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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of November 1, 1989 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua ends a 19-month-old cease fire against the U.S.-backed contra rebels and says the Sandinista army will try to push them back to bases in Honduras. He is asking rebel leaders to meet in New York next week for talks on ending the newly resurgent Nicaraguan war.   

Democrat David Dinkins becomes New York City’s first black mayor, defeating Republican Rudolph W. Giuliani. Dinkins received 51% of the vote to Giuliani’s 48%.

President Bush declares that Vice President Dan Quayle would “absolutely” be his choice for a running mate in 1992. 

On national television - East German leader Egon Krenz appeals to disillusioned young people not to join the growing exodus to the west and promises “far reaching reforms in the troubled Communist nation. Last Wednesday, East Germany lifted its month-old ban on travel to Czechoslovakia, the only country East German’s can visit freely, and that began an exodus of at least 12,000 persons.   

Los Angeles - Six years after the first arrest in the McMartin Pre-School molestation case - the case finally goes to a jury. It’s the longest and costliest criminal proceeding in history.

Also in Los Angeles - another major newspaper folds as the Harold Examiner halts publishing for good after 118 years. That leaves the city with two other papers - the Los Angeles Times and Daily News.   

More Los Angeles - Richard Ramirez - the “Night Stalker” - who murdered or raped more than a dozen people in a 1985 rampage, is sentenced to death in the gas chamber. Wearing dark glasses, the killer uttered - “you don’t understand ... and you are not expected to, you are not capable of it. I am beyond your experience. I am beyond doing evil. Legions of the night, night breed. Repeat not the errors of the Night Stalker and show no mercy. I will be avenged.”

Facing rivalry from a fax onslaught from small business and others, the Post Office says it will begin placing fax machines in local offices. Fax users will pay by credit card to send documents worldwide around the clock. The service will be provided by a private company.

British automaker Jaguar agrees to a $2.5 billion buyout for Ford Motor Co. Auto industry analysts say Jaguar needs fast cash to tool up for new models to compete with top-range Japanese cars, which could make headway in the luxury car market. 


Technology news – November 1, 1989

Compaq introduces a new PC - one it’s touting as the world’s most powerful desktop personal computer. The “Deskpro 486-25 usess Intel’s 486 microprocessor - and has three times the computing speed found in the latest 386 machines.


Sports news – November 1, 1989

Peter Rozelle (63) bids farewell as NFL commissioner: “I just want to say that after seven months of waiting, I feel like a combination of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Willie Shoemaker and Sarah Bernhardt. I’ve had more farewell parties and farewell press conferences than I can remember.”

Lou Piniella is named manager of the Cincinnati Reds. He’s a former manager of the Yankees... John McNamara is named manager of the Cleveland Indians, succeeding doc Edwards... John Lucas gets another shot with the Houston Rockets - his fourth time. The basketball star has a history of drug problems 


Best-selling books – November 1, 1989

Clear and Present Danger - Tom Clancy

The Dark Half - Stephen King

Foucault’s Pendulum - Umberto Eco

The Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett

Some Can Whistle - Larry McMurtry

Poodle Springs - Raymond Chandler

My Turn: Memoirs of Nancy Reagan - Nancy Reagan

Rosanne: My Life As A Woman - Rosanne Barr

All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten - Robert Fulghum

Among Schoolchildren - Tracy Kidder

It Was On Fire When I Lay Down on it - Robert Fulghum

Head First: The Biology Of Hope - Norman Cousins

Wealth Without Risk - Charles J. Givens


Entertainment/Celebrity news – November 1, 1989

Passing - Dorothy Fuldheim (96) - Cleveland television broadcaster whose career spanded more than 35 years. She was rarely, if ever, off Cleveland television screens and was known by everybody in the area. Later, she became a lecturer and traveled extensively abroad.

Found dead - Jason McCallum (27) - adopted son of actor David McCallum and actress Jill Ireland in his Laurel Canyon home. His long battle of drug addiction was the subject of a book by Ireland published last year. Jill Ireland, who has been battling cancer for months said - “I hate drugs. Jason had shown signs of being on the road to recovery. The meant a lot to Jason, and he hoped it would keep other young people from going through  what he had gone through.”

