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1991 Review 


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Billboard Switches To Soundscan To Track Music Sales

Goodbye To Freddie Mercury of "Queen"

Year 1991 In News Headlines And Information

War With Iraq Begins

Croatia and Slovenia Declare Independence From Yugoslavia

Communist Soviet Union To End

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Year 1991 In Sports News And Other Fascinating Facts

Magic Johnson Says He Has Aids Virus/Is Retiring

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Year 1991 – Entertainment/Celebrity/Hollywood Info/Trends/Trivia/TV

"Justify My Love" - Madonna

cnn bernard shaw persian gulf war january 1991 tv news history timeline factsJanuary -  CNN gets high reviews in its coverage of the  Persian Gulf War during its first hours. Dramatic audio could  be  heard  from correspondents John Holliman,  Bernard Shaw and Peter Arnett from the Al Rashid Hotel in Baghdad…. “Cheers” still on top of the TV ratings… Kids On The Block, a producer of puppet shows based out of Cumberland, MD sues the pop group “New Kids On The Block” in federal court, accusing the teen idols of using its trademark name and wants the group to come up with a new name to boot. The puppet company produces puppet shows for children about physical and social disabilities. They’ve operated under the name since 1977...  Public Enemy has a new member - New York-based social activist Sister Souljah, who had been traveling with them on last year’s lecture tour… Radio and some television stations broadcast part or all of a version of John Lennon’s anti- war ode “Give Peace a Chance” with new lyrics by his 15-year-old son Sean. MTV then aired the video in its entirety. The video features 37 artists including Lenny Kravitz, Peter Gabriel, L.L. Cool J., Bonny Raitt, Terrence Trent D’Arby, MC Hammer, Tom Petty, Little Richard… American Music Awards - Rapper M.C. Hammer receive five awards - most popular single, album rap artist and album, Soul/R&B artist…

"The First Time" - Surface

February -   Passing - Danny Thomas - Beloved actor/comedian/entertainer and known for his work with St. Judes in Memphis. He was 79…

Whitney Houston’s “Star Spangled Banner” as performed at the Super Bowl is in demand. Radio stations are playing it - and it’ll be released as a single this week…

Whitney - Star Spangled Banner

More February - Top TV Show, “Cheers” with a 21 share… Because of a steady plunge in the ratings, “Pirate Radio” (100.3) in Los Angles changes formats… Actor Kirk Douglas and Noel Blanc (son of the late Mel Blanc) survive along with another man in a helicopter crash in Santa Paula, California… 

33rd annual Grammy Awards – some winners: 

Record of the year“Another Day In Paradise” – Phil Collins

Album of the year – Quincy Jones

Song of the year – “From A Distance” written by Julie Gold

mariah carey grammy 1991 new artist image timeline mrpopcultureNew artist of the year – Mariah Carey

Best pop vocal male – “Oh Pretty Woman” – Roy Orbison

Best pop vocal female – “Vision of Love” – Mariah Carey

Rock vocal male – “Bad Love” – Eric Clapton


Rock vocal female – “Black Velvet” – Alannah Myles

Metal performance – “Stone Cold Crazy” – Metallica

Alternative performance – “I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got” – Sinead  O’Connor...

Top Country - "Where You've Been" - Kathy Mattea

More February -  MTV marks videos that have been lip-synced as “visualization” and the person’s name. It is being used on the new “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C+C Music Factory, marking lip-syncing Zelma Davis who’s singing for Martha Wash…Vanessa Williams is set to host “The Soul of VH-1” – a new series beginning in early March. It’s videos, interviews with classic and contemporary soul artists... Both BET and MTV claim an exclusive on M.C. Hammer’s “Here Comes The Hammer” video. 

"All The Man That I Need" - Whitney Houston

March - Tony Orlando records a sequel to his 1973 hit - “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” because of the explosion of yellow ribbons in support of soldiers in the Persian Gulf. It’s called “With Every Yellow Ribbon”… A recent photo spread in “People” magazine shows the “Today” show’s Deborah Norville breast-feeding her new baby, causing much criticism… Nintendo Game Boy – Tetris, whitney houston star spangled banner 1991 march history music trivia timelineDr. Mario, StarTropics and Super Mario. Priced from $32 to $45… Now on Arista Records – Whitney Houston “The Star Spangled Banner” as performed at Super Bowl XXV... Opening this week –Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II” at a cost of $20 million – twice that for the first Ninja Turtle movie... A Gallup Poll says that viewers prefer to watch veteran Johnny Carson over Jay Leno by almost 2 to 1...  Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen are the parents of a baby boy. Wolfgang Van Halen is the couple’s first child. Bertinelli suffered a miscarriage in 1986 and has been trying for 10 years... His career is hot – Robert Van Winkle has sold over 10 million albums and has a new movie in the works – “Cool as Ice.” He use to open for M.C. Hammer, but this white rapper has taken off. He’s Vanilla Ice...  Berry Gordy Jr. is back in the record business after spending some time on film and television. West Grand Music Productions will debut in April with an album from ex-Temptation Lewis Price... Michael Jackson enters into a 50-50 joint venture with Sony Software that creates his own record company and offers outlets into theatrical films, television, short films, video games and other entertainment software... Teddy Pendergrass stands on stage for the first time easy e eric wright invite bob dole march 1991 music trivia rap timelinesince his 1982 car crash. Pendergrass did so at the Soul Train Awards in Los Angeles...  Rapper Eric Wright (Easy E) – is invited by Republican Senate leader Bob Dole to attend an exclusive luncheon in Washington, where President Bush is scheduled to speak to the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle. Wright is the founder of N.W.A. and owns Ruthless Records. Wright (23) a self-professed ex-gangster and former drug dealer received his invitation to the fund-raiser after he contributed $2,490 to the Republican Party. Wright is a big Bush fan and will attend. It’s full-circle for Wright. In 1989, The FBI sent N.W.A’s record label – Priority Records” a letter claiming their “Straight Outta Compton” album encouraged violence against law enforcement officers... The 4-year-old son of Eric Clapton is killed he fell out of the window of his family’s 53rd-floor apartment in Manhattan. The boy landed on the roof of a five-story building next door. The window had been opened for cleaning. The boy’s mother and a housekeeper were in the apartment, but did not see the boy fall out... R.E.M. releases a new album this week – “Out of Time.” Looks like “Losing My Religion” is the first hit... After months of speculation, Janet Jackson has left A&M Records for a major deal with Virgin Records. Sources say its value could be $35 million including $17 million upfront and $6 million per album...  VH-1 and EMI present Bobby McFerrin as the channel’s “Artist of the Month”... MTV announces a new show “The Buzz Bin,” a half-hour show that’ll promote new music from different genres... On ABC-TV this week – “James Brown: The Man, the Music & The Message.” Hosted by Dick Cavett. Saturday night at 11:30... An album of Paul McCartney’s upcoming acoustic appearance on MTV “Unplugged: the Official Bootleg” will be released in May. The show was recorded in January before an audience in London...  Radio news – “Yo MTV Raps” hosts Doctor Dre and Ed Lover join WBLS New York for Friday and Saturday nights... With the Gulf War ending – Radio stations are planning troop-return promotions and victory celebrations... HBO presents “Welcome Home Heroes” – a special Whitney Houston concert for the men and women of Operation Desert Storm. Simulcast on Westwood One Radio... Passing – David Guard – Founding member of the pop/folk group “The Kingston Trio.” He was 56 and died from lymphoma...

Bee Gees Interviewed By Rick Dees On "Into The Night"

"Someday" - Mariah Carey

63rd Annual Academy Awards held this week 

Best picture – “Dances with Wolves”

Best director – Kevin Costner – “Dances With Wolves”

Best actor – Jeremy Irons – “Reversal of Fortune”

Best actress – Kathy Bates – “Misery”

Best supporting actor – Joe Pesci – “Goodfellas”

Best supporting actress – Whoopi Goldberg – “Ghost"

"Coming Out Of The Dark" - Gloria Estefan

michael landon 1991 trivia facts news history mrpopculture celebrity photoApril - Jane Fonda’s Workout – the famous Beverly Hills aerobics studio that launched her incredible video fitness business, is closing. Business dropped-off after competition from nearby health clubs began. Fonda says she will concentrate on her core video, book and audiotape business... This week in prime time – “Saturday Night Live Goes Commercial.” The one-hour show features one of the things the show does best – commercial parodies. Hosted by Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson... Not enough room on cable systems for both - The battle of the comedy cable channels is over, as rivals Viacom and HBO agree on one channel – CTV: “The Comedy Network.” Both have been battling it out with their respective channels – HBO’s Comedy Channel, which launched in November 1989 and Viacom’s “Ha!” channel, which has only been around a year (April 1, 1990). Both channels lost more than $50 million each. The new CTV schedule will draw from both, plus some original programming. One of its offerings is “Mystery Science Theater 3000” – which goofs on old, seedy sci-fi movies and such. The premise involves a lab tech that is marooned in space as apart of an experiment to determine the effects of low-budget films... NBC announces that interim co-host Katie Couric will be Deborah Norville’s permanent replacement as co-anchor of the “Today” show. Apparently, the ratings have risen since Couric took over then Norville went on maternity leave in February. Couric (34) who has been co-anchoring “Today” since February 22 joined NBC News as deputy Pentagon correspondent in July, 1989 after 3 years at WRC-TV Washington... Don’t miss “MTV Unplugged” on Wednesday of this week as it features an hour of Paul McCartney...  Radio talk host Larry King will begin his new CNN talkshow on April 29. paula abdul may 1991 lip synching history music facts timelineLook for him nightly. Like radio, Larry will cover everything from topical to celebrity guests... Paula Abdul says she’s no Milli Vanilli, saying she wasn’t the sole lead singer on “Forever Your Girl”- her smash album from 1988. The lip-sync allegations come from a “false and deceptive packaging” lawsuit filed by singer Yvette Marine, who sang background vocals on the album. Marine’s lawsuit contends that Virgin records combined a lead ‘guide” vocal track sung by her with Abdul’s vocal track. Not exactly lip-syncing – so the charges by others are unfair...  After 13 years, CBS cancels “Dallas.” CBS will air a final two-hour episode May 3… Singer Peggy Lee will receive $2.3 million in her lawsuit against Walt Disney Co. over videocassette profits from “Lady and the Tramp.” She claimed they owed her $3.8 million... Michael Landon says he has inoperable cancer of the liver and pancreas. “I am going to fight it” said Landon – who is 54… The FCC votes to grant the television networks limited entry into the rerun market. The rule barred ABC, CBS and NBC from owning most of their prime-time programs, or from selling the reruns of those shows to local TV stations, cable TV networks for foreign broadcasters… Guns N’ Roses will release two albums simultaneously – “Use Your Illusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II” should be out in June… Lionel Ritchie and his wife Linda will divorce after 16 years together. They have one child... Nancy Reagan, Maureen Reagan and stepson Michael Reagan will guest on Joan Rivers show this Friday...  In Lexington, Kentucky, Whitney Houston - 27 is charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly punching Ransom Brotherton, 33 and threatening to kill him...

"Baby Baby" - Amy Grant

MayNBC Entertainment Chairman Brandon Tartikoff is leaving to head Paramount Pictures... NBC renews “The Cosby Show” for a seventh season, but at the lower rate of $2 million per episode instead of $2.6 million it paid last year...Linda and Paul michael landon 1991 cancer carson show may timelineMcCartney – vegetarians for 20 years, unveil a line of frozen vegetarians dishes… Cancer-ridden Michael Landon appears on the “Tonight “ show and joked about his cancer…  Harry Reasoner says goodbye to “60 Minutes”… “MTV Unplugged” is having a major impact on “non-electric” events and has added a new phrase “Unplugged” to the pop culture lexicon… The “Tonight” show will start five minutes later – 11:35pm beginning this fall. Why? So stations can add more ad time to their newscasts…Harry Reasoner says goodbye to “60 Minutes.” Reasoner, who was part of the show in its 1968 debut with Mike Wallace – left to go to rival ABC, and then returned... Neither TNN nor CMT will air Garth Brooks’ latest video “Thunder Road.” CMT did air it, but it was pulled due to viewer concerns about violence. The video depicts adultery and domestic violence. VH-1 is still considering it... Live rock ‘n’ roll – like it use to be on the 1970’s “In Concert” returns to network TV with ABC’s “In Concert ’91.” The one-hour program is scheduled for 14 consecutive Friday nights beginning soon... Trend - It’s only 16 months old, but “MTV Unplugged” is having a major impact on “non-electric” events and has added a new phrase “Unplugged” to the pop culture lexicon. So far, close to 40 acts have appeared on “Unplugged” and it just ventured into the rap arena with a show fearing L.L Cool J., De La Soul, MC Lyte and A Tribe Called Quest – to air later this month. No doubt MTV Unplugged is making acoustic performances – with an up-close feeling, rather cool...

