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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of August 15, 1987 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

A Northwest Airlines MD-80 with 153 on board, crashes in a fireball on a busy highway as it was taking off from Detroit Metropolitan Airport bound for Phoenix. It’s believed that all on board have perished. But wait, a 4-year-old girl is found under her mother’s body and is still alive.

American journalist Charles Glass, who was kidnapped in West Beirut in June, escapes from captivity before dawn and is safe in Syrian hands.

In Hungerford, England – a gunman with an automatic rifle kills at least 14 and injures 14 people in a rampage.

Titanic treasure – Divers retrieve a battered valise containing a fortune in gems, bank notes and coins from the famed sunken liner. A group called the Ocean research and Exploration is spending $2.5 million for the adventure. 

The AFL-CIO ends its decade-old boycott of Coors beer – the longest running and one of the most bitter labor-management disputes in recent history. Coors has agreed to allow votes on union representation at Coors’ flagship brewery in Golden CO and to other concessions.

Passing – Rudolf Hess – the Hitler deputy who parachuted into Scotland in 1941 in a bid to end World War II.

Killed – National Geographic photographer William Weems in a helicopter accident near Washington.


Sports news – August 15, 1987

Oakland Athletics first baseman Mark McGuire hits 39 homers for the season – a record for a rookie.

The LA Raiders sign to build a 65,000-seat stadium in Irwindale, East of Los Angeles. 


Technology news – August 15, 1987

It looks like Marantz will be the first to sell digital audio tape recorders (DAT). This would be the first time consumers could record to a digital format, something that makes the music industry nervous. But, It could be delayed on the controversy over the right to tape music. The debate over DAT recorders on one side involves the recording industry, which wants laws preventing unauthorized home taping of compact discs. The RIAA even formed a group called “Coalition to Save America’s Music,” They argue that artists and recording companies will lose sales because owners of DAT machines can borrow compact discs and tape them for free. Home taping on conventional analogue cassette decks, they say, costs the industry as much as $1.5 billion a year in lost tape and record sales.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Media news – August 15, 1987

Martha Raye files a $10 million lawsuit against David letterman claiming he defamed her by joking on the air that she used condoms. In a monologue, Letterman said he “saw the most terrifying commercial on television last night featuring Martha Raye, actress, condom user…” “The comment was a take-off on Raye’s long-running Polident (denture adhesive) commercials.

Ted Turner’s Color Systems Technology Inc. announces plans to colorize its first major package of public domain movies, including those starring James Cagney, Bette Davis, Orson Welles and Gary Cooper. 

The FCC rules RKO General unworthy of their licenses it holds for 14 radio and television stations. That includes KRTH-Los Angeles, WFYR-Chicago, WRKS-New York and WROR-FM Boston. 

Exercise Video – Kathy Smith’s Winning Workout. On VCR Tape!


Music news – August 15, 1987

Motown announces that it is launching an ambitious $38 million program to develop and promote new artists. Once one of the most influential pop music companies, It has not fared well in recent years as it has lost some big names and has not developed new talent as it use to.

 Rappers The Beastie Boys press a lawsuit against the city of Jacksonville (FL). They’re taking action after the City Council passed an ordinance requiring the act to place a “for Mature Audiences” warning on all tickets and advertisements for an August 9 concert with Run-D.M.C.

Much anticipated - Everybody is talking about Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album, to be released Aug. 31.  Epic Records says it has pre-orders of 2.25 million. Nice! 

Motley Crue, “Girls Girls Girls” tour.

CBS Inc. sues WHTZ (Z-100) New York for repeated airings of Michael Jackson’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” before its official August 1 release. Actually, Z-100 broadcast the song 2 days before its July 22 advanced copy date, causing several competing New York stations to cry foul.

Bruce Springsteen promises a new album by early fall – “Tunnel of Love.”

The Los Angeles band Guns ‘N Roses is starting to make waves with their first album – “Appetite For Destruction.” Signed to Geffen Records, the album is unique in that it has three album designs – one for CD’s, Cassettes and Records. All three are different, and one is causing a stir – showing a sexy saddle-shooed female and some sort of mechanical monster.

Fleetwood Mac is gearing up for a major tour in support of their new album – “Tango in the Night.” Lindsey Buckingham is no longer with the band.

First Monkees single in 18 years is out – On Rhino Records it’s called “Heart and Soul.” And they have a new album – “Pool It.” All of this is based on the new Monkee interest.

New on MTV – “MTV’s Musical Passport” and shows recording artists performing in other countries. First  show – Duran Duran In Rome.


Television news – August 15, 1987

 Passing – Hayden Rorke, best known as “Dr. Bellows” on “I Dream of Jeannie.” He was 76.

Another sensational/sensationalist TV special - Don’t miss the Geraldo Rivera special – “Sons of Scarface – The New Mafia.” It’s the second such special for Rivera – who produced “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults” airing April 1986. 

A man pointing what appeared to be a handgun at KNBC-TV Los Angeles consumer reporter David Horowitz during a live broadcast and demanded that he read a rambling statement on the air about the CIA and space aliens. The gun turned out to be a toy and later, the man identified as Gary Stollman was arrested. He’s the son of a former pharmaceutical reporter for the station. 


Top pop hit singles In Britain – August 15, 1987

I Just Can’t  Stop Loving You – Michael Jackson/Siedah Garrett

True Faith - New Order

Call Me – Spagna

Alone – Heart

Labour of Love – Hue and Cry

Always – Atlantic Starr

Toy Boy – Sinitta

Animal – Def Leppard

Who’s That Girl? – Madonna

La Bamba – Los Lobos


Top pop hit music singles – August 15, 1987

Luka – Suzanne Vega

Who’s That Girl – Madonna

La Bamba – Los Lobos

Don’t Mean Noting – Richard Marx

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2

I Want Your Sex – George Michael

Rock Steady – Whispers

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson/Siedah Garrett

Heart and Soul – T’Pau

It’s Not Over (‘Til It’s Over) – Starship

Can’t We try – Dan Hill/Vonda Shepard

Lover Power - Dionne Warwick/Jeffrey Osborne

Back in the High Life Again – Steve Winwood

Living in A Box – Living In A Box

Didn’t We Almost Have It All – Whitney Houston

Doing it All For You Baby – Huey Lewis & The News

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

Shakedown – Bob Segar

When Smokey Sings – ABC

Top Rock Album Music Tracks – August 15, 1987

Touch of Grey – Grateful Dead

Paper In Fire – John Cougar Mellencamp

Hell In A Bucket – Grateful Dead

Bed of Lies – Cruzados

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

Johnny B. – Hooters

Women – Def Leppard

Jane’s Getting Serious – Jon Astley

Rock Me – Great White

Top Country Hit Music Singles – August 15, 1987

 She’s Too Good To Be True – Exile

Born to Boogie – Hank Williams Jr.

I’ll Never Be In Love Again – Don Williams

Make No Mistake, She’s Mine – Kenny Rogers/Ronnie Milsap

Three Time Loser – Dan Seals

This Crazy Love – Oak Ridge Boys

You Again – Forester Sisters

Whiskey, If You Were A Woman – Highway 101

Hand That Rocks the Cradle – Glen Campbell/Steve Wariner


Top movies – August 15, 1987


The Living Daylights

Can’t Buy Me Love

No Way Out

La Bamba

The Monster Squad

Care Bears Adventures

The Untouchables

The Lost Boys

Summer School

Full Metal Jacket

Back to the Beach

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