Actor Todd Bridges (Diff’rent Strokes) is acquitted in Los Angeles Superior Court of charges of attempted murder and attempted voluntary manslaughter in the shooting of a convicted Texas drug dealer.

 It’s confirmed - Actress Amanda Blake, who for many years portrayed “Miss Kitty” on “Gunsmoke” died of AIDS on August 16.

MCA television announces Ron Reagan, son of former President and Nancy Reagan will co-host a syndicated daytime talk show beginning next year. The other co-host will be Cristina Ferrare. Reagan will continue as a special correspondent for ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America.”

Jessica Hahn (30), the former church secretary whose sexual encounter with TV evangelist Jim Bakker began his downfall, is set to host a pay-TV special November 10th “Thunder and Mud.” The special will feature heavy-metal rock and female mud wrestling.


Top TV shows/ratings – November 1, 1989

The Cosby Show - 24.4

A Different World - 24.7

Cheers - 24.4

Roseanne - 23.8

The Golden Girls - 21.3

Dear John - 21.2

60 Minutes - 21.1

Murder, She Wrote - 20.2

L.A. Law - 20.1

Empty Nest - 20.1

Monday Night Football - 19.9

Barbara Walters Special - 19.0

Unsolved Mysteries - 19.0

In The Heat of the Night - 18.9

Growing Pains - 17.6

Movie – Crocodile Dundee - 17.6

The Wonder Years - 17.4

Matlock - 17.3

Who’s The Boss? - 16.8

Settle The Score - 16.8

Head of the Class - 16.7

Movie - Taken Away - 16.3

Chicken Soup - 15.9

Hunter - 15.7

Full House - 15.7

Midnight Caller - 15.1

Night Court - 15.1

Doogie Howser, M.D. - 15.0


Television news – November 1, 1989

ABC cancels Jackie Mason’s sitcom “Chicken Soup” whished he starred with Lynn Redgrave. 


Saturday Night Television listings/TV guide – week of November 1, 1989

CBS - Paradise, Tour of Duty, Saturday Night With Connie Chung

NBC - 227, Amen, The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, Hunter

ABC - Mr. Belvedere, Living Dolls, Kojak

FOX - Cops, The Reporters, Beyond Tomorrow

HBO - Montreal International Comedy Festival - Rich Hall, Jerry Seinfeld, Rick Decommun, Julie Brown, Bobcar Goldthwait.

TNN - (Nashville Network) - Country Clips, Classic Rock With Wolfman Jack, Grand Ole Opry, This Week In Country Music, Wish You Were Here


The Golden Girls - Rose fears she’s not smart enough for her new beau.

Later on - NBC broadcasts a best of “Saturday Night Live” with Steve Martin, Leslie Nielsen, John Malkovich and Dolly Parton. Also the Fine Young Cannibals, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians.  


Music news – November 1, 1989

Passing - Singer/songwriter Barry Sadler (49) - best known for his huge it “Ballad of the Green Berets” in 1966. He had been hospitalized in various facilities since he was critically injured by gunfire last year while training Contra rebels in Guatemala. He had suffered brain damage in the shooting. In 1978, Sadler shot and killed the estranged boyfriend of a woman he was seeing. He plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to up to five years in the Tennessee State Penitentiary. Later, a judge reduced the sentence to 30 days and two years’ probation.