Paul McCartney - MTV Unplugged - "Here, There Everywhere"

gloria estafan into the light tour 1991 music facts image timeline mrpopculture More May -  Motown Record Corp. sues to sever its long-term distribution and promotion agreement with MCA, accusing them of “ineptitude and deliberate misconduct”... Billboard Magazine has switched to a new computerized chart called “Soundscan” to gauge music sales. Figures are entered into a computer every time a clerk runs an album through a bar code scanner. The system, which currently tracks about 40% of the music sold in the U.S. – has some critics – particularly some record companies such as the WEA Group... Prince and his new band, New Power Generation will now be a … comic book! Look for it from DC Comics... Gloria Estefan “Into the Light” tour... Guitarist Nils Lofgren – who’s touring with his own band, says Bruce Springsteen never fired the E-Street band, for which he was a part when he replaced Steve Van Zandt during the “Born in the U.S.A..” tour. He says he’ll be back playing with Bruce on stage. Springsteen – is now making his third solo album... 

"I Don't Wanna Cry" - Mariah Carey

June -  5,000 copies of the N.W.A. album “Niggaz4life” are seized from a warehouse outside London under the Obscene Publications Act… Passing - David Ruffin , one of the founding members of the Temptations. He was 50… Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting a Humvee - the military vehicle. And, it’s not available to the general public, so he’s the first civilian to get a custom-built mode… Bruce Springsteen marries singer Patti Scialfa … The Divinyls “I Touch Myself” world tour… Billboard Magazine switches to a new computerized chart called “Soundscan” to gauge music sales… On Pay-Per-View this week – (LIVE) james brown 1991 america living facts music history mrpopculture imageJames Brown Living In America with guest appearances by M.C. Hammer, C+C Music Factory, Bel Biv Devoe, En Vogue, Ice T, The Boys and more! … Bruce Springsteen marries singer Patti Scialfa at their Los Angeles home….Radio - Howard Stern adds a new affiliate - KLSX-FM (97.1) in Los Angeles… Paul McCartney’s first musical work in the classical idiom, premieres  in London. “Liverpool Oratorio”… TV Guide reports that when Jay Leno takes over “The Tonight Show”  - viewers will see sweeping changes…Milli Vanilli- They’re back - Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan poke fun at their lip-synching scandal on a Care-Free Sugarless gum TV commercials... Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall are expecting their third child in January... Michael Jackson puts up $7000 to help cover the costs for David Ruffin’s funeral... Soundscan a bust? Billboard magazine has gone to the new automated system to count record and CD sales, but so far CEMA, MCA and WEA are questioning its accuracy. They say SoundScan’s sample of 2,300 record stores doesn’t reflect - accurately - national retail sales. (this system will eventually take hold)... An in Entertainment Weekly magazine “tastes” poll - Julia Roberts gets best actress and Kevin Costner best actress. Patrick Swayze is named sexiest actor. L.A. Law best gets best drama on TV and “The Cosby Show” gets favorite comedy... Angry Rap becoming big - as NWA scores a top 5 album ... Top Albums - Spellbound - Paula Abdul, Niggga4life - N.W.A., Slave to the Grind - Skid Row, No Fences - Garth Brooks, Gonna Make You Sweat - C+C Music Factory...After renewing wedding vows with husband Tom Arnold , Roseanne Barr will change her professional name to her new legal name , Roseanne Arnold. She appears on “Arsenio Hall” this week... Daytime TV news - actor Jack Wagner is set to return to the airwaves - this time in NBC’s “Santa Barbara.” He left his popular role as police detective-rock singer Frisco Jones on ABC’s  General Hospital.”

"Rush Rush" - Paula Abdul

axl rose july 1991 facts guns roses trivia timelineJuly -  Bronx rapper Tim Dog has it out for N.W.A. His new song “ Compton” features tirades against N.W.A., their girlfriends and other West Coast rappers... Hanson – “After The Rain” tour... Guns N’ Roses trouble as the group, according to leader Axl Rose, that the band was kept from another concert in St. Louis because of prior violence. Meanwhile, Rose has been sued by a man who claims he was assaulted during a riot in St. Louis... Violence surrounds the opening for the movie “Boyz N the Hood.” Eleven were injured at several Southern California theaters and there was trouble in Chicago and elsewhere... Looks like “Terminator 2” is getting Hollywood out of the box office doldrums. Its premiere week  - it did $52.3 million in business.

Terminator 2 Movie Trailer

rick dees into the night goodbye july 1991 abc facts history timelineMore July - Fox says it is expanding its program schedule and launch a national news service, so says chairman Barry Diller. This in spite of a major ad-slump in television. The news service will be just that. Fox wants to feed national news stories to affiliates - instead of a regular nightly newscast. Most Fox affiliates still don’t have news departments... BET - troubled by MTV’s video exclusives by R&B and rap acts, pressures major labels to consider their needs before renegotiating their exclusivity deals with MTV. BET says that labels which give MTV exclusives, risk having all their videos pulled. BET says it plays more black acts than MTV and that’s what the labels would be risking...ABC says it is buying back the rights to “Into The Night With Rick Dees” and staffers are notified the network will sever its ties to Dees. Last month, Dees said he planned to step down as host of the low-rated series in July, but would be staying on as producer while a succession of celebrities took the helm as host... Record News - Capitol reissues hits by the Beatles in the Cassette single format. The two-song cassettes include” Love Me Do”/”P.S. I Love You” and “From me To You”/Thank You Girl.” All in all - 22 will be released with a list price of $3.49 each. The cassette-single reissues precede Capitol’s release “The Beatles ‘62- ’66/’67-70 on CD in September....

Michael Landon Final Appearance (Johnny Carson Show)

roseann and tom 1991 trivia facts timeline julyMore July - Passing - Actor Michael Landon (54) of cancer… Passing - Actress Lee Remick (55) of cancer… Roseanne and Tom Arnold appear on The Joan Rivers Show for their first extended interview since they renewed their wedding vows June 23…  A new TV talkshow – by an unknown – Montel Williams – is getting a 13-week tryout in Los Angeles… Danny Bonaduce agrees to a plea agreement that cuts the jail time he will face in a case involving an attack on a transvestite prostitute… Mid-July - Johnny Carson returns to the “Tonight” show. He had not been on since his son Rick was killed in an auto accident June 21… Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) is arrested in Sarasota, Florida and charged with indecent exposure in an adult movie theater… In the wake of Pee Wee Herman’s indecent exposure arrest in Florida – both CBS and Disney severe ties with actor Paul Reubens… Passing - CBS newsman Harry Reasoner (68)…


alanis morrisette 1991 music history facts trivia little pill mrpopcultureAugust - Rick James and his girlfriend are arrested for allegedly imprisoning and torturing a 24-yar-old woman with a hot cocaine pipe over three days. James is being held on $1 million bail... Don Henley Summer 1991...Rod Stewart Vagabond Heart Tour, 1991... Nickelodeon debuts three cartoons - Doug, The Ren & Stimpy Show and  Rugrats…For the second time in a row, Dennis Miller will host the annual MTV Video Music Awards. Watch it September 4... Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill” has sold some 9.5 copies since its release in June of last year… 

At the Emmy Awards this week:

Best comedy - “Cheers”

Best actor in a comedy - Burt Reynolds - “Evening Shade”

Best actress in a comedy - Kirstie Ally - “Cheers”

Best drama series - “L.A. Law”

Best actor - drama - James Earl Jones - “Gabriel’s Fire”

Best actress in a drama - Patricia Wettig - “Thirtysomething”

mill vanilli court august 1991 refund music history timelineMore August - Tom Petty’s new video - “Into the Great Wide Open” premieres on MTV this week...  A circuit court judge in Chicago approves an unprecedented settlement against Milli Vanilli’s record company - Arista Records. Under terms of the agreement - Arista and BMG agree to pay $1 for singles, $2 for albums and cassettes and $3 for compact discs to any disgruntled Milli Vanilli fan that can prove they purchased recordings by November 27, 1990. Also, fans that bought tickets for Milli Vanilli concerts will be able to send in a ticket stub to receive a rebate of 5% of the ticket’s cost, not in excess of $2.50. The suit, filed in Chicago, was filed after Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan disclosed that they did not sing a note on their 10-million selling album “Girl You Know Its True”... Michael Jordan - the National Basketball Assn’s MVP will guest host the 17th season premiere of “Saturday Night Live” in September. Speaking of SNL - former cast member Garrett Morris will have a recurring role on a new Fox comedy called “Roc”... Howard Stern signs-on another major market. Already in NY, Philly and DC – Stern is now heard in LA on KLSX-FM. Rival radio personality Tom Leykis said Stern will not succeed in Los Angeles – “Not because he isn’t talented; he is. People in Los Angeles do not like insult humor, for one thing, and for another, folks here don’t really like New York or New Yorkers.” (Leykis was dead wrong.)... MTV Networks says it will split into three separately programmed cable channels beginning in mid-1993. The move comes as the world of 150 cable-TV channels is expected from local cable providers. Introduction of fiber optics and video compression are expected to boost channel capacity within the next few years. Tom Preston, president of MTV Networks says, “Television is fragmenting just like radio. This is a move on our part to specialize and then sell a larger combined audience to our advertisers.” So far, MTV doesn’t say what format the channels  ill be. Those plans could be delayed if local cable service doesn’t expand and some say it won’t soon...   

"Motown Philly" - Boyz II Men

pee wee herman returns september 1991 trivia timeline factsSeptember - For the first time NBC announced that Jay Leno would be succeeding Johnny Carson on the tonight show, David Letterman appears as a guest on the Tonight show. Carson asked him, “Just how pissed off are you?” With that, Letterman answered: “Let me give you some advice. You keep using language like that, you’ll find yourself out of a job”… Pee Wee returns - Pee-wee Herman’s appears on the MTV Video Music Awards. He  asked the audience: “Heard any good jokes lately?... Passing - Dottie West (58) - She died of complications suffered in an auto accident… Radio – On NBC-TV - Adventures of Mark and Brian- TV series debut for the two Los Angeles radio personalities… “New Kids On The Block” knocks out Bill Cosby out of the No. 1 spot on Forbes’ list of the world’s 40 richest entertainers… Radio - Las Vegas based Art Bell is taking his unique overnight talkshow national with “Coast-to-Coast AM” distributed by Chancellor Broadcasting Network…Pop artists New Kids On the Block’s movie deal is now permanently “on hold.” Columbia was set to do a film earlier this year, but the Kids wanted to tour and put off their movie moment until this fall. Columbia now feels the group’s appeal is slipping... What’s next for Bruce Willis? He’s taking a year off to reassess his career. He did the voice for the baby in “Look Who’s Talking” and made a bundle. Will he get into movies?... Passing – Jazz great Miles Davis. He was 65... Geffen Records says that Guns N’ Roses two new albums have sold 2.5 million copies each. They are “Use Your Illusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II."... Popular on PBS  - Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” It comes from the computer game. Lynne Thigpen plays the chief of a detective agency...  Marry – Liz Taylor to Larry Fortensky… 8th MTV Video Music Awards - "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M. gets video of the year. R.E.M.

mc hammer 1991 trivia music history facts mrpopculture pictureOctober- M.C. Hammer offers a $50,000 reward for Michael Jackson’s white, crystal beaded glove which was stolen from the Motown Museum in Detroit… Country Music Awards – Garth Brooks received four awards – including entertainer of the year… Actor Dack Rambo says he’s leaving “Another World” saying he quit the NBC soap after testing positive for the HIV virus. .. Prime time special - Don’t miss Johnny Carson’s 29th Anniversary featuring highlights from Roseanne Arnold, Albert Brooks, Julio Iglesias, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Eddie Murphy, Annie Potts, Robin Williams and more...  Passing - Tennessee Ernie Ford (72)… In Las Vegas a standing room only crowd claps to gospel music at a funeral for comedian Redd Foxx, who died last Friday at (68). Foxx died from a heart attack, suffered on the set of his TV series “The Royal Family.”  His last words were “I’m Coming Elizabeth, I’m Coming”…  Looks like compact discs are catching up to cassettes with CD’s accounting for 42.5% in sales vs. 48.4% for cassettes last year... Former child actor Adam Rich (22) is arrested after doctors at a hospital said he took a hypodermic syringe believed to contain a dose of the painkiller Demerol. Concert promoter Bill Graham dies when a helicopter carrying him and two associates crashed into an electrical utility tower near Vallejo, California… Finally – A Planet Hollywood – opens in…Hollywood! On hand – part-owners Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester StalloneTurner Broadcasting System signs an agreement to purchase the library of cartoon maker Hanna Barbera…   Passing – Gene Roddenberry (70)…

"Romantic" - Karyn White

November - Geraldo Rivera goes on Howard Stern’s show to repute what Bette Midler has been saying. “If she keeps this interview rape talk and saying I drugged her for sex, I’ll sue her.” His new book is “Exposing Myself” – and in it, he says he had sex with Midler and other stars... Passing – Fred MacMurray. He was 83... Passing – Broadway producer Joseph Papp. He was 70: from prostate cancer...More overnight news – as ABC and NBC say they will join CBS and of course, CNN to present overnight news. NBC is “NBC Nightside,” and that’s interesting because NBC killed off overnight news with its 17-month-old “NBC News overnight” in 1983… After announcing he that he is infected with the AIDS virus, Magic Johnson goes on Arsenio Hall and pleads to the audience to practice safe sex… Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” album released November 26 with 14 songs - 12 written or co-written by Jackson… Robbers steal 30,000 copies of the soon-to-be-released - Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” album - a rather hot commodity. They were stolen from a warehouse  freddy mercury 1991 death music rock history facts mrpopculturenear Hollywood… Passing - Queen’s Freddie Mercury , who acknowledged he had AIDS - dies. He was 45 and the first major rock star to acknowledge having AIDS…


More November - Gangsta Rap – Ice Cube’s new “Death Certificate” album is under attack as racist and hatemongering. .. Passing - Eric Carr - drummer for Kiss... of cancer. He was 41. Carr replaced drummer Peter Criss… Robert Pilatus (27) - half the disgraced pop music duo Milli-Vanilli - tries to commit suicide by slashing his wrist and gulping prescription pills and then dangled himself from a ninth floor hotel balcony on the Sunset Strip…

"When A Man Loves A Women" - Michael Bolton

kurt loder mtv december 1991 facts history timelineDecember  - Madonna’s managers aren’t taking any chances and are taking steps to silence rumors that the singer is HIV positive. They want to know where they began... Michael Jackson’s new “Dangerous” album, despite a multimillion dollar publicity campaign that included a national network premiere of the single “Black or White” – still sold less than either new “Guns N’ Roses” album...

