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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of April 1, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The White House ends Secret Service protection to deposed Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos and his wife, Imelda, landed in Hawaii February 26, a day after his 20-year rule collapsed. Mrs Marcos reportedly left behind 3,000 pairs of shoes when she fled Manila.

A bomb explodes in a TWA 747 flying over Southern Greece killing four when they were blasted out of the plane. Police are hunting for a mystery woman suspected of concealing the bomb under her plane seat.

At Tierra Verde, Florida, a woman with a car full of children backs her car over a sunbather’s head and stops it on his chest. The sunbather, Thomas DeMartino is listed in stable condition. Carol Rhodes of Fort Wayne was charged with careless driving. “I didn’t see him lying there, none of us saw anything, I swear.”

Hundreds of fans pay tribute to James Cagney at his funeral in New York City. Cagney died last week at 86.

Fire sweeps through the 16th-century Hampton Court Palace of Henry VIII, killing one person. The fire gutted the south wing, damaging works of art from the royal collection. The palace is owned by Queen Elizabeth II. 


Radio news – April 1, 1986

Morning Disc Jockey Carolyn Fox at WHJY-FM in Providence announces that the “Providence Labor Action Relations Board Committee had decided that the city would be closed and people should go home” and then gave the phone number of rival WPRO-AM. Hundreds of listeners called the authorities and the other radio station to see if they had Monday off. After letting listeners know it was just an April Fools prank, she announced, “by the way, Providence is open.”


Technology news - April 1, 1986

Apple Computer reduces the number of dealers authorized to sell its products. Apple hopes the move will strengthen remaining outlets.

IBM unveils its first Laptop computer.  Called the PC Convertible, its briefcase-size and weighs less than 13 pounds.


Sports news - April 1, 1986

Kent State football coach Dick Scesniak (45) dies while exercising at the university. He had been the coach at the school for three seasons.


Supermarket Prices - April 1986

At the mart – Cling Free Fabric Softener – 36count - $1.69 … New York Steak - $3.79 … Lowenbrau Beer – 6(12oz) Bottles - $2.59 … Tropicana Orange Juice – 64oz - $1.49


Entertainment/Media/Celebrity News – April 1, 1986

Polaroid introduces a new camera – the “Spectra.” Its instant pictures rival the images produced by 35mm cameras, according to a company spokesperson.

Seen -   Ricardo Montalban is the spokesperson for Chrysler on all TV and print ads.

Passing – Jerry Paris (60) – best known for the role as the zany neighbor on the old “Dick Van Dyke” show. He recently directed “Police Academy” 1, 2 and 3.

Pat Robertson announces the layoffs of 41 employees at his Christian Broadcasting Network. Robertson blamed the church-building boom, falling oil prices and his interest as a presidential candidate for the drop-offs in contributions.

Rona Barrett says she is quitting Entertainment Tonight to peruse other interests. Barrett had been with the program for nine months.

CBS announces two new shows – “Bridges To Cross” starring Susan Pleshette and Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills starring Harvey Korman and Valerie Perrine. The network says that “Mary”, Foley Square” and “The Twilight Zone”  will go on hiatus


Top TV shows/Nielsen ratings - April 1, 1986

 The Cosby Show (32.0) Family Ties (28.5), Academy Awards (27.3), Murder, She Wrote (23.7), Who’s The Boss (22.6), Cheers (22.3), Golden Girls (21.8), Perfect Strangers (21.3), Movie-Mrs Delafield Wants To marry (21.0), 60 Minutes (20.9), Barbara Walters Special (20.9), Dynasty (20.2), All If Forgiven (19.1), Moonlighting (18.2), Knots Landing (18.1), Hunter (18.1), facts Of Life (18.0), The A-Team (17.2), MacGyver (17.1), All Is Forgiven 16.9)


Friday night television listings/programming/TV guide – April 1, 1986

CBS – Twilight Zone, Dallas, Falcon Crest … NBC – Riptide, Knight Rider, Miami Vice … ABC – Webster, Mr. Belvedere, Mr. Sunshine, Joe Bash, The Fall Guy.

Twilight Zone –  A death row inmate is convinced everything is a dream.

Knight Rider – Michael comes up against a voodoo princess, who can turn men into robots.                          

Miami Vice – Our stars try to protect a Latin American author, whose daughter gets kidnapped.


Top pop music hit singles(top-40) – April 1, 1986

Pop music this week in 1986 -   “Rock Me Amadeus” – Falco, “Greatest Love Of All” – Whitney Houston, “Kiss” – Prince & The Revolution, “Sara” – Starship,   “These Dreams” – Heart, “R.O.C.K. In The USA” – John Cougar Mellencamp, “Manic Monday” – The Bangles, “Secret Lovers” – Atlantic Starr, “What You Need” – INXS, “Sanctify Yourself” – Simple Minds, “Let’s Go All The Way” – Sly Fox, “King for A Day” – Thompson Twins, “Nikita” – Elton John, “This Could Be The Night’ – Loverboy, “I Can’t Wait” – Stevie Nicks, “Calling America” – ELO


At the movies – April 1, 1986

The Money Pit – Tom Hanks, Shelly Long

Police Academy 3 – Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, David Graf

The Color Purple – Danny Glover, Adolph Caesar

Pretty In Pink – Molly Ringwold, Harry Dean Stanton

Hannah And Her Sisters – Woody Allen, Michael Caine, Mia Farrow 

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