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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of April 1, 1987 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

It’s disclosed a Marine spy ring at the U.S. embassy in Moscow has enabled the Soviet Union to intercept and read virtually al the embassy’s coded communications to Washington for as long as a year, maybe longer. The Scientists used access to embassy offices given them by marine guards to obtain the identities of virtually every Soviet contact from American intelligence agents in Moscow.

U.S Army soldier pfc. Wade E. Roberts of Apple City, CA and his wife have been granted asylum by the Kremlin in the first known defection of an American serviceman to the Soviet Union since the Vietnam War.

President Reagan defends his Administration’s efforts in fighting the AIDS and says, “We’ve thrown everything we have into it. “I’m convinced we’ll find a cure for AIDS,” he told a medial audience in Philadelphia, declaring the disease “public health enemy No. 1.”

Weekly radio address - President Reagan said that he is optimistic his talks with Canadian Prime Minister Brain Mulroney will pave the way for a “mutually beneficial and advantageous” free-trade agreement this year.

New York Rep. Jack Kemp formally announces his candidacy for the 1988 Republican presidential nomination.  Kemp, one of the prime instigators of President Reagan’s “supply-side” tax cut, warned that the central dilemma in our day is that we are defenseless against Soviet missiles. To meet that challenge, Kemp calls for rapid deployment of the Strategic defense Initiative, the President’s space-based missile defense program.

President Reagan he may tear-down the unfinished $191 million U.S. Embassy in Moscow if it can not be secured against Soviet eavesdropping and that the U.S. will not be run out of town due to Soviet spies. He also said that Soviet diplomats would not be allowed into their new office tower in Washington until the Americans occupy their new U.S. facility in Moscow. 

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who had planned to seek the 1988 Republican presidential nomination, announces he will not run after all, blaming the difficulties of raising funds for his dark-horse candidacy.

The unemployment rate fell to 6.5% the lowest in seven years.

Jim Bakker has revealed he wanted to win back his wife Tammy’s love by making her jealous. Seems she was “infatuated” with Gary Paxton, a pop music producer of the 1960’s. Paxton insists they were “just friends, never more than that.” But he conceded that the relationship at times go too close for comfort. Gary and Tammy spent hours together alone, sometimes all night in studio recording sessions according to Paxton’s ex-wife Karen.  


Business news – April 1, 1987

General Motors, saddled with large car inventories, says it will temporarily close six assembly plants, idling 23,000 workers. GM’s car sales are down 25.4% from a year ago. 


Technology news – April 1, 1987

Clone resistant - IBM introduces a new line of personal computers with key proprietary components that the company hopes will be far herder for encroaching “clone” imitators to duplicate. For models of the Personal System 2, are priced from $1,695 to over $10,000. Analysts believe they might stabilize IBM’s PC market share, but won’t reverse the situation.


Entertainment / Celebrity news - April 1, 1987

Victoria Principal files suit against Weight Watchers Inc. and its magazine, claiming her photo was used in an advertising brochure without her consent.

Passing – Buddy Rich – perhaps the best drummer of them all.

More than 3,000 people crowded St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a memorial mass for Andy Warhol, who died Feb. 22 of heart failure at age 58.


Music news – April 1, 1987

Weird Al Yankovic makes his acting debut. Catch him on an episode of “Amazing stories” this Friday on NBC-TV.

Touring – The Psychedelic Furs with special guest Andy Taylor. Also Howard Jones on the one-to-one tour. 

U2 lead singer Bono requires stitches in his chin after taking a fall during a rehearsal on Phoenix.

Elton John and his wife, Rennie separate. She was a no-show for Elton’s star-studded 40th birthday last week. They have no immediate plans for divorce.

White Soul – Robbie Nevil says he’s always done things in a simple way. “I pride myself on not putting on airs and trying to be something I’m not. But now people are treating me like I’m an idol or a star. Me a star? C’mon!” Nevil’s “C’est La Vie” hit #2 nationally and it looks like he has another hit with “Dominoes.” His debut album “Robbie Nevil” has sold over the half-million mark.


Television news – April 1, 1987

Fox debuts “Married With Children” and The Tracy Ullman Show” this week (Sunday).

“Max Headroom” debuted on ABC-TV Tues. March 31. The ratings should be good.  

CBS News’ long-delayed “West 57th magazine returns to the air this week with yet another trial run.


Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – week of April 1, 1987

CBS – Roxie, Take Five, Magnum, PI. Houston Nights, Adderly

NBC – Highway To Heaven, Night Court, The Tortellis, Bronx Zoo, Tonight Sow

ABC – Perfect strangers, Head of the Class, Dynasty, Mariah, Nightline

PBS – Live From The Met


On Night Court – Harry’s temporary replacement offers Dan a bribe.

On The Tonight Show – Rue McLanahan and comedian Tom Parks join Johnny Carson

On HBO – Barbara Streisand: Once Voice.

On the Disney Channel – The Olson Twins, Danger Bay, New Animal World, Ozzie & Harriet.


Top movies – April 1, 1987

Police Academy IV: Citizens on Patrol

Blind Date


Lethal Weapon

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