Beverly Hills 90210 - Mattel Toys says it will make dolls out of the characters played by Luke Perry, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling and Jason Priestley… After 11 years, John Williams , conductor of the Boston Pops says he’s leaving… Marry - Richard Gere (42) to his longtime girlfriend, supermodel Cindy Crawford (25)… MTV’s year-end rock report features R.E.M. Music reporter Kurt Loder said that 1991 was “a pretty bad year for the music industry (but) in some ways, a fairly healthy year for music itself”… MTV’s year-end rock report features R.E.M. Music reporter Kurt Loder said that 1991 was “a pretty bad year for the music industry (but) in some ways, a fairly healthy year for music itself.” He cited the year’s bad concert tour receipts as an example. One of the big controversies of the music year was Ice Cube – free speech vs. hate speech... Heard more and more – Michael Jackson is now “the king of pop."... Reba McEntire dismisses five of her band members, including four who replaced musicians killed in a March plane crash near San Diego. Sources say Reba usually changes musicians at the end of the year... Since announcing he had prostate cancer last month – Frank Zappa (51) is still composing music – mostly classical.  

Billboard’s Top Pop Music Artists for 1991:

Mariah Carey

Garth Books

C&C Music factory

Michael Bolton

Wilson Phillips

Whitney Houston

Vanilla Ice

Paula Abdul

Amy Grant


Black Crowes





Color Me Badd

L.L. Cool J

 Boyz II Men

Bette Midler

Another Bad Creation

Jesus Jones

Country Hit - "Straight Tequila Night" - John Anderson

The Year 1991 In News Headlines And Information

president bush iraq war begins january 1991 history timelineJanuary 1 -The Iraqi regime agrees to send its foreign minister to Geneva for talks with Secretary of State James A Baker III... In a videotaped New Year’s greeting to “all the wonderful people of the Soviet Union,” President Bush offered encouragement to a beleaguered Mikhail S. Gorbachev, saluting he and his people for undertaking “an arduous journey” toward anew society.”... President Mikhail S. Gorbachev called on citizens to unite and bring the country out of its deepening crisis...  President Bush insists that Secretary of State James A. Baker III will not engage in ‘secret diplomacy” when he meets with Iraq’s foreign minister this week in Geneva. His message will be for Iraq to get out of Kuwait or face consequences... Evacuees from Somalia’s capital tell of a city in smoke and corpses everywhere... Operation Desert Shield has already claimed the lives of 52 Americans in the Persian Gulf region and 34 more in two accidents outside the military theater... Meanwhile in Iraq – some Congressional leaders say that Congress  will vote to authorize President Bush to go war with Iraq... The White House concedes that the U.S. is in a recession. Banks cut their prime interest rate to 9.5%... A sniper hit a school bus near Cape Cod, killing one high school basketball player. The bus was carrying 13 girls from a New Bedford High School freshman basketball team to a game at Falmouth, Mass... The “Voice of Free Iraq” aimed at undermining support for Saddam Hussein begins broadcasting. The station refers to Hussein as “the very Satan,” “despot,’ tyrant” and “crooked".. In Texas, Diana Lumbrera is accused of killing her 6 children – convicted of smothering one and is charged with the deaths of four others. Friends believe it was witchcraft...  White supremacist Byron de La Beckwith is arrested again and could be returned to Mississippi this week to face a third trial for the 1963 slaying of civil rights leader Medgar Evers. He was arrested on a governor’s warrant charging him with first-degree murder and has been jailed without bond. He is 70... 

james baker III news january 1991 facts history timelineJanuary 8 -In Geneva, Secretary Of State James Baker and Iraqi Foreign Minstar Tarik Aziz fail to avert war in the Persian Gulf. The two met for more than six hours in a hotel meeting room, trying to find a diplomatic solution to the gulf crisis... 

Congress votes to authorize U.S. troops to attack Iraq. The vote in both houses supports Bush and frees troops to attack Iraq...  President Bush hold out little hope that Saddam Hussein will withdraw from Kuwait at deadline. He doesn't - so war with Iraq begins as hundreds of American, British, Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian warplanes bomb strategic targets in Iraq and parts of occupied Kuwait. The massive offence was led by U.S. F-15 fighter-bombers based in Saudi Arabia. “The liberation of Kuwait has begun” announced President Bush shortly after the attack began...  CNN gets high reviews in its coverage of the Persian Gulf War during its first hours, blitzing CBS, NBC and ABC. Dramatic audio could  be heard  from correspondents John Holliman, Bernard Shaw and Peter Arnett from the Al Rashid Hotel in Baghdad.

More - First Lady Barbara Bush slams into a tree while coasting on inner tubes with her grandchildren at Camp David and suffers a minor break in her left leg. Movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger was with the group as well. “No damage to the tree” commented the President. 


January 15 - War - Iraq fires missiles into civilian populations of Tel Aviv and Haifa – injuring around seven persons... In an effort to help Scud missiles sent at Israel, the U.S military dispatches American soldiers and two Patriot missile batteries to stand guard against any new attacks... Enemy POW’s - The first Iraqi’s are captured – 12 in all. They are described as young and frightened...  Iraqi War POW’s - First reports - Iraqi television displays seven uniformed men, among them thee Americans who it calls “American Flyers.” Several captives sent messages of reassurance to their families... Besides Israel, Iraq fires at least 10 

dinkins ny lay offs january 1991 trivia facts history timelineScud missiles at two Saudi Arabian cities – and all are destroyed... New York mayor David N. Dinkins proposes a record $29.3 billion spending plan with $580 million in new or higher taxes and 16.500 layoffs for balance. 

First TV News Reports Iraqi War - CNN

January 23 - Iraqi scud missiles hit Tel Aviv – three are dead with most devastation coming from a crippled apartment building... French warplanes join allied forces in the Persian Gulf theater... Japan announces that it will add $9 billion to its support of U.S.-led forces in the Middle East and supply military cargo aircraft to transport refugees... An angry President Bush – in his first speech since the U.S. and allied forces attacked Iraq – said “No one should weep for this tyrant when he is brought to justice. No one – anywhere in the world”... State of the Union address - President Bush called on Americans to “accept our responsibility to lead the World away for the dark chaos of dictators” and “we will succeed” of the allied commitment to expel Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from Kuwait...  Iraqi President Saddam Hussein indicates that he will use chemical weapons only as a last resort, asserting that he and his military have maintained “our balance” by employing only conventional weapons thus far in the Persian Gulf conflict... Allied forces recapture much of the Saudi area of Khafji after Iraq’s first air strike. 12 U.S. Marines are dead... A major containment effort is under way to hold back massive surges of crude oil unleashed in Kuwait – the largest oil spill in history. The slick is 30-miles long and eight-miles wide and spreading at an alarming rate. As much as 6 million barrels of crude oil had been pumped into the Gulf. Iraq is blamed for unleashing the oil from five huge oil tankers moored off the Kuwaiti coast... In Israel - Patriot missiles shoot down Iraq scud missiles... Lt. Gen. Stanislav Petrov – a top Soviet chemical warfare officer says that Iraq had more than 2,000 tons of chemical and biological weapons before the start of the Gulf War and it’s likely that only a portion has been destroyed...

President George H. Bush State Of The Union 1991

george h bush 1991 history facts timeline mrpopcultureFebruary 1 - An air traffic controller is blamed for the collision of two planes at Los Angeles International Airport – and as many as 33 may be dead The USAir jetliner landing at the airport collided on the ground with a commuter plane... Six U.S. crewmen are dead after their B-52 crashed into to Indian Ocean while returning from a bombing run over Iraq... President Bush – taking it to the road in Georgia – told a crowd that Saddam Hussein has an “endless appetite for evil” and that when the war ends, “We will have taught a dangerous dictator… that what we say goes”... Vidar Kleppe – a right-wing Norwegian legislator has nominated President Bush for the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize for standing up to Saddam Hussein’s “threats against the whole world community”... President Bush rules out a ground war so far – and says he will rely on his military advisers on such a direction... U.S. and allied warplanes will not bomb residential streets and will not target civilians. Many Iraqi’s re hiding in schools and mosques... Secretary of State James Baker III indicates that the U.S. and its allies may help rebuild postwar Iraq but they must have a key peacetime role... The DNA Advisory Committee – endorses a plan by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis – to insert foreign genes into cancer-stricken immune cells of children with leukemia. 

February 8 - Gulf War - Defense Secretary Dick Cheney says that the Persian Gulf war has “gone extremely well to date” and colin powell february 1991 gulf war trivia timeline factsthat “the question is when” to begin a ground assault into Kuwait while continuing air attacks... General Colin L. Powell - chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff visits U.S troops at a Saudi air base. “We’ll get this over with a simple process. We’ll cut it off and kill it.” Of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, the General said: “He has seen what our Air Force can do and he’ll see a lot more of it in days and weeks ahead”... NBC says that the Persian Gulf War has cost the network about $37 million in cancelled advertising and increased news expenses so far. It’s believed that CBS and ABC are bearing the same costs... Television anchorwoman Diane Newton King of WUHQ-TV (channel 41) in Battle Creek is shot to death in her driveway as she turned to get her two children out of the car. The newscaster had been receiving threatening calls from a male viewer. Her husband discovered her body... 

February 15 - Unless Iraq surrenders or strikes a deal, The United States plans to unleash a ground, air and sea assault against Iraqi troops in Kuwait and southern Iraq... Iraq offers to withdraw from Kuwait if the United States and its allies meet several conditions, but the offer was deemed null. President Bush rejected the plan, calling it a “cruel hoax”... Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev in a surprise attempt to avert an approaching ground war between Iraq and U.S. led forces, urges Kuwait to pullout and offers a peace proposal, which later, President Bush said fell short

February 22 - President Bush gives Iraq until noon to begin immediate and unconditional withdrawal of its troops from Kuwait. The President accuses the Hussein regime of setting Kuwait oil wells on fire.  At least 150 of Kuwait’s 950 oil wells have been saddam hussein february 1991 facts trivia timelineset ablaze by Iraqi troops... The United States and its allies launch their long-threatened ground assault against Iraqi forces to drive them out of Kuwait... Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s government orders its forces to withdraw from Kuwait as allied troops push further into Iraq and occupy Kuwait... An Iraqi Scud missile slams into a makeshift barracks full of U.S. troops near Dhahran, Saudi Arabia – killing at least 27 soldiers... U.S. Marines enter the capital of Kuwait, cutting off the main body of Iraq’s elite republican guard – as his armies flee... President Bush announces a suspension of hostilities in the Persian Gulf War – declaring, “Kuwait is liberated. Iraq’s army is defeated. Our military objectives are met”..  Convicted junk bond financier Michael Milken will serve his sentence at a minimum-security prison in the San Francisco Bay Area... Chrysler Corp announces that it will discontinue its Jeep Wagoneer... The Republic of Croatia joined Slovenia’s move to secede from Yugoslavia... After months of debate – the New York City board of Education decides to begin handing out condoms at 30 to 35 schools, then phase in at the rest of the city’s 120 schools...

