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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of July 8, 1987 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


 In The News

President Reagan, taking his tax and spend battle with Congress on the road, asserts that his administration has not run out of steam and that “all that lame duck talk is for the birds.” His speech emphasized the “economic bill of rights” he has been promoting to make it tougher for Congress to raise taxes and spend money.’ “Anyone who tells you that w can’t reduce the deficit without raising taxes and cutting defense is not telling you the truth,” said the President in Connecticut.

Oliver North said he had been fully prepared to be a scapegoat for President Reagan over the Iran-contra scandal and described how he and other Administration officials worked to shield Regan from political damage as the affair unraveled last fall. He also admitted spending traveler’s checks from the Iran-contra operation on personal expenses but said he was only paying himself back after using his own money for the operation and insisted, “I never took a penny that didn’t belong to me.”

The congressional Iran-contra committees, hoping to quickly finish their questioning of Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, instead spent about 1-½ hours arguing over whether he should give a 15-minute slide show on the contras.

President Reagan says he will “stand on the rood and yell’ for aid to Nicaraguan rebels, while a Republican congressional leader said he believes that Lt. Col. Oliver L. North has improved chances that further assistance will be approved.

Lt. Col. Oliver North came to the end of his six-day war with the Iran-contra committees, dismissed with an excoriation from Sen. Daniel Inouye, chairman of the senate Iran-contra committee, for is activities in selling arms to Iran secretly, then turning over some of the profits for use by the Nicaraguan rebels. “It was painful to all of us to sit here and listen to your testimony. It was equally painful that you lied and misled for what you believed to be a good cause,” said Inouye.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, a chief Administration supporter in the Iran-contra hearings, speculated that Lt. Col. Oliver L. North might eventually be prosecuted but said he doesn’t want that to happen and “I don’t think many people in America do.”

President Reagan bruised his lower left eyelid while removing a contact lens. During a speech on budget reform, photographers looking through large lenses noticed puffiness and redness in the President’s eye.

The remains of Pvt Eddie Slovik, which were lost Thursday while being returned to Detroit more than four decades after he was executed in France for desertion during WWII, are found in San Francisco. It was a flight mix-up


Fascinating Business News – July 8, 1987

 The Dow jumps 28.38 to a record 2,481,35.

Media – CBS Inc says it plans to sell its 21-publication magazine division for $650 million in cash. CBS magazines include “Woman’s day, “Road & Track,” and “Field and Stream.”


Music news – July 8, 1987

(BUZZ) - Epic Records announces that Michael Jackson’s new album, “Bad” will be released August 31 and that the album’s first single, “I Just Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” will begin radio airplay July 22 (unless some station gets an advanced copy). “Thriller” is the best-selling album of all time – with 38.5 million in sales (so far).

Monday night television listings/TV guide – July 8, 1987

CBS – Newhart, Kate and Allie, Designing Women, Cagney and Lacey

NBC – ALF, Valerie, Movie, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – Movie, ABC News Closeup, Nightline

PBS – National Audubon Society

HBO – Down at Fraggle Rock: Behind the Scenes

Fox – Late Show


ALF – ALF takes to the garage when Katie’s mom visits.


Top movies – July 8, 1987


Revenge of the Nerds


Full Metal Jacket



Beverly Hills Cop II

The Squeeze


The Untouchables

Harry and the Hendersons

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