Passing - Novelty recording artist Dickie Goodman - began and perfected the art of ‘break-in” hit records, where bits of popular songs are assembled to tell a story by an “interviewer.” From his son Jon: “Dickie Goodman, born Richard D Goodman April 19 1934 in Brooklyn NY, died Nov 6, 1989 of a self inflicted gunshot. The Original Napster, Dickie Goodman became famous for his 1956 #1 hit, THE FLYING SAUCER. Sued by 17 labels for copywrite violation, the case was in Time magazine and went all the way to NY Supreme Court where case law was set for music sampling for the first time.  After hearing the record, the judge ruled that Dickie Goodman had created a new work and the sampling was fair use as long as he paid for it.  THE FLYING SAUCER used sound bites of popular songs to answer questions Dickie Goodman asked while satirizing a news report of flying saucers. Dickie Goodman continued the genre he created of Break-In records, charting 17 times over four decades (he is listed by Billboard as the number one comedy/novelty artist).  He got a gold record for Mr. JAWS (#1) in 1975.  This record also used the reporter/sampling formula to parody the movie JAWS.  GUINNESS is currently researching the book, THE KING OF NOVELTY, which may prove Dickie Goodman sampled more songs than any other artist in music business history.”   

Sting makes his Broadway debut in the new production of “3 Penny Opera” to mixed reviews. The New York Times said the “Sting is a stiff onstage” but the New York Post praised the rock ‘n roll star - “Sting has a natural presence and makes a debonair bandit-villain.”


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – November 1, 1989 

When I See You Smile - English

Miss You Much - Janet Jackson

Listen To Your Heart - Roxette

Cover Girl - New Kids On The Block

Love Shack - B-52’s

Blame It On The Rain - Milli Vanilli

Sowing The Seeds Of Love - Tears for Fears

We Didn’t Start The Fire - Billy Joel

Dr. Feelgood - Motley Crue

It’s No Crime - BabyFace

Me So Horny - 2 Live Crew

Rock Wit’cha - Bobby Brown

Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind) - New Kids On The Block

Get On Your Feet - Gloria Estefan

Healing Hands - Elton John

The Best - Tina Turner

(It’s Just) The Way You Love Me - Paula Abdoul

Angelia - Richard Marx


Top Music Albums – November 1, 1989

Girl, You Know It’s True - Milli Vanilli

Rhythm Nation 1814 - Janet Jackson

Steel Wheels - The Rolling Stones

Full Moon Fever - Tom Petty

Dr. Feelgood - Motley Crue

Hangin’ Tough - New Kids On The Block

Crossroads - Tracy Chapman

Pump - Aerosmith 

Forever Your Girl - Paula Abdoul

Skid Row - Skid Row


Other top music albums – November 1, 1989

Storm Front - Billy Joel

Cosmic Thing - The B-52’s

Cry Like a Rainstorm - Linda Ronstadt featuring Aaron Neville

Freedom - Neil Young

Flying Cowboys - Rickie Lee Jones

Hot in the Shade - Kiss

A Collection: Greatest Hits and More - Barbra Streisand

The Sensual World - Kate Bush

Stone Cold Rhythm - Young M.C.

Brave and Crazy - Melissa Etheridge

Keep on Movin - Soul II Soul

Heart of Stone - Cher

The End Of The Innocence - Don Henley

Still Crusin’ - The Beach Boys

We Too Are One - Eurythmics

We Can’t Go Wrong - The Cover Girls

Master of the Game - James ‘JT’ Taylor

Seminar - Sir Mix-A-Lot

Nothing Matters Without Love - Seduction

Built To Last - The Grateful Dead

Mother’s Milk - Red Hot Chilli Peppers


#1 Top Country Single – November 1, 1989

Ace In The Hole - George Straight


Top movies – November 1, 1989

Batman - Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger, Billy Dee Williams, Jack Palance

The Abyss - Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Look Who’s Talking - John Travolta, Kirstie Alley

The Fabulous Baker Boys - Jeff Bridges, Michelle Pieffer

Sex, Lies and Videotape - James Spader, Andie MacDowell

Parenthood - Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Rick Moranis

Immediate Family - Glenn Close, James Woods

Erik The Viking - Tim Robbins, John Cleese

Sea of Love - Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin

Second Sight - John Larroquet, Bronson Pinchot

When Harry Met Sally - Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan

Johnny Handsome - Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin

Worth Winning - Mark Harmon, Leslie Ann Warren

Crimes and Misdemeanors - Woody Allen, Mia Farrow

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