March 1 - Iraq – ever closer to a cease fire – agrees to an immediate exchange of all prisoners of war and to help locate its mines and booby troops in Kuwait. Later, Iraq accepts cease-fire talks... Thousands of refugees flee violence in southern Iraq as president bush march 1991 trivia facts timelineRepublican guard brigades loyal to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein blast their way into districts of Basra... President Bush – fresh from victory in the Persian Gulf, declares that it is time ‘to put an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict... American war deaths are put at 89... The body count is practically impossible – but it’s probable that tens of thousand of Iraqi soldiers lie – waiting to be counted... President Bush’s popularity surges in Europe – as the most visible leader of the allied coalition in the Persian Gulf – has brought him unprecedented praise in Europe and floods of testimonials to his prowess at the helm of the 28-nation alliance... Iraqi President Saddam Hussein proclaims that President Bush had ordered a halt in hostilities only after Iraq’s Republican Guard had “broken the backbone” of the coalition in fierce combat near Basra... Retiring - Thomas W. Kelly – the general who became known to millions of Americans through televised gulf War pres conferences, bids farewell... In Los Angeles - Rodney King is freed from jail – saying he obeyed police  - layed down and took his beating. The LA DA says there is not enough evidence to file criminal charges at this time... The Dow hits 3,000, then pulls back. Oh so close... Tainted Sudafed In Washington State... Cyanide-tainted Sudafed spawns fear in Washington State – with the discovery of a sixth suspicious package of the drug....

March 8 - Chaos in Iraq – as journalists, Kuwaitis and two U.S POW’s are released by Baghdad, Saddam Hussein is struggling with desertion and fighting is spreading. Meantime – the first U.S. troops return Stateside... Massive artillery and rocket james baker march 1991 facts history timelineattacks are reported in Iraq and Saddam Hussein intensifies assaults to regain control of chunks of his country... Secretary of State James Baker will meet with Gaza Strip and West Bank leaders during his tour of the Middle East. Earlier – eight Arab countries gave a general endorsement to President Bush’s Middle East peace initiative... Exxon Corp agreed to pay $900 million in damages and a $100 million criminal fine for the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska two years ago...  Dick Cheney said that the Persian Gulf War demonstrated that the army should abandon its reliance on National Guardsmen and reservists as rapid-deployment combat troops and leave that job solely to active-duty soldiers... A 30-yearold man died after reporting that he had ingested Sudafed – the 3rd cyanide death-Sudafed link. So far, one of three suspect Sudafed capsules recovered in a nationwide recall contains a highly toxic form of cyanide typically used in the metal plating industry, so says the FBI... The U.S. trade deficit shrank to a six-year low of $99.3 billion in 1990 and allied contributions for the Persian Gulf War should translate into an even more dramatic improvement this year... Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, architect of the allied campaign that drove the Iraqi army from Kuwait, paid his first visit to the liberated emirate.  He walked on the beach with the general of Kuwait’s armed forces and stopped to fill two small bottles with sand. “This is sand from the liberated beaches of Kuwait,” said the General...The nation’s unemployment rate jumped sharply in February to 6.5% from 6.2%... 

March 15 - Peace agreement - At a meeting in Bermuda, President Bush and British Prime Minister John Major agree that Iraq must yield to the supervised destruction of its chemical weapons and pledge some portion of its future oil revenues to pay for the destruction of Kuwait... A Blackhawk helicopter crashes in Iraq, killing six servicemen, bringing the total U.S. military toll to 324 since the Bush Administration first sent forces to the Persian Gulf after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait on August 2... A U.S. Air Force michael milken march 1991 facts history drexel timeline businessfighter shoots down one of two Iraqi warplanes spotted flying near Sadam Hussein’s hometown of Riyadh...  The Securities and Exchange Commission bans former Drexel Burham Lambert junk bond chief Michael Milken from the securities industry for life... After touring Kuwait’s flaming oil fields, several U.S. senators urged that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein be put on trial for crimes against the environment... New York mayor David N. Dinkins is booed when me marched with members of an Irish gay group rather than at the head of the nation’s oldest and largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Heard in the crowd – “One-term mayor!” and other chants.  

March 22 - President Saddam Hussein shakes up his Cabinet – ousting his foreign minister and names a Shiite Muslim as prime minister. President Bush says that Hussein is still calling the shots... The Soviet government bans all political demonstrations in Moscow until mid-April. The reason – to prevent Yeltsin supporters from holding mass rallies... Thousands of Boris Yeltsin supporters, defying a ban by the Kremlin rally in the center of Moscow demanding Mikhail Gorbachev’s ouster... Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev has stripped Moscow’s liberal city government of control of the capital’s police force as radicals declare that they would proceed with a protest rally despite a new ban on demonstrations...  Gulf schwarzkop annihiliate comment iraq 1991 history facts timeline marchcommander H. Norman Schwarzkopf says he wanted to annihilate Iraq’s armies as Hannibal once crushed the Romans, but President Bush pulled him up short. In an interview with David Frost, Schwarzkopf also said Baghdad’s cease-fire negotiators “suckered me” into letting Iraq keep flying the helicopters it is now using against Shiite and Kurdish rebels... The Bush Administration sharply denied assertions by Gen Schwarzkopf that he had recommended continuing the allied attack until Saddam Hussein’s forces were annihilated. The decision to stop firing before the Iraqi forces were destroyed “was coordinated with and concurred in by the commander in the field, Gen. Schwarzkopf”... American troops are witnessing first-hand the uprising and repression against Saddam Hussein – and watch as buildings are bombed. President Bush said it appears increasingly unlikely that Hussein can maintain his hold on power much longer... President Bush has written to Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev urging a renewal effort to break a deadlock in nuclear arms negotiations... The White House says that the U.S. will not intervene in Iraq’s civil war, rejecting the Kurds’ plea for help... Gen H. Norman Schwarzkopf says he apologizes to President Bush for suggesting that he halted the Persian Gulf War prematurely and that it was a bad choice of words.

April 1 - Iraq accepts U.N. conditions for a permanent cease-fire, which could set the stage for U.S. withdrawal soon... Peacekeeping process begins - After eight months, the United Nations Security Council votes a formal ending to the Persian Gulf War...  Ex-Senator John Tower of Texas, his daughter Marian and astronaut Manley (Sonny) Carter are among 23 who perish after their commuter plane crashes in Georgia...Also killed, Senator John Heinz (R-Pa.) and six others when his small plane collides with a helicopter... The city of Los Angeles temporarily relieves police chief Daryl Gates of his duties until completion their Rodney King aftermath investigation. 

dick cheney april 1991 facts trivia timelineApril 8 - The Bush Administration plans for an expansion of relief efforts for Kurdish refugees... Iran aids famished Kurds inside Iraq by dumping food and supplies by helicopter into their camps... Defense Secretary Dick Cheney proposes closing 31 U.S. military bases, citing shrinking defense budgets... 140 passengers and crewmembers die after a ferryboat slammed into the stern of an oil tanker in heavy fog in Italy... Ruptured storage tanks and a broken pipeline are spilling 126,000 gallons of new crude oil a day into the Gulf, ruining the coastal waters of Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states...  President Bush meets with Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari in Houston where they discussed a proposed free-trade agreement.

April 15 - Iraq says it still has over 11,000 chemical warheads in its arsenal. They say this – just as the U.S. announces it is pulling some 40,000 GI’s out of the area... U.S. ground forces enter Northern Iraq to survey possible sites for relief camps for hundreds of thousands of Kurdish refugees... Kurdish officials say that they and Iraq have begun peace negotiations – in a surprise development... Defense Secretary Dick Cheney predicts the eventual downfall of Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev amid the economic chaos in his country. Cheney also warned that the U.S. would rebuild its military forces if Soviet hard-liners took over the Kremlin... Gen H. Norman Schwarzkopf bids an emotional farewell to Saudi Arabia and heads home... President Bush suggests that he would be willing to give Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein safe passage to another country. He said the most important task is “to get Saddam Hussein out of there"... President Bush signs a bill ordering 235,000 railroad strikers back to work immediately... President Bush meets with the Dalai Lama – the first time an American President has received the exiled Tibetan religious leader... Gen H. Norman Schwarzkopf returns home to Tampa to a hero’s welcome.  

saddam hussein meets with kurds april 1991 facts history timelineApril 22 -  Kurdish leader Jaial Talabani, after a face-to-face meeting with Saddam Hussein, declares they have struck a deal for peace in northern Iraq. The Kurds will abandon their shattered revolt in exchange for promises of political autonomy and democratic reform... U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar announces that U.N. relief teams will take over the Kurdish refugee camps in northern Iraq from American troops “as soon as possible”...  In a ceremony, space shuttle Endeavor makes its debut. It replaces the Challenger, which exploded after liftoff in 1986. The Endeavor joins Discovery, Atlantis and Columbia. The new vessel’s name was suggested by schoolchildren from Senatobia, Mississippi and Tallulah Falls, Georgia, who were present for the rollout... Former Presidents Carter and Ford join the other two living Presidents - Reagan and Nixon, in endorsing a bill requiring a seven-day waiting period for the purchase of handguns... A new sort of sport called bungee jumping is being experienced by more and more people. Bungee Jumping is only legal from a tethered hot air balloon. The usual height is 150 feet. 

president bush hospitalized may 1991 facts history timelineMay 1 - President Bush is hospitalized for treatment of an abnormal heart rhythm after complaining of shortness of breach and fatigue while jogging at Camp David... President Bush returns to work after responding well to his medication... Rescue teams pour through the ruins after a Soviet earthquake kills 100. It hit parts of the northern Caucasus Mountains... Thousand of bodies have washed up on the shores of Bangladesh after a cyclone. So far – the death toll is over 37,000... April sales of cars and trucks drop 17.9% from a year ago...Space shuttle discovery continues “Stars Wars” tests...Shell Oil and BP announce the discovery of a major new oil field deep beneath the Gulf of Mexico...In his new book “The Commanders,” Bob Woodward says that Gen. Colin Powell had counseled against military action in the early days of the Persian Gulf crisis – that he favored sanctions against military action...The nation’s major banks cut their prime lending rate to 8.5% from 9.0%.

May 8 - Secretary of State James A. Baker III arrives in Syria – to tell them they face isolation if they don’t talk to Israel... President Bush announces that William Webster will be retiring as Director of the CIA... Iraq tells the U.N. that it has rejected a plan to replace U.S. and other allied troops protecting Kurdish refugees in northern Iraq with U.N police forces... A South African william kennedy smith may 8 1991 facts trivia timelinejudge Finds Winnie Mandela guilty on four kidnapping charges and four counts of accessory for assault after the fact... William Kennedy Smith is charged with rape and battery of a 29-year-old woman. She told police she wondered shy Sen. Edward Kennedy, Smith’s uncle and others and others in the Kennedy family mansion in Palm Beach had not responded to her screams... Sen. Edward Kennedy  said he never knew then his nephew was being accused or rape...  William Kennedy Smith surrenders to police in Palm Beach, denouncing the allegations of his accuser as “an outrageous lie.” He was released on a $10,000 cash bond, was finger-printed and photographed... South Africa - Hundreds of Zulus armed with spears and clubs rampaged through a squatter camp – hacking and burning to death at least 25 people... On Capitol Hill – Gen. H Norman Schwarzkopf got standing ovations as he extolled the American people for their all-out support during the Persian gulf conflict and President Bush for giving the military a free hand to win the war with minimum casualties... Maine’s cash-strapped state government closes on Friday and more than 10,000 workers stayed home for the first one of (two) one-day shutdowns to save money... President Bush’s doctors say the cause of his recent heart irregularity is a mildly overactive thyroid gland that is expected to be easily treated. 

May 15 - Big trouble in Yugoslavia as leadership collapses after a Serbian-led coup d’etat. There’s no president and there’s the threat of a civil war... The Iraqi government agrees to place U.N. guards on Iraqi refugee camps to protect Kurds there... Kuwait - Trials proceed for over 600 suspected of collaborating with the occupational forces. Six have been convicted so far... Landmark - Soviet lawmakers approve a law giving virtually all citizens the right to travel abroad freely... The United Nations Security Council sets-up a reparations fund that will divert a percentage of Iraqi oil revenue to compensate Saddam Hussein’s victims for damages suffered in the Persian Gulf War... Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says that the U.S. recession winnie mandella sentenced may 1991 trivia facts history timelineis losing its punch and is hopeful the 10-month downturn will end soon... Johannesburg - Winnie Mandela is sentenced to six years in prison for her role in abducting four young black men who were later brutally beaten at her home... Queen Elizabeth II makes history by becoming the first British monarch to address a joint session of Congress. She spoke on serious themes of self-government and international co-operation and the Persian Gulf War... Gulf War hero Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He is now Honorary Knight Commander in the Military Division of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath – the 58th American since World War II to receive honorary knighthood... Medical - A survey of more than 3,000 surgeons shows that none appear to have been infected with the deadly AIDS virus from a patient.

