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Dateline: Events/Week of May 8, 1990 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The House approves landmark legislation that would require large employers to grant workers unpaid leave to care for newborn babies and seriously ill family members or to recover from sickness – up to 12 weeks a year. 

The U.S. and Iran agree to settle more than 2,000 financial disputes that have been a major irritant to relations between the countries since the 1970 Islamic revolution. These are claims by Americans, mostly businessmen and other private citizens, against the Iranian government.

Suspected Communist guerillas shot and killed to U.S. Air Force enlisted men outside Clark Air Base near Manila.           

It’s time to secede - Baltic republics Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania join forces in their effort to go independent.

President Bush says he will name U.S. district Judge Robert C. Bonner to head the DEA.

The FBI has arrested two Colombians on charges of conspiring to purchase stolen U.S. stinger missiles to shoot down Colombian government helicopter being used in the war against drugs down there. 

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Biden Jr. – charges that the Bush Administration has underestimated the extent of the nation’s drug problem – and cites a new study that says 2.2 million Americans use cocaine. 

A predawn fire killed one navy officer and injured a dozen sailors aboard the guided-missile destroyer Conyngham – off the North Carolina coast. The fire was in the main engine room. It’s the first major navy mishap in months. The ship was left for hours without any communications and was dead in the water. 

Visa USA and Mastercard International agreed to abandon a national debit card venture to settle charges by 14 states that they schemed to monopolize the emerging market.


Music news – May 8, 1990

Rapper Luther Campbell who leads the controversial “2 Live Crew’ says the music industry has failed to come to his aid. “When the stores say they’re going to take my albums out, the record companies should say, ‘OK, then you’re not going to get the next Michael Jackson or Madonna record,’” said Campbell.

The RIAA unveils a standardized advisory log for albums containing explicit lyrics. The logo was developed in response to parents complaints over offensive lyrics – especially those from groups such as 2 Live Crew. The logo reads like this – Parental Advisory. Explicit Lyrics.

More 2 Live Crew - Also, Luther Campbell can not use the name “Luke Skyywalker” because of a suit brought on by movie maker George Lucas.

Michael Jackson is honored by BMI in its first “Michael Jackson Award.’ The award recognizes an individual who has had an important impact on contemporary culture and who has in a measurable way made an uplifting contribution to society – so says BMI.


Thursday night television listings/TV guide – May 8, 1990

CBS – 48 Hours, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing

NBC – The Cosby Show, A Different World, Cheers, Wings, L.A. Law, Johnny Carson

ABC – Father Dowling Mysteries, Twin Peaks, PrimeTime Live, Nightline

PBS – The Living Planet, Mystery!

Disney Channel – Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back (Frank Sinatra concert)


On Johnny Carson – John Larroquette, Mark Schill.


Television news – May 8, 1990

Controversial comedian Andrew Dice Clay appears on “Saturday Night Live” – but there were protesters inside and outside the studio. The musical guest was supposed to be Sinead O’Connor. SNL performer Nora Dunn boycotted the show, saying she didn’t want to perform on the same show as Clay. But wait, later in the week, Sinead O’Connor pulls out of the show, saying she did not want to appear on the same program as Clay.

Now on home video – Walt Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” – just $16.99 after $3 rebate. (VHS Tape). 

Passing – Actress Susan Oliver has died of cancer. She was 58. She was also a pilot who won the Powder Puff Derby airplane race in 1970.

Passing – Charles Ferrell – who played straight man to the wacky misadventures of “My Little Margie” back in the 1960’s. He was 89.

Comic Relief ’90 – telecast by HBO did $4.7 million in pledges. It was again hosted by Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams.

Mattel didn’t like it when a couple who called themselves Barbie and Malibu Ken stripped down – almost to their bare essentials on a recent Phil Donahue show. They are really Michael and Saundra Cherwenks and they better change the name of their act – now!

NBC is planning to offer its affiliates a 24-hour news service. Stations would use the material as part of their own local newscasts or as separate newscasts to stand on their own – it would be up to the station.


Top movies – May 8, 1990

Pretty Woman

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tales from the Darkside

Spaced Invaders

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