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Dateline: Events/Week of October 22, 1990 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Defense Secretary Dick Cheney announces that as much as 100,000 U.S. troops may be sent to Saudi Arabia to counter increased Iraqi forces.

After a decade and a long struggle, Congress finally passes the clean air act. Opponents are calling the $25-billion price tag too high. Environmentalists love the 700-page bill.  

President Mikhail S. Gorbachev orders the Ruble to be devalued by 69% in a move to encourage foreign investors and to help spur industry within the country.

A Palestinian teen attacks and stabs three Jews to death in Jerusalem.

Congress passes an historic budget bill that should reduce the national deficit by $490 million. It was a long fight and even down to the wire, taking a midnight session.

President Bush vetoes the Civil Rights Act of 1990. One of reasons – because it would lead to quotas.

Oil rises just over $3.00 to $34.25 per barrel on increasing fears of war in the Persian Gulf.

 Mayor Marion Barry of Washington D.C. is given a 6 month jail sentence and fined $5,000 on his misdemeanor conviction for drug possession.

Strike against the New York Daily News – as 8 out of 10 unions vote to strike against the paper.

Elizabeth Dole resigns as Secretary of Labor to become president of the American Red Cross. She’s the wife of Senator Bob Dole.

A jury in Oregon awards $12.5 million to the family of a black man beaten to death by skinheads allegedly incited by Tom Metzger and his White Aryan resistance organization. Metzger was ordered to pay $5 million.

British and French tunnelers reach each other beneath the waters of the English Channel for a linkup that ended Britain’s geographical isolation from Europe.

Bahrain - A break in a high-pressure stem line on the USS Iwo Jima kills 10 sailors in a boiler room accident.

Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev – says a military solution in the Persian Gulf is unacceptable and calls for a meeting of Arab countries with Saudi Arabia in the leading role.

The Commerce Department shows the gross national product expanded at a surprising 1.8% annual rate from July through September, after a second-quarter pace of .4%.

The National Endowment for the Arts has quietly dropped a controversial requirement that grant recipients sign a non-obscenity pledge, now that Congress has voted to scrap explicit restrictions on the kinds of art eligible for federal subsidies.


Business news - October 22, 1990

Southland Corp. – parent of “7-Eleven” stores – files chapter 11 BK protection. 


Sports news – October 22, 1990

In Las Vegas – Evander Holyfield knocks-out Buster Douglas in the third round. Douglas will still get $20 million for the bout.

Promoter Don King says there will be no Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas rematch – this after Douglas’ loss of the heavyweight title to Evander Holyfield. 


Entertainment news – October 22, 1990

Passing – William S. Paley – one of the founders of CBS. He was 89.


Music news – October 22, 1990

White rapper Vanilla Ice says he grew up on the streets in a Miami neighborhood. “I hung out with the black kids. They were hip. I wanted to be cool so I hung with the hip people… I’d rap anywhere I could – house parties, clubs, you name it.”

Passing – Bandleader Xavier Cugat – major figure in the Latin-American rhythm craze of the 30’s and ‘40’s.

Is he high? - Eric Clapton says he wants to marry Ana Maria Roques, a 24-year-old Argentine woman whom he met several weeks ago. Clapton says they will wed in March.

2 Live Crew’s pay-per-view concert schedule to be broadcast on November 8 from Hollywood – is canceled.

The Byrds, Ike and Tina Turner, LaVern Baker, John Lee Hooker, the impressions, Wilson Pickett and Jimmy reed are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Television news – October 22, 1990

On “Saturday Night Live” – Patrick Swayze hosts with musical guest Mariah Carey.

ABC says it is standing by “Cop Rock” – the singing cop show, even though it’s not getting good ratings. Let’s see.

Olivia Newton John returns to acting after a seven-year hiatus with a two-hour NBC-TV holiday movie.

David Frost is set to interview President and Mrs. Bush on an upcoming PBS series called “Talking With David Frost. That new series will consist of six monthly specials and begins in January. 

Don’t miss “Cop Rock” on ABC-TV. 

Nick at Nite is celebrating Halloween with a weeklong tribute to Alfred Hitchcock.


Thursday night television listings/TV guide – week of October 22, 1990

CBS  - Top Cops, The Flash, Doctor, Doctor, Knots Landing, America Tonight

NBC – Cosby Show, Different World, Cheers, Grand, L.A. Law, Tonight Show, Dave Letterman, Bob Costas

ABC – Father Dowling Mysteries, Gabriel’s Fire, PrimeTime Live, Nightline, Into The Night

PBS – Survival, Mystery!

HBO – Tales from the Crypt, Inside the NFL

Showtime – Tim Allen


Into the Night w/Rick Dees  - Henry Mancini and DJ Tom Joyner.

Charlie Rose quits his new daily series called “Personalities,” saying he was not comfortable.

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