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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of June 15, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Reagan announces that Warren E. Burger is retiring after 17 years as chief justice of the Supreme Court. The President says he will nominate Justice William Rehnquist to replace him.

The United States expels Soviet Col Vladimir Izmaylov after he was caught red-handed trying to dig up top-secret documents next to a telephone pole in what the FBI called a dead drop. The Russian claimed to be lost and looking for a spot to fish. When FBI agents approached him in the secluded woods across the Potomac from Washington, he struggled and swung at the agents who cuffed him. 

An airplane and a helicopter collide over the Grand Canyon - killing 25 tourists and crew.


Medical/Health news – June 15, 1986

Doctors remove two “very small” polyps from President Reagan’s colon. The polyps were about a millimeter in size and will be tested to determine whether they contain cancer cells.

Bristol-Myers, makers of Extra-Strength Excedrin, say they are withdrawing all its capsule (over-the-counter) medications as a result of two deaths in the Seattle-area who took cyanide-tainted capsules. The company says it will also stop make capsules for Datril, Comtrex and Bufferin. 


Fascinating Facts – Expensive Parking In NY – June 15, 1986

A real estate agent in New York begins selling parking spaces for $29 thousand per spot and a $142/month maintenance fee. Harold Pronsky says he has sold 39 of the car condominiums in a Brooklyn parking garage and hopes to have all 145 sold before the end of the year.

After 76 years - Gimbels flagship store in Manhattan closes. The rest of the chain will also be sold off.


Prices at the Supermarket – June, 1986

At the mart - Cornish Game Hens - 69lb .. London Broil - $1.37lb ... Pound Cake - 14oz - $1.39 ... Dannon Yogurt - 8oz .59 each.


Sports news – June 15, 1986

In sports - Steffi Graf, suffering from a mysterious virus, will miss the Wimbledon championship. She is seeded third.

Pitcher Don Sutton of the California Angels wins his 300th game. The Angels beat the Rangers 5-1.

The Cleveland Cavaliers get Brad Daugherty - North Carolina’s 7-foot center. He was supposed to go to the 76ers in a last minute trade. The Philadelphia 76ers trade Moses Malone - three-time MVP and Terry Catledge to the Washington Bullets for center Jeff Ruland and forward Cliff Robinson.


Best-selling books – June 15, 1986

 “You’re Only Old Once! A Book For Obsolete Children” - Dr Suess, “I’ll Take Manhattan” - Krantz, “Fatherhood” - Bill Cosby, “James Herriot’s Dog Stories” - James Herriot.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – June 15, 1986

At a concert in Long Beach, California featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica - four persons jump off a balcony just as Metallica was playing - one 22 year-old man died of a broken neck and three others are injured.

Passing - Alan Jay Lerner - (67) - Oscar - Tony and Grammy award winning playwright and lyricist who, with Frederic Lowe created Broadway hits “My Fair Lady, Camelot and Brigadoon.” Of lung cancer. 

Passing - Singer Kate Smith (79) - best known for the song “God Bless America.”

 Passing - Marlin Perkins (81) of cancer. Best known as the host of “Wild Kingdom” on TV for 23 years. Perkins claimed he never met an animal he didn’t like. 

Passing - Benny Goodman - the “King Of Swing” (77).


Television news – June 15, 1986

NBC signs comedian Jay Leno to a long-term contract and there’s talk the comedian could have his own prime-time variety show next year.

Don Johnson has missed several days of shooting on the first episode (of the third season) of Miami Vice. He’s seeking more money in a new contract. 

 NBC Chairman Grant Tinker says he is leaving the network - probably by the end of the year. Under Tinker, NBC hit #1 for the first time in 31 years with the likes of  “The Bill Cosby Show, “Family Ties,” “Miami Vice,” and “The Golden Girls.”

Joan Rivers has a hysterectomy and at the same time - a tummy tuck to help eradicate the hysterectomy scar.   

As seen on TV – Joe Izuzu


Top TV Shows/Nielsen Ratings - June 15, 1986

TV ratings - The Cosby Show (25.4), Family Ties (24.40, Cheers (21.4), All Is Forgiven (18.6), Golden Girls (17.0), 20/20 (16.6), Who’s The Boss (15.9), Murder, She Wrote (15.4), 227 ((15.4), Hardcastle & McCormick (15.40, 60 Minutes (15.0), Moonlighting (14.7), Highway to Heaven (14.6), Kate & Allie (14.5), Paternity (14.1), Newhart (14.0), Remington Steele (13.5), Hotel (13.4), Life Of The Party (13.4).


Thursday Night Television listings/TV guide – June 15, 1986

CBS - Crazy Like A Fox, Trapper John MD, Knot’s Landing ... NBC - The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court, Hill Street Blues ... ABC - Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, The Colbys, 20/20

On Ripley’s - voice-command automobiles and appliances are featured.

On Family Ties - Alex coaches Jennifer on public speaking.

On Night Court - The staff goes unpaid after the state runs out of money.


Top movies – June 15, 1986

Top Gun - Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis

Poltergeist II

Raw Deal - Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Legal Eagles - Robert Redford, Daryl Hannah, Debra Winger

Cobra - Sylvester Stallone

Back To School - Rodney Dangerfield

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