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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of November 8, 1987 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Reagan says that the United States is ready to reopen substantive discussions with Nicaragua’s leftist government once ‘serious negotiations” begin between the Sandinistas and the U.S.-backed Contra rebels on reaching a cease-fire.  

Boris N. Yelstin, a protégé of Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev who had criticized the slow pace of reform, is removed as Moscow party boss. He’s been replaced by Politburo member Lev N. Zaikov – Communist Party Central Committee secretary responsible for defense industries. 

In the face of increasing criticism, President Reagan defends Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese III, saying, “He’s no embarrassment” and pronouncing him “of sound mind and great loyalty and capability.”  

Baby M mom - Surrogate mother Mary Beth Whitehead and her husband receive an uncontested divorce, with Whitehead saying they were still in love but were unable to maintain their marriage because of the pressures of the celebrated Baby M. custody case. Richard and Mary Beth Whitehead were married for 14 years.

The nation’s trade deficit decreased by $1.6 billion in September.

Enniskillen, Northern Ireland – a bomb explodes as hundreds gathered for a Remembrance Day ceremony honoring Britain’s war dead. 11 are dead and 61 injured.

A commuter train carrying hundreds of passengers rammed into the rear of another crowded train stopped in a tunnel at a downtown Boston train station, injuring as many as 100 passengers who were sent “flying down the aisle,” officials said.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – November 8, 1987

Passing – Comedian Jackie Vernon (63).

Music news - November 8, 1987

On Saturday night – MTV Classic Concert: Huey Lewis, followed by MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. 

More MTV news – On Dec. 7, MTV debuts “Remote Control.” MTV says “Remote Control” will be emceed by a young game-show fanatic who began his own program in the remodeled basement of his home at 72 Little Fox Lane. A quartet of college-aged kids serve as contestants, competing for possession of a remote-control device that allows them to answer questions – largely based on TV and pop culture trivia. 


Television news – November 8, 1987

NBC entertainment president Brandon Tartikoff says producer Steven Bochco’s defection from “L.A. Law” won’t hurt the series. Bocho is heading to ABC-TV to develop new TV shows. 

Mariette Hartley does an early exit from CBS’ “Morning Program.” She told viewers she was leaving the program before it ends to make a movie titled “1969.” Sandy Hill will sit-in for Hartley until the show ends later this month.


Tuesday night television listings/programming/TV guide – week of November 8, 1987

CBS – Houston Knights, Jake and the Fatman, The Law and Harry McGraw, NBC – Matlock, J.J. Starbuck, Crime Story, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – Who’s The Boss?, Growing Pains, Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story, Nightline

PBS – Nova, The Ring Of Truth

HBO – Joe Piscopo


The Law of Harry McGraw – Harry goes to the aide of a hockey player friend.

Tonight Show – Johnny Carson welcomes James Stuart and comedian Paula Poundstone. 


Saturday night television listings/programming/TV guide – week of November 8, 1987

CBS – Movie, West 57th

NBC – Facts of Life, 227, Golden Girls, Amen, Hunter, Saturday Night Live

ABC – Sable, O’Hara, Hotel

HBO – Comic Relief ‘87

Showtime – Aretha!


CBS Movie – “Dean Man’s Folly” (1986) Peter Ustinov, Jean Stapleton.

On Hotel – Peter’s plane crashes.

On Saturday Night Live – Robert Mitchum hosts with musical guests Simply Red.

Comic Relief ’87 – (3 ½) hours – Includes Harry Anderson, Billy Crystal, Bob Goldthwait, Paul Reiser, Paul Rodriquez, Martin Short, Tracey Ullman, Robin Williams, Steven Wright.

Aretha! – Aretha Franklin sings at a Detroit concert. 

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