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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of June 15, 1988 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Howard Baker Jr. resigns as President Reagan’s Chief of Staff for personal reasons related to the ill-health reasons of his wife Joy. Baker stood behind Reagan in the dark days of the Iran-Contra scandal. He leaves the office after 16 months.

For the first time - A federal court finds a cigarette company liable in the death of a smoker - ordering that $400 in damages be paid. It’s a landmark defeat for the tobacco industry. The judgment in New Jersey was against the Liggett Group Inc. The six-member jury unanimously ruled that Liggett had breached a warranty, expressed in its advertisements before 1966 that cigarettes were safe.

 Military strongman Lt Gen Henri Namphy breaks out of house arrest and recaptures Haiti’s presidential palace in a hail of gunfire, unseating the civilian government of President Leslie Manigat. Appearing on television with an Uzi submachine gun, he told viewers: “My friends, trust in me and trust the army in my hands. We work together for the country and we will have peace and discipline. Long live the Haitian people.”

John Zaccaro Jr. - son of 1984 Democratic vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro is sentenced to four months in jail for selling cocaine, despite crying pleas from his mother. Said the judge; “You as an individual are not the cause of all these problems. You are, however, a part of it and you must accept responsibility for your portion.” 


Business/Economy news – June 15, 1988

The Federal Home Loan Bank Board reports that the nation’s troubled thrift industry posted a near-record $3.8 billion loss in the first quarter of 1988. Most if it came from 133 insolvent institutions in Texas. “The Texas economy has suffered a great deal. Real estate prices are plummeting, oil prices are going down.” 


Technology news – June 15, 1988

IBM introduces the 25MHz PS/2 Model 70 386

“It delivers the highest performance available, thanks to advanced features such as high-speed memory caching and a scorching 25 MHz 386 processor. In fact, it’s up to 25% faster than the competition.”


Television news – June 15, 1988

Fox Television Network (the fourth network) - A report in “Investor’s Daily” quotes finance director Richard Sarazen as saying the network would be shut down if results didn’t improve dramatically in the next six months. Fox owner Rupert Murdoch goes on record to say he has “every intention of continuing this investment for an indefinite period.”

Ted Turner says that his newest cable channel - TNT will debut on October 3 and will open with a broadcast of “Gone With The Wind.” The schedule will offer nine movies on weekdays and Sundays, The balance of programming will consist of children’s shows, series reruns, Jacques Cousteau specials and Turner’s own “Portrait of America.”


Entertainment/Movie/Celebrity/Music news – June 15, 1988

Actress Patty Duke (41) resigns as president of the Screen Actors Guild to produce a television movie based on her autobiographical book “Call Me Anna.”

It’s official - Bruce Springsteen has separated from his wife of three years - actress Julianne Phillips. The couple had a falling out on the question of children. “The Boss” wants them, but wants to wait to get her acting career off the ground.

Eddie Murphy signs a three-year deal to produce and star in shows for the CBS network. The deal doesn’t effect his arrangement with Paramount Pictures.


Sports news – June 15, 1988

The Los Angeles Lakers become the National Basketball Assn’s first repeat champions in 19 years, beating the Detroit Pistons 108-105 in game seven. James Worthy is named the series most valuable player scoring 36 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists. Coach Pat Riley was asked if there would be a third championship next year ... “I’ll guarantee that we’ll enjoy this all summer. It took 115 games to get this job done. They worked for it. They deserve the credit.”

The Lakers celebrate with a parade in downtown Los Angeles. Asked what he was going to do next after back-to-back championships, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said, “I’m going to Disneyland.” Laker announcer Chick Hearn at city hall introduced each Laker one-by-one.

John McEnroe returns to Wimbledon in triumph after a 3-year self-imposed exile - beating Austrian Horst Akoff in his first match.


Best-selling books – June 15, 1988

 “Love In the Time Of Cholera” - Gabriel Garcia Marquex, “The Icarus Agenda” - Robert Ludlum, “Zoya” - Danielle Steele

“People Like Us” - Dominick Dunne, “The Bonfire Of The Vanities” - Tom Wolfe

“For The Record” - From Wall Street To Washington” - Donald T. Regan

“A Brief History Of Time: From The Big Bank to Black Holes” - Stephen W. Hawking

“Show Time: Inside the Laker’s Breakthrough Season” - Pat Riley,” Talking Straight” - Lee Iacocca, “Moonwalk” - Michael Jackson


Top TV Shows/Ratings – June 15, 1988

Night Court - 16.4

A Different World - 16.3

Cheers - 16.3

NBA Finals - Game 5 - 16.1

The Golden Girls - 15.3

The Cosby Show - 15.2

Movie - Intimate Strangers- 15.0

60 Minutes - 14.9

NBA Finals Game 4 - 14.8

LA Law - 14.3

Murder, She Wrote - 13.7

Who’s The Boss! - 13.4

Amen - 13.1

Perfect Strangers - 13.0

ALF - 12.9

Evergreen - part 3 - 12.9

Newhart - 12.8

Hogan Family - 12.6

20/20 - 12.6

Wiseguy - 12.6


Top pop music singles(top-40) – June 15, 1988

Foolish Beat - Debbie Gibson

Together Forever - Rick Astley

Everything Your Heart Desires - Hall & Oates

Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) - Samantha Fox

Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson

Make It Real - The Jets

The Valley Road - Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Circle In The Sand - Belinda Carlisle

Piano In The Dark - Brenda Russell

Alphabet St. - Prince

I Don’t Want To Live Without You - Foreigner

Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford

Shattered Dreams - Johnny Hates Jazz

We All Sleep Alone - Cher


Top music albums – June 15, 1988

Dirty Dancing - soundtrack

Faith - George Michael

Hysteria - Def Leppard

Let It Loose - Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

Now and Zen - Robert Plant

Savage Amusement - Scorpions

Bad - Michael Jackson

Appetite For Destruction - Guns N’ Roses

OU812 - Van Halen

Open Up and Say ... Ahh!  Poison

Scenes From The Southside - Bruce Hornsby & The Range

More Dirty Dancing - soundtrack

Stronger Than Pride - Sade

Tougher Than Leather - Run D.M.C.

Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman

In Effect Mode - Al B. Sure

He’s the D.J, I’m The Rapper - D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince


Top Movies – June 15, 1988

Red Heat - Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Belushi, Peter Boyle, Ed O’Ross

Big - Tom Hanks

Crocodile Dundee II - Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John Mellon

Big Business - Better Midler

Bull Durham - Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Trey Wilson, Robert Wuhl

Big Business

The Presidio - Sean Connery, Mark Harmon

Poltergeist III

Rambo III - Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna

Funny Farm - Chevy Chase, Madelyn Smith, Joseph Maher

The Great Outdoors - Dan Aykroyd, John Candy

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