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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of August 8, 1987 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

United Arab Emirates – An American operated supertanker carrying Iranian oil hits an underwater mine in the Gulf of Oman. The blast blew a three-foot-long hole in the ship’s left side just below the waterline. The ship had taken on a full load of crude oil from Iran’s Larak Island terminal.

President Reagan accepts full responsibility for the Iran-contra scandal saying he is “ultimately accountable to the American people” and should not have been shielded by aides from what was happening.

President Reagan offers a blunt apology for his role in the Iran-contra scandal, saying, “There’s nothing I can say that will make the situation right.”

The FAA revokes the license of the pilot who flew a small airplane dangerously close to President Regan’s helicopter as it neared his ranch outside San Barbara. The Army said the man might be an AWOL soldier.

White House chief of staff Howard Baker Jr. says he thinks the Iran-contra scandal has been squeezed for all it’s worth – “the juice is out of the lemon” and the affair will fade away this fall.

The nation’s merchandise trade deficit soared to an apparent record $15.7 billion in June as Americans stepped up a buying spree of imported goods, the government reported.

The nation’s overall jobless rate fell to 5.9% in July, the lowest level since December 1979.

WCPO-TV Cincinnati says that Donald Harvey – a hospital orderly under investigation by a grand jury and already charged with the cyanide death of one patient has told investigators that he killed as many as 33 other people.

A car-sized boulder fell from an embankment and smashed into a tour bus on a steep mountain pass in the Colorado Rockies, killing six and injuring 16 others.

Wholesale prices rose a modest .2% last month as large jumps for gasoline and home heating oil were offset by slightly lower food prices, the government reports. 

Phillip Habib, presidential envoy to Central America, announces his resignation as the State Department unveiled a new series of consultations designed to bring a negotiated end to the fighting in Central America.


Fascinating Facts – August 8, 1987

Treasure hunters have found the Titanic’s legendary safe and plan to open it during a live television broadcast. The safe was found on the ocean floor 2 ½ miles below the surface at the titanic site, 350 miles southwest of Newfoundland. The safe is locked and will be brought to the surface in a few days, then will be transported to a special laboratory in Paris. In October it will be taken to Monte Carlo to be opened during the live television broadcast Oct. 28.

Joan Kroc, widow of the McDonald’s fast-food magnate, announces that she has given the Democratic Party $1 million – the largest single contribution in party history (so far).  


Technology news – August 8, 1987

IBM announces experimental transistors that it said are the smallest in the world and the most powerful their type IBM said the “field-effect’ transistors could some day make it possible to forecast weather or recognize human speech on machines the size of today’s personal computers instead o giant main-frames.

Sports news – August 8, 1987

Mark McGuire of the Oakland A’s hits his 38th homer at Seattle to tie the major league record for rookies.

A car belonging to the missing wife of former major league pitcher Milt Pappas was pulled from a shallow pond, nearly five years after she disappeared and a body was found in the front seat. The pond was four blocks away from where she lived. Carole Pappas was reported missing on Set. 11, 1982, the day she turned 42. Her 1980 Buick was submerged in nine feet of water; Police said workers were draining water from the pond to work on the shoreline. 

Princeton University football Coach Ron Rogerson died after he suffered a heart attack while jogging. He was 44.


Radio news – August 8, 1987

An administrative law judge at the FCC denies renewal of 14 RKO General radio and television stations, saying the company’s dishonesty is unprecedented for a broadcaster. The stations include WOR-AM and WRKS-FM New York and WRKO-Am and WROR-Fm Boston.


Music news – August 8, 1987

Mick Jagger’s solo album will be titled “Primitive Cool” and will be released September 13.

New Musical Express (NME’s) latest cover is “Fooled in the U.S.A. – behind the public image of Bruce Springsteen.’ It’s about two employees who are suing “the boss” based on tax penalties on severance bonuses and who were also wrongfully fined by Springsteen during the course of his “Born in the U.S.A.” world tour in violation of New Jersey wage and hour laws.


Entertainment news – August 8, 1987

Passing – Clara (Where’s the Beef?) Peller – the feisty TV commercial star. She was 86. Peller worked as a manicurist and beautician for 35 years, but became a media darling when she appeared in several Wendy’s Hamburgers commercials in 1984.

HBO this week – “Not Necessarily the Media” from the Not Necessarily The News News” team.


Friday night television listings/TV guide – August 8, 1987

CBS – Summer Playhouse, Dallas, Aderly

NBC – Rags to Riches, Miami Vice, Crime Story, Tonight

ABC – Webster, Mr. Belvedere, Max Headroom, Starman, Nightline

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week

MTV – Club MTV

Nick at Nite – Donna Reed, Mr. Ed, My Three Sons, Private Secretary, Car 54, Where Are You?, The Monkees, I Spy

Fox – Late Show


On Webster – Webster has a kissing game at his party.

On the Tonight Show – Jay Leno guest hosts with talkshow host Larry King as guest.


Top movies – August 8, 1987


The Living Daylights

Masters of the Universe

La Bamba

The Lost Boys

Full Metal jacket

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Back to the Beach


Adventures In Babysitting

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