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Dateline: Events/Week of November 15, 1990 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The Iraqi government says it will begin releasing all American and other foreign hostages on Christmas Day “if nothing happens to disturb the atmosphere of peace.”

President Bush assures key lawmakers that war with Iraq is not imminent and that he will give sanctions more time to compel Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait.

Sharing of power ends as the Kremlin gives Mikhail Gorbachov full central power. It ends the system under which he shares executive authority with his increasingly unpopular prime minister, Nikolai Ryzhkov, whose job will be eliminated.

In Paris – President Bush, Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachov and the leaders of 20 other nations sign a historic agreement that will slash arsenals of conventional weapons built-up through the Cold War.

Iraq orders 250,000 more troops to Kuwait and they’ll join the estimated 430,000 Iraqi troops already there.

 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher fails to gain the necessary votes for a first-ballot victory and will face former Defense Secretary Michael Heseltine in a runoff.

Case against Gen. Manuel A. Noreiga – CNN hands a federal magistrate several jail-house tape recordings of the former Panamanian dictator talking with his lawyers. In a statement – Noreiga said that the U.S government has done as much as can to make sure he doesn’t get a decent trial.

As shocked tourists screamed for help, a man committed suicide by immolating himself on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. By the time the police could put the flames out – he was dead.

Oil slips below $30-a-barrel.

Simon & Schuster says they will not publish a book by established author Bret Ellis called “American Psycho.”

After more than 6 ½ years of litigation, former San Diego Mayor Rodger Hedgecock’s political corruption case ends. Hedgecock accepted his conviction on a single felony count in return for no jail sentence and no retrial. He’s agreed to pay a $5,000 fine (higher than the original) and accepted a one-day jail sentence. His three-year probation ends soon.

A mass grave has been discovered near the site where tens of thousands of Asian slave workers and Allied prisoners died building a railroad for the Japanese during World War II. The remains of several hundred people, were found near the “Bridge on River Kwai” in Thailand – about 70 miles west of Bangkok. More than 300,000 prisoners and slave laborers worked on the 268-mile rail line. An estimated 90,000 died from disease, malnutrition and ill treatment. 


Technology news – November 15, 1990

 Matsushita electric Industrial Co, the world’s largest consumer electronics firm announces that it has won the race to market the world’s first high-definition television. Marketed under the Panasonic name, the first one – a 36-nch HDTV would cost $34,900 and go on sale in Japan next month. Mostly a public relations stunt – HDTV is expected to be the big thing later this decade and into next. They expect to sell only 50 sets per month for now.    


Sports news – November 15, 1990

Barry Bonds of the Pittsburgh Pirates gets the National League’s most valuable player. He became the first player to bat .300, hit 30 homers, drive in 100 runs and steal 50 bases. His final numbers were .301, 33 homers, 114 RBIs and 53 stolen bases.

James Worthy of the Los Angeles Lakers is arrested on two counts of solicitation of prostitution and is in jail – just as his team played the Houston Rockets.


 Music news – November 15, 1990

“Girl You Know It’s True”  we were really lip syncing - It’s revealed by Rob Pilatus that neither he or his partner Fabrice Morvan were really lip-syncing their on the duo’s “Girl you know it’s True” album.  But both say they insisted they be allowed to sing on the new record. Producer Frank Farina, who owns the name Milli Vanilli, resisted but released in Europe, early cuts from the album with them singing. That album, “Keep on Running” is due out in January – but it’s too little, too late.

At issue really – the pair did not sing on their 7 million-selling album “Girl You Know It’s True” before they won the 1989 Grammy ward for best new artist of the year. Their manager says the record company – Arista – knew it all along. Both Pilatus and Morvan are wrongly listed on the album credits as its vocalists and they could lose their Grammy award – a first. Pilatus’ admission came after the pair was fired this week by frank Farian.

Radio stations stop playing Milli Vanilli and fans express outrage. Some stations offered listeners exchanges for their Milli Vanilli CD’s or cassettes. So everyone is asking – who sang on those recordings – they’re pretty good!

As soon as the Milli Vanilli scandal broke – David Letterman had his Top 10 list of new jobs for Milli Vanilli:

#7 Try to sell Ben and Jerry’s on idea for “Milli Vanilla.”

#3 Even Newer Kids on the Block.

#1 – Who Cares? Just as long as we don’t have to hear from them ever again.

 Billy Joel is a year into a 15-month “Storm Front” LP concert tour. It’s a long one – but by design. Joel says he’s in a financial hole and is now just getting out.

Rap group Digital Underground may be prosecuted by the San Diego city attorney for allegedly simulating sex acts with inflatable dolls during a summer concert at the city’s Sports Arena.


Television news – November 15 1990

Two new cable-TV court channels will merge – “In Court” from Cablevision Systems Corp. and “The American Lawyer Media Channel” form Time Warner Inc and American Lawyer Magazine. Both channels planned to telecast live courtroom dramas from the 44 states that permit TV coverage of trials. The problem – limited cable channels. 

On “Saturday Night Live” – Host Dennis Hopper with musical guest Paul Simon.

Michael Landon – long associated with NBC as an actor and producer, moves to CBS, where – he is now filming a pilot called “Us.”

Fred, the famous Cockatoo seen on “Baretta” is stolen from his cage at San Diego Wild Animal park. The thief forced his way through three locked gates to get to the bird. Fred, who can talk, laugh and cough is valued at $15,000. 


Thursday night television listings/TV guide – November 15, 1990

CBS – Top Cops, The Flash, Doctor, Doctor, Knots Landing, American Tonight

NBC – Cosby Show, A Different World, Cheers, Grand, L.A. Law, Johnny Carson

ABC – Father Dowling Mysteries, Gabriel’s Fire, Primetime Live, Nightline, Into the Night

Fox – The Simpsons, Parker Lewis, Beverly Hills 90210

PBS – Mystery!

HBO – Inside the NFL with Nick Buoniconti, Cris Collinsworth and Len Dawson


Into the Night w/Rick Dees – John Ritter.

On Johnny Carson – Celine Dion.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – November 15, 1990

Cheers – 23.0

60 Minutes – 22.2

Sunday NFL Football – 20.3

Movie-the Big One Part 2 – 19.5

A Different World – 18.8

Movie – “It” – 18,.5

Barbara Walters Special – 18.4

Empty Nest – 18.0

Roseanne – 18.0

America’s Funniest People – 17.9

The Cosby Show – 17.7

Murder: She Wrote – 17.6

The Golden Girls – 17.3

Designing Women – 17.0

Murphy Brown – 16.9

America’s Funniest Home Videos – 16.9

 Unsolved Mysteries – 16.5

Matlock – 16.4

Full House – 16.4

The Wonder Years – 16.3

Doogie Howser, M.D. – 16.2

Growing Pains – 16.0

In The Heat of the Night – 15.9

Monday Night Football – 15.8

Grand – 15.5

L.A. Law – 15.5

Major Dad – 15.5

Family Matters – 15.3

Who’s the Boss? – 14.9

Fresh Prince of Bel Air – 14.7

Carol & Company – 14.6

Knots Landing – 14.8

Coach – 14.6

Head of the Class – 14.6

Married People – 14.5

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