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Dateline: Events/Week of June 23, 1990 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

International rescue workers poor into Tehran, Iran as they struggle to dig out survivors of an earthquake. Nearly 29,000 are believed dead with 400,000 homeless.

A wildfire in Santa Barbara, CA destroys 567 homes and injures 40. It’s the most destructive Southern California fire in at least 30 years.

In New York - Thomas Camerlengo is charged with the decapitation of a 73 year-old couple. The bodies of Tony and Ann Camerlengo were found in their basement. Their heads were found in a nearby storm drain. A handle of a bow saw was found in the home. 

At Mayor Marion Barry’s drug and perjury trial in Washington, jurors view videotape - showing the mayor picking up a pipe allegedly loaded with crack cocaine, light it, and then take a hit. Within minutes, the tape showed plainclothes police and FBI agents burst in for the arrest.


Sports news – June 23, 1990

The last place Atlanta Braves fire manger Russ Nixon and replace him with General Manager Bobby Cox.

Jose Canseco becomes the highest paid player in baseball - signing a five-year $23.5 million contract with the Oakland Athletics. Although he has missed 16 games this season, Canseco has 20 home runs, 50 RBI’s, 12 steals and a .307 batting average. He’s the only player ever to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in the same season.


Best-selling books – June 23, 1990

“The Burden Of Proof” - Scott Turow, “Message From NAM” - Danielle Steel, “Men At Work” - George F. Will, “Barbarians At The Gate” - Bryan Burrough/John Helyar, “Don’t Shoot, It’s Only Me” - Bob Hope with Melville Shavelson.


Entertainment/Music/Celebrity news – June 23, 1990

Chuck Berry’s estate in Wentzville, MO is raided by police. Seized are several plastic bags of marijuana, an undisclosed amount of hash, $122 thousand, porn videotapes, slides and books, two rifles and a shotgun. Berry told reporters he has never used cocaine. No charges were filed. Officials say that none can be filed until the evidence is reviewed.

The three year-old FOX-TV network stuns its rivals by selling two-thirds more advertising than CBS for the up-coming TV season.  Agency execs say Fox has been successful with the 18 to 34 group with such hits as “Married With Children and “In Living Color.” It will be the first full season Fox will broadcast five nights a week.

At Saratoga Springs, New York - Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids On The Block is hospitalized after falling through a trap door on stage. Wahlberg suffered bruises on his chest and cuts on his arms and mouth after crashing through the unsealed trap door.

Bruce Springsteen gives permission to let 2 Live Crew to use the melody line from his “Born In The USA” for the group’s new single “Banned In The USA.” The controversial rap group has had their latest album “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” banned in Florida.

Unway Carter is charged with three counts of rape and two other related felonies in connection with comedian Sam Kinison’s girlfriend. The crime occurred in Kinson’s Hollywood home who was asleep at the time. Carter was acting as a bodyguard for the comic.

Paul McCartney performs a concert in front of 50 thousand in Liverpool. He told the crowd; “We’re going back through the mists of time to a place they call the 60’s.”

The Today Show brings back former co-host Joe Garagiola as a third anchor and Faith Daniels as news anchor. The Today show trails ABC’s Good Morning America in the ratings. GMA received a 4.0/21 share and Today - 3.3/17.


Prices At The Supermarket – June 1990

At the mart - Heinz Kosher Dill Spars - 24oz jar - $2.10 ... Boneless London Broil - $2.69lb ... Boneless half hams - $2.98lb ... Popsicle six pack - $1.35 ... A-1 steak sauce - 10oz bottle - $2.69.


Top TV shows/ratings – June 23, 1990

TV Ratings - Cheers (15.1), Roseanne (15.0), The Cosby Show (13.9), Empty Nest (13.8), 60 Minutes (13.6), The Golden Girls (13.5), Seinfeld (13.4), Coach (13.4), Married With Children (13.4), A Different World (13.3), The Simpsons (13.3), Unsolved Mysteries (13.2), In Living Color (12.6), Rescue 911 (12.5), LA Law (12.2), She Knows Too Much (12.2), 20/20 (12.2), Murphy Brown (12.1), Full House (12.0).


Tuesday Night television listings/TV guide – June 23, 1990

CBS - Rescue 911, Movie ... NBC - Matlock, In The Heat OF The Night, Quantum Leap ... ABC - Who’s The Boss, The Wonder Years, Roseanne, Coach, Thirtysomething ... FOX - No schedule.

The Wonder Years - Kevin’s valentine to Winnie goes to someone else by mistake.

Roseanne - a repeat of the Halloween show where everyone in the family tries to scare everyone in the family.

Quantum Leap - Sam becomes a southern lawyer in 1957, defending a black housekeeper accused of killing her employer/lover.

 In Syndication - Star Trek: The Next Generation. The season finale ends this week in a cliffhanger. The crew has to decide whether to save Captain Picard at the expense of humankind. It’s the first time any Star Trek season, old or new - ends the season in a cliffhanger.


Top Country Hit Singles – June 23, 1990

 “Love Without Men, Amen” - George Straight, “The Dance” - Garth Brooks


Top pop hit music singles – June 23, 1990

Pop music this week in 1990 - “Step By Step” - New Kids On The Block, “It Must Have Been Love” - Roxette, “Poison” - Bell Biv DeVoe, “Do You Remember?” - Phil Collins, “Ready Or Not” - After 7, “She Ain’t Worth It” - Glenn Medeiros, “I’ll Be Your Shelter” - Taylor Dayne, “Children Of The Night” - Richard Marx, “Sittin’ In The Lap Of Luxury” - Louie Louie, “Notice Me” - Nikki, “U Can’t Touch This” - MC Hammer  


Top pop music albums – June 23, 1990

Top Albums - “Step By Step” - New Kids On The Block, “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” - M.C. Hammer, “I’m Breathless” - Madonna, “I Do Not Want ... Haven’t Got” - Sinead O’Connor, “Poison” - Bell, Biv Devoe.


Top movies – June 23, 1990

Robocop 2 - Peter Weller, Nancy Allen

Dick Tracy - Warren Beatty

Total Recall - Arnold Schwarenegger

Another 48 Hours - Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte

Gremlins 2 - Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, John Glover

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