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Dateline: Events/Week of September 15, 1990 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

He goes on Iraqi TV – President Bush tells the Iraqi people that their country stands on the brink of war that their country’s leadership has miscalculated. The appearance was taped and played back on Baghdad television.

France is ticked off that Iraq raided its ambassador’s residence in Kuwait and orders a military force of 4000 as well as equipment into Saudi Arabia.  Five Consuls were detained in the raid.

Iraq begins to target countries by taking over their foreign assets and withholding payments on debts.

The Olympic Council of Arts votes to reject the Iraqi national team from the Asian games as the country becomes more and more ostracized by the international community.

Defense Secretary Dick Cheney fired Air Force Chief of Staff Michael Dugan  -saying the 4-star general displayed poor judgment at a very sensitive time by revealing possible air strikes in Iraq.

Charles Keating Jr. goes to jail after being indicted on 42 counts of state securities fraud as a grand jury believes he victimized victims in the sale of bonds.

Atlanta will host the 1996 summer Olympic games.

South Africa – Winnie Mandela – will be tried on charges of kidnapping and assault in the Dec. 1988 beatings of four young black men at her Soweto home. Seven ex-bodyguards will also be tried.

Invited back in retirement - Ronald Reagan returned to Moscow to a bearhug welcome from Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev and said so much has changed since his last visit that he felt like Rip Van Winkle.

Crude oil closes at a record price of $33.63 per barrel. It is being driven by mideast tensions and rising prices in Europe.


Technology news – September 15, 1990

Sony introduces portable and car DAT (Digital Audio Tape) machines to boost consumer interest. The Sony DAT Walkman sells for $850.00.

Next Computers, which is headed by Steve Jobs, shows-off new products. The company now has a color machine and a new high-end system that can in corporate a high-performance graphics and video processor. Its lowest-priced PC is now $4,500 down from around $6,000.  


Music news – September 15, 1990

 “Unchained Melody” is back in a big way. Originally a hit in 1965 – the Righteous Brothers version is a hit again, thanks to “Ghost.” Actually, Bobby Hatfield is doing the song and it’s back and getting top-40 airplay.

Michael Jackson will sing along with Bart Simpson on a new video and on the cartoon show. Look for “Do the Bart Man” soon. Yes, it’s written by Jackson.

Don’t miss the Nov. 8 Pay-Per-View with 2 Live Crew. Just $19.95.

Geffen Records terminates its manufacturing and distributing deal with Def American recordings – whose roster includes controversial acts such as Andrew Dice Clay and rappers the Geto Boys.

More Michael Jackson as he receives the “Michael Jackson Good Scout Humanitarian Award” at a gala in Hollywood.

Toriano Easely of Hi-5 is arrested for first-degree murder in Oklahoma City. He allegedly shot someone in a heated argument. He’s only 17.


Television news – September 15, 1990

New show – James Earl Jones “Gabriel’s Fire.” On ABC-TV.

 Exiled Yankee owner George Steinbrenner is set to host a “Saturday Night Live” in October.

Regis & Kathie Lee are at Disneyworld this week.


Emmy Awards – some winners:

Best comedy – “Murphy Brown”

Best drama – “L.A. Law”

Best actor comedy – Ted Danson – “Cheers”

Best actress comedy – Candice Bergen – “Murphy Brown

Best actor drama – Peter Falk – “Columbo”

Best actress drama – Patricia Wettig – “thirtysomething”


Saturday night television listings/TV guide – September 15, 1990

CBS – College Football, The Family Man, Hogan Family

NBC – Hull High, Golden Girls, Empty Nest, Bob Hope Special, Saturday Night Live

ABC – The Young Riders, Twin Peaks

Fox – Totally Hidden Video, Haywire, Cops, American Chronicles

MTV – Rockumentary video collection, Yo! MTV Raps, All Request Show, Headbanger’s Ball

TBS – Night Tracks: Chartbusters


Bob Hope – George Burns and Henry Kissinger join Bob at 50 years of history.


Top movies – September 15, 1990



Men at Work

Taking Care of Business

Postcards from the Edge

Presumed Innocent

My Blue Heaven

Death Warrant


State of Grace

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