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Dateline: Events/Week of January 1, 1990 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The White House pulls the first troops out of Panama. It’s the first withdrawal since President Bush launched an invasion of Panama on December 20.

President Bush announces that former Panama strongman Manual Noriega walked out of his sanctuary in the Vatican embassy in Panama City and was quickly arrested by U.S. agents - ending a stalemate since Christmas Eve. He’ll be arraigned in Miami, facing drug-trafficking and money-laundering charges.

First lady Barbara Bush begins 10 days of radiation treatments after suffering from persistent double vision and swelling around her eyes.

David Dinkins is inaugurated as the 106th mayor of New York City. He promised to be tough on crime.


Business/Economy news – January 1, 1990

Sales figures released for 1989 say that for the first time - a Japanese car has become the best-selling car in the United States. The Honda Accord with sales of 362,707 cars topped the previous champ, the Ford Escort. 

Toys R Us says sales were up 22.7% in December on the strength of Nintendo video games and Teen-Age Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures.

The Dow closes at an all-time high - the first time it has gone over 2800 to close at 2810.15. High-tech and automotive stocks drove the surge.

Supermarket Prices – January 1990

At the mart - New York Steak - $3.99lb ... Lamb Chops - $1.89lb ... Swiss Cheeze - $4.49lb ... Cotto Salami - 1lb pkg - $1.69


Best-selling books – January 1, 1990

 “Caribbean” - James A. Michener, “The Dark Half” - Stephen King, “Clear And Present Danger” - Tom Clancy, “Tales From Margaritaville” - Jimmy Buffet, “Foucaults Pendulum” - Umberto Eco, “Daddy” - Danielle Steele, “Roseanne” - Roseanne Barr, “It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On it” - Robert Fulghum, “My Turn - The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan” - Nancy Reagan w/William Novak, “Liar’s Poker” - Michael M. Lewis



Entertainment/Movie/Television/Music/Celebrity news – January 1, 1990

Marries - Pat Sajak (42) to Lesly Brown (24). He’s the host of the syndicated “Wheel Of Fortune” and “The Pat Sajak Show” - late nights on CBS.

 Marries - Shari Belafonte to Sam Behrens. She stars in TV’s “Hotel” and he’s in “Knots Landing.”

Paramount Pictures is ordered to pay humorist Art Buchwald for the script idea he contended formed the basis of the hit movie -”Coming To America.” Eddie Murphy was given screen credit for writing the story in 1988 - but it was based on an eight-page treatment by Buchwald in 1982.

On The West Side Of Los Angeles - comedian Jack Carter is arrested for shoplifting, it’s revealed - four days before Christmas. “They had no right to release that information. I had a battle with a sleazy security guard and he charged me with shoplifting the next time I was in the store.” Carter was freed on $1,500 bail.

Passing - Alan Hale Jr. (68) - known to almost everyone as “The Skipper” on Gilligan’s Island... of cancer.

Passing - Actor Ian Charleson (40) - best known as the winter sprinter in the film “Chariots of Fire” ... of complications from AIDS.

Passing - actor Arthur Kennedy (75) - five-time Oscar nominee ... of cancer.    

Deborah Norville debuts as Jane Pauley’s replacement on “The Today Show.”

Back in Philadelphia - Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire and Burt Young are ready to begin shooting “Rocky V.” Heavyweight contender Tommy Morrison is featured as Rocky’s protege. 

Paul Crouch - founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) resigns from the National Religious Broadcasters. The organization is a voluntary association of evangelical Christian broadcasters which tries to ensure the best possible standards for their industry. Crouch and Trinity had been the subjects by the NRB’s ethics committee - and looked into complaints about his business practices and the treatment of employees. In a Trinity newsletter, Crouch said he made the decision because “lying, trumped-up charges were aimed at the very heart of your TBN.”

