nightline, Into the Night

PBS – American Playhouse

Nick-at-Nite – Get Smart, Get Smart, Get Smart, Get Smart, Get Smart, Get Smart

Nashville Network –Banjos, Fiddles, & Riverboats, Nashville Now, Crook & Chase, Country Standard Time


On America Tonight – Features a town meeting on the Gulf War.

On the Tonight Show – John Larroquette.


Music News – March 15, 1991

Axl Rose of “Guns ‘N Roses” is now requiring that prospective interviewers sign a lengthy contract guaranteeing the band total control over all aspects of interviewing the band and any resulting story. That’s right – any interview will give the group copyright ownership. Said Alan Niven, the group’s manger,  “We’re fed up with being misused and abused by all the scurrilous (scum) who pass themselves off as journalists and photographers.” “I can’t begin to tell you how many writers and photographers have misrepresented themselves, made up quotes or made money selling substandard photos of the band. It’s amazing, but people can peddle any kind of junk if Axl’s picture is on it. The press always says, ‘Trust us’ but whenever we do, we get screwed.”

His career is hot – Robert Van Winkle has sold over 10 million albums and has a new movie in the works – “Cool as Ice.” He use to open for M.C. Hammer, but this white rapper has taken off. He’s Vanilla Ice.  

 Berry Gordy Jr. is back in the record business after spending some time on film and television. West Grand Music Productions will debut in April with an album from ex-Temptation Lewis Price.

Michael Jackson enters into a 50-50 joint venture with Sony Software that creates his own record company and offers outlets into theatrical films, television, short films, video games and other entertainment software. 

Teddy Pendergrass stands on stage for the first time since his 1982 car crash. Pendergrass did so at the Soul Train Awards in Los Angeles.

Rapper Eric Wright (Easy E) – is invited by Republican Senate leader Bob Dole to attend an exclusive luncheon in Washington, where President Bush is scheduled to speak to the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle. Wright is the founder of N.W.A. and owns Ruthless Records. Wright (23) a self-professed ex-gangster and former drug dealer received his invitation to the fund-raiser after he contributed $2,490 to the Republican Party. Wright is a big Bush fan and will attend. It’s full-circle for Wright. In 1989, The FBI sent N.W.A’s record label – Priority Records” a letter claiming their “Straight Outta Compton” album encouraged violence against law enforcement officers.   

The 4-year-old son of Eric Clapton is killed he fell out of the window of his family’s 53rd-floor apartment in Manhattan. The boy landed on the roof of a five-story building next door. The window had been opened for cleaning. The boy’s mother and a housekeeper were in the apartment, but did not see the boy fall out.

R.E.M. releases a new album this week – “Out of Time.” Looks like “Losing My Religion” is the first hit.

After months of speculation, Janet Jackson has left A&M Records for a major deal with Virgin Records. Sources say its value could be $35 million including $17 million upfront and $6 million per album.

 VH-1 and EMI present Bobby McFerrin as the channel’s “Artist of the Month.”

MTV announces a new show “The Buzz Bin,” a half-hour show that’ll promote new music from different genres.

On ABC-TV this week – “James Brown: The Man, the Music & The Message.” Hosted by Dick Cavett. Saturday night at 11:30.

An album of Paul McCartney’s upcoming acoustic appearance on MTV “Unplugged: the Official Bootleg” will be released in May. The show was recorded in January before an audience in London.


Radio news – March 15, 1991

“Yo MTV Raps” hosts Doctor Dre’ and Ed Lover join WBLS New York for Friday and Saturday nights. 

With the Gulf War ending – Radio stations are planning troop-return promotions and victory celebrations 


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – March 15, 1991

Show Me The Way – Styx

Someday – Mariah Carey

One More Try – Timmy T

All This Time – Sting

Coming Out Of The Dark – Gloria Estefan

Al the Man That I Need – Whitney Houston

Get Here - Oleta Adams

This House – Tracie Spencer

Hold You Tight – Tara Kemp

Where Does My Heart Beat Now – Celine Dion

Around The Way Girl – L.L. Cool. J.

Rescue Me – Madonna

Waiting For Love – Alias

Signs – Tesla

I’ve Been Thinking About You – Londonbeat

You’re In Love – Wilson Phillips

Iesha – Another Bad Creation


Top pop music albums  – March 15, 1991

Mariah Carey – Mariah Carey

Wilson Phillips – Wilson Philips

The Soul Cages – Sting

To The Extreme – Vanilla Ice

Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em – M.C. Hammer

I’m Your Baby Tonight – Whitney Houston

Into The Light – Gloria Estefan

Shake You Money Maker – The Black Crowes

Gonna Make You Sweat – C&C Music Factory

Some People’s Lives – Bette Midler

Heart Shaped World – Chris Isaak

The Simpsons Sing The Blues – The Simpsons

The Razors Edge – AC/DC

Five Man Acoustical Jam – Tesla

Serious Hits… Live – Phil Collins

Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 18714 – Janet Jackson

Empire – Queensryche

Rhythm of the Saints – Paul Simon

The Future – Guy

We Are In Love – Harry Connick Jr.

Mama Said Knock You Out – L.L. Cool J.

Poison – Bell Biv Devoe

Damn Yankees – Damn Yankees

MCMXC A.D. – Enigma


Top hit music singles in Britain – March 15, 1991

Sadness – Part 1 – Enigma

Do The Bartman – The Simpsons

Crazy – Seal

Gonna Make You Sweat – C&C Music Factory

3 A.M Eternal – KLF

Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

Innuendo – Queen

(I Wanna Give You) Devotion

Get Here – Oleta Adams

Winds of Change – Scorpions


Top children’s video – March 15, 1991

The Little Mermaid

Rocky & Bullwinkle: Vol. 1

Rocky & Bullwinkle: Vol II

Peter Pan

Rocky & Bullwinkle: Vol. III

Rocky & Bullwinkle: Vol. IV

Rocky & Bullwinkle: Vol. VI

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Rocky & Bullwinkle: Vol. V


Top movie video rentals – March 15, 1991

Air America


Die Hard 2


Days of Thunder



Top movies  – March 15, 1991

Silence of the Lambs

New Jack City

Sleeping With The Enemy

Class Action

The Hard Way

The Perfect Woman

The Doors

Dances With Wolves

Home Alone

Guilty by Suspicion

If Looks Could Kill

King Ralph


L.A. Story

Kindergarten Cop


White Fang

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