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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of December 8, 1987 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Russia - Commuters crowd a television store and gather in front of a four-story high screen on snowy Kalinin Prospekt to watch Mikhail s. Gorbachev being welcomed at the White House.

President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev sign a historic treaty to eliminate intermediate-range missiles and together vowed to work toward a more ambitions arms control pact during their three days of summitry.

Bystanders who lined up along a busy downtown DC Street for a glimpse of Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s motorcade got a big surprise when the Soviet leader’s car stopped and he got out and began shaking hands campaign. The motorcade carrying Gorbachev and Vice President George Bush from the Soviet embassy to the White House at midday suddenly stopped in front of a popular lunch spot frequented by capital city power brokers.

Raisa Gorbachev dismissed reports of tiffs with Nancy Reagan and used a 45-minute tour of the White House to express her wishes for improved relations with the “honest and friendly” American people.

In Washington – President Reagan and Mikhail S. Gorbachev conclude their third summit meeting. Progress was made toward a treaty to slash the superpowers’ arsenals of long-range nuclear weapons. “A good deal has been accomplished,” said Gorbachev and President Reagan announced the talks “a clear success.” That brought progress but no breakthroughs on reducing long-rage missiles.

A Pacific Southwest airlines commuter jet carrying 43 crashes near San Louis Obispo. An investigation says there was a crime scene aboard the plane and that a former USAir employee may have caused the crash by firing a .44 magnum at the boss who fired him. Someone entered the cockpit and the same gun could have taken out the pilots. The plane was flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  

The Supreme Court rules unconstitutional a law requiring some girls under 18 who sought abortions to wait 24 hours after telling their parents or a judge.


Sports news – December 8, 1987

The Buffalo Bills trounce the Indianapolis Colts 27-3. Running back Eric Dickerson was held to a career-low 19 yards in 11 carries.

Pete Rose confirms his retirement as a player: “I will not bat again. I’m 46 years old and if I’m not retired, I should be.”


Entertainment news – December 8, 1987

$50 million - Joan Rivers is suing GQ Magazine, outraged at her characterization in an article saying she was an exploitive widow who had wished her husband dead days before his suicide.

Passing Jascha Heifetz – hailed as the world’s greatest violinist. He was 86.


Television news – December 8, 1987

 On Saturday Night Live – Angie Dickinson hosts with musical guests David Gilmour and vocalist Buster Poindexter.

New York City reaches an agreement with NBC, giving the network millions of dollars in tax abatements to keep it from leaving its Rockefeller Center headquarters. New York real estate developer Donald Trump courted the network for his enormous “Television City” project envisioned to stretch along the Hudson River on Manhattan’s Upper West Side; But Trump gave up in October, blaming the city for snarling his dream in red tape.

Fox debuts the “Wilton North report” which replaces its “Late Show.”


Saturday Night Television listings/programming/TV guide – December 8, 1987

CBS – Movie, West 57th

NBC – Facts of Life, 227, Golden Girls, Amen, Hunter, Crime Story, Saturday Night Live

ABC – Who’s The Boss? Dhara, Sable, Hotel

HBO – Direct From Broadway – Whoopi Goldberg

Showtime - Superdave

 MTV – Guest VJ: Spuds MacKenzie, Club MTV, Closet Classics Capsule


Who’s The Boss? – Mona falls for one of Angela’s clients.


Top video movie rentals – December 8, 1987

Outrageous Fortune

Lethal Weapon

Harry and the Hendersons

Superman IV: the Quest for Peace

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


Top movies  – December 8, 1987

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Three Men and a Baby


The Running Man

Baby Boom

Fatal Attraction

Flowers in the Attic


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