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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of November 8, 1988 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Final plea for votes – Sen. Lloyd Bensten winds-up vice presidential campaign using a rallying cry from Bruce Springsteen, “No retreat, baby. No surrender.”

Bush Elected President - George Bush wins an overwhelming victory over Democrat Michael Dukakis, winning in at least 37 states. 

George Bush names longtime confident James B Baker II to become secretary of state.

The PLO opens an urgent meeting in Algiers to work out a declaration of independence for a Palestinian state. PLO leader Yasser Arafat appeals to president-elect Bush to formulate a fresh U.S. Middle east policy.  Also, the PLO governing council says it will conditionally support U.N resolution 242 – Israel’s right to exist

The Reagan Administration lifts a 46-year-old ban on at-home work in five apparel-related industries, setting off protests from union officials who called the move a sneak attack on workers’ rights. Under the new rule, people no longer will be prohibited from manufacturing many apparel items at home including gloves, buttons, handkerchiefs and some jewelry.

Mrs. Nancy Reagan says she felt compelled to exert her influence during President Reagan’s eight years in office because he was poorly served by aides who pushed their own agendas over his.  “I don’t feel his staff served him sell in general,” said the First Lady.

The New York City Health Department begins giving needles of addicts in AIDS battle. . It’s the nation’s first government-sponsored needle exchange program for drug addicts. 


Business news- November 8, 1988

Pillsbury announces it will spin-off Burger King. The fast-food concern has been wrapped up in crating new commercial campaigns to compete against McDonalds and has neglected other parts of the business.  

Passing – John Mitchell (75) Key Watergate figure.


Music news – November 8, 1988

James Brown pleads innocent to traffic and weapons charges in an August (GA) court.

Ice-T, LA’s leading rapper, signs a deal with Epic Records

Warner Bros. Records announces that it is inserting AIDS fact sheets into copies of Sam Kinison’s recently released comedy album, which has been criticized for bashing gays and containing incorrect information about the deadly disease. Name of the album is “Have You Seen Me Lately?”


Television news – November 8, 1988

Baseball commentator Joe Garagiola is leaving NBC after 27 years. “I made up my mind in the middle of the summer, that I would not be back in ’89. I’m not a kiss and tell kind of guy, so I’m really no saying much about why I’m leaving.

Pat Sajak, who becomes TV’s next late-night talk show personality, chooses newsman Dan Miller as his sidekick. Both Sajak and Miller worked together at WSMV.

 Talk show host Oprah Winfrey – a recent shedder of 67 pounds, says she will go public this week on her show – on her weight loss. She will don a pair of Calvin Klein size 10 blue jeans that have been unworn in her closet for seven years. “For the past three months, everywhere I’ve go, I’ve heard, ‘How did you lose all that weight?’ said Winfrey. “I’m going to tell everyone… and, no I am not planning a diet book, so if you want to know watch the show.” Don’t miss “Diet Dreams Come True” Thursday of this week.  

On syndicated Phil Donahue – “When Sexual fantasies Include Your Friend’s Mate.” Also this week – a Transvestite Fashion Show.

On syndicated Geraldo – See the show that broke Geraldo Rivera’s nose! This week!

James Bellow takes over the day-to-day operations of the ailing “USA Today; The Television Show.” He’s taking it from executive producer Steve Friedman. The show is produced by GTB entertainment – headed by Grant Tinker. The show debuted in September to bad reviews. It is seen on 156 TV stations.

Saturday night television listings/TV guide – week of November 8, 1988

CBS – Dirty Dancing, Raising Miranda, Simon & Simon, West 57th

NBC – 227, Amen, The Golden Girls, empty Nest, Hunter, Saturday Night Live

ABC – Crimes of the Century, Police Story: The Watch Commander

Fox – The Reporter, Beyond Tomorrow

Showtime – Dionne Warwick’s Friends

On the Golden Girls – Sophia is hit by a fly ball at a baseball game.

On The Reporters – Profile of Pee Wee Herman.            


Top TV Shows/TV ratings – November 8, 1988  

Cosby Show 25.9

Roseanne – 24.1

A Different World – 22.7

60 Minutes – 22.7

Golden Girls – 22.6

Who’s The Boss? – 23.3

Cheers – 21.8

Murder, She Wrote – 21.4

Empty Nest – 21.3

Growing Pains – 20.1

LA Law – 20.0

Hunter – 18.7

Head of the Class – 17.7

Dear John – 17.2

Amen – 16.5


Top movies – November 8, 1988

The Land Before Time

Child’s Play

Ernest Saves Christmas

Oliver and Company

High Spirits

Fresh Horses

The Accused

Iron Eagle II

Everybody’s All-American


They Live

A Cry in the Dark

Mystic Pizza

Without a Clue

U2 Rattle and Hum

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