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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of May 23, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

A car bomb rigged with 200 rounds of TNT explodes between a school and a crowded vegetable market in Christian East Beirut, killing at least nine and injuring 84 people.

President Reagan changes his mind and decides to join Hands Across America on Sunday. Apparently, his daughter Maureen, talked him into it.

Millions of Americans join hands – singing songs in “Hands Across America.” “This is just the beginning,” said Ken Kragen, an entertainment entrepreneur who organized the spectacle said. “When today is over, roll up your sleeves and go out to work in your community. We have to move from the big event to the person on the street.”

Soviet news agency Novosti indicated that 1,000 people were injured in the Chernobyl nuclear accident, more than three times the previous official figure.

The Reagan Administration expels army Brigadier Alexander Potgetter – senior defense attaché of the South African Embassy. The Administration is outraged at South Africa’s military raids on three neighboring black-ruled nations.

His Family says - Andrei D. Sakharov has offered to cut back his activities as a human rights campaigner and promised not to talk to Westerners if the Kremlin will agree to end his internal exile and let him return to Moscow.

The government’s main gauge of future economic activity shot up 1.5% in April – it’s best showing in nearly three years and the third solid gain in a row.

A tourist bus traveling a mountain road near Yosemite plunges into a fast-flowing river and at least 17 are dead.

The nation’s merchandise trade deficit narrowed sharply in April to 12.1%.

The State Department says that the Soviet Union has agreed to settle 36 divided family cases by permitting 117 people to immigrate to the United States to join family members here.

President Reagan denounces a sweeping revision of the nation’s trade laws, approved by the House, as ‘kamikaze legislation’ that would throw millions of Americans out of work and “send our economy into the steepest nose-dive since the Great Depression.”

Ismail al faruqui – a Temple University religion professor specializing in Islamic studies and his wife, an art scholar, are found stabbed to death in the suburban Philadelphia home.

Passing – Fashion designer Perry Ellis (Perry Ellis Sportswear). He was 46.

War resister League, a peace group picketed the stockholder meeting of Coleco Industries claiming that the company’s new Rambo toy line and cartoons are racist and exist and promote violence among children. 

Millions of motorists are ignoring the 55-mph speed limit, according to the Federal Highway Administration and 10 states are facing loss of federal highway money for failing to crack down on them.

From Pocket Books - An official “Hands Across America” book will be published commemorating in what they are calling “the world’s largest participatory event.’

The Baltimore News American, one of the oldest daily papers in the U.S., presses its final edition this week. “So Long Baltimore” was the headline.

(TREND) Business – Atlantic Richfield says it has adopted poison pill anti-takeover measures but stressed that it doesn’t know of any effort to acquire the company. Poison Pills are being used more and more by large public ally-owned corporations these days.  

Kodak introduces the first 9-volt Lithium-powered battery for the consumer. You can get “Ultralife” at stores for about $6.00.


Sports news – May 23, 1986

Boston Celtics forward Larry Bird is named the Most Valuable Player in the NBA for the third consecutive year. 


Entertainment/Movie/Celebrity news – May 23, 1986

Passing – Actor Sterling Hayden. (70).


Music news – May 23, 1986

On MTV Saturday – Fine Young Cannibals.

More MTV – the channel is in a ratings slump and it looks like VJ’s like JJ Jackson are about to disappear. Nina Blackwood is also leaving.

On Saturday Night Live – Jay Leno hosts with musical guests the Neville Brothers.  Also appearing- Mike the Dog.


Friday night television listings/TV guide – May 23, 1986

CBS – Charlie & Company, Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills, Movie

NBC – Knight Rider, The Last Precinct, Miami Vice, Tonight

Webster, Mr. Belvedere, Movie, Night Line

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week.


Knight Rider – A scientist reprograms KITT in a diabolical plot.

Tonight – Dolly Parton and Jackie Mason.


Top movies – May 23, 1986

Top Gun

Short Circuit

Poltergeist IIK The Other Side

Space Camp


Hollywood Vice Squad

Jake Speed

Short Circuit

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