May 22 - The Supreme Court rules that the government may prohibit doctors in federally funded family planning clinics from telling poor pregnant women that abortion is a medical option for them...  India - widow Sonia Gandhi is named to replace her husband as his party’s President... An Austrian airliner explodes just after taking off from Bangkok airport and all 223 passengers and crewmembers perish. The plane was bound for Vienna... The Bush Administration says the Kremlin’s new economic plan won’t reform the country and is inadequate... Congress grants final approval to a Democrat-written $1.45-trillion federal budget for 1992 that rejects President Bush’s plan to cut Medicare and other benefit programs... Eleven Detroit area police officers are arraigned on charges of accepting money to guard several large shipments of cocaine... 26 hour uprising - Inmates surrender the last three guards at the Southport Correctional facility in Elmira, NY and agreed to return to their cells peacefully... Thousands of refugees return to the northern Iraqi city of Dahuk after U.S. led forces moved in to reassure the Kurds that it is gorbachev may 1991 trends trivia timeline historysafe to return... President Mikhail S. Gorbachev says the Soviet Union needs $100 billion and needs help from the West... Israel completes a major airlift operation – transporting more than 14,000 Ethiopian Jews from Addis Ababa to Tel Aviv – in 33 hours... In Texas - Queen Elizabeth II, greeted in a tent outside Houston City Hall, and later visited the Johnson Space Center... Civil war - In Ethiopia – the government confirms the fall of Asmara – the country’s second largest city – to Eritrean rebels... President Bush’s son Neil and 10 other directors and officers of failed Colorado savings and Loan reach a $49.5 million settlement with federal banking regulators over a lawsuit stemming from the thrift’s 1988 failure... South Africa - Winnie Mandela was arrested twice within eight hours after scuffles with police who were breaking up demonstrations demanding the release of hunger-striking political prisoners... President Bush says he will renew the trade benefits granted to China, saying that isolation will not make China change.

CBS news w/Dan Rather  

June 1 - The federal commission created to review base closing recommends 36 military bases added to the current list of 11 - to be closed... Egyptian leaders strike an agreement under which Egypt will provide combat troops to a Mideast security force in Kuwait. The decision will help Washington delay a final pullout of U.S. troops there... The House approves a disputed civil rights bill. The measure is designed to overturn a series of 1989 Supreme Court decisions that narrowed the scope lf laws against job discrimination..

June 8 - Victory parade - 200,000 cheer veterans of Operation Desert Storm in Washington D.C... Most military and civilian personnel are ordered evacuated from Clark Air Base in the Philippines after a volcano dormant for six centuries began exploding... President Bush has granted the Soviet Union $1.5 billion in agricultural credits to help Mikhail S. Gorbachev and to further help political stability in the area... The White House announces that President Bush will meet next week in Washington with Boris N. Yeltsin. But it’s a fine line, as the Administration does not want to undermine Mikhail Gorbachev. Yeltsin is the first elected leader to poise a direct challenge to Gorbachev’s continued role at the helm of a troubled Soviet political system... Bulgaria - A speech by Vice President Dan Quayle turns into an anti-Communist rally with more than 20,000 Bulgarians waving American flags, shouting “U.S.A!” and chanting, “We don’t want communism.” ... Another victory parade - Tickertape parade in NY as thousands cheer the return of Gulf War veterans along Broadway. President Bush praises Salvadoran President Alfredo Cristiani’s efforts to end his country’s long civil war and urged  leftist rebels to ‘return to the negotiating table and stay there.’ Florida - The judge in the William Kennedy Smith rape case declares  that “incessant” news coverage is “polluting the  potential jury panel” and will issue a gag order... The nation’s unemployment rate is up at 6.9% - the worst since 1986.

boris yelstin june 1991 facts history timelineJune 15 - The Population Registration - a legal foundation of apartheid - is repealed by the white-controlled Parliament - ending four decades of cradle-to-grave racial labeling in South Africa... Boris N. Yeltsin arrives in Washington - and this time - is given a VIP treatment - unlike his 1989 visit when he was considered an underling to Mikhail Gorbachev... Billionaire cocaine lord Pablo Escobar - the subject of a seven-year manhunt - surrenders to Colombian authorities in exchange form a promise of leniency for drug related crimes and a guarantee against extradition to the United States... The Supreme Court gives communities broad powers to ban nude dancing, ruling that the public’s “moral disapproval” of nudity outweighs the first Amendment’s protection of free expression... Berlin reclaims its glory as the capital of Germany after Parliament voted to abandon Bonn and “complete the unification” process... The federal government estimates that the cost of treating AIDS patients will nearly double between 1991 and 1994 - from $5.8 billion to $10.4 billion... Boris N. Yeltsin - the Russian Federation’s newly elected president says he sees no way to save the Soviet Union’s Communist system and that he will press ahead with radical reforms to bring the country a broad democracy and market economy... U.S. officials launch an emergency evacuation of about 20,000 military dependents from bases facing massive clean up after the 36-hour eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines. They’re coming back to the States... Kuwait’s martial-law court sentenced eight people to death - six of them in absentia - for collaborating with Iraqi occupation forces...

June 23 -  Croatia and Slovenia declare independence from Yugoslavia, delivering a deathblow to the federation and to the 73-year struggle to unite the fractious Balkan nations... Kuwait lifts martial law, ending four months of military rule and disbanding the controversial military tribunal that has been trying accused wartime collaborators... Justice Thurgood Marshall, the only black to serve on the Supreme Court announces that he is retiring, citing his advancing age and medical condition. He’ll be 83 next week. His resignation will become effective when his successor is confirmed... A strong 6.1 earthquake rocks Southern California, killing at least one with 107 injured. The quake’s epicenter was near Pasadena... Tough fiscal crisis - New York City lays off 10,000 workers this week - in the city’s worst fiscal crisis since the mid- 70’s. Mayor David Dinkins and the New York City Council remain at an impasse over how to close a record $3.5 billion shortfall in the city’s budget for the new fiscal year...

clarence thomas named july 1991 facts history timelineJuly 1 - President Bush names Clarence Thomas (43), a conservative black judge with a controversial record on civil rights - to replace Thurgood Marshall...President Bush does a two-day tour to celebrate the fourth of July. He began with the presentation at the White House of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the five senior officials who played a central role in the Persian Gulf: Gen Colin Powell, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, James Baker, Dick Cheney and Brent Scowcroft. Bush headed off to Mt Rushmore for a speech and celebrations..

July 8 -  Mikhail S. Gorbachev, preparing for an economic meeting with the West in London, says he has embraced open markets and other painful reforms for his country’s crippled economy... The Bush Administration announces the withdrawal of the last 1,500 U.S. troops in Iraq. The Administration warns Iraq of its willingness to use anew border strike force if the government resumes attacks on Kurds or engages in other aggressive behavior... Iraqi President Saddam Hussein reveals that Iraq has the equipment needed to enrich uranium so it can be used in a nuclear bomb... A poll conducted by Total Research, asked people to rate 190 familiar brand names based on their perceptions of the quality of the products behind the names. Disneyland/Disneyworld was #1, followed by Kodak, Mercedes-Benz, Cable News Network, Hallmark, Fisher-Price, United Parcel Service, Rolex, Levi’s and IBM... Embattled police chief Daryl Gates resigns from the Los Angeles police department. 

July 15 - Kurdish guerrillas and Saddam Hussein’s troops clash in northern Iraq, leaving hundreds dead or wounded in serious fighting... Daryl Gates - after 13 years as Los Angeles’ top cop, announces he will retire as police chief. Many have cried out for his resignation since the March 3 beating of Rodney King, which was caught on videotape... A jury finds drug dealer and would-be Hollywood dealmaker Karen Greenberger and three bodyguards guilty of murder and kidnapping in what became known as the “Cotton Club” Greenberger was accused of hiring the bodyguards, to kill New York impresario Roy Radin because she feared she was being cut out of a producer’s role and profits in the movie “The Cotton Club.” The film, about a Harlem speak-jeffrey dahlmer arrested july 15 murder timeline facts historyeasy was a critical and financial flop... Milwaukee police arrest Jeffrey L. Dahmer (31) after finding a gruesome collection of mutilated human body parts, severed human heads and a vat of acid in his north side apartment. Dahmer is a paroled sex offender... A new constitution? - A new Soviet federal treaty, designed to hold together most of the country’s republics is complete and ready for signing. The agreement, known as the Union Treaty, launches a historic transformation of the Soviet Union from a centralized empire to a looser federation of sovereign states bound together on a voluntary basis. Officials say the treaty’s signing should come in the next three months.

July 24 - President Bush says that Iraq would be making an enormous mistake if it didn’t disclose all of its nuclear capabilities to U.N. inspectors... President Mikhail S. Gorbachev urges the Soviet Communist party to abandon the Marxist ideology under which it seized power – and transform itself into a modern political entity. Later – Leaders of the Soviet Communist Party give preliminary approval to President Gorbachev’s radical new party program – which breaks decades of orthodox Marxism for private enterprise and political pluralism... Scientists believe they have discovered another planet beyond our solar system – a first... A federal judge grants the seven baby bells new powers to provide new sophisticated information services – such as stock market quotes, home shopping and other services. 

start treaty gorbachev bush august 1991 history facts timelineAugust 1 - START pact (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) - President Bush and Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev sign the historic treaty, which cuts their nations’ nuclear arsenals. Bush says with the new treaty, the two countries “reverse a half-century of steadily growing strategic arsenals.” “More than that, we take a significant step forward in dispelling a half-century of mistrust.” In a brief speech before signing START - President Gorbachev said, “This is the beginning.” “Let us get down to work again”... Greek passenger liner Oceanos sinks in storm-lashed seas 1 1/2 miles off the coast of South Africa. All but 15 of the 580 passengers and crewmembers are accounted for... Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Hans van den Broke - head of a  European Community peace mission, withdraws in frustration from the Yugoslav crisis, announcing that mediation efforts had failed. He predicts the disintegrating country is “facing tragedy and catastrophe.” “We have succeeded ... At this very moment, there is nothing more we can do here”... Iraq admits that its military scientists had experimented with germ warfare, but insists that the program was stopped last fall for fear of U.S. bombing. President Saddam Hussein’s regime had previously denied accusations that it had or was developing biological weapons. The Iraqis said they had withheld the information until now “because it would have been misconstrued by the world at large.” The United Nations quickly confirmed the report... A bus carrying Girl Scouts plunges down an embankment near Palm Springs, CA, killing four of the girls and three adults. After 19 months - Senator Alfonse D’Amato of New York is cleared by the Senate Ethics Committee of allegations that he abused his office. D’Amato said the committee found that his brother, Armand, a lobbyist for the Unisys Corp (a large computer concern), had persuaded D’Amato aides to write letters to the Pentagon on the company’s behalf. The panel did say the senator “was negligent in failing to establish appropriate standards for the operation of his office” in connection with his brother’s actions. D’Amato denied that he had known about the letters and that his brother has been told to stay away from the office and that his chief of staff and legislative director are now “aware of the embarrassment this has caused”...

CBS Evening News w/Dan Rather - August 5, 1991

August 8 - After being held hostage for almost 5 years, Edward Tracy is released in Beirut. Islamic fundamentalists are still holding 10 hostages, 5 of which are Americans. Tracy is the first American hostage to be released in 15 months…

August 15 - President Bush - says he will not "bust the budget" and extend unemployment benefits. More on ABC-TV' news video:

ABC News w/Sam Donaldson - August 16, 1991

boris yelstin august 1991 facts timelineAugust 23 - Coup aftermath in Russia - The Soviet Communist Party, accused of complicity in the conservative coup d’etat a few days ago, comes under strong attack and its 73-year-old power appears to be waning fast. Russian President Boris Yeltsin orders the suspension of all the party’s activities in the Russian Federation, the country’s largest republic, and halts the publication of its newspapers including Pravda - on ground that they had backed the push. Gorbachev announces that he and Yeltsin had agreed on the appointments of a new Soviet defense minister, interior minister and KGB chief, as the foundation of a new government made up of ministers “committed to democracy”... President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, quits his post as general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party and, using his presidential powers, nationalizes the party’s property and assets and disbands its cells in all state organizations... The Ukraine - swept up in the backlash from last week’s Kremlin coup attempt, declares its full independence, claiming the right to issue its own currency and control all military units on its territory, including at least one million Soviet troops... The BBC reports that Pravda, the daily paper of the Soviet Communist Party for more than 78 years, drops its link with the party from the paper’s masthead. The paper has longed proclaimed to be the “Organ of the Central committee of the Communist Party” and beginning this week, it will declare itself a “general political paper”...  In Milwaukee - prosecutors file charges against Jeffrey L. Dahmer in three more dismemberment slayings, to a total of 15. Dahmer, whose bail is continued at $5 million, is expected to enter pleas at his arraignment on September 10.

mikhail gorbachev september 1991 history facts timelineSeptember 1 - Vanishing Soviet Union – Azerbaijan is now the 8th Republic to declare independence from Moscow...  President Mikhail Gorbachev says that it would be “immoral” for him to quit his post and announces that he and leaders of most of Soviet republics have designed a new political structure and will introduce it during a meeting of Parliament...  A new era - Moscow announces that if formally recognizes Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, ending a half-century of control.

