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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of November 24, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

President Reagan accepts the resignation of Vice Adm. John Poindexter as his national security adviser and fires Lt Col. Oliver L. North after a Justice Department investigation disclosed that as much as $30 million in proceeds from arms sales to Iran had been diverted to Nicaraguan rebels.

Government sources say Marine Lt. Col. Oliver L. North who is accused of funneling Iranian arms sales profits to the Nicaraguan rebels, destroyed a series of documents from NSC files.

Members of Congress, stunned by revelations that money from the Iranian arms deal was diverted in Nicaraguan rebels, harshly criticized President Regan for not being in control of foreign policy and pledged “to wash it all out” during a lengthy investigation.

Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev and Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi joined in blaming the U.S. “Star wars” program for obstructing progress toward a nuclear-free world.

Amy Carter, daughter of former President Jimmy Carter and activist Abbie Hoffman are among 60 people arraigned on charges stemming from a sit-in to protest CIA campus recruiting. Ms. Carter is a junior at Brown University. 

East German border guards sprayed a man with at least 30 submachine-gun rounds as he was about to jump from the Berlin Wall into the Western sector, apparently killing him.

Columnist and author Jimmy Breslin bought a front—page advertisement in the New York Times to cancel his own late-night network television show. The ad read: “ABC Television Network, Your services such as they are, will not longer be required as of 12-20-86 – Jimmy Breslin.”


Radio news – November 24, 1986

WKRC (Cincinnati) helicopter traffic reporter Nancy McCormick is killed after her craft smashed into trees in dense fog. Also killed – the pilot. This follows the Oct. 22 accident-death of  traffic reporter Jane Dornacker at WNBC New York. 


Sports news – November 24, 1986

Steve Courson, former offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers says in a new book than many NFL players oppose steroids but use the drugs anyway to remain competitive. “The game is violent, the players are in heavy combat and they need chemicals to survive. Those chemicals could be pain killers, cortisone shots or steroids,” said Courson.

The Angels say that Reggie Jackson will not be playing in 1987. Jackson has been known to say that he no longer fit in Angel plans, so this comes as no surprise to anyone.


Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie news – November 24, 1986

Passing – Cary Grant (82). He was forced by illness to cancel an evening performance in Davenport, Iowa when he was taken to a local emergency room and died.

Passing – Mary Hemingway – widow of author Ernest Hemingway. She was 78.


Music news – November 24, 1986

Prince discovers another one – Prince’s ladies are out and about – Sheila E. has been opening for Lionel Richie, Vanity is in movies and Apollonia is doing TV work. Now Prince has a new protégé – Taja Sevelle who’s been nicknamed “the black Madonna.” She’s finishing up her debut album. Prince discovered her as an extra on his “Purple Rain” film.  

Lionel Richie says he has converted to Judaism and that he celebrated Rosh Hashanah while on tour in England. He says he’s missed Saturday synagogue only once this past year. It became very important after his being injured in a car wreck.

Saturday night MTV - Europe Live in Stockholm.

Thursday Television – (Thanksgiving) Programs:

Today Show on NBC – Sarah Vaughan, Andy Williams.

Macy’s Parade on NBC – Stepfanie Kramer and Pat Sajak host. Featured performers – Hal Linden, Neill Carter, Roger Miler, Shirley Jones, Dottie West, Markie Post, Victor French, Phyllis Diller, Ed Begley Jr. and Sawyer Brown.


Thursday night television listings-programs/TV guide – November 24, 1986

CBS – Movie, Knots Landing

NBVC – The Cosby Show, Family ties, Cheers, Night Curt, Hill Street Blues, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – Disney’s Fluppy Dogs, The Colbys, 20/20 Nightline

PBS – Mystery1


Family Ties – Alex doesn’t like Andrew’s pre-school curriculum.


Top movies – November 24, 1986

An American Tail

Solar Babies

Children of a Lesser God

Star trek IV: The Voyage Home


Stand by Me

Peggy Sue Got Married

Care Bears The Movie

The Color of Money

Soul Man

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