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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of February 8, 1988 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Richard Gephardt wins the Iowa democratic presidential caucus with Senator Paul Simon coming in second. On the republican side, Bob Dole wins big, followed by Pat Robertson and George Bush. Embarrassed, Bush now has his sights set on New Hampshire. “It is a new day, Iowa is Iowa, New Hampshire is New Hampshire.”

The Army’s ban on homosexual is ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court. In a case from Seattle, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (in San Francisco) ruled 2 to 1 that Army rules banning soldiers with a “homosexual orientation” violate constitutional guarantees of equal protection of the laws. 

In a taped interview with British journalist David Frost, Presidential hopeful Pat Robertson insisted that his prayers helped divert a killer hurricane, says he has absolutely heard god speak and that he would not hesitate to kill Moammar Kadafi for his involvement in terrorism. Robertson has been playing down his career as a TV evangelist. Critics say this could hurt his entry into the race. 

Two U.S. Navy ships are deliberately bumped by two Soviet warships in the Black Sea. The action came after a warning by the Soviets as the vessels moved within 12 miles of Russia’s Black Sea coastline. No one was injured. The two ships involved were the cruiser USS Yorktown and the destroyer USS Caron.  Both ships are still in the area, continuing with routine operations.

Mafia Chief Joseph Gallo is fined $380 thousand and sentenced to 10 years in prison for racketeering.

President Reagan gets a new hearing aid. The device has remote control and filters out background noises including aircraft and helicopter noise. The new aid should reduce feedback noise as well.  

President Reagan gives a shot in the arm to the space program by announcing plans to build a permanent space station, and to develop technology to send man back to the moon and to Mars.  


Supermarket Prices – February 8, 1988

At the mart - Veal Shoulder Steaks - $2.09lb ... Oscar Mayer Variety pack - 12oz pkg - $2.29 ... a dozen grade AA eggs - .98 ... Minute Maid Orange Juice - 96oz carton - $2.89


Sports news – February 8, 1988

Michael Jordan, scoring 40 points - gets the MVP in the NBA’s 38th annual all-star game. The East beat the West 138-133.


Media news – February 8, 1988

Rupert Murdoch agrees to sell the New York Post to real estate developer Peter Kalikow. Murdoch says he’s losing money on the paper since he purchased it in 1976. Before the sale is finalized, Kalikow wants concessions equaling $20 million.


Radio news – February 8, 1988

WQHT-Fm New York is contributing custom dance mixes to a new television music series “ID” (It’s Dance). The show airs over WWOR-TV. This seems to be a small trend around the country.

Group W (Westinghouse) closes to buy NBC’s WMAQ radio in Chicago for $13 million. The switchover from talk to all-news is expected mid-March.


Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie/Music news – February 8, 1988

Dies - Frederick Loewe (86) of the musical team Lerner of Loewe. Loewe wrote the melodies for Lerner’s lyrics for some of the best musicals ever - “My Fair Lady,” “Camelot,” “Gigi,” and “Brigadoon.”   

Actor Matthew Broderick goes on trial in Northern Ireland on charges of causing the death of two persons caused by reckless driving. If convicted, he faces a five-year prison sentence. If a plea to a lesser charge is accepted by the court, the actor could get off with a fine. The accident occurred August of last year. 

Ringo Starr is currently negotiating with Don Johnson’s production company to do a one-hour pilot for NBC. Tentatively entitled “Flip Side,” the ex-Beatle would play a rock star that has to ditch his career to care for the kids after his wife dies.

For his upcoming “Tunnel of Love Express” tour – Bruce Springsteen is telling promoters he wants a 95-5 split – with Springsteen getting the 95%. It’s not stopping promoters at all. It’s Springsteen’s first U.S. tour in 2 ½ years and it starts Feb. 25 in Worcester.  

After battling it out for 15 months, Joan Collins and Peter Holm end their marriage after 4 1/2 hours of bargaining.  Holm will get $180 thousand from Collins, she’ll get their small house in France. Both will pay attorneys fees.  Earlier, a Superior Court judge upheld a prenuptial agreement limiting Holm to 20% of Collins’ earnings during their 13-month marriage.

Fox Broadcasting says it will carry all future addresses by President Reagan. The network said they would in light of the other networks refusal to carry President Reagan’s Contra-aid speech live last week. “There was no reason for us to carry it if the networks do. But when they don’t then it becomes counter programming.”

The Disney Channel boosts its subscriber base by 20% in 1987, bringing its year-end total to 3,810,000. The Disney channel is a premium service and you have to pay an extra fee. 