September 8 - Breakthrough – Israel releases some 51 Lebanese prisoners and returned nine Hezbollah guerrillas to Lebanon after receiving proof that an Israeli soldier captured in Lebanon is dead... The space shuttle Discovery blasts off from Kennedy Space Center with a crew of five astronauts as it begins a five-day mission inaugurating – what NASA is calling its environmental era... The U.S. and Soviet Union agree to halt all military aid to factions in Afghanistan as of Jan. 1... Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev appeals to the West for aid to cement the building of a “great Eurasian democracy.’ He warned that global stability is at risk if his reforms don’t take hold. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union moves toward independence by trying to forge an EC-style market with some of the newer independent republics...  Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc files suit against imprisoned Michael Milken, charging the former junk bond king with racketeering, breaching responsibility to investors and misappropriating corporate assets... Fire swept Manhattan’s Staten Island Ferry terminal injuring 14 and causing the roof to collapse and service on the ferry was halted briefly...Retiring Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall was resting comfortably and in good spirits after surgery to implant a pacemaker... The Fed cuts its discount rate to 5% - an 18-year low... Now at bookstores – Deepak Chopra- “Unconditional Life/Mastering the Forces that Shape Personal Reality.”

oliver north september 1991 facts history timelineSeptember 15 - A federal judge drops all criminal charges against Oliver North, the central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal ending “five years of fire” according to North... “Plenty Fed Up” – President Bush says he is, with Iraq’s attempts to evade U.N. – ordered elimination of its weapons of mass destruction. The President says he is prepared to send U.S. military aircraft to the region to escort U.N. inspection teams... Fighting in Yugoslavia escalates as federal army tank and artillery units move into eastern Croatia to relieve tired garrisons and to instill pressure on the breakaway republic... Allaying war concerns, President Bush says he is not planning a “son of Desert Storm.”... A new federal study says about 1 million American teen-agers attempted suicide during a recent 12-month period and an estimated 276,000 sustained injuries  serious enough to require medical treatment... Federal health officials, advocating a significant expansion of AIDS testing policy, propose that al patients entering hospitals be routinely encouraged to undergo screening for infection.

president bush september 1991 facts history timelineSeptember 22  - Baghdad temporarily detained a team of United Nations inspectors. President Bush warned that his Administration “will not compromise” in forcing Iraq to accede to U.N. cease-fire terms... The United Nations Security Council accepts Iraq’s proposal that besieged U.N. inspectors in Baghdad furnish an inventory before carting away documents, videotape and film from the Iraqi Atomic Energy commission... President Bush announces that his Administration will withdraw short-range nuclear weapons from Europe and abandon its support for a mobile intercontinental missile. It’s the first step of a plan to curtail the 42-year-old U.S.-Soviet nuclear rivalry... Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney directs a stand down for 450 U.S. ICBM’s and challenges the Soviet Union to take similar action... Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev praises the reductions in the U.S. nuclear arsenal announced by President Bush as significant steps toward a nuclear-free world... The FDA approved foscarnet – a new drug to treat a serious AIDS-related infection that can result in blindness... Five inmates were killed in a state prison disturbance in Montana.... Passing – Theodor (Ted) Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. He was 87.... 

bill clinton declares candidacy october 1991 facts history timelineOctober 1 - Trouble in Haiti as the city plunges into Kaos as ousted President jean-Bertrand Aristide pleads from exile for help in restoring his presidency and the country’s democracy...  Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev announces cuts in Soviet tactical nuclear arms He is seeking talks to slash Soviet and U.S. strategic arsenals by half... Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton declared his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination in Little Rock. He pledged to expand economic opportunity while insisting that citizens accept responsibility for their own lives and their country’s future...  Palm Springs Mayor Sonny Bono declares his candidacy for the U.S. Senate... Sen. Bob Kerry of Nebraska entered the Democratic presidential race and called for the nation to resume its “fearless, restless voyage of generational progress” after a decade of “unchecked selfishness and greed."... Philippine President Corazon Aquino announces her government will give the U.S. three years rent free to withdraw military forces from Subic Bay... John Kluge tops Forbes list of richest Americans – at $5.9 billion. He’s followed by William Henry Gates III, who formed Microsoft at $4.8 billion and Warren Buffet at $4.2 billion...   

October 8 - Yugoslav warplanes fire two rockets into Croatia’s presidential palace – hitting Croatia’s presidential palace dead-on...  President Bush invites Judge Clarence Thomas to the White House to reassert is “total confidence” in the embattled Supreme Court nominee.  The Senate – in a dramatic turnaround – delayed a confirmation vote on Clarence Thomas – for one week... Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas trial – Angela Wright – a former employee fired by Thomas – said on trial he asked her for dates and once asked her for the size of her breasts...  Supreme Court nominee Thomas vowed to press on with the confirmation process... The Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill controversy is the big talk on TV and radio. Everyone has something to say about it, it seems... The KGB – once the shield of Communist rule is ordered dismantled and its spying and information-gathering duties entrusted to new separate agencies... Marilyn Quayle, wife of Vice President Dan Quayle, said in n ABC-TV interview that she had been the victim of sexual harassment, “with a law school professor”... Jane Poynter – one of the eight environmentalists sealed inside the gigantic greenhouse biosphere in Arizona, accidentally cut off the tip of her left middle finger and may have to come out of the closed system for surgery... Oil futures hit $23.16 a barrel... The FDA has approved DDI – the only second such anti-viral medication for the treatment of AIDS. It’s for those who can not use AZT

October 15 - At Killeen, Texas - George Jo Hennard (35) drives his pickup truck into a cafeteria crowded with lunchtime patrons  and begins firing helter-skelter into the crowd with a semiautomatic pistol - killing 23 people - the deadliest shooting spree in U.S. history. So far, 20 others are injured, some critically. The gunman died - either by his own bullet or by police... In Oakland, California - a fire devastates the hills above this city and neighboring Berkley with the death toll numbering 14 and thousands homeless. Many perished running away from the oncoming flames. By a conservative count - 1000 homes are destroyed plus a 433-unit apartment building. The neighborhood was an eclectic mix of classic, turn of the century estates and smaller residences that were built a halfcentury ago... Judge Clarence Thomas becomes the second black to serve on the Supreme Court - winning Senate approval by the narrowest margin of this century. The vote was 52-48 with the Senate rejecting sexual anita hill october 1991 facts history timelineharassment charges lodged by law professor Anita Faye Hill... Returning home to Oklahoma - Anita Faye Hill tells reporters and supporters that she spoke the truth about sexual harassment charges by Clarence Thomas. She’s a law professor at the University of Oklahoma. ..Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke faces former Governor Edwin Edward for governor in the Louisiana runoff on November 16. Incumbent Republican Governor Buddy Roemer finished third. “I feel wonderful. I feel very blessed by Christ, and I’m looking forward to making some real changes in Louisiana,” said Duke... Facing criticism for mistakes in its credit reporting business... TRW says it will offer consumers free credit reports - once a year beginning in 1992. “We have concluded that by making consumer credit reports more widely available, the credit-reporting industry will improve its ability to maintain accurate records.”

October 22 -  Year-long impasse – Finally – President Bush agrees to accept a compromise civil rights bill but some say the proposal eliminates the prospect of racial quotas... Russian Federation president Boris N. Yelsin launches a last-ditch bid to force through radical economic reforms that he says will save Russia... In Madrid – President Bush and Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev say the sponsoring superpowers will not try to interfere in Arab-Israeli deliberations... President Bush opens historic Middle East peace talks. He called on Arabs and Israelis to put aside “a history that weights heavily against hope” to permit the people to live normal lives for the first time in generations... Former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry arrives at the Federal Correctional Institution in Petersburg Virginia – to begin serving a sixth-month sentence for cocaine possession...The parents of freed U.S. hostage Jesse Turner are back in the United States. Apparently State Department officials made them persona non-gratis at their son’s hospital room in Germany, saying they violated Turner’s privacy by giving a videotape of their reunion to CBS-TV which broadcast it...

Reagan Library Dedication (Video)

November 1 - Energy bill dies – when supporter failed to overcome a filibuster by lawmakers who oppose drilling in Alaska’s Arctic national Wildlife refuge... Madrid - Israel sits down with its first direct talks with the Arabs. Jordan and the Palestinians agree to begin limited face-to-face talks with Israel... Dedication of the Reagan Library - For the first time in history- - five U.S. presidents are gathered n one place – in Simi Valley – California. They are President Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, president bush candidacy november 1991 timeline facts history Gerald R. Ford and Richard M. Nixon... President Bush opens his 1992 presidential campaign with a new attempt to display his compassion for the unemployed. Bush is under fire for the state of the economy.  He urged the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates and acknowledge that the faltering economy is likely to become the central issue in his reelection campaign... Zambians vote in their first multiparty democratic election in 23 years. Out is President Kenneth Kaunda the country’s only leader through its 27 years of independence... Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk Shareh shows a 1948 wanted poster photo of Yitzhak Shamir, now Israel’s prime minister. Shareh says that Shamir took part in the assassination of a U.N. official... Unemployment edges up to 6.8% from 6.7%... The Fed reduces discount rate to 4.5%... Imelda Marcos surrenders her claims to $9 million in cash and jewelry to settle a $5-billion civil fraud case brought against her by the Philippine government – in U.S. federal court... House Speaker Tomas Foley blasted a term-limitation initiative that could cut short his political career and rejected suggestions that his own reputation is at stake. If Initiative 553 were passed – it would be his last run for office – the last for the 13-term Democratic lawmaker...China acknowledges that it sold nuclear equipment to Iran but insisted it was for peaceful purposes...The Senate confirms Robert Gates to head the CIA...

November 8 - After a three-year investigation, two Libyans are indicted for the 1988 attack on Flight 103 that killed 270 persons. The indictments mark a major step to bringing to justice the terrorists responsible for the bombing of the plane over Lockerbie, Scotland... European physicists produce large amounts of energy in a controlled fusion reaction and sustain it far longer than had previously been possible. The milestone is being hailed as a major step toward an unlimited source of clean energy, placing the physics community back on the fast track of making commercial fusion possible in 10 to 20 years... Scientists at JPL release the first-ever close-up photo of an asteroid - transmitted from the Galileo spacecraft. The picture was taken as Galileo was about 1000 miles from the 12-mile-long asteroid Gaspra... In Royal Oak, Michigan - 31 year-old fired mail carrier storms through the loading dock of the post office and kills three of his former co-workers with a sawed-off shotgun. The gunman, Thomas Mcllvane is in critical condition. An appeal of his firing for time card fraud had been turned down last week. It’s the latest in a series of revenge slayings by ex-postal employees. Last month, a fired Ridgewood, NJ postal worker killed four people. So far, twenty-four postal employees have died over the past five years in killing sprees... Televangelist Oral Roberts writes to more than 1 million of his regular contributors to save his ministry from “satanic conspiracy.” The ministry has seen a drop in donations in the past month due to an unrelated report in which televangelist Jimmy Swaggert was seen with a prostitute in Indio, California...

poindexter november 1991 facts timelineNovember 15 - U.S. Appeals court - John Poindexter’s five felony charges in the Iran contra-scandal are overturned – on the same grounds that got Oliver L. North off – that immunized testimony had tainted witnesses... Russian Federation President Boris N. Yeltsin takes over most of the Soviet Union’s gold and diamond mining and suspends oil exports. He’s trying to ensure fuel for the winter and wants to finance a program of economic reforms... California State senator Alan Robbins resigns from office and will plead guilty to federal political corruption charges. He’ll be sentenced to five years in prison... Louisiana - Democrat Edwin Edwards defeats former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and wins his governorship back... Syria - British church envoy Terry Waite who disappeared while working to free two American hostages- is released along with U.S hostage Thomas Sutherland after they were held captive for years... The Dow drops 120 points – its worst plunge in two years. Next day – it was up 29 points... President Bush dismisses the suggestion that his call earlier in the week for banks to lower credit card interest rates spooked Wall St. into its big one-day drop...The House approves a bill to stop businesses from making annoying telemarketing calls and sending “junk fox” ads to phone subscribers who don’t want any of it. Over 300,000 solicitors now call more than 18 million Americans each day, with about 75,000 stockbrokers making some 6 million calls a day...

