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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of September 8, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Nicholas Daniloff becomes the first American correspondent to be jailed in Moscow since the Stalin era, is formally accused of spying: a charge that could bring the death penalty. President Reagan, rules out a trade to obtain the freedom Daniloff and warns the Soviet Union that the incident will become “a major obstacle to our relations” if it is not resolved.

On Wall Street - the Dow Jones average of 36 industrials plunges 86.61 points - a 4.61% drop. It’s the largest drop in the history of the Dow.

In New Orleans, a severely scarred woman burst into a crowded classroom and opened fire with a pistol, killing a woman student who said had left her disfigured, and then fatally shot herself. The victim, Shamette Allen (20), had been arrested in 1985 and charged with pouring gasoline over the assailant Cindy Piccot and setting her afire. She was never prosecuted due to insufficient evidence. 


Fascinating Facts – September 8, 1986

The smartest man in America, according to Gentleman’s Quarterly is Dr Richard Feynman, a Nobel Physicist. Others on the top 100 list include David Byrne (of the rock group Talking Heads), Marilyn  Savent, Rupert Murdoch, Woody Allen and Judge Joseph Wapner (of TV’s “The People’s Court).


Technology news – September 8, 1986

Compaq introduces the Deskpro 386, which the company says is “the most powerful personal computer in the world.” Based on Intel’s new 80386 chip, the computer runs at 16 Mhz, contains a 40 Meg hard disk drive (you can get up to 130 megs), 1.2 megabyte floppy disc drive and a 32 bit microprocessor. No list price is available.  


Sports news – September 8, 1986

In sports - Earl Weaver confirms that he will not return as manager of the Baltimore Orioles next season. Weaver, who retired in 1982 and returned last year. Weaver believes third base coach Cal Ripken Sr. should be given the chance to manage the remainder of the season.


Business news – September 8, 1986

Texas Air agrees to buy People’s Express Airlines for $125 million...Delta Airlines agrees to buy Los Angeles based Western Airlines for about $860 million.


Best-selling books – September 8, 1986

“Red Storm Rising” - Tom Clancy, “Last of the Breed” - Louis L’Amour, “Fatherhood” - Bill Cosby “And So It Goes” - Linda Ellerbee.


Supermarket prices - September 1986

At the mart - a haft gallon carton of Tropicana Orange Juice - $1.39...Yoplait Yogurt - .59...Bell Peppers - 5 for $1.00...Boneless Rib Steaks - $2.29lb.


Television news – September 8, 1986

Van Gordon Sauter resigns as president of CBS news. The resignation follows the forced resignation of Thomas Wyman, chairman and chief executive officer of the network. Sauter had been with CBS for 18 years. William Paley (84), the company’s founder and leader for half a century, returns to the position of chairman.

Star Trek celebrates 20 years on the set of the upcoming movie “Star Trek IV.” Attending the party, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Michelle Nichols, James Doohan, Majel Barrett and Walter Koenig.

Passing - radio and TV actor Frank Nelson (75). Appeared on numerous radio and TV shows including regular appearances with Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Abbott and Costello, Bob Hope, Fibber Magee and Molly. Nelson also appeared on “I Love Lucy,” notably as quizmaster Freddie Filmore. His trademark ‘Yeeeeeeeeeees?” character was recently featured in MacDonald’s ads. Nelson was also a founding member of the American Federation of Radio Artists (AFRA), later adding television (AFTRA).


Monday night television listings/TV guide – September 8, 1986

(begins at 8p eastern)...(CBS) Scarecrow and Mrs King, Kate & Allie, Newhart, Cagney & Lacey...(NBC) Valerie, Amazing Stories, Movie...(ABC) MacGiver, Monday Night Football...(Disney Channel) Still The Beaver, Here’s Boomer, Movie, Scheme Of Things, Ozzie & Harriet.


NBC Movie - “First Monday In October” (1981) - Walter Matthau, Jill Clayburgh.

Disney Channel movie - “The Love Lottery” (1953) David Niven.


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings – September 8, 1986

TV ratings last week - Cosby Show (26.4), Family Ties (25.1), Cheers (23.7), Murder, She Wrote (23.4), Night Court (22.1), Golden Girls (20.5), Movie - “Secrets Of Mother & Daughter (CBS-18.7), Growing Pains (18.7), Who’s The Boss (17.8), 60 minutes (17.6).


Music news – September 8, 1986

At the third annual MTV awards - Whitney Houston gets best female award for “How Do I Know.” Robert Palmer gets best male video for “Addicted To Love.”


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – September 8, 1986

“Papa Don’t Preach” - Madonna, “Take My Breath Away” - Berlin, “Higher Love” - Stevie Winwood, “Venus” - Bananarama, “Stuck With You” - Huey Lewis & The News, “Dancing On The Ceiling” - Lionel Richie, “Sweet Freedom” - Michael McDonald, “Words Get In The Way” - Miami Sound Machine, “Baby Love” - Regina, “The Captain Of Her Heart” - Double.


Top Country Hit Music Singles – September 8, 1986

 “Got My Heart Set On You” - John Conlee, “Little Rock’ - Reba McEntire, “Strong Heart” - T.G. Shepard, “Desperado Love” - Conway Twitty, “In Love” - Ronnie Milsap.


Top movies – September 8, 1986

Ruthless People - Danny DeVito, Judge Reinhold

Stand By Me

Heartburn - Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson

Nothing In Common - Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleason.

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