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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of September 1, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

At least 70 people are killed after a single engine light plane collides with a DC-9 near Los Angeles (Cerritos). The wreckage ignited 16 homes.

Two masked gunmen stormed into an Istanbul synagogue and sprayed gunfire on Sabbath worshippers, killing at least 21. They burned the bodies with gasoline before blowing themselves up.  

About 400 persons are missing after a Soviet cruise ship gets rammed and sinks in the Black Sea by a  Soviet freighter who ignored repeated calls to change course.

Iranian gunboats seize two Soviet freighters in the Persian Gulf. One was allowed to sail, but the other was escorted to an Iranian port where the cargo was unloaded. 

Thousands of young blacks march in protest in Soweto as security forces fire warning shots and tear gas to block a mass funeral for at lest 20 blacks killed by police.

A long hijacking ordeal ends in tragedy in Pakistan when Arabs, who hijacked a Pan Am World Airways jumbo jet at Karachi International Airport, began firing automatic weapons at the passengers. 15 were killed.

The nation’s unemployment rate fell for the third straight month – now at 6.8%.

Two “Star Wars’ satellites reportedly intended to track a rocket and destroy one another were boosted into orbit by a delta rocket whose success brought cheer to a battered U.s. space program. The operation was a major test of President Reagan’s proposed missile defense system.

American Motors Corp announces that it will offer zero-interest financing for most of its 1986 cars and Jeeps. Last week, GM and Ford began offering car buyers 2.4% loans through their financing arms.

Christina Ann Wilson – a 7-year-old girl who made a nationally broadcast appeal for organ donations is in stable condition after liver transplant surgery in Chicago. Several weeks ago, Christina recorded a public-service announcement appealing for organ donations to the American Liver foundation and it was broadcast nationwide.

Dutch Balloonists Henk Brink, his wife Evelien and Willem Hageman set a balloon transatlantic record. From St. John’s Newfoundland, they touched down in Amsterdam after a 51-hour, 14-minute flight.

Prince Charles spends about 30 minutes at Whitney Young Magnet High School near Chicago after attending the ribbon-cutting for Marshall Field department store’s “Eagle and the Crown” British promotion.

A disgruntled employee who tried to sabotage the encyclopedia Britannica by secretly rewriting parts of its 1988 edition was thwarted by a sophisticated computer. The employee was not named.


Fascinating Facts – Business – September 1, 1986

A sewage treatment plant worker who says his job is so easy that he works only a few minutes a day, has taken out ads thanking Toledo. “Thanks Toledo. For 18 years of generous wages, very liberal working conditions and much more at your sewage plant.” Say the ads taken out by James Pieper – a sewage plant operator for 18 years. “Over the years I’ve had four partners that have slept on a regular basis on the shift. “I come in, make the half-hour round and I still have 7 ½ hours left to do nothing.” Piper, who earns $25,471 a year, says he does not fear losing his job for speaking out. “They won’t fire anyone out there for not working. Why should they fire me for talking about it.”

She’s on a role – Debbie Fields (29) who opened her Debbi Fields small shop in Palo Alto (CA) nine years ago.


Sports news – September 1, 1986

USFL is gone - More than 500 United States Football League players were thrown out of work July 29 when a federal jury awarded the league $1. In an amendment to the collective bargaining agreement that freed the USFL players to seek employment elsewhere, the USFL owners agreed Aug. 8 to re-sign a minimum of 10 players each to sustain the league’s identity and to pay them each $1.500 a month through Jan. 15.


Music news -  September 1, 1986

Don’t miss the 3rd annual MTV Music Awards on Saturday this week. Broadcast from New York and LA – look for Pet Shop Boys, INXS,  Robert Palmer, Whitney Houston, Mr. Mister, the Monkees, Genesis, Van Halen, the Hooters and Tina Turner.

The six-city Amnesty International tour that ended about 11 weeks ago has netted $2.1 million. The concerts featured U2, the Police and Bryan Adams. The tour’s goal was to raise awareness of the organization’s worldwide campaign to free non-violent prisoners of conscience.


Entertainment /movie news – September 1,1986

Passing – Actor Murray Hamilton (63) whose roles included the husband of “Mrs. Robinson” in “The Graduate.”

Seven past or current female staffers of CBS’ early morning news  “Nightwatch” sue the network alleging that they faced sexual harassment, discrimination and hostility while working for the program. All are production staffers.


Monday night television listings – September 1, 1986

CBS - Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Kate and Allie, Newhart, Cagney and Lacey

NBC - Valerie, Amazing Stories, Movie, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – Movie, Nightline

PBS – Evening at Pops, American Masters

HBO – Movie (Rambo First Blood part II).


ABC Movie – “Death on the Nile” (1978) – Peter Ustinov, Bette Davis, Mia Farrow, David Niven, Angela Lansbury, George Kennedy, Maggie Smith, Jack Warden, Lois Chiles, Olivia Hussey.

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