CBS News w/Dan Rather - November 21, 1991

December 1 - Over 90% vote in favor - The Ukraine votes for independence from the Soviet Union. Leonid M. Kravchuk, their new president said that the former Soviet republics, and not the Kremlin, should now take collective command of the country’s nuclear arsenal...  Embattled chief of staff John H. Sununu, quits that position in an unexpected “peaceful” departure. He was said to be a campaign drag for President Bush... After more than 6 ½ years of captivity, hostage Terry Anderson is released. He’s the last American hostage to be released in Lebanon. The action ends an agonizing and frustrating seven-year hostage ordeal for the U.S... Charles Keating Jr. is convicted on 17 of 18 counts of securities fraud stemming from the sale of his company’s junk bonds at Lincoln savings & Loan branches... President Bush picks Transportation Secretary Samuel Skinner as his new chief of staff....Interstate-5 in California’s San Joaquin Valley opens after a massive fog-caused pile-up that killed 17. More than 100 cars and big-rigs were involved in what was described as “zero visibility” conditions... Japan says it will not offer a former apology for its surprise attack on Pearl Harbor 50 years ago this week. Instead, it will take a “reflective look” at the military action that caused the attack... 

CBS News w/Dan Rather - December 5, 1991

boris yelstin december 1991 facts history trivia timelineDecember 8 - Honolulu - President Bush honors the dead and those who died at Pearl Harbor... Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin and the leaders of Belarus and Ukraine declare the Soviet Union dead and have established a new commonwealth of independent states with the capital in Minak (Belarus) and not Moscow... Five Soviet Asian Republics – Kazakhsian, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbzkistan and Tadzhikistan join the Commonwealth of Independent states. Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbechev calls the efforts of three breakaway leaders “illegal and dangerous”... Conservative commentator Patrick J. Buchanan launches his campaign to Challenge President Bush for the 1992 Republican nomination. He called on a new nationalism based on the principle of “America first.” Meanwhile, departing White House Chief of staff John Sununu has been offered pat Buchanan’s spot as co-host of CNN’s “Crossfire” on an interim basis if Buchanan runs for President ...The number of teen-agers giving birth in the U.S. reached its highest level in 15 years. 36 out of 1,000 young women between the ages of 15 and 17 gave birth in 1989... Terry Anderson comes home after more than 6 ½ years in captivity. “I am not a hero. I am just somebody who got caught” said Anderson.. A Florida jury finds William Kennedy Smith not guilty of raping a woman at his family’s estate last March. First such death as dental patient Kimberly Bergalis of Florida dies after contracting AIDS from a health care professional....

December 15 -  The Presidents of five Soviet Central Asian republics agree that they will join the Commonwealth of Independent states proclaimed by the leaders of the old Soviet Union’s big-three Slavic republics.. The foreign minister of the Russian Federation urges Secretary of State James A. Baker to extend U.S. diplomatic recognition to Russia and its partners in the new Commonwealth of Independent States to “stop the further disintegration in this part of the world”.. The United Nations General Assembly votes to revoke its 16-year-old resolution branding Zionism as “a form of racism and racial discrimination” 

Soviet Union To End  

Bulletin – Soviet Union to End December 31 - Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, yielding in his battle to preserve the crumbling Soviet Union – declares that he will accept the new Commonwealth of Independent States as its constitutional successor. Gorbachev is now working on an orderly transition.

mikhail gorbachev december 1991 facts history timelineDecember 23 - Mikhail S. Gorbachevresigns as President of the Soviet Union. He defended his failed attempts at transforming his country, but has faith in the public and its wisdom... Leaders of the new Commonwealth of independent states decide to break up the Soviet armed forces and each state will have their own military force... Muslim fundamentalists sweep into power in Algeria... Boris Yeltsin solidifies his rule in Russia – takes over state Radio and TV, slashes the powers of his vice president and commanders Mikhail s. Gorbachev’s Kremlin office... President Bush announces that the U.S. will recognize the independence of all 12 former Soviet republics and will immediately establish diplomatic relations with six of them... South Africa –  The Azanian Youth organization – an anti-apartheid group – urges Paul Simon to postpone a tour of South Africa saying concerts planned ext month would provoke hostility from blacks... Georgia - Rebel forces snatched eight jailed opposition politicians from prison cells engulfed inflames after a night of fierce shelling of the former Soviet republic’s besieged parliament... Eight are dead and 28 injured at in incident at City College of New York in Harlem as hundreds of young people attempted to push through a door leading to the gym... Midnight Mass Christmas - At St. Peter’s Square – Pope John Paul II appealed for an end to violence in Yugoslavia and urged humanity to build on new beginnings by embarking on “the difficult but necessary path of unity and peace."... In Beeville, Texas - President Bush stops at the Texas Grand C&W Club for a beer!...Ted Turner is named Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year.

Year 1991  In Technology News And Information

sony handicam video 8 tech news 1991 history mrpopcultureJanuary - Sony’s “Handycam” video 8. So far - 1 million have been sold worldwide and it was one of the hottest Christmas presents for 1990…NBC News launches its 24-hour News Channel, transmitting video films of late-breaking news, sports and features from a new base in Charlotte (Nc.) to network affiliates for local use. NBC News Channel will feed raw and edited footage, including foreign, domestic and regional material to local stations, which can edit the reports for the newscasts... At the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Philips introduces the Digital  Compact Cassette player (DCC) and proclaims it as rival to the digital audiotape.   Unlike a DAT tape, The DCC is the same size as a regular cassette tape…Also at the show - The big buzz - a recordable CD player. CD players can only playback, and some say a mainstream recordable CD device is still years away… AMD says it has taken orders for its clone of Intel’s 386 microprocessor and will begin shipping this quarter... Microsoft unveils a new version of its Excel spreadsheet program for PC’s. The new version takes better advantage of Windows 3.0. Lotus, Excel’s biggest  spreadsheet rival, isn’t expected to have a Windows version of its market-leading  1-2-3 spreadsheet until the middle of the year…

February - Thousands of military families across the country are facing excessive long- distance toll fees, in order to talk to their loved ones in Desert Storm. Typical phone charges are just over $3.00 for the first three minutes plus around $1.15 for additional minutes. Plus, there’s a “set-up” fee per call at $5.75…

March - IBM unveils advanced workstations – more powerful and speedier RISC System/6000 models... Apple finally relinquishes and says it will share some of its key technologies and seek closer relationships with other computer industry players... MCI unveils its newest promotion “Friends and Family.” It offers customers discounts on calls to as many as a dozen most frequently called friends and relatives....  IBM is trying for the third time to enter the laptop market and this week – unveils the PS/2 L40SX laptop. It’ll sell for $6,000... 

windows 3.1 microsoft april 1991 timeline techApril - IBM reports its first-ever quarterly loss – a $1.73-bilion loss. IBM blames the recession, the Persian Gulf War and a new method of accounting for retiree benefits... Cray Research – announces new and future products and new performance tests and it could soon be back in the lead in the supercomputer race... Nintendo Game Boy – Tetris, Dr. Mario, StarTropics and Super Mario Bros. Priced from $32 to $45... Microsoft Windows 3.0 is a hot seller... Apple shares were down 13% after the company reported slightly lower profit for the last quarter... At the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas – the buzzword was Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB. It’s a new technology that’s supposed to be superior to standard FM and AM broadcasting…Apple Computer asks the FCC to set aside a small portion of the radiofrequency spectrum to allow personnel computers to communication wireless instead of over phone lines… IBM unveils advanced workstations – more powerful and speedier RISC System/6000 models… IBM is trying for the third time to enter the laptop market and this week – unveils the PS/2 L40SX laptop. It’ll sell for $6,000…Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) says it will introduce another clone of a popular Intel chip – the 386SX. AMD says its version will cost about the same, but offers higher processing speed and uses less power. Last week Intel announced it would produce a new microprocessor ship – the 486SX... IBM introduces two personal computers based on Intel’s new 486SX microprocessor – the PS-2 Model 90XP486 and Model 95 XP 486SX. They’re priced from $8,345 to $12,695 depending on the size of the hard memory disk...    Rank Video Systems of Sacramento, California plans to experiment with “pay for play” cassettes. The advantages, claims the company, are more availability for “hot movies.” Also, these cheaper cassette video tapes would only have a playing life of 25 times, fewer than the 45 to 75 plays that video store owners usually get with a standard cassette. Worn rental cassettes (50 to 60 plays) damage VCR heads faster....

May - Apple introduces its new software operating system – “System 7”… Sony says it will finally offer a recordable compact disc! But, it’s a format unique only to Sony – a Mini-disc that’s 2 ½ inches and will only play on Sony devices… IBM introduces a low-cost computer that recognizes up to 7,000 spoken words. The IBM VoiceType will cost about $7000. Designed with Dragon systems, the new system allows a user to dictate words or numbers into a personal computer for word processing, data processing, spreadsheet calculations or other applications… dos-5 microsoft history 1991 tech news facts mrpopculture timeline

June - Tandy unveils its latest PC - the 1000 RLX. The new personal computer uses an Intel 80286 microprocessor instead of an 8086. It uses VGA graphics, a high-density 1.44 Meg floppy drive and a 40Meg hard drive. It will run Microsoft Windows, one program at a time... Apple rolls out its QuickTime software for desktop movie making. The software enables Mac users to splice video, animation, Hollywood-style movies and still photos into letters, reports and text... Microsoft releases MS-DOS 5.0 this week - its newest version of the 10-year- old DOS operating system. You need a PC with Intel 286, 386 and 486 microprocessors to take advantage of its upgrades. A DOS-5.0 upgrade kit will cost $99.95. (57-SX) IBM announces four new aggressively priced personal computers. The new models are based on Intel’s 386 SX microprocessor... IBM also announces it will become the first PC maker to use Intel’s 486 microprocessor that runs at 50mhz. It also announces a new diskette drive designed for new diskettes that hold up  to twice as much date as existing floppy diskettes. The cartridges are only 3 ½ inches wide...Apple lays off 900 people and is cutting costs in an effort to gain market share with a new line of low-priced Macintosh computers... “State of the Company” memo from Bill Gates He says - “Our nightmare - IBM attacking us in systems software, Novell defeating us in networking and more agile, customer-oriented applications competitors getting their Windows act together is a reality.” Analysts said the memo was, the first public indication that Gates is seriously worried about Apple’s suit. If the judge in the case hinders Microsoft’s development of Windows, “then IBM has an open field for OS/2 and OS/2 is an operating system developed for IBM and compatible computers...Computer news - IBM and Lotus announce an office-software joint venture. Last week, Borland International Inc says it too, forged an alliance with IBM to develop and sell software to work with a new version IBM’s OS-2 operating system...

compuserve 1991 timelineAugust - Compuserve ad - yes, they still do electronic mail!  .... Denon introduces the first compact disc recorder – now you can record CD’s. it’s $19,000 and blank/recordable CD’s will cost $40 each….On sale -  Guide on mastering DOS - $18.95 includes videotape...The Beatles are in court to sue Apple Computer Inc in a trademark infringement. At issue - Apple Corps (The Beatles) contends that Apple Computer broke a decade-old agreement by selling computers and other equipment used to produce music. A 1981 pact between both companies was suppose to have divvied up rights to the Apple name and the similar logos each uses worldwide. Under the agreement, Apple Computer would use its name and logo only in the computer business and the Beatle company would stick to entertainment. At the time of the agreement in 1981, no one foresaw how computers would one day play a part in producing music. Apple Corps - whose four shareholders are George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Yoko Lennon, is seeking to block the computer company from using the Apple name on products with music applications. They are also seeking tens of millions in damages. In 1987, Apple Computer wrote to Apple Corps, saying it wanted to negotiate a new, less restrictive agreement, but the talks broke down. In January 1988 Apple Computer announced that it was launching the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) - an interface between computers and musical instruments. Apple Corps says it wrote,  sking them to stop....

September - Sun Microsystems announces what it will make the Sun software operating system available for high-end personal computers. Most PC’s use the DOS operation platform/system, but DOS cannot handle many more complex tasks that are possible with newer PC’s. The SunSoft program, dubbed Solaris, is a version of AT&T’s UNIX operating system…Microsoft says it is setting up a basic research center to study what might be the software of the future. Physicist Nathan Myhrvoid, the executive in charge of the center says he wants a group of people who ‘are able to focus on those things that your really don’t know how to solve today, but you know that you would like to solve”... Compaq says it will begin to sell “modular” personal computers whose major components can be snapped out and replaced as technology advances. While you can swap cards in most pc’s, Compaq says it will be first to allow users to swap nearly all the key components...

October - Historical Alliance - IBM and Apple, former rivals – outline their new pact. Both agree to share technology. Stage 1 of the agreement calls for increased connectivity between Apple Macintosh and IBM machines and IBM has blessed the Mac as a safe buy for its corporate customers. Good show – Apple needed the corporate endorsement!... Eastman Kodak and N.V. Philips now have something called a photo-CD out. It should be on the market by next summer. It’s a system to store images from conventional film on a compact disc. The photos can be viewed on a TV screen or computer terminal using a CD player... Get a Sony Four Head HiFi VCR for $497 ... A Sony 32” Diagonal Stereo Monitor - just $1497... IBM reports that profits for the third quarter fell 85% from a year ago with revenue falling 5.5%. It’s now saying it will cut 20,000 jobs, up from 17,000.

November - Compaq said that it was considering selling its PC’s through the mail for the first time. Also, Compaq announces that it will join the low-cost competition that has been at the root of its problems and offer low-cost PC’s. 