Over 2,500 people turn out to meet Vanna White at a San Jose video store. Fans shelled out $15 for White’s new exercise video, “Get Slim-Stay Slim.”


Best-selling books – February 8, 1988

Bestsellers - “The Bonfire Of The Vanities” - Tom Wolfe, “Lightning” - Dean Koontz, “Elizabeth takes Off: On Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Self-Image and Self-Esteem” - Elizabeth Taylor, “Man Of The House” - Tip O’Neil


Top TV shows/ratings – February 8, 1988

TV Ratings - The Cosby Show (32.3), A Different world (27.8), Cheers (24.9), The Golden Girls (24.6), Elvis and Me (23.9), Growing Pains (22.5), Who’s The Boss? (22.3), Murder She Wrote (21.50, Moonlighting (21.4), Super Bloopers & Jokes (21.3), 60 Minutes (21.3), Amen (20.7), David Letterman Special (19.3), Windmills of the Gods part 1 (19.0), Dallas (18.6), Matlock (18.4), ALF (18.0), Head of the Class (17.8), 227 (17.3), Perfect strangers (16.6)


Monday night television listings/TV guide – week of February 8, 1988

Kate & Allie, Designing Woman, Newhart, Frank’s Place, Wiseguy ... NBC - Alf, Movie ... ABC - Primary Report - The Iowa Caucus, growing Pains, Elvis And Me (part 2).

Kate & Allie - the girls think a loose mouse in the house is really a rat.

Elvis and Me - After their marriage, Priscilla begins to stand her own ground, setting her identity.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – February 8, 1988

“Could’ve Been” - Tiffany, “Need You Tonight” - INXS, “Seasons Change” - Expose, “Father Figure” - George Michael, “What Have I Done To Deserve This?” - Pet Shop Boys/Dusty Springfield, “Hazy Shade Of Winter” - The Bangles, “I Want To Be Your Man” - Roger, “Hungry eyes” - Eric Carman, “Say You Will” Foreigner, “Tunnel Of Love” - Bruce Springsteen, “Don’t Shed A Tear” - Paul Carrack, “I Live For Your Love” - Natalie Cole, “She’s Like The Wind” - Patrick Swayze - “Never Gonna Give You Up” - Rick Astley


Top Music Albums – February 8, 1988

Dirty Dancing – Soundtrack

Faith - George Michael

Tiffany – Tiffany

Bad - Michael Jackson

Kick – INXS

Skyscraper - David Lee Roth

The Lonesome Jubilee – John Cougar Mellencamp

Hysteria – Def Leppard

Whitesnake – Whitesnake

A Momentary Lapse of Reason – Pink Floyd

Cloud Nine – George Harrison

Nothing Like The Sun – Sting

Whitney – Whitney Houston

Heaven On Earth – Belinda Carlisle

Tunnel of Love – Bruce Springsteen

The Joshua Tree – U2

Out of the Blue – Debbie Gibson

Back for the Attack – Kokken

You Can Dance – Madonna

Permanent Vacation – Aerosmith

Tango in The Night – Fleetwood Mac

Skyscraper – David Lee Roth

Live In Australia – Elton John


Top pop hit music singles in Britain – February 8, 1988

I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany

Heaven Is A Place on Earth – Belinda Carlisle

When Will I Be Famous? – Bros

Rok Da House – Beatmasters/Cookie Crew

Sign Your Name – Terence Trent D’arby

House Arrest – Krush

Candle In The Wind (Live) – Elton John


Top Country Hit Music Singles – February 8, 1988

 “Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star” - Merle Haggard “Tennessee Flat Top Box” - Roseanne Cash, “I Won’t Take Less Than Your Love” - Tanya Tucker, “Face To Face” – Alabama, “Please Please Baby” – Dwight Yoakam, “Sure Thing” – Foster and Lloyd, “Too Gone Too Long” – Randy Travis


Top videocassette movie rentals – February 8, 1988

Lethal Weapon

Dirty Dancing


The Secret of My Success

The Believers

Outrageous Fortune




Top movies – February 8, 1988

Good Morning Vietnam - Robin Williams

The Serpent and the Rainbow - Bull Pullman, Cathy Tyson

Moonstruck - Cher, Nicolas Cage

Three Men And A Baby - “Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson

She’s Having A Baby - Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth McGovern

Three Men And A Baby

Broadcast News

For Keeps

Wall Street

Throw Momma From The Train

Fatal Attraction



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