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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of September 8, 1989 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Former President Ronald Reagan undergoes successful surgery in Rochester, MN to drain a collection of old blood on his brain – an apparent result of his horseback riding accident several months ago. 

President Mikhail S. Gorbachev promises that the Kremlin will submit to parliament a series of emergency measures tin invigorate the economy and combat shortages.

Soviet Communist Party populist Boris Yelstin says that the possibility of a coup in his country is “pretty unrealistic” and that predictions of civil war growing out of violence among the restive soviet minorities is “a scarecrow” designed to frighten people.

Around 16,000 East Germans arrive in Hungary from Czechoslovakia and head straight for the Austro-Hungarian frontier and freedom in the West.

On Television - President Bush tells the nation’s school children that saying no to drugs “won’t make you a nerd.” From a speech originating from the White House library, President Bush called drugs an “equal opportunity destroyer.” “They have no conscience. They don’t care where the money comes from. They just murder people. Young and old, good and bad, innocent and guilty – it doesn’t matter. For too many, drugs mean death.”

Moscow accuses fellow Warsaw Pact ally Hungary of taking “an unusual step” in letting more than 10,000 East Germans cross the border to West Germany.

Manhattan Borough President David N. Dinkins shatters Mayor Edward Koch’s hope of a historic fourth term in office and wins the democratic primary and takes a major step to becoming New York City’s first black mayor.

El Salvador’s leftist guerrillas hand the government a proposal for an indefinite cease-fire in exchange for major political reforms to bring an end to their country’s decade-long civil war.

Louisville KY - A former employee armed with an AK-47 rifle opens fire in a printing plant, killing seven people and wounding 16 before fatally shooting himself in the head.


Some top-selling books – September 8, 1989

Clear and Present Danger – Tom Clancy

California Gold – John jakes

Polar Star- Martin Cruz Smith

The Russia House – John le Carre

The Joy Luck Club – Amy Tan

It’s Always Something – Gilda Radner

All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten – Robert Fulghum

Toxic parents: overcoming their hurtful legacy and reclaiming your life – Susan Forward

A Brief History Of Time – Stephen W. Hawking


Business/Finance news – September 8, 1989

Junk bond king- Former Drexel Burnham Lambert Financier Michael Milken said that there is “tremendous opportunity” for high-yield bonds despite a rash of recent defaults. Milken resigned from Drexel in June to form his own financial consulting firm and prepare his defense for a trial set to begin next March.


Technology news – September 8, 1989

IBM is downplaying a computer virus called “Datacrime ‘89” saying the virus is not widespread. Also known as the Columbus Day virus, experts say although it can erase files kept on system’s hard disk, it is not nearly widespread as some believe.

Intel Corp unveils a super fast microprocessor. It’s a breakthrough in chip design because it carries out two tasks at once and up to 66 million instructions per second. It’s the 32-bit i960CA chip.


Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie/Hollywood news – September 8, 1989

Fulfilling his court-ordered community service, actor Rob Lowe speaks to inmates at detention and rehabilitation centers in his hometown of Dayton. Lowe was accused of shooting sexually explicit videotape involving a teen-age girl during the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta. A Georgia court sentenced him to 20 hours of community service to avoid possible criminal action.

Actor Johnny Depp (25) gets off with a complete discharge after pleading guilty in a Vancouver (BC) court to a chart of assault. Depp got in a confrontation with a security guard following a hotel party. He said he overreacted after a discussion with the guard. Depp plays an undercover officer on the Fox series “21 Jump Street.”

Michael Jackson announces he will be the spokesperson for LA Gear, an athletic shoemaker. 

Two companies controlled by Rupert Murdock bid $1.8 billion for MGM/UA.

Passing – Writer Robert Penn Warren – winner of three Pulitzer Prizes for fiction and poetry.


Top summer 1989 movies (in $millions)…

Batman – 238.6

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – 189.5

Lethal Weapon 2 – 131

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids – 119.1

Ghostbusters II – 109.9

Dead Poets Society – 86.4

When Harry met Sally – 66.6

Parenthood – 64.1

Turner & Hooch – 57.1

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – 50.5


Television news – September 8, 1989

CBS, NBC and ABC will simulcast an animated anti-drug special this winter that will incorporate characters from Saturday morning cartoons. It’ll probably be broadcast on a Saturday morning in February or March.

West 57th correspondent Meredith Vieira is joining “60 Minutes” later this month.

Cable News Network announces that it will launch an evening newscast in October to compete with the three network casts. Look for “The World Today” beginning October 16. It will be a distinct format, not like the regular CNN broadcast day.


Music news – September 8, 1989

Get ready for the release of Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits, featuring three new songs. Should be out November 14.

New Kids On The Block will release an album of Christmas songs in December.

The Pet Shop Boys produce an album – the first pop album – for Liza Minnelli. “Results” is out this week.

More music news – Don’t miss “Tommy-The Who” a live TV special with guest stars Elton John, Steve Winwood, Pattie LaBele, Phil Collins and Billy Idol. Check your listings for stations


Top movie video rentals – September 8, 1989

Tequila Sunrise

Mississippi Burning

The Naked Gun


Dangerous Liaisons

Rain Man


Top movies – September 8, 1989


When Harry Met Sally

The Abyss

Night Game (three strikes… she’s dead) – Roy Scheider, Karen Young, Richard Bradford

The Big Picture – Kevin Bacon, Emily Lonstreth

Uncle Buck – John Candy


The Package – Gene Hackman, Joanna Cassidy, Tommy Lee Jones

Heart of Dixie – Ally Sheedy, Virginia Madsen, Phoebe Cates

Sea of Love – Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin, John Goodman

In Country  - Bruce Willis, Emily Lloyd

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