Year 1991 In Sports News And Other Fascinating Facts

January  -  Delta Burke of Designing Woman sues the show’s producers for breach of contract. The suit claims she s was written out of an episode in revenge. The actress wants $55,000 which she says is her guarantee per show. The actress has been feuding with the producers of the show, Lida Bloodworth-Thomason and Harry Thomason. They claim Burke is difficult to bernard shaw cnn january 1991 history facts tv timelinework with... Bernard Shaw thanks King Hussein of Jordan for helping him and several colleagues make their way from Baghdad to safety in Amman, Jordan. Shaw and company had to leave Baghdad because officials there said they wouldn’t let them do their jobs “anymore.” The special phone line over which CNN sent out its initial air attack reports was cut off and now, outgoing reports are subject to censorship... AIDS is now the #2 cause of death of young men – according to federal health officials. The disease has killed more than 100,000 Americans since it was first reported in 1981... Marriott Corp says it’s selling all 104 Bob Big Boys restaurants for $65 million. Most – if not all – will be converted to Carrows or Coco’s restaurants. This could be the end of the cherubic big boy.  Buyer is Restaurant Enterprises Group... Dennis Rodman of the Detroit Pistons - Scores 34 points and grabbed 23 rebounds - both career highs as the Pistons beat the Denver Nuggets…

Super Bowl XXV - The New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19 at Tampa Stadium – the closest game yet in Super Bowl history. It all came down to the Bills’ Scott Norwood missing a 47-yard field goal attempt with four seconds on the clock! The game was almost postponed because of the Persian Gulf War...


Texas Rangers - Pitcher Bobby Witt aggress to a three contract of $7.3 million... Radio news – (trend) Music radio stations are signing up to get news from radio networks such as CNN and ABC. Most are doing it for the Persian Gulf War...

sugar ray leonard 1991 boxing facts news history mrpopcultureFebruary - New England Patriots owner Victor Kiam apologizes for a joke he told at a banquet about Lisa Olson and the Persian Gulf War. The joke was – “Do you know what Lisa Olson has in common with the Iraqis? They’ve both seen Patriot missiles up close.” Olson was the sportswriter who was sexually harassed in the locker room last season by several Patriot players....  Passing- TV producer Harry Ackerman (78)… Can you believe it? Three female NBC correspondents – Sunday “Today” co-anchor Maria Shriver, “Today” co-anchor Deborah Norville and “Today” national correspondent Katherine Couric are expecting babies...  Nielsen TV ratings For February 1, 1991 - Cheers (21.5), 60 Minutes (21.1), America’s Funniest Home Videos (19.2), America’s Funniest People (18.8), Roseanne (18.8), Murphy Brown (18.6), Designing Woman (18.5), Barbara Walters Special (18.3), Family Matters (18.30, The Golden Girls (18.0), Full House (17.5), A Different World (17.4), Empty Nest (17.4). Unsolved Mysteries (17.2), Murder, She Wrote (17.2), The Cosby Show (16.8), Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter (16.4), Coach (16.4), Matlock (15.8), LA Law (15.7), Wings (15.5), Major Dad (15.5), Perfect Strangers (15.5), The Simpsons (15.2), The Marla Hanson Story (15.1), Rescue 911 (15.0)... Sugar Ray Leonard (34) retains his WBC title - defeating Terry Norris by unanimous decision at Madison Square Garden… Pitcher Roger Clemens becomes the highest-paid player in baseball – agreeing to play again with the Boston Red Sox in a four-year contract – worth $21,521,000…

chris rock march 1991 saturday night facts history timelineMarch -  Tom Snyder - now in radio – will return to television – replacing Bob Costas on his late night NBC talkshow... Four CBS television journalists are freed after 41 days of Iraqi captivity. They are Bob Simon, Peter Bluff, Roberto Alvarez and Juan Caldera... Football great Lyle Alzado, recently diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, had a brain seizure and is in stable condition…He’s new on “Saturday Night Live” – Chris Rock (23)... The KTLA (Los Angeles) Rodney King beating tape is played on CNN... MTV can now be seen by Leningrad cable TV viewers as MTV Europe can now be seen in 21 million households in 25 countries... CBS cancels “America Tonight” – its latenight answer to ABC’s “Nightline.” In its place – a lineup of crime shows such as “Fly by Night,” Sweating Bullets,’ Dark Justice,” “the Exile,’ and “Scene of the Crime”... 

April - Strike the Gold with jockey Chris Antley wins the Kentucky Derby – 1 ¾ lengths over Best Pal… Brent Plott, who said he lived with Merv Griffin for nine years as his companion, confidant, secretary, driver and personal adviser – is suing the mogul for $200 million – because Griffin promised to support him... Gen H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the U.S. commander of Operation Desert Storm, signs a representation deal with ICM (International Creative Management…The FCC votes to grant the television networks limited entry into the rerun market. The rule barred ABC, CBS and NBC from owning most of their prime-time programs, or from selling the reruns of those shows to local TV stations, cable TV lyle alzado brain seizure april 1991 sports history facts timelinenetworks for foreign broadcasters... Lyle Alzado, recently diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, had a brain seizure and is in stable condition. Unsteadiness caused by the therapy and oral cortisone have impaired the 42-year-old Alzado, who launched an acting career after retiring from the Los Angeles Raiders in 1986... From Trump Plaza/Atlantic City – Evander Holyfield defeats George Foreman in a 12-round decision as Holyfield retains his heavyweight title...  Passing – Ken Curtis (74) who portrayed Festus Haggen in “Gunsmoke"...  Repeats of “Late Night With David Lettermen” will air on A&E. Look for them soon... Jay Leno signs on for a third year as exclusive guest host of the Tonight Show... Johnny Carson signs with the “Tonight Show” for one more year, but says it probably will be his last... The "Today Show” says it will not renew with Dr. Art Ulene. He’s been with the program for 15 years... 

May -  Pitcher Nolan Ryan pitched a record 7th no-hitter of his career as the Rangers beat the Blue Jays 3-0.... Bill Parcells steps down as coach of the New York Giants...  Rick Mears wins the Indy 500 and thus – becomes a four-time Indy winner…

June - Brett Hull of the St. Louis Blues is named winner of the Hart Trophy as the NHL’s most valuable player. Hull had 86 points in 78 games and a total of 131 points. Brett’s the son of hockey great Bobby Hull… The Chicago Bulls defeat the Los Angeles lorne michaels june 1991 saturday night live timelineLakers with big ratings – according to NBC… Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels says he’s sorry to see Jan Hooks leave the show and believes NBC could have done more to keep her. “I’m always reluctant to see ‘Saturday Night’ be a training ground for the movie studios and other networks,” said Michaels. Hooks is joining the cast of “Designing Women” at CBS... Sports – Golfer Payne Stewart wins his second major title at the U.S Open… More sports - The NFL adopts instant videotape instant replay to view goals. The NHL also has instant replay… Lyle Alzado tells NBC’s Maria Shriver that he had never taken steroids a year ago. This week on her special, he admits that he lied about the usage, replying, “I thought I’d get into trouble. I lied to you because I was afraid.".... Passing - Jazz great - Stan Getz (64)... 

Nielsen TV Ratings - June 23, 1991 

Cheers - 14.5

Evening Shade - 13.8

Murphy Brown - 13.5

Primetime Live - 13.4

Wings - 13.3

Rescue 911 - 13.3

Movie - Miracle landing - 13.2

60 Minutes - 13.0

Rescue 91 - 12.6

Coach - 12.6

Empty Nest - 12.4

America’s Funniest Home Videos -


20/20 - 12.3

48 Hours - 12.2

Murder, She Wrote - 12.2

Northern Exposure - 12.2

Family Matters - 12.0

Golden Girls - 11.5

Trials of Rosie O’Neil - 11.5

America’s Funniest People - 11.5

Unsolved Mysteries - 11.3

Perfect Strangers - 11.3

All in the Family - 11.2

Different World - 11.1

Who’s The Boss - 10.9

Full House - 10.7

Going Places - 10.7

The Cosby Show - 10.5

Jake and the Fatman - 10.5

Doogie Howser , M.D. - 10.4

At the movies - "Naked Gun 2 1/2"

steffi graf 1991 july tennis history facts timelineJuly - Steffi Graf wins her 10th title in a Grand Slam tournament at Wimbledon, defeating Gabriela Sabatini... Denver and Miami are given approval as the National League’s expansion franchises. Both baseball teams will make their debuts in 1993. Colorado’s logo - featuring a soaring white baseball against a snow-capped purple mountain backdrop. The Denver Team will be called the Colorado Rockies. Some wanted to call it the Denver Bears - a nickname from a minor league team. Miami’s will be called the Florida Marlins...The L’eggs plastic egg will soon disappear. The company says it will remove the plastic containers from the market next year and use cardboard packaging...Baseball All-Star game – Cal Ripkin Jr. got 12 hits as the AL beat the NL 4-2..  Major League umpire Steve Palermo is shot while trying to help two waitresses being robbed at a restaurant parking lot in Dallas. His wounds are not life threatening...

August -  Sports TV - Greg Gumbel, Terry Bradshaw, Lesley Visser and Pat O’Brien return this season to CBS’s “NFL Today”… Passing - football innovator Paul Brown (82). Founded the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. Known as the man who made football into a science, he led the Cincinnati Bengals as couch or general manager since 1967. He spent 25 years as a pro football coach, starting in 1946 with the Cleveland Browns, who were named for him by the team’s first owner, Mickey McBride. He led the Browns to four championships in the All-America Football Conference - a rival to the NFL. Paul Brown directly influenced several top coaches who worked with him through the years - Don Shula, Bill Walsh and Chuck Noll who combined, have won 11 of the 25 Super Bowls. Fifty of his players have coached NFL Teams....

September - The NFL says that pay-per-view games could come as early as 1993 – and the NFL is the only major sports league that has not experimented with PPV... Mike Tyson appears before a judge in Indianapolis and is charged with raping an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant and three related felonies... Quarterback Joe Montana may need surgery for a torn elbow tendon and – according to a 49er team doctor  - the injury could end his career...  Passing – Actor Brad Davis (41) dies of AIDS-related complications... 

October - Quarterback Jim McMahon gets a knee injury – bad news for the Eagles as the lose to the Redskins 23-0... The Boston Red Sox, despite a strong second half drive, fired Joe Morgan and named former third baseman Butch Hobson as their new manager...  Passing – Baseball legend Leo “the lip” Durocher. He was 86... The Denver Broncos go to first place in the AFC West by beating the Kansas City Chiefs. Broncos quarterback John Elway completed 14 of 27 passes, throwing for 270 yards. ... In the World Series - The Minnesota Twins beat the Atlanta Braves again. The series moves to Atlanta with the Braves 0-2 so far... Roy Tarpley of the Dallas Mavericks is permenantly suspended by the NBA for refusing to take a drug test as required by players with two prior violations.... World Series Final - Minnesota Twins defeat the Altanta Braves in seven games. Jack Morris got MVP. It was an incredible series - with many close games decided by one point. 

Here's Game 7 1991 World Series

November -Terry Pendleton of the Atlanta Braves was selected the national league’s most valuable player – just head of Barry Bonds of Pittsburgh...  Earvin “Magic” Johnson accepts President Bush’s request that he join the national Commission on AIDS, saying he wants to focus attention “on what all of us must do to fight this disease”... Spinal injury - Detroit Lions’ Mike Utley has surgery for an injury suffered in a Los Angeles Rams game and he remains paralyzed...Magic Johnson begins AZT treatment and says he wants to buy an NBA franchise...Tennis star Martina Navratilova tells the New York Post that if she had contracted AIDS, the public would say, “I had it coming.” This after it was disclosed that Magic Johnson of the Lakers had tested positive for HIV, and the public’s reaction was on his side... Dale Ernhardt wins his fifth NASCAR Winston Cup title, finishing fifth as Mark Martin wins his first race in more than a year in the Hardee 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. 

Magic Johnson announces his retirement after its learned he has the HIV virus... (Video)

December - 

Nielsen Top TV Ratings - December 1, 1991

60 Minutes – 23.7

Murphy Brown – 21.0

Roseanne – 19.5

 Memories of MASH – 18.8

Movie-E.T. The Extraterrestrial – 18.4

Murder, She Wrote – 18.0

Full House – 17.6

Home Improvement – 17.4

Coach – 17.2

Movie-A Mother’s Justice – 16.7

Unsolved Mysteries – 16.5

Major Dad – 16.5

Evening Shade – 16.0

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – 15.8

America’s Funniest People – 15.7

America’s Funniest Home Videos – 15.0

Football – 14.3

Married… With Children – 14;0

Empty Nest – 13.8

Blossom – 13.7

In The Heat of the Night – 13.6

Law & Order – 13.6

Movie-Big – 13.6


"Silence Of The Lambs" Was A Top 1991 Movie 



Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do (I Do For You)" Was A 1991Top Pop Hit Music Single


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