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Dateline: Events/Week of June 8, 1990 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Defense Secretary Dick Cheney has launched an effort to draft alternative U.s. defense plans that could be activated quickly if Mikhail Gorbachev’s new policy collapses.

Bush spokesman marlin Fitzwater says Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has dispatched an envoy to the White House to study the inner workings of the U.S. presidency.

President Federik W. de Klerk announces the end of South Africa’s state of emergency.

Lithuania says the Soviet government is relaxing its two-month economic blockade of the Baltic republic.

 John M. Poindexter – the highest-ranking member of the Iran-Contra scandal is sentenced to six months in prison. The judged cited his lack of remorse.

Mikhail S. Gorbachev will meet the presidents of three Baltic republics to break a stalemate over their determinations to secede. They are – Arnold Ruutel of Estonia, Anatolijs Gorbunovs of Latvia and Landsbergis of Lithuania.

In Czechoslovakia – Civil Forum – the neo-democracy group wins in a landslide victory in the first free elections in Czechoslovakia in 44 years. 

In Israel – Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir has a new government – a rightist regime committed to expanding Israeli settlements in the West bank.

Oil that spilled form a grounded tanker into a busy shipping channel between New York City and New Jersey fouled about four miles of beaches.

Criticized for not coming to champion Lithuanian independence, President Bush asserted that he is “committed to self-determination for the Baltic States.”

Thousands march to Capitol Hill, calling on Congress to limit the use of animals in product research and urging Americans to “Eat Beans, Not Beings."

Alberto Fujimori wins the Peruvian presidency over famed novelist Mario Vargas Llosa.

Marry – Kerry Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo. She’s the daughter of Ethel Kennedy and the late Robert F. Kennedy. He’s the son of New York Gov. Mario Cuomo.


Medical/AIDS News Update – June 8, 1990

The World Health Organization predicts a cumulative global total of at least 6 million cases of AIDS by the year 2000.


Technology news – June 8, 1990

Trends – Looks like the smaller version of the VHS – the VHS-C camcorder is going to challenge to the other mini-tape format – 8mm, which is now dominated by Sony. 


Music news – June 8, 1990

Police in San Antonio, Tex. Are warning record store retailers that they could face obscenity charges for selling the controversial album, “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” by 2 Live Crew.

Luther Campbell and Chris Won Wong – two members of 2 Live Crew are arrested after an X-rated adults-only performance in Hollywood Fla.

New video channel – the Jukebox Network – the first interactive cable-TV network. Pick to play a video – and pay $3.

Fascinating Facts - Lip Syncing legislation - First of its kind – In New Jersey, Assemblyman Neil Cohen, vice-chairman of the Consumer Affairs Committee in the New Jersey State Legislature – joined with Assemblyman Joseph Mecca in introducing legislation requiring performers to make it clear before concerts whether they’ll sing live or lip-sync to recorded music. They want to know if artists such as Madonna, New Kids on the Block and Milli Vaniili are lip-synching in concert. Interestingly, Todd Headlee, who is Milli Vanilli’s U.S. manager – does not say if the pair lip-syncs in concert (we’re gonna know real soon). Madonna was seen lip-syncing to at least one song during her latest tour. Janet Jackson as well.


Television news – June 8, 1990

Invisible to most viewers, but Charlie Rose has been on CBS for six years – yes overnights. He’s leaving that – and getting into a syndicated show called “Personalities.”

At the end of the NBC affiliates meeting – programming chief Brandon Tartikoff says of rival Fox – “They pander to the worst aspects of the American TV audience. They assume people don’t read – every reference is to other TV shows. They don’t ask the audience to aspire to anything. They don’t try to assume that the audience has a collective 90 IQ.” Tarkentoff was asked of there’s anything on the Fox schedule he’d like on his schedule – and his answer was “The Simpsons.”

Howard Hessman is leaving “Head of the Class” after four years.

Ted Turner just returned from Havana, where he interviewed Fidel Castro. It’ll be aired on CNN June 25.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – June 8, 1990

Roseanne – 16.8

Cheers – 15.4

The Cosby Show – 14.7

Designing Women – 14.7

Unsolved Mysteries – 14.6

A Different World – 14.4

60 Minutes – 14.2

Seinfeld – 14.2

Coach – 13.8

48 Hours (Wed.) – 13.7

The Golden Girls – 13.5

Murphy Brown – 13.4

The Simpsons – 13.3

20/20 – 13.2

Empty Nest – 13.1

America’s Funniest Home Videos – 13.1

Movie-Trouble in Paradise – 13.1

In the Heat of the Night – 13.1

Married… with Children – 12.8

Singer & Sons – 12.6

The Wonder Years – 12.6

Murder, She Wrote – 12.3

Full House – 12.2


Top movies – June 8, 1990

Another 48 Hours

Pretty Woman

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cinema Paradiso

Lethal Weapon 2

Dick Tracy

Hunt For Red October

Ernest Goes To Jail

Joe Vs. the Volcano

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