 A judge rules that record producer Chips Moman must turn over studio tapes to Ringo Starr in exchange for $74,000 to be paid by the Beatle drummer. Momen was seeking $162 thousand for expenses occurred at a Memphis studio where Ringo recorded in 1987. Moman was going to release the tapes to coincide with a 30-day tour of Ringo’s - but Starr didn’t want them released  - which he said he made when he was drinking up to 16 bottles of wine a day. Both sides are calling it a victory. 


Top music albums – January 1, 1990

“Girl You Know It’s True” - Milli Vanilli, “Storm Front” - Billy Joel, “... But Seriously” - Phil Collins, “Forever Your Girl” - Paula Abdul, “Rhythm Nation 1814” -  Janet Jackson

Paramount Pictures is ordered to pay humorist Art Buchwald for the script idea he contended formed the basis of the hit movie -”Coming To America.” Eddie Murphy was given screen credit for writing the story in 1988 - but it was based on an eight-page treatment by Buchwald in 1982.


Top pop hit music singles – January 1, 1990

On the charts - “Another Day In Paradise” - Phil Collins, “Don’t Know Much” – Linda Ronstadt  w/Aaron Neville, “With Every Beat Of My Heart”-Taylor Dayne “This One’s For The Children” - New Kids On The Block, “We Didn't Start The Fire” -Billy Joel, “Just Like Jesse James” - Cher, “Rhythm Nation” - Janet Jackson, “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” - Michael Bolton, “Pump Up The Jam” - Technotronic, “Swing The Mood’ - Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers, “Oh Father” - Madonna, “Everything” - Jody Whately, “Love Song” - Tesla, “Downtown Train” - Rod Stewart, “Free Fallin’” - Tom Petty, “Livin In Sin” - Bon Jovi, “Oh Father” - Madonna, “Rock & A Hard Place” - The Rolling Stones, “Janie’s Got A Gun” - Aerosmith, “”I’ll Be Good To You” - Quincy Jones


Top Country Hit Singles – January 1, 1990

“Who’s Lonely Now” - Highway 101, “A Woman In Love” - Ronnie Milsap, “It Ain’t Nothing” - Keith Whitley


Top TV Shows/Ratings – January 1, 1990

 The Cosby Show (24.2), Cheers (24.2), The Golden Girls (23.9), 60 Minutes (22,2), A Different World (21.6), Murder, She Wrote (21.3), Empty Nest (20.9), The Wonder Years (20.9), Designing Woman (20.7), Dear John (20.5), Matlock (18.5), Orange Bowl (18.5), Unsolved Mysteries (18.5), LA Law (18.4), Who’s The Boss? (18.3), Murphy Brown (18.2), In The Heat Of The Night (17.9), Coach (17.7), Murder in Black and White (17.1), Hunter (16.7), Amen (16.4), Full House (16.40, Growing Pains (16.4), Newhart (16.4), Major Dad (16.0), Head of the Class (15.8), Doogie Howser, MD (15.6), Night Court (15.0), Midnight Caller (14.9)


Wednesday Night Television listings/TV guide – January 1, 1990

CBS - Beauty and the Beast, Jake and the Fatman, Candid Camera ... NBC - Unsolved Mysteries, Night Court, My Two Dads, Quantum Leap ... ABC - Growing Pains, Head Of The Class, Doogie Howser, MD, Anything But Love, China Beach

Doogie Howser, MD - Doogie gets on a game show and discovers how greed spreads among his family.

Quantum Leap - Sam becomes a fraternity brother in 1968. His mission is to stop a revolutionary from bombing a chemistry lab.

Late night TV - The Pat Sajak Show (CBS) guests from “Murphy Brown” - Candice Bergen, Faith Ford, Grant Shaud and Joe Regalbuto.

On the The Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson - guests Chuck Berry and Tony Danza.


Top movies - January 1, 1990

War Of The Roses - Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner

Tango & Cash - Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell

The Little Mermaid

Back To The Future II - Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd

Christmas Vacation - Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Randy Quaid

Born On The Fourth Of July

Always - Richard Drefuss, Holly Hunter


Steel Magnolias - Sally Field, Dolly Parton

Family Business - Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman

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